20 Good Roasts for BTS Haters

Good Roasts for BTS Haters

It’s almost impossible to hate on a set of cute band boys like the BTS, but people do.

BTS is a band of Korean origin, composed of good-looking boys who sing and dance too.  

So, if you want to shade anyone who you know does, you will need fine picks of roasts to do that. From one-liner witty roasts to classic insults, you can come through with the best set of statements to make the person rethink.

In this article, I will be showing ways to throw in good roasts for BTS haters. Want to know more? Read on!

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20 Good Roasts for BTS Haters

You’re a BTS hater, yet you’re not half as cute as my pet bison

A little insult won’t hurt, let it out.

That’s the best way to introduce this roast line that completely shovels up BTS haters. It’s funny how they hate such fine humans when they’re not half as cute as a pet bison.

This is you blatantly and calmly saying the hater is nowhere close to being cute. It’s going to hurt a little, say it though. 

  • Whenever you smile better than my dog, then I’ll take your BTS hate seriously.
  • We can act like you’re not an outdated version of BTS, hence your hate.

 BTS haters are funny; you hate someone cuter and has a finer voice than you

Make a bold statement, roast, and toast to it.

Telling the person who hates BTS that their stance is funny judging their looks is the ultimate roast. They’ll be forced to rethink their hate.

This roast, however, slaps harder if the person you’re directing it to is not physically endowed. It’s not stereotypical, just a light-hearted joke.

  • You don’t hate BTS, you just envy their cuteness.
  • Quit standup comedy, your hate for BTS is funnier.

You are only a BTS hater because you won’t listen to their music with a good spirit

Point the hater in the direction of their flaw.

Taste in music varies from one person to another, but none of that means BTS is not good.

Their haters just don’t listen to their music to love it, they’re just always looking for a loophole. With this roast line, you point out the obvious.

  • Music is universal, your hate for BTS means you don’t understand that.
  • Leave the bad energy aside, your gate for BTS will leave too.

It’s hilarious how BTS haters claim to be in the opposition, but ironically their biggest fan

Pull out the ‘it’s ironic…’ card of the roast line.

Use it to show the BTS hater that although they claim to hate BTS, they’re their biggest fan too.

This is because they’re always looking for newer ways to cancel the boy band. They can’t deny this, which makes it a valid roast. You can’t hate what you check out every other time.

  • You can’t hate what you always check out, you’re BTS’ best fan for hating them.
  • How do you hate BTS but only skip their tracks when I’m around?

BTS haters using Grammy to rate don’t know the true taste of music

Trash the ‘they don’t have any Grammy’ argument without remorse.

Grammy awards may be prestigious, but it’s not the ultimate yardstick to measure musical prowess all over the world.

Make the person understand there are great artists around the world without a nomination, recognition, or even an award.

  • The ‘no Grammy’ argument is dumb because you’re not the best doctor in your 1st class.

You stan anti-BTS, while in a real sense, you’re anti-good vibes

Anti-BTS equals anti-good vibes, state it.

Hating BTS is like hating good vibes and trendy experiences. People who hate BTS must be all sad and technical, including the person you’re roasting so let them know with this troll line.

  • I stan BTS, you stan hate; fair enough.
  • You stan sadness, I prefer a good feeling.

You argue the BTS have the worse voice, but yours ranks higher

A proper roast for the froggy voice haters will do.

It puts things in the order of ‘whose voice is worse’. The hater’s voice is wack compared to that of BTS. 

  • You say they sing badly, you don’t even sing. Lol.

I get you’re a BTS hater; people do show love in the most unlikely of ways

Reverse love could be a thing for BTS haters.

Since there’s no handbook on how to love, it’s safe to say BTS haters show their love in the hate. Funny, right?

  • It’s okay if you hate BTS, don’t forget to tell me when you start loving them.
  • You don’t hate BTS, your love is just toxic.

If you’re a BTS hater, guess what else you hate? A chance to meet on your terms

Call out the person for being indecisive.

Perhaps, he or she only dislikes BTS because someone else does. Tell the person they have to start liking things on their terms, not on others.

  • Sadly, you’re a BTS hater because someone made that decision for you.
  • Your hate for BTS is baseless, get a basement.

If you say BTS sucks, I see the hose when I look at you

Good Roasts for BTS Haters

Roasts are good, with sarcasm it is better.

Sarcasm and pun spices up this roast line, It is so good it passes for a solid rib cracker, especially if you just want to flex your ability to get under someone’s skin with a light roast.

You’re saying the person who hates BTS must be the hose if they say BTS sucks. I mean, substances are sucked through the hose.

  • Your hate for BTS shows how little of love you grew up in.

You’re a BTS hater because all of them look better than you in makeup

Make it sound like a violation even if it isn’t.

This will make the savage line more potent, like this one which trolls the female BTS haters. You’re insinuating that their lack of self-confidence turned them into a hater.

  • Your makeup won’t save you from loving BTS when your hate expires. 

You don’t like BTS? Do you even like Disneyland?

Drag the person for not visiting Disneyland when they should.

Disneyland was fun, and is still fun; same as BTS. So, for someone to not like BTS means their definition of fun is different, or don’t even like fun that much.

This would hold people who hear it in a chokehold, especially those who know how fun Disneyland was.

  • You must see wetting your pillows as fun, that’s why you hate BTS.
  • BTS is one of the most lively boy bands, and your hate shows you’re not even living.

Hating BTS is like hating an adulthood of fun rides and teen déjà vu, you’re not living

Show the person where they stand with life in the softest of ways.

The typical view of adulthood is packed with responsibilities and more of them. The fun moments are usually overlooked, which is what BTS offers.

It’s clear any BTS hater is still hooked with the old lifestyle and they’re not changing anytime soon. 

  • Get some joy in your life, BTS did magic for mine.
  • I get your childhood was rough, don’t suffer your adulthood too.

You claim BTS sells only pretty faces, while you sell only hate. Stop clowning

Want to close the argument about BTS before it even starts?

This is the best way to fix a good closure. You’re disproving the view that BTS sells only pretty faces, by telling the person they sell only hate.

This is a good blow if the person is an entrepreneur or salesperson. This shade will have them curled up in laughter because you’re saying they sell hate while telling them to stop clowning.

  • I buy a lot of bad energy from you, but they aren’t worth the money.
  • Hating on BTS doesn’t stop their shine, stop clowning.

If BTS doesn’t make sense to you, it does to millions out there. What does that say about the majority?

Pull in the classic ‘majority stands’ line for a roast.

Being a one-man BTS hater is just insensitive, millions love them. So, if you also want to close an argument with someone over their dislike for BTS, drop this banger and take your leave.

You should also say any of the lines below if you use this roast line.

  • You’re just one hater in a million lovers. 
  • Get over the hate, it’s not obvious.

Instead of hating BTS, hate the fact that you hate good, sporty feeling

Call out the person for being a killjoy.

Because that’s the only thing I can piece together why someone would hate BTS. They don’t just like that sporty and vibey lifestyle. Perhaps, they prefer dulling and drooling over nothing. BTS steps up the mood. 

  • You don’t hate BTS, you are just not cut out for it.
  • I can’t trust you with being happy since you hate BTS.

You’d be fatter than this if you stopped hating on BTS

Good Roasts for BTS Haters

Don’t hesitate to say it as it is. 

Blame the person’s physical status on their hate for BTS, and watch how they try to make adjustments. People don’t like being told the truth as it is raw, but that doesn’t mean they don’t take them.

I’m sure you’ll be the audience’s favorite if it were to be a comic showoff between you two.

  • You hate BTS, yet you don’t even look half as smart as they do.
  • However convinced you to hate BTS doesn’t like you, they want you slimmer than Bella Hadid.

You hate BTS and you don’t even work well with the basketball team

Be a fan of teamwork even if you are not, roasts don’t care.

BTS works together, I’m sure their haters don’t. They just pry on different reasons why they don’t like these sets of pretty-looking guys that can sing and dance too. 

It gets more interesting if the person that hates them is on the basketball team of the school but sucks in teamwork, yet they have the effrontery to hate on the BTS. Let them shove this roast down their throats themselves.

  • Work on your poor teamwork, until then your hate of BTS is invalid.
  • Until you fix your relationship, you can’t hate on BTS in peace, they do better.

You’d need new sets of eyes if you hate BTS, you’ve lost your ability to see nice things

Call the person out for having the worst set of eyes.

No doubt, the BTS is a delight to behold whether or not they’re performing on stage. It’s like this… those who hate these boys are seemingly without the ability to see nice things. Because if they do, they will dump the idea of hating on them. 

  • How about we fix your appointment with the oculist early on, so you can see reasons to like BTS?
  • I get it, you hate BTS. But you didn’t mention having bad eyesight as the reason.

Being a BTS hater is okay until you appear in a photo/video shoot looking uglier than thou

Drop bombshells of roasts and look away

The BTS boy band sells their cute faces just as they also do music. You can’t deny these guys don’t look good, I bet the camera rejoices upon seeing them.

That makes this roast a standard one which counts on their physical look to shut up their haters. 

You’re saying being a BTS hater is fine, but not until the hater is meant to stand in a photo/video shoot looking uglier than you ever imagined.

  • If you hate BTS, that’s fine so far as you can’t stand a camera like they do.
  • Being a BTS hater entails you’re camera friendly, if not, find love for them.

Final Words

Roasting a hater is sporty, and relieving. Gives you the chance to put their bad vibes in check. In case you want to roast a BTS hater, this article is the perfect guide for you. It features 20 different ways to shade anyone who claims to dislike the BTS boy band to a fault. 

It’s now in your hands to pick one or two roast lines that best appeal to you and use them whenever push comes to shove. And put those haters in the right place.


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