20 Funny Roasts for Someone Who Vapes

Funny Roasts for Someone Who Vapes

If you’re looking for the best way to get under the skin of someone who vapes, this article is the right spot for you. 

Vaping is another and newer way of smoking, but is done with artificial spices with scents and through a plastic pen-like device.  

While there is nothing morally wrong with vaping, you may find someone who vapes a worthy candidate to roast. If that’s the plan, we’re here for you.

In this post, I will be showing you funny ways to roast someone who vapes. Keep reading on!

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20 Funny Roasts for Someone Who Vapes

1. Enjoy yourself, no one cares if you die

You can make a resounding debut with this vape.

Employing sarcasm is a good way to create the perfect roast for someone, especially a person who vapes.

And that is exactly what you will do with this one when you tell the person who vapes that nobody cares if they die, so they can continue enjoying themselves. It is clear the person enjoys doing what they do.

  • You vape so you have no contract with death, just a small deal.
  • You can vape all you want; your well-being remains your yoke.

2. You come across as a walking air freshener 

Catch up with someone who vapes with this line by surprise.

It’s no new thing that people who vape always have a somewhat scent when you get close to them. This is most especially true if the person is on a steady streak with it, and consumes good-smelling scents as well.

But you’re trolling the person by saying that he or she is a walking air freshener. Such a blow below the belt. Other roasts like this include:

  • With you around people, they do not need air fresheners or cologne.
  • With all the vaping you do, and you still need a deodorant? Get it together, dear.

3. You’re such a trendsetter, exploring new ways to darken your lungs

Get creative and a real badass at the same time.

Telling the person you’re roasting that they found a newer way to darken their lungs with vaping is such a darling insult.

If you two are very friendly, he or she may be forced into laughter when you drop this. Calling them a trendsetter makes things even worse.

  • I see technology found its way into smoking and you didn’t wait to patronize.
  • You laugh at cigarette smokers because you vape as if it makes them poor and you Bill Gates.

4. You’re so good at vaping, fog machines envy your cloud of smokes

Funny Roasts for Someone Who Vapes

Insults don’t slap if they’re not said, don’t hesitate.

Make the person you’re roasting feel the depth of being compared to a fog maker or machine.

It is funny yet annoying because nothing said can overturn the fact that they produce more smoke a day than fog machines, they don’t just go up the clouds as they should.

  • Vaping aids transpiration by sending more smoke up the cloud you only use.
  • I love this summer, so stop making clouds like it’s going to rain with your vape.

5. I bet you think your lungs are so clean, they’d be on air purifiers commercials

A career roast isn’t a bad idea after all.

The tone on this line is so strong; that it can cause a stir of amusement at a high speed. Why not? You just told someone they are delusional for thinking they vape, hence, they have clean lungs good enough for air purifier commercials.

If you love this line, check out:

  • Don’t go for a breathing competition thinking your lungs are clean from vaping.
  • If I needed CPR, it most definitely wouldn’t be you and your vaped lungs.

6. I was going to insult you, but I now admire your courage to be a human air freshener

You can always twist a mild joke into a full-scale roast.

Insinuating you admire the person’s courage to be a human air freshener has to be the joke of the hour.

But, the roast makes more sense when you say you were going to insult the person until you started admiring their courage to be a human air freshener.

  • This party smells well, all thanks to your vape scent.
  • You’ve proven resourceful in several ways, like being a voluntary air freshener.

7. I’ve always wondered what being a fog pump looks like, but I stopped upon seeing you

You can build up momentum in a comic show by using this line.

Comparing humans to inanimate objects is offensive, which is why it slaps harder as a roast for someone. Here, you’re saying the person who vapes looks like a fog pump, and you’ve stopped looking for such a device since you saw them.

I’m sure their buttocks will be begging to be laughed out, as well as others if you say this roast.

  • You and a fog pump look so much alike, I bet you two are
  • Do you have a twin by any chance? Something like a fog pump or so resembles you.

8.  Being a dragon in this day must be stressful, emitting sweet air instead of fire

Drop some medieval-inspired roasts for someone who vapes.

Insinuating that the person you want to roast is a dragon but emits sweet air in the place of fire is a funny remark.

However, it makes for a good way to roast the person since people who vape always emit scented smoke just like dragons always emit fire.

  • I almost mistook you for a firefly until I couldn’t find your wings.
  • You’d be so useless as a dragon; spitting spit and scented smoke instead of fireballs.  

9. How do you not think about being more productive than tasting vape flavors

A solid one-liner is a go-to if you’re going to stand out.

Don’t hesitate to put it to the person who vapes, that they could be more productive than tasting vaping flavors.

  • There’s no career prospect in tasting vape flavors that I know of, that get useful.

10.  How you call what you do healthy still baffles my professor doctor

Make the person who vapes step back from a comeback.

Tell them you’re still baffled that they think vaping is healthy. At least, your professor doctor is as bewildered as you are.

  • Vaping is healthy, yet you visit your doctor every other month.

11.  You vape, that’s good. Vaping alone and dying alone

Lighthearted jokes are fine, roasts like this one are better.

You can always use this roast to emphasize the selfishness of the person who vapes, they’ll feel this one right away.

  • It’s funny how you still need a partner even though you vape.

12.  It’s been a while since I boarded a steam train, driving with you must be nostalgic

Be sweet and tender with the shades.

If you’re on some nostalgia vibes, you can throw this one right in. You’re comparing the person that you’re roasting with a steam train because both make smoke.

  • You remind me of my dad’s old truck and its overenthusiastic exhaust pipe.
  • Good thing you didn’t join the train, must’ve been hard distinguishing you from the engine.

13.  When are you planning to introduce your lungs to something natural once again

Devise a simple roast for the person who vapes.

With this roast line, you’re shading the person who vapes when they plan to introduce their lungs to natural air again.

  • Natural air begs to be let into your lungs for one more time.
  • Your lungs will go for Thanksgiving any day you let them meet natural air again.

14.  I heard you vape, hope your monthly budget for your dentist is always intact

Come through with a witty line and see how it goes.

If the person you’re roasting has a dental issue from vaping, you can count on this line to calmly pierce their soul without hurting them. You’re roasting the person with their condition by asking if their monthly budget is enough for both the vape and doctor appointments.

  • I hope your career path can afford your vape and health.
  • If you won’t stop vaping, at least increase your budget allocation for health.

15.  I’m allergic to vape flavors, I shouldn’t even be talking to you

Throw in the iconic ‘I’m allergic to…’ line, it works like magic.

If you need a crucial dismissal of the person who vapes, this savage line is a handy tool. Switch your countenance to that of the feeling of disgust when saying this line, and watch the person wrap themselves with laughter and shame at the same time.

  • I’m allergic to selfish people, you vape all by yourself.
  • I’m allergic to chemicals, your vape device and you are the perpetrators.

16.  Sad a thing you can’t even pass that vape around because your flavor could be wack

Call out the person who vapes for selfishness with a touch of insult.

You know how smoking is more fun if it is done together by friends, passing a stick around and round. People who vape don’t do that, and it seems a tad selfish. But, you’re saying they can’t pass it around because they may use a wack flavor.

  • Your vape scent smells like your worst behavior.
  • Whoever introduced you to vaping matched your selfishness with the right activity.

17.  You must be a sucker for chemicals, sadly you didn’t do science but vape

Throw in that science student classic roast and watch the comic effect it pulls.

You can go from keeping quiet to lashing it all out on someone who vapes. You’re saying they didn’t even do science in school yet they’re in love with tasting out vape scents, made from chemicals.

As slight as this roast sounds, its meaning runs deep to indicate a possible unintelligence on the person it is directed to, But since roast is not meant to be confrontational, this roast line is in the right tone and dose.

I bet you’d be running your own vape-filling company if you did science.

  • Sadly, you didn’t discover vaping earlier in life, feels like you would’ve had a different career path.

18.  I bet your lungs look busier and darker than a charcoal factory

Funny Roasts for Someone Who Vapes

Put the person you’re roasting in the right place of defeat.

If someone’s lungs were to be darker and busier than a charcoal factory, then the person would be in a deep mess. It also shows how frequently in vaping the person does this.

Kind of like a way to tell someone it’s time to call it quits with vaping. This, although a roast, may be a good, funny, yet cranky way of reminding the person of the dangers of vaping.

  • I used to think under my grandma’s bed was the darkest of all places until I thought about your lungs.
  • Little wonder you love the black color, you see it every day – both inwardly and outwardly

19.  You’re so broke and addicted to vaping, you even use fart as a refill

Land roasts that are well-cooked like your chicken wings.

Using fart as a vape refill has to be one of the most bizarre and funniest things I’ve heard. However, that funny remark is what you’re pushing to the person who vapes as a roast.

You’re saying the person is so broke and addicted to vaping, they even have to resort to using their fart as a refill.

  • You claim to vape but only refill once in 3 months. Lol, vaping on a budget.
  • Vaping looks good on you, not your pocket.

20.  You’re so addicted to vaping, I bet you dream about it

Rub in more salt to the person’s wounds without bulging.

Dreaming is usually associated with what an individual thinks about or does the most. Thus, implying that someone dreams about vaping is a fine slap to the person’s face.

You mean the person’s dream is rigged with unproductive activities such as vaping, instead of life-uplifting goals and aspirations.

  • At this point and with how much you vape, I’m forced to believe you aspire to vape more.
  • Heard you have a dream of vaping to the moon; a good way to be an astronaut without a spacesuit.

Final Words

If pulling out the best roasts is a hobby you enjoy, then I guess you enjoyed reading through this post. Since you might want to shade anyone who vapes, this article features about 20 different ways to roast someone who vapes.

There are one-liners, combos, and resounding shades to go with. Just pick the one that appeals to you most, and swing into action as supposed. 


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