20 Best Comebacks for When Someone Calls You a Catfish

Best Comebacks for When Someone Calls You a Catfish

When someone calls you a “catfish,” they’re saying you’re pretending to be someone else online, especially by using fake pictures or information to trick people. 

Urban Dictionary defines catfishing as a fake or stolen online identity created or used for the purpose of beginning a deceptive relationship.

If indeed you aren’t catfishing, then it is customary to consider it as an insult when someone calls you a catfish.

A good comeback when someone calls you a catfish is, “I wasn’t made to impress you.”  It has worked so well for many people. But there are others.

In this article, you will learn 20 of the best replies you can give when someone labels you fake.

List of the Best 20 Comebacks for When Called a Catfish

It could be that people keep calling you a catfish because you look like somebody famous. 

You can get them to stop accusing you of being a catfish by using any of these savage comebacks when someone insults you that way.

1. At least I’m not as shallow as your insults.

“At least I’m not as shallow as your insults” is one of the best replies you can give when someone wrongly calls you a catfish. 

It means you are not affected by their insult, and it says a lot about their shallow thinking.

The comeback also makes you sound confident in your looks and appearance.

You can say this line in other ways, such as:

  • Well, at least I’m not sinking to your level.
  • Your insults are as shallow as a kiddie pool.

2. Your words say more about you than they do about me

Best Comebacks for When Someone Calls You a Catfish

If you want to respond in a calm but diss way, you can say, “Your words say more about you than they do about me.”

This comeback means you’re not going to let their insult bother you because it reflects poorly on them, not you.

Use this line as a classy way to stand up for yourself without sinking to their level.

  • Looks like you’re showing your true colors more than anything else

3. If being a catfish means I’m out of your league, then I’m guilty as charged.

When someone accuses you of being a catfish or fake online, they imply that you’re not really who you say you are.

You can make a joke about the accusation by playfully admitting to being a catfish, but in a way, that’s kind of sarcastic yet confident.

If they think you’re too good for them to believe, then OK, you’ll take that as a compliment!

It’s a fun and clever way to brush off the accusation and show that you’re not bothered by it at all.

  • If pretending to be amazing makes me a catfish, then I plead guilty!
  • If being too cool online makes me a catfish, then I’m guilty as charged!

4. Looks like you’re just fishing for compliments.

“Looks like you’re just fishing for compliments!” It sounds like a funny comeback for when someone calls you catfish. 

It’s a clever play on words that means they are insecure. Instead of defending yourself, you’re implying they’re the ones who need validation.

By saying they’re “fishing for compliments,” you’re subtly calling out their insecurities.

  • It sounds like someone needs a confidence boost!

5. You’re just mad because I don’t fit into your narrow box of expectations

Best Comebacks for When Someone Calls You a Catfish

When people are called catfish, the first thing they usually do is to get defensive.

But with this comeback, you make the accuser feel uncomfortable by suggesting that their problem is with their narrow-mindedness, not with you.

You’re not apologizing or explaining yourself. Instead, you’re confidently asserting that you won’t be defined by someone else’s limited view of the world.

  • You’re just upset because I don’t fit into your little box.
  • You’re only bothered because I don’t match what you expect.

6.  You’re entitled to your wrong opinion.

When someone accuses you of being a catfish or fake, responding with “You’re entitled to your wrong opinion” means their accusation is unfounded and that you’re confident in who you are. 

You can use this line to discard their comment while subtly letting them know they’re mistaken. 

  • You’re free to think what you want, even if it’s not true.
  • You can believe what you like, but that doesn’t make it right.

7. If you spent less time trolling and more time improving yourself, you wouldn’t feel so threatened by others.

This comeback is an intelligent response for when someone calls you catfish because it defends you and tells them to stop being mean.

When you use this like, they’ll probably have nothing to say back. You can even say it in different ways:

  • Instead of picking on others, why not work on yourself?
  • If you focused on improving, you wouldn’t need to be mean

8. Keep fishing; maybe you’ll catch some self-esteem.

People may call you nasty names online as a way to pick a fight by questioning who you are. You can hit them back with, “Keep fishing; maybe you’ll catch some self-esteem.”

It shows their insults are more about their issues than anything to do with you. Plus, it’s funny and light-hearted, so you can use it to ease the tension. 

  • Keep trying to catch me out; maybe you’ll snag some self-belief.
  • Keep casting those doubts; maybe you’ll reel in some confidence of your own.

9. Funny, I didn’t realize I needed your approval to exist.

Best Comebacks for When Someone Calls You a Catfish

“Funny, I didn’t realize I needed your approval to exist” is a Sacarstic comeback to give when someone calls you catfish.

It means you’re not taking their accusation seriously. You’re kind of joking back at them.

It also means you don’t need their approval to be who you are. You’re confident in yourself, regardless of what they think.

  • I don’t need your okay to be me.
  • I exist just fine without your approval

10. I wasn’t made to impress you

Many people who have been called catfish online eventually end up being caught up in an argument. But that’s not what you want. You want to be in control. 

“I wasn’t made to impress you” comeback is all about staying cool. You’re not sweating over what others think; you’re just owning your truth like it’s no big deal.

  • I’m not here to impress you.
  • I’m just being me, not trying to impress anyone

11. Your insults are as shallow as your personality.

When someone calls you names, one of the best ways to handle the situation is not only to defend yourself but also to point out that their personality reflects the insult they tell you. 

It’s a nice and sleek way to let them know they are projecting. Chances are they are the ones guilty of pretending to be what they’re not. 

  • Your insults are as shallow as a kiddie pool.
  • Your insults are about as deep as a puddle after rain

12. And you’re a keyboard warrior.

The person might have called you a catfish because they don’t believe you’re who you say you are. 

Responding with “And you’re a keyboard warrior” means they are just someone who talks tough online but wouldn’t say a word to your face.

It’s a way to call out their behavior of hiding behind a keyboard to say mean things without actually confronting you in person. 

Use this comeback as a clever way to shut down their criticism while also pointing out their flaws.

  • Says the online tough guy.
  • Is it coming from the screen warrior, huh?

13. You’re just mad because my online presence is more interesting than yours.

You can diss someone who calls you a catfish by showing confidence in yourself and your online persona.

Without directly arguing, this comeback allows you to imply they’re just jealous of your interesting online life.

This is the kind of reply that makes the accuser backpedal or even admire your online charm.

  • You’re just jealous because my online life is more exciting than yours.
  • Maybe you’re upset because my internet persona outshines yours

14. Calling me a catfish won’t make you any less of a guppy.

Best Comebacks for When Someone Calls You a Catfish

By responding with “Calling me a catfish won’t make you any less of a guppy,” you’re turning the tables on them.

Compare them to a guppy, which is a small, insignificant fish in comparison to others. Do you get the wordplay now? Very smart.

You can even say the line in different ways:

  • Calling me a catfish won’t change the fact that you’re just a guppy.
  • You can call me a catfish, but you’re still swimming in guppy waters

15. I didn’t realize my existence required your validation

Let the person know that you don’t need their approval to feel good about yourself. When someone calls you fake, you can reply by quickly pointing out their arrogance. 

So, next time someone tries to question your authenticity, just throw this line their way.

They will stumble with a response.

  • I don’t need your approval to be accurate
  • My existence doesn’t depend on what you think.

16. Looks like your jealousy meter is off the charts again

Another way to smartly respond to someone when you’re called a catfish is to imply they’re just jealous. 

Calling out their “jealousy meter” will even make it clear that you’re not taking their accusation too seriously.

When you respond with humor, it just shows that you’re not bothered by the names that call you.

  • Sounds like someone’s green with envy again.
  • It looks like the jealousy bug’s biting hard today.

17. Keep projecting your insecurities onto others; a good look for you.

The usual intent when someone calls you a Catfish is to make you feel bad about yourself. But you become the winner when you’re the one that makes them feel bad. 

This comeback means that their comment says more about their feelings than it does about you.

Then, when you add, “It’s a good look for you,” it’s like giving them a little nudge to realize that their behavior isn’t very cool.

  • Sounds like you’re talking more about yourself than me.
  • Keep it coming; installing more about you than it does about me

18. Oh, I see you’re still fishing for compliments

Make light of the situation and imply that their accusation is just a way for them to get compliments themselves.

That way, you’ve taken control of the situation. 

  • Are you still fishing for compliments, huh?
  • Oh, I’m trying to reel in some compliments, I see.

19. Your insults are as weak as your profile.

“Your insults are as weak as your profile” is another solid comeback to give when you’re wrongly called a catfish. 

By saying their insults are weak, it means they’re not even very good at insulting. And when you mention their profile, you’re implying that they’re not as impressive or authentic as they claim to be. 

So before they judge someone else, they should look in the mirror.

You can deliver this line with different ideas. For example:

20. Sorry, I’m allergic to shallow people

When you start a comeback with “Sorry,” it would show that you’re not trying to be mean but still won’t take their nonsense.

But by calling them “shallow people,” you’re turning their insults around on them, pointing out their lack of depth instead of defending yourself.

If you’re looking for a clever way to shut down someone when they call you names, this line works.

  • Sorry, I’m not a fan of shallow waters.
  • I prefer deep dives, not shallow puddles

Parting Thoughts

For someone to look at your profile or images online and call you a catfish, it means they think you’re being dishonest online. 

In other words, they find your looks too good to be true. You can also see that as a compliment.

Sometimes, people are innocently compelled to think you’re not who you say you are. In such a situation, You can clear things up.

But if the remark is pejorative, then you can use any of the above comebacks to put them in their place.

I hope this article helped.


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