20 Funny Roasts for Someone Who Talks Too Much

Funny Roasts for Someone Who Talks Too Much

Are you looking for the best way to roast someone who talks too much? You are at the right spot for that.

Someone who talks too much could mean a couple of things, from being someone who says a lot of syllables in one sitting to being one who tends to know and say something about every topic of discussion that springs up.

However, a good funny roast from you could help keep the person in check and can aid you in creating comic effects. In this article, I will be showing you funny roasts for someone who talks too much. Keep reading on!

20 Funny Roasts for Someone Who Talks Too Much

1. You have a mouth that contends with New York in size

Roast up a talkative by comparing their mouth’s size to the landmass of New York.

With this line, you’re roasting the person by comparing the size of their mouth with that of New York’s land mass.

New York is a city in the United States and is so big that it houses the highest number of restaurants in the world, so much so that it’ll take you a long time to complete a visit to all of them.

  • Your mouth can cover the whole of the Times publication in a year.
  • You talk so much, I bet your mouth is bigger than the White House compound.

2. You talk too much and think too little

Call out someone who talks too much about how they think.

Since the aim of every roast is to mildly clap back at someone without bruising their ego badly, this line works well as a savage line to check the person’s talkativeness.

You know what they say about those who talk much, being poor listeners and thinkers; well, that’s what this line of roast is about.

  • With the way you talk, your thoughts must be minimal.
  • You talk too much; I’m forced to think the autistic 4th grader you teach is smarter.

3. I bet you can talk your way out of a lawsuit without an attorney

Funnily insinuates that someone who talks too much is immune to the law with this.

It is not only funny, but it is almost unbelievable and goes at length to picture how much the person you’re trolling talks.

Here, you’re implying that with the way the person talks, it is possible he or she can talk their way out of a lawsuit without an attorney.

  • With the way you talk, you won’t even have a case to defend after all.
  • You talk so much that you’ll get the judge to dismiss your file before the session even starts.

4. You talk so much, I bet your mom is tired

Get slightly under the skin of someone who talks too much with this one-liner.

But the point here is that you’re insinuating that the height of talkativeness the person in question is into, their mother would be tired of having them around.

This is a huge blow to the person, although light as it is. This will also leave the audience in laughter, including the person you just roasted. Besides, that’s the aim of every roast – to create comic effects by telling little jokes about someone.

  • I bet your family wouldn’t mind getting a pet parrot with the way you talk.
  • Your mom mentioned having a good orator for a child, didn’t know she took your talkativeness as a public speaking skill.

5. With the way you talk, you can convince a plant to be a politician

Crack ribs and make fun of how much politicians talk with this roast line.

If the person you want to roast is a lover of nature and agriculture, you can play on that to troll them.

Calling the person out by saying they can convince a plant to be a politician due to how much they talk is not just funny, it is purely creative.

Although it sounds impossible, this line is more of a symbol than having a literal meaning.

It means that the person talks too much so that they can convince a person who has no idea about the government to be a politician. Explore other ways to roast the person from this angle.

  • You talk so much that you remind me of politicians who make empty promises.
  • I fear for your people because you talk so much that I can’t help but see most African politicians in you.

6. You talk so much, that you can power up this house and lots more

Get the crowd and audience howling in laughter by implying the person is a power generator.

You can get more creative and sassy when roasting someone who talks too much. Doing that by saying the person talks so much that they can power up a house and lots more of them is just brilliantly crafted.

If it is a roast battle between you and the other person, saying this savage line will boost your confidence in the game. You can flex around this roast for a while and come up with other ones like:

  • With the way you talk, I might have to stop paying electric bills.
  • Solar panels and hydro plants will soon be out of business because you talk too much.

7. You have a thing with making your lips and tongue work more than usual

Shake the table and its sitters using this powerful joint of a roast.

I bet the person you’ll use this for won’t even see it coming. It is one of those roast lines that slaps quickly, almost like they were never said but also lands a great deal of mild insult.

With this line, you’re saying that the person you’re roasting has a thing for overworking their lips and tongues. Other roast lines like this you can use are:

  • Your mouth works more than most sweatshop cloth makers.
  • Whenever I look at your lips, I see a worn-out tire on the bad roads of downtown Queens.

8.  I can’t help but think you have a beef with silence

Funny Roasts for Someone Who Talks Too Much

Take the person you want to roast unawares by throwing in this epic piece.

You’ll be crowned roast maker if you use this line to troll someone who talks too much. You’re implying that with how much the person talks, you can’t help but think the person has a beef with silence.

This means that the person doesn’t know when to shut up, thus, they haven’t spent time being silent. If you want to push forward with this type of roast, you can say:

  • With how much you open your mouth to say something, I bet quietness is your arch-enemy.
  • You talk so much that I can’t help but think that shutting up your mouth is a harder exercise than weightlifting for you.

9.  You talk too much, that you circle without a point made

Make a strong hilarious point about someone who talks too much with this line.

If you think the person in question who talks too much does so without making sense, don’t hesitate to troll them using that.

Here, you’re saying that the person talks too much that they circle without making a sensible point.

  • You only make sense when you keep quiet.
  • I can’t believe you talked for over an hour and I understood nothing.

10. You talk too much, TED talks with you as a speaker is horrendous

Leave people in stitches of laughter with this roast.

TED talks are usually organized workshops where people from different scopes of life come to drop opinions about their experiences in life.

So, you’re saying that the person who talks too much would make a horrible speaker in such talk shows.

  • Radio sessions with you would be an apocalypse.
  • You talk too much; I bet people will sleep on you during speeches.

11.  If talking is a vehicle, Lewis Hamilton will be envious of you

Use this roast to turn things up if the person loves Formula 1.

 Lewis Hamilton holds a record for highest speeding in a car race, so this roast stands well in its form as a rib cracker.

You’re saying the person talks so fast, Lewis Hamilton would be jealous.

  • You talk too much, Lamborghini has nothing on you.

12.  You talk too much, I wonder what fuels your insensitivity

Pack in insults without holding any back.

You’re implying you can’t piece together what the person’s insensitivity feeds off. I’m sure the person won’t see this coming, so they can’t cheat it.

  • I can’t start to think why you talk too much but utter trash every other time.

13.  You talk so much, you could talk off a cow’s horn

Don’t leave any roast unsaid, including this one.

If the person you’re roasting is an animal lover, you can drop this one for them to laugh over. I’m sure other people would want to hop on the laughter train once you drop this.

  • The Zebras in the Sahara are tired of getting new stripes each time you talk too much.

14.  I need to leave this chair for a couch because I fear you could talk off the legs

Use this punchy line if the person still has a problem with shutting up.

At least, on a couch, the chances of them talking you to the ground is less. You’re comparing the person’s talkativeness to a sharp cut that can put off the legs of a chair.

  • I’ll have to leave this house for you before you talk it down.

15.  If talking was a gun, you’d be the most-sought-after weapon in the world but it isn’t

Give the person a skill if they have none using this.

It’ll be a comic feast if you use this line to roast someone for talking too much. You’re saying the person will become a world-sought-after weapon if talking is a skill but it’s not.

  • If talking was a house, you wouldn’t pay the mortgage but it isn’t.

16.  If talking was a currency, you’d be a billionaire by now but it isn’t

Downplaying someone’s character is funny and roast-worthy.

Saying the person would be a billionaire if talking was a currency but they are not is a power kick. Stick it in good.

  • If talking was a chair, this office won’t need furniture but it isn’t.
  • If talking was oxygen, mars would be inhabitable.

17.  We could end the world’s problem of energy by harnessing your endless chatter

Compare the person to energy generators once again with this troll.

Saying the world’s energy problem could be ended by harnessing the person’s talkativeness is ingenious. You can use random things like this to roast someone who talks too much.

  • You talk so much; that you scare energy companies.

18.  The way you talk, I bet you breathe with your eyes

Funny Roasts for Someone Who Talks Too Much

Anatomy roasts hit hard, here is one.

With this line, you’re implying that with the way and how the person talks, you will believe that they breathe with their eyes. They’ll be all cracked up when you drop this.

  • With the rate you talk, your eyes may be looking for another function pretty soon.

19.  You talk so much, you can talk a rapper out of jail

Make the justice system laugh with others when you troll someone who talks too much.

Insinuating that with the way the person talks too much can talk a rapper off jail is funny, to begin with. It is silly too, because everybody knows how hard getting a convicted rapper out of jail – takes a miracle sort of arrangement.

  • You talk too much; I bet you can wither down cell doors.

20.  Your mouth is the only unexpendable part of your body

Mildly joke about the person’s mouth with a troll.

Anything unexpendable is highly functional; thus, you’re saying that the person’s mouth is the only useful part of their body, solely because they talk too much.

  • With the way you talk, your brain and mouth must be in a constant battle of relevance.

Final Words

Roasting people is a fun way of making jokes, without being too confrontational. However, if you want to roast someone who talks too much, this article provides a guideline you can jump right into.

With about 20 different funny roasts, I bet you’re more than equipped to go out there and be a rib-cracker.



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