Companies Roasting Each Other On Social Media —The Best We’ve Seen!

Companies Roasting Each Other On Social Media

Big companies usually avoid openly criticizing each other. But times are changing. With the rapid adoption of social media footprints, these companies end up roasting each other. 

We don’t know who runs these social media pages, but sometimes they have fun poking fun at other brands. 

This can either go really severe or be quite funny, and we’ve seen both happen.

Everyone knows Wendy’s Twitter is great at this, but there are other accounts worth mentioning for their ability to roast competitors.

In this article, I’ve gathered a list of 15 instances where companies roasted competitors, especially on the X platform (formerly Twitter).

Most importantly, I have provided a brief backstory to each of these roasts so you understand the context, which makes it funnier. 

List of the Best 15 Instances Where Companies Roasted Each Other

In recent years, lots of major companies have expanded their social media presence to engage with customers and fans directly. 

Here are some iconic accounts we love for their ability to challenge other brands playfully:

1. When ChatGPT Was Tasked To Do Physical Labour 

Companies Roasting Each Other On Social Media

This ad is promoting a construction company, but it’s jokingly asking how a language-based AI like ChatGPT could do physical work. It’s a bit dumb, though, because GPT is a text-based generative AI for now. 

So it’s like making fun of Einstein for not being good at football. 

But the overall delivery of roasting is solid. And it made the rounds on social media. The sarcasm is Top-tier.

2. The pee cock situation 

Companies Roasting Each Other On Social Media

The joke is that by removing the first part (pea) from the word “peacock,” it becomes a different word altogether (cock). 

Meanwhile, as for HBO, In my opinion, it’s one of the silliest rebranding efforts. HBO is a well-known and long-standing brand.

Companies put in a lot of effort to make people recognize their brand. So, why would they ditch the name everyone knows them by for something entirely new? 

It doesn’t make sense to me. It’s like if Disney called their streaming service just “Plus” instead of “Disney Plus.”

3. German News Org Goes After Twitter

Companies Roasting Each Other On Social Media

This happened before Twitter (now called X) rolled out the edit option for premium accounts. 

But how many years has Twitter been around, and they’re just now adding the ability to edit? Well, the real attention of this roasting situation is how people see Musk as the bad guy in every handover or deal signed. 

4. Ryanair Drags Hass

Companies Roasting Each Other On Social Media

This happened shortly a year after when Haas ended up at the very bottom of the Constructors championship without scoring any points. 

They did this because they decided to focus on the new regulations coming the following year, essentially giving up on the previous season. 

However, the claim that they were “last to their destination” isn’t entirely accurate because their cars were lapped multiple times during several Grand Prix races. 

This means they actually finished their races somewhere in the middle, sandwiched between drivers on the lead lap.


Maybe they didn’t even make it to the destination since they didn’t complete all the laps. Hahahaha.

5. KFC throws a jab at Domino for being overpriced

Companies Roasting Each Other On Social Media

It’s unusual to see someone criticizing Domino’s Pizza for being pricey, primarily since this criticism is directed at KFC, which is owned by the same company as Pizza Hut. 

This seems like a case of corporate rivalry, with someone making a dig at Domino’s, which is a direct competitor of Pizza Hut.

6. McDonald’s taking a friendly shot at Microsoft

Companies Roasting Each Other On Social Media

Microsoft, the Xbox parent company, has subsequently acquired over 225 companies, purchased stakes in 64 companies, and made 25 divestments. 

It’s not far-fetched for McDonald’s to ask the innocent question. I love the corporate banter, though. It’s what we live for. 

7. It was National Roast Day, and Wendy went all in; she didn’t disappoint

Companies Roasting Each Other On Social Media

Following the scandals involving Blizzard, Lego was one of the companies that decided to reassess its partnership with Blizzard. As a result, all Blizzard-themed Lego sets are currently not being produced. 

This decision likely stems from the numerous allegations of sexual misconduct within Blizzard. 

For example, Lego canceled the production of the Overwatch Lego set in response to a lawsuit related to these allegations.

At this point, it’s safe to assume that the person running the Wendy’s Twitter account isn’t being compensated enough for their work.

8. Reddit Mocks Meta When Apps were down

Companies Roasting Each Other On Social Media

This roast takes us back to the period When the entire Facebook suite, including WhatsApp and Instagram, experienced an outage. 

It’s concerning how these widely used internet apps for communication are all centralized under one company. A lot can occur in just nine hours.

It is company banters like this one that make us imagine that there’s a massive messenger group where all the social media managers gather to chat and hang out.

9. NHL team gets a new nickname

Companies Roasting Each Other On Social Media

When this happened three years ago, many people hoped the Kraken would follow the path of the Golden Knights and become another beloved team. 

Developing a charming nickname and possibly even a rivalry before they start playing is a promising sign.

10. Safemoon carpets Binance Exchange and give them a new position in the rankings 

Companies Roasting Each Other On Social Media

Now imagine if Binance replied with the comeback: At least we’re not number three like you!

Anyway, while I’m hopeful for Bitcoin to become the second most popular cryptocurrency, with the top spot reserved for a more eco-friendly, efficient, and interoperable option, SafeMoon isn’t the answer.

Many people believe it’s a Ponzi scheme, and the sooner the crypto space rids itself of such schemes, the faster it can gain legitimacy.

If exchanges start listing cryptocurrencies lacking in fundamentals and long-term utility, it could harm everyone’s investments, particularly those who prioritize technology. 

In my opinion, issues like tokenomics, centralization, hype-driven tactics, and shady practices further undermine SafeMoon’s credibility.

Even if it’s used for transactions, many established cryptocurrencies already offer similar functionalities, but better.

11. Brick-and-mortar video rental chain marking territories.

Companies Roasting Each Other On Social Media

While both businesses eventually went down since they could not adapt to the change, this debate between them about making territories live rent-free is in our heads.

12. Wendy’s at it again with its savages 

Companies Roasting Each Other On Social Media

Wendy’s Twitter account is legendary for its savagery. I remember someone asking them what to do with a Whopper they bought, and Wendy’s simply replied with a trash can emoji.

They’re not afraid to offer Wendy’s coupons while simultaneously poking fun at competitors’ food on social media—it’s both hilarious and impressive.

Unto the bane of the roast itself, I’ve tried Popeyes once during a road trip in the US, and it was pretty good. But Wendy’s in my town is also great. It really depends on the location, as some Wendy’s can be disappointing while others excel.

13. Free disappointment

Companies Roasting Each Other On Social Media

Let’s face it: McDonald’s prices have gotten ridiculously high—it’s almost laughable. 

Paying over $8 for a Big Mac is outrageous, especially when it looks like a dyslexic grandma hastily threw together some leftovers.

14. Twix Decided To Tell The Truth.

Companies Roasting Each Other On Social Media

Someone said if the Twix brand were really organized, they’d have separate Twitter accounts for @leftTWIX and @rightTWIX, and both accounts would tweet the same content.

15. Banks battle

Companies Roasting Each Other On Social Media

Bank wars. We’ve seen a lot of them over the years. If I had a magic wand, improving banks by adding features wouldn’t be a priority for me. There would be many more important things to tackle.

Wrapping Up

We all know that social media is the main way businesses talk to people nowadays. It’s not just businesses talking, though. They also listen to what customers and other companies say. 

In the midst of the whole fun, these companies have to be careful as well because some banters can go from catching a cruise to being in court.


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