20 Funny Roasts for Being Called Sensitive

Funny Roasts for Being Called Sensitive

Do you want to roast someone when they call you sensitive? You’re at the right stop.

Being called “sensitive” is often a go-to jab for anyone who doesn’t have a real comeback. Perhaps, the person is out of wits and thinks calling you sensitive will be intellectually demeaning. However, it is not such a brilliant way to downplay someone.

But guess what? The good news is that you can turn the tables and make them laugh, and/or at least choke on their awkwardness with a clever retort. 

In this article, I’ll be showing you 20 ways to roast someone who calls you “sensitive”. To learn more, keep reading on!

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Best 20 Funny Roasts for Being Called Sensitive

Sensitive? Nahh, I just have emotional superpowers. You wouldn’t understand

Get the person with a playful flip. A first-timer directory on how to roast someone who calls you sensitive has to be this line. It is worth the hype, and this is because it can put the other person at one trial. 

With this line, you’re implying that you are not sensitive, rather you just have emotional superpowers. Plus, you’re now making it known to the person that they wouldn’t understand what you’re actually about even if they tried.

  • Sensitive? Nahh, I’m just more observant than you.

Oh no, I am not sensitive! Anything but that! You say so because you just heard it newly

Roast them up for being an overzealous newbie with the encyclopedia. Notably, you can use this line to put the person that calls you sensitive to the corner. In that, you’re implying that you’re not sensitive, but any other thing.

You go ahead to posit that the person who said so to you might’ve heard the phrase newly and is caught on first-timer starstruck.

This way, you’re dismissing the person and also stating that you may be any other 1ou’re crying! Crying aloud why I feel things more than you do.

Wow, thanks for letting me know I’m so emotionally aware and you’re not. I appreciate your concern for my fragile little ego – deadpan stare

Swipe the person to the side with reverse psychology. If you want to roast someone who calls you sensitive, you can count on this line of statement to give you a desirable result.

With this line, you’re playing reverse psychology on the person by telling them thank you. 

So, you’re saying thanks for letting me know you’re emotionally aware and you’re not. Furthermore, you’re also showing gratitude to the person for showing concern for your fragile little ego.

All of this you’ve done, instead of roasting them outrightly, although this response will also ignite laughter.

  • Thanks for letting me know what I have that you don’t. I used to think you have it all.

Sure, call me sensitive. But hey, if a zombie apocalypse happens, I’ll come out alive because I feel things and you don’t

Throw the person a hypothetical challenge. You might want to use a hypothetical challenge to roast anyone who calls you sensitive. This is a good one, as you’ll be serving a funny and punchy roast line.

Here, you’re saying the person can call you sensitive but you’ll survive in a zombie apocalypse and not them just because you feel something.

Hence, you’re insinuating their inability to be sensitive like you would make them easy prey for zombie attacks. Don’t forget to snap your fingers at them after this delivery.

  • You’ll get the first bite in the zombie apocalypse because you fail to be as ‘SENsitive’ as me.

I’m happy to be sensitive. It means I can understand and care about others’ feelings. Maybe you should try it sometime

Raise eyebrows with this empathy-laced line. Using this line of statement, you’re saying you’re happy to be sensitive, but that’ll be if it means you can understand and care about other’s feelings.

Similarly, you’re pulling the joke plug on the person by suggesting that they should try it sometimes. 

Therefore, you’re saying in essence that the person can’t understand and care about other’s feelings, making them a weird and selfish person unlike you who does.

  • I’m happy I’m sensitive; and not as dense as you are like my grandpa’s sponge.

Sensitive? Isn’t that what separates us from robots? Maybe being ‘sensitive’ isn’t such a bad idea after all, and you should join the wagon

Troll the person with some witty philosophy. Another way you can roast someone who calls you sensitive is by using this line.

Here, you’re telling the person that being sensitive has to be what separates humans from robots, and it may not be entirely bad after all plus they should probably join the moving train. 

With this, you’re dismissing the person’s thoughts of getting under your skin by calling you sensitive.

  • Sensitive has to be what separates us from Apes, you don’t look like them so why drag this on?

Oh yes, I’m the queen/king of sensitivity! You rule the kingdom opposite to it

Use the exaggerated agreement as a shield. It is a brilliant idea to use this line of statement as your go-to roast when someone calls you sensitive.

With this line, you’re drawing up an agreement whereby you’re either the King or Queen of sensitivity, while the other person rules the kingdom opposite to it – insensitivity.

Thus, you’re using this humorous statement to suggest that the other person is likely insensitive if they called you sensitive. And close off your statement with a sharp grin.

  • Yes, I’m sensitive and I can’t stop thinking you’re something opposite to it.

Sensitive? Wow, that’s the nicest thing anyone’s called me all day. Thanks for noticing! – genuine smile

Sarcastically call them out for giving you a confusing compliment. If you see being called sensitive as a confusing compliment, you can use this line of statement to indicate that.

However, you’ll be also using it to throw a jab at the person who called you sensitive for having such a bad selection of thoughts.

With this line, you’re saying to the person who is called sensitive is the nicest thing anyone has called you all day, and thanks.

You’re using this to close off the person’s thoughts about getting you off with their words. Don’t forget to add your genuine smile.

  • Sensitive? I just interpret more than you do.

Is ‘sensitive’ even a bad thing? I honestly don’t know, I haven’t been paying attention since I last checked my bank account – checks your phone playfully

Serve the person an ignorance card on a platter. Oftentimes, when someone calls you sensitive they do so to sound brilliant to your detriment.

However, the perfect roast in this case may not be to discount their intelligence but to play the ignorance card on them. And if you’re going to do so, you need a line of statement like this one. 

Here, you’re asking the person if being sensitive is a bad thing. And you’re implying that you don’t even know because you’ve been busy with checking your bank account.

This shows a bit of reluctance and that downplays the ‘smart one’ wannabe. After this delivery, bow out by checking your phone playfully.

  • I honestly don’t know about being sensitive, maybe you do because you are. With a short laugh.

Oh, you’re calling me sensitive? That’s cute coming from someone who cries during car commercials

Funny Roasts for Being Called Sensitive

Call the person out for being a brokie. You can use calling the person out for calling you sensitive as your way to roast him or her. Here, you’re saying that being called sensitive is cute coming from someone who cries during car commercials.

This means that the person is so emotional about not being able to afford any of those cars displayed on the screen that they starts shedding tears.

  • Calling me sensitive is cute, coming from someone who couldn’t sleep in the room cause of dead mice. 

I’d rather be sensitive than emotionally constipated like you

Troll the person for being emotionless. Emotionless individuals usually lack sensitivity. However, you can use that point to roast someone who calls you sensitive. 

With this line, you’re putting it to the person who called you sensitive that you’d rather be that way than be emotionally dry as them.

This is a fine slap which is also funny, but you should definitely watch it with the tone so as not to sound mean-spirited. 

  • I’d rather be sensitive than be blind to obvious things like you.

Thanks for noticing my sensitivity. I’ll be sure to shed a tear for you

Bath in sarcasm and let your aura address the situation. If someone tries to get at you by calling you sensitive, you can use this line of statement to mock them funnily. 

Here, you’re saying thanks to the person for noticing your sensitivity and that you’ll be sure to shed a tear for them if you sense anything. This funny line works like magic, use it.

  • Thanks for noticing my sensitivity. I guess you’ll have to appreciate me for noticing your insensitivity as well.

If being sensitive means I have a heart and you don’t, then I’ll gladly wear that label

Make them understand they don’t just have a heart. If you want to make roasting someone who calls you sensitive fun, you can use this roast line.

With this, you’re insinuating that you have a heart and the person doesn’t, and you’d gladly live knowing you do. 

This way, you crack some ribs while making the person understand you are not ashamed of being sensitive, so they should cut the crap.

  • If being sensitive means I understand things more than you do, I’m happier than when I first saw Disneyland.

Do you think I’m sensitive? Wait until you see me after I stub my toe on your face

Push the person to the corner with this line. Another fine roast for when someone calls you sensitive is this line. You’re telling the person that if they think you’re sensitive, then they should wait till you stub your toe on their face.

In a way, you’re implying they’re also sensitive because they’ll react if you do so.

  • I am sensitive, you tell me if you’re any better.

Sensitive? Please, I’m more like a walking empathy machine unlike you

Call them out for not being an empath. If the person who called you sensitive sounded harsh, you can use this line of statement to correct their direction. And you can do it by roasting them with this line.

Here, you’re suggesting you’re not sensitive but a walking empathy, unlike the other person.

  • Sensitive? I’m more like a humanist unlike you.

I’m sensitive, and you’re… well, let’s just say ’emotionally challenged’

Troll them for being emotionally disconnected. As a way of roasting someone who called you sensitive, you can use this statement.

With this, you’re accepting being sensitive while insinuating the other person is emotionally challenged.

  • I’m sensitive, and you’re…well, as dense as the black hole.

Being sensitive means I can appreciate the beauty in life. What’s your excuse?

Question their excuse for insensitivity. If only the person who called you sensitive knows that they’re opposed to you, he or she wouldn’t throw such a lame jab at you. 

You’ll be using this line to let them know at least you appreciate the beauty in life while they don’t. You’re also asking them what their excuse is.

  • Being sensitive brought me thus far, we can’t see what being insensitive has done for you.

Sensitive? I guess I just have a low tolerance for your ignorance

Remind them of their ignorance. If someone calls you sensitive just because you noticed and said it, they are ignorant of your knowledge. You can use this line to roast them and remind them of their ignorance.

  • Sensitive? I’m not just as dull as you with seeing things.

If being sensitive means I can understand others and you don’t, then I’ll gladly embrace it

Inform them you pride in being sensitive. If the person doesn’t already know, use this roast line to let them know your pride in being sensitive if it entails understanding others as the other person doesn’t.

  • If being sensitive means I get paid and you don’t, I’d gladly be.

Yes, I’m sensitive. Something you may not be until cows start barking

Roast them for being insensitive. Being insensitive doesn’t pay, does it? Thus, it’ll be smart to use this line as a roast when someone calls you sensitive.

With this, you’re positing that the person may not be like you until cows start barking. Funny wish, right?

  • You wouldn’t be like me, even if you dreamt more than ever.

Final Words

This article has provided you with more than enough lines of statements to get you started, numbering up to 20. So, the next time someone calls you “sensitive,” unleash your inner roastmaster and have some fun with it. 

Remember, the key is to keep it light and funny. Don’t stoop to their level of negativity. Use humor to disarm them and show them that their attempt to insult you only made you funnier. 


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