20 Good Comebacks When Someone Laughs At You

Good Comebacks When Someone Laughs At You

The best comeback to give when someone laughs at you depends on the reason why they are laughing.

But in many situations, the comeback, “Oh my, I guess I have fans now,” is a sassy thing to say when you’re being laughed at. 

At some time in our lives, we’ve all been made fun of. From what I’ve learned, being a voice actor, I taught myself to do the Joker’s laugh. 

So when people try to mock me, I respond with a big, crazy laugh while looking them in the eye. 

This has scared off many mean people, but it might not work every time. 

In this article, I’ve gathered some tremendous sassy comebacks for when people laugh at you.

List of the Best Comeback to Give When You’re Being Laughed At

Remember, the goal is not to make a comeback to people laughing at you. You make a comeback to why they’re laughing at you. Here are some of the best things you could say when you find yourself in such a position:

1. Oh my, I guess I have fans now

Good Comebacks When Someone Laughs At You

“Oh my, I guess I have fans now” is one of the best responses you can give when people suddenly start laughing at you. It’s best applied when these people are doing so to mock you.

It could be that you contributed to class, and then a group of students who do not like you start to laugh at your idea. 

When you now say this comeback, it takes them from mocking to being hurt because that’s the last thing they want to be. Your fan. 

2. You are so essential that I can’t even find a thing to laugh at you.

When people are making fun of you, you should flip the situation around and make them see that you’re even better than them. 

This is why I think the sentence “You are so basic, I can’t even find a thing to laugh at you” is one of the best comebacks for when you’re being laughed at. 

At least, you are a topic of discussion which speaks well of your social currency. But for them, they don’t have anything going on about them that is worth laughing about—such a pity. 

3. Are you ok?

A question as fundamental as “Are you ok?” Or “Are you normal?” could be all you need to shut up someone who tries to laugh you down or make a jest at you. 

I see many people say when people laugh at you, you should laugh back. That is sort of antagonistic.

4. Is something funny?

While these questions may not look like a dissing comeback, it all depends on your expression. 

When someone laughs at you, especially in an attempt to ridicule you, just walk up to them and, with a severe, dead-on face, ask them, “Is something funny? Are you looking for trouble? Because if you are, I can give it to you.”

Yes, they will think you are a psycho and then quickly move away.

You achieved something by scaring them away. 

5. Do you kiss your mother with that mouth?

You automatically defeat someone in a battle of ego once you bring their parent into it. When someone is laughing at you, this comeback will work every time. 

However, I’d advise that you only use this comeback if you’re really offended. 

6. Remember this laugh when you send me a resume or a business proposal.

They may be laughing at you today, but they don’t know what tomorrow holds.

Instead of telling them ‘ok, then’ and not reacting to their laugh, ask them to remember this laugh when they send me a resume or a business proposal.

Ultimately, you don’t want to give these mockers a reaction. If they laugh, roll your eyes. If they mock, just say “ok.”

I don’t totally agree with that, but it will indeed drive them INSANE. Also, remember not to try the soft tone. 

7. I’d rather be laughed at than forgotten like you.

The goal in giving a comeback is to either make light of the situation or turn the table around to make you appear better than them despite their mockery. 

This is why I firmly believe that saying, “I’d rather be laughed at than forgotten like you”, is one of the best comebacks to give when someone laughs at you.

It means that, yes, even if you’ve done something that warranted them to laugh at you, it’s still better than being a nobody like them who does not even attempt to do anything with their life. 

8. If my life were a joke, at least I’d be the comedian.

It may be risky to call yourself a comedian when people are making you a subject of ridicule.

But in this context, it works as a fantastic comeback because it suggests that the person laughing at you does not have a life compared to you.

It means you’re unfazed and being laughed at. Instead, you’re glad that you’re being a subject. This will drive them crazy and they will wish they never did laugh at you. 

9. At least I’m entertaining, unlike your personality.

Another sassy punchline to respond with when someone laughs at you is to tell them, “At least I’m entertaining, unlike your personality.”

That’s a burn! You’re being laughed at, which you have decided to embrace because it can also be an indication that you’re entertaining. 

Instead of seeing it as being mocked, you’re seeing it as putting a smile on their face. 

Then, the total burn is when you juxtapose this with their lifestyle, which is far from entertaining. 

10. Laugh all you want; I’ll still be ahead of you.

Nothing pains a bully more than to see that their efforts to put you down or make you feel inadequate are not working. 

When someone is laughing at you, especially when you make an innocent mistake or do things wrongly, then you can use this comeback. 

But it still works for every situation. 

11. Keep laughing; it’s the only way you’ll get attention.

Attention seekers may have no other way to achieve what they want than to mock you. They may do this by laughing at you, hoping that you’ll look their way and see them as a source for validation. 

But instead of dancing to their tune, you can give a comeback to their action by reminding them that laughing is the only way they get attention, and you’re not going to give them that attention. 

12. You’re laughing now, but I’ll have the last laugh.

There is a famous saying that those who laugh last will laugh the best. So when people are laughing at you, you can tell them not to be too relaxed about the present situation. 

“You’re laughing now, but I’ll have the last laugh” is a witty comeback to give when someone laughs at you. 

13. Looks like I’ve become your daily dose of entertainment.

When someone laughs at you, it can feel like they’re making fun of you or treating you like a joke. 

So, saying, “Looks like I’ve become your daily dose of entertainment”, is a clever way of turning the situation around. 

You’re basically telling them that they’re finding you so amusing that you’re like their daily show. 

I like this one because it shows you’re not bothered by their laughter and can even make them rethink their attitude.

14. I’m glad I could brighten your day with my existence.

Remember that the goal is to show that their laughing doesn’t bother you, right?

So even though they’re laughing at you, you should be happy that you can bring some joy into their life just by being you.

This will make you sound confident in yourself.

15. Who knew I had a fan club for my misfortunes?

When someone is laughing at you because something unfortunate happened to you (especially when you tripped and fell), you can say, “Who knew I had a fan club for my misfortunes?” to turn the tables cleverly.

What makes this comeback great is that it adds humour to the situation. Instead of getting upset or embarrassed, you make a joke out of it. 

The best part is that instead of feeling ashamed, you’re embracing the situation and confidently acknowledging that even your mishaps have an audience.

16. Your laughter is just fuel for my determination.

People laughing at you can feel really hurtful or make you doubt yourself. 

When you’re in such a situation, try saying, “Your laughter is just fuel for my determination.”  You use it to push yourself forward. 

You won’t let their laughter stop you or bring you down. 

Plus, it might even make them think twice about laughing at you in the future because they’ll see that their laughter isn’t affecting you like they thought it would.

17. The only joke here is your lack of originality.

Giving comebacks like these will show that you’re quick-witted and able to think on your feet.

If you reply with, “The only joke here is your lack of originality,” you’re telling them that their attempt to make fun of you isn’t funny because it’s not new or clever.

18. Don’t worry; someday, you’ll find something real to laugh about.

Another intelligent way to reply to someone who laughs at you is to brush off their laughter and show that you’re not letting it get to you.

It’s a way of giving them a warning. Tell them that what they find funny now might not be funny later. 

19. Keep laughing; it’s the only thing you’re good at.

This is a mean comeback you can always tell to someone who laughs at you. It’s a way to make them feel bad for even trying to make fun of you. 

20. Laugh all you want, but I’ll be the one having the last laugh

Sometimes, even if someone’s making fun of you, things can turn around, and you’ll end up having the best laugh in the end. 

So, if someone’s teasing you or laughing at you, you can encourage them to keep laughing all they want now, but just wait. You’ll have the last laugh.

The Bottom Line 

When someone laughs at you, you also have to consider the context before giving a comeback. 

If it’s because of a mistake, it’s okay to laugh along. But if it seems unwarranted, you could ask why they’re laughing and if it’s something funny. 

Sometimes, people laugh out of discomfort or to get attention, in which case ignoring them is the best response. 

Ultimately, being confident and happy with yourself is the best comeback to any negativity.

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