20 Funny Roasts for an Argentinian

Funny Roasts for an Argentinian

If you’ve ever been to Argentina, you’ll appreciate their incredible landscapes and rich culture.

Amidst all is their love for laughter and humor. The outgoing and welcoming personalities of the Argentinians make it all the better.

So, if you want to roast an Argentine person, having fun with them isn’t difficult.  

In this article, I’ll show you interesting ways to roast an Argentinian. From humorous one-liners that cut across tango, wine, football, and their beautiful cuisine, these harmless insults and jokes are all you need for an interesting conversation.

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20 Funny Roasts for an Argentinian 

There are various ways to tease an Argentinian. With great one-liners and puns that explore their rich culture, you’ll get your audience in laughter in no time.

Here are some examples: “When I tested the Argentina wine, it didn’t meat my expectations,” “Why did the tango dancer tie his feet to the lady ? He said it takes two to tango,” and “What’s the only special thing about Argentina? Messi.”

Below are 20 humorous punchlines to roast an Argentine person:

  1. The tango dancer brought a ladder to the dance performance. He wanted to add some “elevación” to his steps
  2. What’s the only special thing about Argentina? Messi
  3. An Argentinian only knows football. Ask them any other thing, and you’ll be surprised 
  4. What do you call a smart Argentinian? A historical miracle
  5. Where can you find a happy Argentinian? On the soccer field when they score a goal
  6. I saw an Argentinian with a broom. He said he wanted to sweep a lady off her feet
  7. Why did the Argentinian lie that he was related to Messi? To get recognition
  8. Why do Argentinians easily fall into depression? Because no one hardly pays them any attention
  9. Why did the Argentinian commit suicide? He could not find a lover
  10. What kills an Argentinian faster? Argentina wine
  11. How can you get a female Argentinian so quickly? Get her drunk with wine
  12. Do you know why Argentinians think like cows sometimes? They eat lots of cow meat
  13. Why did the tango dancer tie his feet to the lady? It takes two to tango
  14. Pele is better than Maradona, but Argentinians love to argue blindly
  15. When I tested the Argentina wine, it didn’t meat my expectation
  16. Why do Argentinians love to live like Europeans? Aren’t they unpatriotic
  17. What’s the best way to confuse an Argentinian? Ask them the difference between Espanol and Castellano
  18. Why did the Argentinian lie that he could play football? To get people to love him
  19. Argentinians pay more respect to Eva Perón than their mother 
  20. Why does Argentina struggle so much during the World Cup? Their pattern of playing is too Messi 


The Tango Dancer Brought a Ladder to the Dance Performance. He wanted to Add Some “Elevación” to His Steps

One of the things Argentina is famous for is, “Tango.” Tango is a form of art that incorporates dance and music.

So, this one-liner is perfect to roast an Argentinian. By making fun of their tradition, “Tango” you’ll surely piss them off. It’ll work well during a roast duel to get everyone laughing, as this line implies that they might not be good in the dance.

What’s the Only Special Thing About Argentina? Messi

Argentina’s love for football is very outstanding, as can be seen in the world’s best players emerging from there.

Messi is a renowned player who has won the best player several times and has helped Argentina reach the world’s best.

So, this is a crazy line you can use to ridicule an Argentine person. It implies that without Messi Argentina is nothing.

  • Without Messi do you think the world would know about Argentina?
  • You should thank Messi, without him Argentina would be a small backyard country no one hears about 

An Argentinian Only Knows Football. Ask Them Any Other Thing, and You’ll Be Surprised 

This is another savage comment you can use to roast an Argentinian. With Argentina’s outstanding performance in football competitions, it’s not surprising that people know a lot about football.

However, suggesting that it’s only football they know is a humorous way to insult them. It’ll work well during a roast battle to put them in their place.

What Do You Call a Smart Argentinian? A Historical Miracle 

Another daring insult to throw at an Argentine person is this crazy line, “What do you call a Smart Argentine? A historical miracle.”

This is a savage remark that implies that Argentinians are not smart, so seeing a smart one is surely a miracle.

Where Can You Find a Happy Argentinian? On the Soccer Field When They Score a Goal 

Another funny way to roast an Argentine person is by limiting their happiness to the football field.

As I’ve earlier established, the Argentinians love football and they’re very good at it. However, this is a classic one-liner that insinuates that it’s only football that keeps them happy.

Moreover, adding that they’ll be happy when they score a goal makes it more hilarious.

I Saw an Argentinian with a broom. He Said He Wants to Sweep a Lady off Her Feet

Another hilarious way to make fun of an Argentinian is with this classic insult.

The expression “sweep off one’s feet” means to capture someone’s attention romantically.

So, this crazy one-liner ridicules an Argentine person for using the expression literally. It points out that they’re not smart to think they need a broom to sweep a lady off her feet. It’s sure to cause some good laughs.

Why Did the Argentinian Lie That He Was Related to Messi? To Get Recognition

This is another humorous thing to say to roast someone from Argentina.

Of course, the Argentinians are very proud of Messi, and you shouldn’t be surprised when you see them boasting that he’s from their country. 

So, this is a savage comment that makes fun of them by implying that without Messi no one would pay them any attention.

Why Do Argentinians Easily Fall into Depression? Because No One Hardly Pay Them Any Attention 

This is another ridiculing statement you can use to poke fun at someone from Argentina. 

It’s a two-in-one insult that makes fun of them by implying that no one pays attention to them. Then adding that they fell into depression because of that makes it funnier.

It’ll work well during a roast duel to put them in a tight corner.

Why Did the Argentinians Commit Suicide? He Could Not Find a Lover

Another funny way to roast an Argentinian is by ridiculing them with this crazy burner.

This line here makes fun of them for not finding anyone to love them. Then adding that they commit suicide because of lack of love makes it more hilarious. 

It’ll surely sting, especially using this line during a roast duel.

What Kills an Argentinian Faster? Argentina Wine

Another thing Argentina is famous for is its wine. They’re one of the world’s top wine producers. However, they consume a larger portion of their wine rather than exporting.

So, this is a savage one-liner that accuses them of being obsessed with wine. This line points out that their love for wine can kill them.

How Can You Get a Female Argentinian So Quickly? Get Her Drunk with Wine

Funny Roasts for an Argentinian

This is another interesting way to roast an Argentinian

This line makes fun of them by ridiculing their women. It suggests that their women are cheap, that by just getting them drunk with wine, you’ll be able to get them.

It emphasizes their love for wine in a bad light.

  • Argentine women are easy to get. A glass of wine is the answer 
  • Argentine women lack respect for themselves. It takes just a glass of wine to get them 

Do You Know Why Argentinians Think Like Cows Sometimes? They Eat Lots of Cow Meat

Another popular thing in Argentina is meat. This country is the largest beef producer and exporter. And funnily enough, they’ve got more cows than humans. Read here.

So, this is a crazy line that insults them. It’s a humorous way of describing them, implying that they think like cows because they eat a lot of cow meat.

  • I heard Argentina has more cows than humans, it’s obvious the cows have been robbed of them
  • I’m not surprised the Argentinians behave like cows, cows live with them 

Why Did the Tango Dancer Tie His Feet to the Lady? It Takes Two to Tango 

Another funny illustration you can use to tease an Argentine person is this ridiculous statement about a tango dancer.

“It takes two to tango” is an everyday expression that explains that it takes two people’s cooperation for something to be successful or that two parties involved in something will share the blame equally.

Of course, taking this expression literally, it certainly takes two people to do the tango dance. So, this is a funny way to make fun of the tango dance.

Pele is Better Than Maradona, But Argentinians Love to Argue Blindly

Argentina and Brazil are one of the legendary countries when it comes to football. While Brazil has the famous Pele, Argentina has the famous Maradona. 

These men were very good in their time, leading their country to fame. So, one way to piss the people off is by comparing both players and saying one is better than the other.

If you want to get to an Argentinian, tell them that Pele is better than Maradona. To top it off, add that Argentinians like to argue blindly 

When I Tested the Argentina Wine, It Didn’t Meat My Expectation

Funny Roasts for an Argentinian

Another funny way to get on the nerves of someone from Argentina is by rubbishing their wine.

As I’ve earlier stated, “wine” and “meat” are some of the popular things Argentina is known for.

So, this wordplay insults them by implying that their wine is not what they say it is. Also, by using “meat” instead of “meet,” you’ll surely hit a nerve with this one-liner.

Why Do the Argentinians Love to Live Like Europeans? Aren’t They Unpatriotic

Argentina is a country in South America. However, their people love the culture of the Europeans. You’ll see it in their dressing, speaking, and even some of their foods.

So, this is another amusing line you can use to ridicule an Argentine.

This line calls them out for their love for the Europeans, describing it as unpatriotic.

What’s the Best Way to Confuse an Argentinian? Ask Them the Difference Between Espanol and Castellano

Espanol and Castellano are both referred to as the Spanish language. Castellano is the original Spanish language from the Castile region in Spain.

However, in Latin American countries where Spanish is spoken, it’s referred to as Espanol. Argentina calls its language “Castellano.”

And while both Espanol and Castellano can be used interchangeably, Argentina loves to think they speak Castellano and not Espanol.

So, this is a funny way of pointing out the ridiculousness of such behavior.

Why Did the Argentinian Lie That He Could Play Football? To Get People to Love Him

Another way to jest an Argentinian is by implicating that their whole life is built around football.

This one-liner is a stinging remark that calls out the Argentinians for their low self-esteem. It indicates that the Argentine people are only proud of those who can play football.

  • The Argentinians don’t love each other. They only respect those who play football
  • Have you heard that the Argentinians look down on those who can’t play football?

Argentinians Pay More Respect to Eva Perón Than Their Mother 

Funny Roasts for an Argentinian

Eva Perón was the wife of the former president of Argentina, Juan Perón. She was a woman who used her position well in doing good, especially fighting for the poor. And to date, the country still pays respect to her.

So, this is a crazy punchline that ridicules Argentinians by implying that they don’t respect their mother as much as they respect her.

Why Does Argentina Struggle So Much During the World Cup? Their Pattern of Playing Is Too Messi

This is a very perfect way to roast an Argentinian.

This sassy line ridicules their football match, implying that they’re always finding it difficult during the World Cup. Also, it’s a play on words that makes fun of not just their games but also ridicules Messi.

It’ll work well during a roast duel to put them in a tight corner.

Final Thoughts

The Argentinians are lovely people. From their robust livelihood, great food, and togetherness to their welcoming nature, you’ll have a great time with them.

To roast any of them, this article has provided you with humorous one-liners. Feel free to use any of them appropriately.




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