20 Funny Roasts for an Emo Person

Funny Roasts for an Emo Person

Emo is a term originally associated with a subculture of punk music that emerged in the 1980s.

Over time, it evolved to describe a style of emotional and introspective expression, often associated with dark or melancholic themes. 

Emo can refer to a musical genre, fashion style, or a broader cultural attitude that emphasizes deep emotions and individuality.

In this funny roast unlock a world of laughter with our collection of 20 humorous jokes specially crafted for the emo soul. 

Embrace the irony, revel in the melancholy, and let the laughter pierce through the shadows. 

Dig in. 

20 Funny Roasts for an Emo Person

1. Why did the emo kid bring a ladder to school?

He’s on his way to high school. A ladder is needed to make this transition easy. Especially seeing as the learning in high school is elevated.

And from high school to college. In college he’s going to need several more ladders. And no one else shares this ladder with him. 

  • I saw an emo kid with a ladder today. Guess he’s taking high school quite seriously!


  • Asked my emo friend why he carries a ladder. He said, ‘I’m just trying to reach the highs of life.

2. What’s an emo’s favorite type of math?

Subtracting happiness. This is so because emo suggests moodiness. There’s always something grim about the life of the emo person.

Once you can deal with joylessness, an emo person is alright for you. An emo person can make the best psychiatrist cry and break down. 

  • I told my emo friend I’m good at math. He asked, ‘Can you subtract happiness though?


  • Why did the emo kid excel in math? Because he’s a pro at subtracting joy!

3. How does an emo organize a space party?

 Funny Roasts for an Emo Person

They planet. Picture looking at the planet from out of space. It can be beautiful. But it can also feel extremely lonely after some time. That’s the emo effect.

The emo person is so into astrology too. In his house he has a telescope with which he follows the stars and their journey.

There’ll be some palm reading at this event. Also some tarot cards to check who makes it through the night without winding up dead. 

  • My emo friend invited me to his space party. He said, ‘We’ll planet, but don’t expect much excitement.


  • Organizing a space-themed event with my emo buddy. He insists it’s going to be out of this world, or at least, out of his emotional world.

4. What did the emo say to the joke?

 Funny Roasts for an Emo Person

You cut me deep, that’s what he says. An emo person hardly finds most jokes funny. Which is why this roast will find its mark. It exposes the grim emotions.

And when the emo person tells you about the cut you can tell he’s enjoying it. Pain is sweet. Pain is life. 

  • Shared a joke with my emo friend. His response? ‘You really know how to cut deep.


  • Told an emo kid a funny story. His reply: ‘You’re getting right to the emotional core.

5. Why did the emo take up gardening?

They did because they wanted to plant their feelings. Maybe doing so may allow some positivity to grow.

Some nurturing may cause the emo person’s heart to soften. But don’t keep your hopes up. The emo person’s emotion has never known stability. Only sorrow. 

  • Caught my emo neighbor in the garden. When I asked why, they said, ‘I’m planting my feelings. It’s an emotional garden.


  • Emo friend started gardening to grow feelings. Now their garden is filled with melancholic flowers and gloomy shrubs.

6. What’s an emo’s favorite way to express love?

 Funny Roasts for an Emo Person

It has to be sending dark and mysterious love letters. When you receive such a letter you have to read it under a lamp to see something positive.

And you have to squeeze the letter to get some emotion out of it. If you succeed, don’t bother writing back.

The emo person prefers to be left alone. Writing back is an attempt to make him happy. Happiness is an illusion he’ll not indulge in. 

  • Received a love letter from my emo crush. It was so dark; I needed a flashlight to read the emotions.


  • Asked my emo friend how they express love. They said, ‘I write love letters with ink as black as my soul.

7. How does an emo answer the phone?

With a sigh-lence. And it’s amazing how the emo person does it. You can hear the silence. But you can also feel the deep sigh. Like an undercurrent of sadness.

An emo person is the one that calls and just breathes into the phone and says nothing. They’re weird like that. 

  • Called my emo friend, and they answered with a heavy sigh-lence. Emo style, you know?


  • Phone rings in the emo household. The answer? A profound sigh-lent conversation.

8. What’s an emo’s favorite board game?

It is: Sorry! (But not really.) The board game is your emotions. The emo person plays it until it becomes too frayed for you to bear. 

  • Played Sorry! with my emo friend. Every time they bumped my piece, they apologized but seemed secretly pleased.


  • Emo kid’s favorite game? Sorry! Because nothing says ‘I care’ like a passive-aggressive board game.

9. Why did emo become a chef?

This is because they wanted to create dishes with a touch of darkness. And the emo person only specializes in dinners. These meals are garnished with a lot of melancholy. 

  • Visited an emo restaurant. Their specialty? Dishes with a touch of darkness and a hint of melancholy.


  • Emo friend decided to become a chef. Now their recipes include ingredients like bittersweet memories and minced regrets.

10. How does an emo organize their bookshelf?

They do it alphabetically, but with all the sad stories upfront. You won’t have a shortage of tears. The book covers are black and the pages are coffee stained. 

  • Helped my emo friend organize their bookshelf. All the sad stories are in the front row, just as they like it.


  • Emo librarian’s secret? Organizing books alphabetically, but making sure all the heart-wrenching tales are easy to find.

11. Why did the emo refuse to play hide and seek?

 Funny Roasts for an Emo Person

They preferred seeking solitude over being found. And even if you do get an emo person to play the game, you will never find her. She’ll find the darkest corner to hide in. 

  • Invited my emo friend to play hide and seek. They said, ‘I’m already hiding, seeking solitude in my own darkness.


  • Asked my emo buddy to join a hide and seek game. Their response? ‘I’ve been hiding from happiness my whole life.

12. What’s an emo’s favorite dance move?

 Funny Roasts for an Emo Person

The melancholy shuffle is the emo person’s favorite dance move. She’ll teach you only when she’s happy.

And she never is. Which means she’s doomed to dance alone for a long time. 

  • Went to a dance party with my emo friend. Their signature move? The melancholy shuffle – slow and full of emotional weight.


  • Asked my emo friend to dance. They said, ‘Sure, as long as it’s a slow dance filled with existential reflections.

13. Why did the emo become a tour guide?

He did to show people around their emotional rollercoaster. Trust the emo guy to know the emotional maze well. But be ready for the horror of it.

You’ll be introduced to all the terrible things about yourself that you’d prefer not to know.

  • My emo friend started working as a tour guide. They said, ‘Welcome to the emotional rollercoaster. Buckle up for a bumpy ride.


  • Took a tour led by an emo guide. The stops included ‘Regret Lane,’ ‘Nostalgia Avenue,’ and ‘Heartbreak Hill.

14. How does an emo fix a broken heart?

 Funny Roasts for an Emo Person

The emo does it with emotional tape and dark glue. Everything is tied to emotions for the emo girl.

She’ll wrap you in it and together you will both be baptized in solitude and sadness. Especially should you not go to the emo person with your relationship problems. 

  • Found my emo friend fixing a broken heart. They said, ‘Emotional tape and dark glue – the best remedies for shattered feelings.


  • Asked my emo buddy for heartbreak advice. Their solution? ‘Patch it up with layers of emotional tape and let the dark glue hold it together.

15. What’s an emo’s favorite winter activity?

It has to be snowflake brooding. He stands by the window and stares sullenly at the snow as they fall outside. He broods until he can no longer stand.

But he remains there. For the emo guy, existence is one big experiment that fascinates him. He thinks this experiment is taking too long to end.

  • Spent a snowy day with my emo friend. Instead of building snowmen, they were busy snowflake brooding about life.


  • Winter outing with an emo pal. Their idea of fun? Snowflake brooding and contemplating the cold embrace of existence.

16. Why did the emo start a podcast?

To share their thoughts on the dark side of life, one episode at a time. You don’t want to tune in because you’ll lose the little positivity you have.

The emo person’s podcast saps happiness through the air waves. 

  • Caught wind of an emo podcast. Each episode delves into the abyss of existence, one dark thought at a time.


  • Emo friend started a podcast. Topics include ‘The Sorrow Hour’ and ‘Melancholy Musings.

17. How does an emo celebrate a birthday?

By blowing out the candles and making a wish for deeper feelings. Next time you’re making a cake for your emo friend’s birthday, dispense with the candles.

Or maybe use black candles. And keep the lights off in the room all night. Birthdays are a time to brood over the dark side of life. 

  • Attended an emo birthday party. Instead of a cheerful tune, they sang a melancholic ballad while blowing out the candles.


  • Asked my emo friend what they wished for on their birthday. Answer: ‘Deeper emotions and a darker cake.

18. What’s an emo’s favorite type of art?

It has to be: abstract expressions of sorrow. You will find an emo person standing before that peculiar piece of art that no one pays attention to.

He’ll probably buy it and hang it in his living room. Then he’ll stare at it every time, tears running down his face. 

  • Visited an emo art exhibit. The masterpieces? Abstract expressions of sorrow, each stroke a cry for understanding.


  • My emo friend started painting. Their art? Abstract expressions that speak louder than words, filled with the hues of melancholy.

19. Why did the emo become a detective?

He did to solve the mysteries of his own emotions. His own emotions is the crime that he wants to investigate.

His entire existence is a crime scene. If you go close to the emo person he’ll recruit you into his unholy mission. 

  • Emo friend became a detective. Their first case? Unraveling the mysteries of their own emotions, one clue at a time.


  • Joined an emo detective on a case. Turns out, they were investigating the disappearance of their own happiness.

20. How does an emo use social media?

By posting status updates with poetic despair and hashtagging it #ExistentialAngst. This is about the only interesting thing about the emo person.

Their Twitter threads are complicated, spiced here and there with thought-provoking quotes and questions. 

  • Checked my emo friend’s social media. Every status update is a poetic journey into despair, accompanied by a generous use of #ExistentialAngst.


  • Emo buddy’s social media game is strong. Their posts are like dark poems, and every photo caption is a cry for connection in the void of existence.

Final Thoughts 

As we wrap up our journey through the lighter side of the emo spectrum, we hope these 20 jokes have illuminated the humor within the shadows. 

Embracing the paradox of laughter amidst emotional depth, our collection aimed to bring smiles to even the most introspective souls. 

Remember, in the tapestry of life, a well-placed joke can be the thread that connects us all. 

Keep laughing, keep embracing your unique blend of emotions, and may the echoes of these jokes linger in the corridors of your heart.


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