20 Good Comebacks When Someone Makes Fun Of Your Forehead

Good Comebacks When Someone Makes Fun Of Your Forehead

“My forehead helps store my big brain. I see you don’t have one,” is one of the best comebacks to give when someone makes fun of your forehead.

But other alternatives are depending on what you want to achieve with your reply.

It can hurt when people start teasing you about your forehead. There’s nothing wrong with the way you look, but sometimes, you just have to give them a comeback to put them in their place. 

A popular one you’d see on the internet is “a big forehead is better than a small brain.” But there are many other options. 

This article will take you through 20 different sassy comebacks for when someone makes fun of how your head looks. 

List of the Best Comebacks for When Someone Jokes About Your Forehead

Studies show that folks with larger heads tend to be more innovative. 

So, if someone teases you about your prominent forehead, you can shut them down with this fact. 

And here are some witty responses you can use when someone makes a joke about your prominent forehead.

1. It has to be big to hold my giant brain. Need any help thinking?

One of the best responses you can give when someone makes fun of a forehead is to tell them, “It has to be big to hold my big brain. Need any help thinking?”

The intelligent part of this response is that you flip the situation around and make them the topic of the conversation. 

You are making it a good thing that your head is big but ending your statement in a way that makes them the foolish one. 

2. And you have a big mouth.

“And you have a big mouth” is another sassy thing you can say when your forehead is being laughed at. 

The exciting part of this response is that you’re subtly highlighting that everyone has their imperfections, and it’s not right to make fun of others’ own without considering yours. 

So when you tell them they have a big mouth, it may not be physically a facial feature, but metaphorically means that they don’t know how to talk politely. That is, they lack manners. 

3. Thanks. It helps store my giant brain. I see you don’t have one.

You have a big head for a good reason. Unlike the person who’s trying to laugh at you, they probably have no good reason to feel good about how they look. 

So when next someone tries to laugh at your forehead, tell them it’s to store your big brain. But don’t end there. Also, imply that they don’t have one. It’s a subtle way to say they are dumb for making such a statement. 

4. I have a prominent forehead, you are immature, and nobody is perfect.

“I have a big forehead, you are immature, and nobody is perfect” is a snappy and witty comeback to give when someone tries to laugh at your forehead.

When giving a comeback, it makes more sense when you deploy humor and wit. It’s a practical way to show you can think on your feet and you’re smarter than them.

That’s why I think if you’re going to pick any punchline from this article, it should be this one. 

You first accept that you have a prominent forehead, but then you pick out their defect—immaturity. 

It doesn’t have to be accurate. The point is that your response will make the person mad. That’s what you want to achieve. 

5. At least I am still better looking than you!

It is interesting to discover later how insecure a person can be when you call out their body features after they’ve made fun of you. 

When you tell the person, at least I’m still better looking than you,” it immediately makes them the subject of the discussion. 

You have successfully flipped the whole insult to make it more about them. 

Even with your forehead, you are still more appealing than them. That’s a burn. 

6. I’d rather have a prominent forehead than a small mind.

Another way you can fire back at someone who makes fun of your forehead is to tell them they have a small mind compared to the size of your head. 

There’s no harm in admitting how you’ve been made. But you can own up to the situation and make the person the subject of ridicule. 

And when you think about it, the person indeed has a small mind for thinking that a prominent forehead is something to be ashamed of. 

7. My forehead’s like a billboard for success; what’s yours for?

You shouldn’t expect an answer from the person after you ask them this question. 

It’s a comeback to highlight that, yes, you have a forehead, and it serves and good purpose, but theirs, which they think is the perfect one, is just useless. 

You can also see this as a sarcastic way to shut someone up when they try to make fun of you. 

8. I embrace my prominent forehead; it’s a sign of a big brain.

You can never go wrong with attributing your prominent forehead to that of a powerful brain. It works every time. 

I’ve also noticed that many people who get called out for their forehead lazily rely on the “big head; big brain” narrative, which is actually excellent. 

So when next someone makes fun of your forehead, and you run out of things to say on the spot, you should remember the statement, ” I embrace my big forehead; it’s a sign of a big brain.”

It works all the time. 

9. Sorry, my forehead’s too busy housing great ideas.

The best part of replying to someone who’s trying to make you feel bad about your appearance is to show them that you’re unfazed by their harsh comments. 

To achieve this, you have to respond in a way that makes them see the good side of being who you are. 

So you’re the one with the 5head, and you’re happy about it because it’s what you use to house great ideas. 

10. You can’t handle the expanse of my forehead or my intellect.

Another intelligent way to respond to someone who is trying to mock your forehead is to boast about it. 

Tell them that your big head is a sign of your high intellect. It means that their hurtful comment doesn’t bother you, and you’ve managed to convert that harsh remark into a compliment on your part. 

11. Forehead jokes? Really? I thought we left those in elementary school.

In a sassy way, you can tell them to grow up and stop teasing about something trivial.

This comeback also smartly calls them immature, and it’s bound to make them regret making such a joke. 

It also shows they do not get under your skin.

12. I’d rather be remembered for my intellect than the size of my forehead.

You can use this comeback to change the subject from how you look to how smart you are. 

Instead of getting upset about your appearance, you’re saying that being smart is more important. It shows that you’re confident and not bothered by what others think.

Plus, it makes the person who made fun of you seem shallow because they’re focusing on something superficial instead of something meaningful, such as intelligence.

It’s also a positive way to handle the situation. Instead of getting mad or arguing, you’re turning it into a chance to appear bright.

13. My forehead’s just proof that I have more space for success.

When you say, “My forehead’s just proof that I have more space for success,” you cleverly use your forehead as a symbol. 

You turn the insult about your forehead into a statement about how much you can achieve. 

It’s not always easy to respond to mean comments. But with this comeback, you won’t let the negativity get to you. 

Instead, you’ll use it as a chance to boost yourself up. 

14. Last time I checked, big brains come with big foreheads.

When you’re being laughed at for your forehead, you can tell them that big foreheads mean big brains.

This one is popular because I see it in the comment section of many Facebook posts. I couldn’t help but add it to the list of my recommended comebacks. 

It’s another way to say that you’re smart. 

This makes the person who insulted you look silly for making fun of something actually good.

It shows that you’re not upset by the insult and can even make the other person laugh along with you. 

15. You’re just jealous of all the space I have for great ideas.

The brighter side of any comeback is that it makes you look relaxed and confident.

So when someone makes fun of your forehead, reply with, “You’re just jealous of all the space I have for great ideas.”

You turn the insult into a joke, which can make the other person feel silly for even trying to put you down.

16. A prominent forehead means I have more room for wisdom; what’s your excuse?

Who says you can’t challenge the person who made fun of you? 

This is the comeback you need in asking them if they’re not as smart as you. 

It shows you’re comfortable with who you are and that you won’t let someone else’s words bring you down. 

17. You must be intimidated by all the brainpower under my hairline.

Mockers are driven insane when you purposefully interpret their harsh comment as a compliment. 

When you mention “intimidated,” you’re saying the person who made fun of you is actually feeling small compared to your intelligence. 

You have to say this comeback excellently and quickly,  though, for that “feeling fly” effect. 

18. If you had half the brains my forehead holds, you’d be dangerous.

Not all comebacks have to be mean or nasty. Sometimes, it’s a way to defend against feeling down by hater’s comments. 

When you say, “If you had half the brains my forehead holds,” you’re basically saying that your prominent forehead is full of brains, meaning you’re smart. 

Then, when you add, “You’d be dangerous,” you’re joking that if the person had even a little of your smarts, they’d be a force to be reckoned with.

This is the kind of reply that leaves the other person without much to say back. They might even realize they were being silly and stop making fun of you. 

19. I’d rather have a fivehead than a one-liner like yours.

Urban’s Dictionary defines a fivehead as a large forehead.

By saying you’d rather have a “fivehead” (a funny way of saying prominent forehead), you make people laugh. Laughter can make tense situations feel better.

Then you turn the insult back on them by saying they have a “one-liner,” meaning they’re not very clever. This makes them think about their behavior.

20. I may have a prominent forehead, but at least I’m not lacking in intelligence like some people.

Being clever is more important than how you look. Use this response to show them you’re strong and intelligent.

It’s all about looking at the brighter side of the situation.

Final Words

We all look different, and that’s what makes us unique. There’s no such thing as a “normal” or “perfect” face.

So when someone is making fun of how you look, don’t feel bad for trying to diss them back.

It’s interesting how some people react when their imperfections are pointed out, especially if they think they’re flawless.

Sometimes, staying silent is the best response when these things happen. 

Their comment already sounds immature, and I remember the saying: “Arguing with a fool only makes you both look foolish.” Onlookers won’t know who’s who.


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