20 Best Comebacks for “You’re Not Cool”

Best Comebacks for You're Not Cool

Being called “not cool” and out of place, especially at school, is expected. 

But even the people who tell you that you’re not cool might also not be. This is because being popular online doesn’t mean people actually like you. 

Someone can seem important but lack real friends and only get kindness because others are scared of them. In challenging situations, they might not get help because people don’t genuinely like them. 

On the other hand, someone who isn’t seen as excellent but has real friends would likely get help.

If someone says you’re not fabulous, here are some of the perfect responses you can give them as a comeback. 

List of 20 Perfect Comebacks for When Someone Says “You’re Not Cool”

1. You think I care?

Best Comebacks for You're Not Cool

“You think I care” is a sharp and direct comeback for when someone calls you uncool. 

It shows you’re not bothered by what they said. Use the classic question as a way to demonstrate you’re confident and not affected by their opinion. 

So, next time someone tries to put you down, just use this comeback to show them you’re too cool to care about their negativity.

  • Do I look bothered?
  • Why should I worry about that?

2. Well, being cool is overrated anyway. I prefer being hot, like the center of attention.

“Well, being cool is overrated anyway. I prefer being hot, like the center of attention,” which is an intelligent way to shrug off the insult when someone says you’re not cool.

Cool is okay, but being hot – being the star – that’s where it’s at.

  • Who needs cool? I’d rather be the one everyone looks up to.
  • Cool? Meh. I’ll take being the center of attention any day!

3. I may not be cool, but at least I’m not basic.

“I may not be cool, but at least I’m not basic” is a classic comeback for turning their insult into a compliment when someone says you’re not cool.

When someone tries to rain on your parade by calling you uncool, just remember this comeback. 

It’s a sleek way to turn the tables and make them rethink their idea of cool.

  • Yeah, I might not be cool, but hey, at least I’m not dull.
  • So what if I’m not cool? I’d rather be myself than follow the crowd.

4. Of all the people talking…

Another witty way you can respond when someone says you’re not cool is by stating, “Of all the people talking…”

It paints a pot-calling-kettle-black scenario, which implies that the person accusing you of not being cool is worse themselves.

5. You mean cool like you? No thanks, I’ll pass.

Best Comebacks for You're Not Cool

Give them a taste of their own medicine with this comeback. It means that If that’s what extraordinary looks like, you’ll pass.

It’s a sassy way of telling them that their idea of cool isn’t worth your time.

  • Oh, like you’re an excellent expert? I’ll stick to being me, thanks.
  • Coolness is subjective, but I’ll pass on your version; thanks anyway

6. I may not be cool, but I’m definitely not as bland as you.

It’s normal if you aren’t the coolest cat around, but let them know you’ve still got something interesting about yourself, unlike them, who are as excited as watching paint dry.

This comeback allows you to flip their insult back at them but playfully and cleverly.

  • Well, maybe I’m not cool, but I’m definitely not as dull as you!
  • Yeah, I might not be the coolest, but I’ve got more flavor than you do

7. Coolness fades, but my wit is forever.

Sometimes, the best comebacks happen when you simply state the truth about life. 

Someone might think being cool is important, but you know that being quick-witted and intelligent is even better. 

This line is a clever way to turn an insult into a compliment and show that you’re confident in yourself.

  • Coolness is like yesterday’s news, but my wit stays fresh and timeless

8. You must be mistaking me for someone who cares about your opinion.

When someone tries to bring you down with a “you’re not cool,” just use this comeback to show them their words do not faze you.

Let them know that you don’t care what they think about you. 

It shows confidence and makes the other person realize their comment didn’t bother you at all.

  • I don’t care what you think.
  • Your opinion doesn’t matter to me

9. Says the one desperately clinging to outdated trends.

When someone says, “You’re not cool,” they’re trying to put you down.

But by firing back with, “Says the one desperately clinging to outdated trends,” you remind them that they’re not exactly the authority on coolness either!

Instead of feeling hurt, you’re showing them that their opinion doesn’t really matter because they’re also trying too hard to fit in. 

  • Says the one stuck in the past!
  • I am coming from someone following yesterday’s fads!

10. Cool is just a facade. Unlike you, I’ve got substance.

You may not fit their idea of cool, but you’re not shallow. You’ve got depth and character.

Use this response to stress that what’s inside matters more than superficial things like being trendy or popular.

It will help you show that you’re confident in who you are, and that’s way cooler than just trying to impress others.

  • Cool is just a mask. I’d rather be honest than trendy.
  • Being cool is overrated. I’d rather be authentic.

11. If coolness means conforming to society’s standards, then count me out.

With a comeback like this one, you’re showing that you’re confident and happy being yourself, even if it means not meeting society’s standards of “cool.”

Don’t be surprised that you’ll have them admiring your confidence instead.

  • If being excellent means doing what everyone else does, then I’m good at being uncool.
  • If being excellent means fitting in, then count me out—I’d rather stand out.

12. And you think you’re cool? What a joke.

Best Comebacks for You're Not Cool

Question their coolness. What makes this comeback great is that it’s easy to remember and doesn’t need any fancy words. 

The person will struggle to come up with a response. 

It’s a simple yet effective way to show them that their terms don’t get under your skin.

  • Oh yeah? Well, at least I’m not pretending to be cool like you.
  • Coolness isn’t everything, but being fake sure seems to be your thing

13. I’d rather be authentic than try hard like you.

When someone says you’re not fabulous, another interesting comeback you can respond with is saying you’d rather be true to yourself than pretend to be something you’re not just to fit in.

It’s an excellent way to stand up for yourself and show that you’re proud of who you are, even if you’re different from the crowd. 

  • I’d rather be me than fake like you.
  • Being authentic beats pretending any day.

14. I’m not cool? Well, at least I’m not trying so hard to impress everyone.

Remind the person that you don’t need to try hard to be excellent. It is a remarkable comeback to shrug off their comment while also showing that you’re confident in who you are.

Plus, there’s a hint of sarcasm in there. You’re indirectly implying that it is they who are trying hard to impress everyone.

  • Not cool? That’s cool with me. I’d rather be genuine than try too hard to impress.
  • So what if I’m not cool? I’m just being me, and that’s all that matters.

15. Your words say ‘not cool,’ but your envy screams ‘wish I could be like you.’

The person might think you’re not cool, but secretly, they admire you and want to be like you. 

You can use this idea to turn their insult into a compliment, showing that their words don’t really bother you because you know they’re just jealous.

  • You say I’m not cool, but deep down, you’re just jealous.
  • You think I’m not cool, but really, you just wish you were me.

16. If you quit telling lies about me, I will quit telling the truth about you.

If you’re still thinking of what to say when someone says you’re not fabulous, tell them you might not be the most extraordinary person in their book, but at least you’re not fake like them. 

So, not only are you defending yourself, but you’re also putting them on blast for being dishonest.  

Nothing beats outsmarting someone with a witty response like this!

  • If you stop making up stuff about me, I’ll stop spilling the beans about you.
  • Stop with the fibs about me, and I’ll keep quiet about your secrets, too.

17. Oh, did my confidence make you uncomfortable? Sorry, not sorry.

When someone says you’re not cool, you can respond by first acknowledging their attempt to bring you down but then implying that your confidence might be what’s bothering them.

So, not only do you shut down their attempt to dim your shine, but you also make them think about their issues. Smooth, confident, and totally satisfying. 

  • Oh, my confidence is bothering you? Not sorry.
  • Uncomfortable with my swagger? Tough luck.

18. Better than being basic

Being perceived as uncool is better than being boring or predictable. Responding with “better than being basic” shows you’re confident in yourself and don’t need to fit into someone else’s idea of cool.

It’s short and catchy.

  • At least I’m not dull!
  • I’d rather be unique than just another follower.

19. If being excellent means being like you, then I’ll happily remain uncool.

If someone says you’re not fabulous, one of the most thoughtful responses to give is to say you’d rather be yourself than be like the person.

It’s a fun and clever way to show that you’re confident in who you are and that you don’t need to fit into someone else’s idea of coolness. 

  • If being excellent means being like you, then I’ll stick to being me.
  • I’d rather be true to myself than try to be cool like you.

20. The only thing not incredible here is your attempt to bring me down. Nice try.

Nothing annoys a hater more than when you let them know you’re aware of their motive and you’re unbothered about it.

When someone says you’re uncool, telling them that their attempt to bring you down didn’t work will discourage them and make you star of the conversation. 

You can say the Comeback in a variety of ways. For example:

  • Nice try, but my coolness is untouchable.
  • Sorry, I can’t hear you over my coolness

Keep This in Mind

Remember not to worry too much about trying to be funny or cool. 

People usually don’t just say those things out of nowhere, especially if they see you trying too hard.

In my experience, when you try too hard to impress, it often doesn’t work out well. 

Sometimes, people are more impressive when they’re just being themselves. So, don’t stress about it too much.

Being funny or cool isn’t super important. High school can be challenging, but it’s temporary, and things will get better.

In the meantime, I’ve found it’s better to be alone than to be with people who don’t treat you well.

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