20 Insulting Names for Guys

Insulting Names for Guys 

One of the best insulting names for guys is the classic word “moron.” However, you’ve got to get the drawl of it right for that. “Silly Billy” is also one of the best male-specific insulting names.

It works in any setting and causes confusion, hurt, and then anger. Remember, it’s all about the tone. 

I’ve talked about this with my friends before. There are mean words for women like “whore” and “slut,” but there aren’t really any similar words for men. 

Most insults towards men are about questioning their masculinity, like calling them a coward or sissy. But even those insults suggest that being feminine is the worst thing a man could be, which is pretty sad. 

That’s why I try not to use harsher insults than “bitch,” and only if it’s really necessary.

In this article, I have gathered some of the best men-specific insults in terms of name-calling. I’ve also provided explanations that would give you hints on how to apply each of them. 

List of the Best Insulting Names for Guys 

There are lots of insults specifically aimed at women, but what about men? I’m talking about insults that aren’t just about making them seem feminine or questioning their masculinity. Here are some of the best options you can pick:

Remember, the best way to call guys these names is to use the right tone for it. In some cases, you have to be assertive in your tone. 

1. Douche canoe

Insulting Names for Guys 

If the guy is rude, obnoxious, or vile, the best insult name to call him is “douche Canoe.” 

It’s a derogatory word that befits the profile. Even Urban Dictionary defines this name as someone who is really full of themselves, acting all arrogant and entitled, even though they don’t really have much going for them.

They might mooch off others, cheat, and just generally be a jerks.

2. Pompous womp

Describing someone as “pompous” means they act all serious and important, thinking they’re better than they really are. “Womp Womp” is used to make fun of something wrong or disappointing. 

So, calling a guy a “pompous womp” is a pretty good insult, especially if he acts exactly like that.

This compound word may not be popular, but even the sound of the insult makes it insulting. You also need to be assertive when you call him this name.

3. Fat lard 

“Fat lard” has been a go-to insult for me, thanks to Napoleon Dynamite. Lard is basically the fatty stuff from a pig, but when you call someone a “fat lard,” especially if they fit the description, it’s a pretty strong insult. 

I also like this male-specific insult because it’s easy to remember and it hurts more when they have to figure out the meaning of the insulting name

4. Cunt rag

I’ve heard “cunt rag” thrown around a lot in group chats, on Discord, and on gaming forums. But when I checked its meaning on Urban Dictionary, I found out it refers to something used to absorb vaginal secretions. 

Considering “cunt” is often used as a harsh term for a woman, when you put the two words together and direct it at a man, it’s definitely meant to be insulting.

5. Bozo

Insulting Names for Guys 

“Bozo” directly means a foolish or stupid person. But what makes it seem more aimed at men is its masculine sound. 

Some words just sound more masculine than feminine. Wikipedia even says “bozo” as slang means a foolish or ridiculous person, especially a man. 

Many people find it tricky to use in a sentence, but you could say something like, “That bozo called me asking for a date.” The first time I heard it was when my friend asked, “Are you going to fall for that bozo?”

6. Drittsekk

“Dritrsekk” is the Norwegian way to say “shitbag.” As you might know, a shitbag is someone dishonest, full of lies and breaks promises. 

They’re the type to abandon their morals for personal gain. So, if a guy shows any of these traits, you can call him a shitbag. 

But it has a bit more impact when said in Norwegian. So, “Dritrsekk” remains one of the top insulting names for guys.

7. Plebs

I use the term “plebs” to poke fun at guys, mainly because it just sounds amusing. But if you’re a really posh guy who’s all about showing off your status, then it could be taken as an insult.

However, I’ve learned from books that “pleb” is short for “plebeian,” which meant commoner in Ancient Rome. 

Back then, society was divided into the ruling class (patricians), the free but non-ruling class (plebeians), and slaves. 

Nowadays, “pleb” is often used as a derogatory term for any guy seen as uncultured or poorly educated.

8. Turd burglar

Another insulting name for guys that’s sure to sting is “turd burglar.” According to Urban Dictionary, it’s a derogatory term for a man who’s thought to have homosexual tendencies. 

Now, this can be a bit controversial because some argue that there shouldn’t be anything insulting about being homosexual or being true to yourself. 

However, if a guy wants to be seen as straight and manly, calling him a “turd burglar” would definitely be taken as an insult.

9. Shit brick

Guys usually don’t like feeling weak or easily scared. So, when you use a name that makes them seem inferior, it really hits their pride hard. That’s exactly what a name like “shit brick” does.

Usually, “shit brick” means to become very scared or afraid. It implies being extremely frightened. But when I researched further, I found that it can also mean a guy considered disgusting, of poor quality, foolish, or totally unacceptable. 

It can also refer to a mean or contemptible man or even a narcotic or intoxicant.

10. Horsedick Salesman

Insulting Names for Guys 

During my time in Hungary, I learned about a different expression they use. Instead of saying, “Bullshit!” they say, “Horse dick!” So, when you call someone a “horsedick salesman,” it’s definitely an insult.

But in many parts of the U.S., “horse dick” has a different meaning. It refers to a white man with a really big white penis. 

To be called a “horse dick wigger,” you’d need to have a large white dong, typically 7+ inches. You can also insult someone by referring to this feature using the name.

11. Moron 

Another classic insult for men is to keep it simple with “Moron.”

This one’s probably my favorite. You’ve got to nail the delivery, though: “You are just a fucking mo-ron, aren’t you?”

“Moron” simply means a foolish or stupid person, and it has a masculine sound to it. So, it works well as an insult for guys.

12. Jizz face

“Jizz face” is a derogatory and dirty term used to insult someone who’s thought to perform oral sex on a man. It comes from the slang word for semen, “jizz,” and how it can end up on a person’s face during such acts. 

Now, picture yourself calling a man this name—it would definitely hurt.

I do have reservations about this because it exploits the position that a woman might find herself in, and it’s not a great place to be in. But people do use this term to insult guys, and guys definitely get annoyed when called “jizz face.

13. Circus-retard

“Circus-retard” is one of the best insults you can throw at a man. It really has a punch when you say, “You’re acting like a circus-retard.”

According to Urban Dictionary, it means when a group of people are doing something dumb without caring how stupid they look.

Using this term on a guy can really annoy him, especially if he’s seen as slow or limited in his intellectual understanding and awareness, emotional development, or academic abilities.

14. Shit sniffer

Calling a guy a “shit sniffer” can carry various meanings, but what’s intriguing is that most of them are still insulting, making it effective.

In most contexts, a “shit sniffer” refers to someone who always appears as if they’re smelling poop—an unpleasant version of resting bitch face.

But the name also fits if the guy has extremely odd tastes, whether it’s in social interactions, food, drinks, or entertainment.

15. Oxygen Thief. 

Insulting Names for Guys 

“Oxygen thief” remains one of my favorite insults to throw at a guy. Generally, it means a useless person, but it’s specifically aimed at guys.

An “O2 Thief” is someone who wastes or doesn’t deserve the air they breathe. They’re often incompetent, maybe even overweight, but always useless.

You can use it for a guy who’s so lazy or useless that their only contribution to the world is using up oxygen that could’ve been better used by someone else who deserves it.

In short, it suggests that the person’s breathing is wasting oxygen that could be put to better use.

16. Jackass

“Jackass” is a commonly used insult for guys. Men hear it quite often, so don’t expect it to hit them too hard. Essentially, “jackass” sounds like a male version of calling someone stupid.

So, it’s fitting if the person is behaving in a silly or foolish way. When you call a guy a jackass, you’re essentially saying he is foolish, or he has done something incredibly foolish.

17. Cockstain

“Cockstain” is a derogatory term used to describe a worthless person, typically a guy. That’s why I consider it one of the best insults for guys. 

Even when you consider the literal meaning of the word, guys will still find it quite offensive.

18. Douche nozzle

The first time I saw the words “Douche Nozzle” aimed at a guy was in a Facebook comment section. It had me laughing for about 20 minutes because it just sounded so funny.

True, the literal meaning refers to the part of a douche that goes into the vagina. But in vulgar slang terms, it means a rude, obnoxious, or contemptible person.

According to Urban Dictionary, it’s a name you’d call a guy who acts and looks like a total jackass.

Someone who goes beyond common insults to the point that simply calling him a “jackass” or “douchebag” isn’t enough. It’s much more offensive than just calling someone a douchebag.

19. Ass wipe

If “asshole” had a male counterpart as an insult, it would likely be “asswipe.” You’d use this name for a guy who’s stupid, annoying, or just detestable.

It refers to someone who’s generally annoying or contemptible, especially if that’s their usual behavior.

20. Scrotum-face

“Scrotum-face” isn’t a widely used slang, but its insulting tone is pretty clear from the sound of it. 

It’s typically referring to that small, skinny, annoying guy who’s usually the outsider in a group of friends, just like a scrotum hangs around.

Wrapping Up

Throughout the above article, you’ve seen some good insults for guys. Overall, I still prefer using “stupid retard”.

It’s the one that many people like. Another simple one is just calling the guy “dirtbag,” which works well when words fail you on the spot. 


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