20 Funny Roasts for 49ers Fans

Funny Roasts for 49ers Fans

Are you a passionate opposition of the San Francisco Pro Football team, and you’re looking for the best roasts for them? If so, you’re at the right spot.

The 49ers are Super Bowl favorites, but that hasn’t been the case in the recent decade.

Defeats on game days are frequent outcomes too, so curating a roast against them is not rocket science. 

Since 49ers fans are heavy on past glory, you might need just the perfect roast line to put their pride from antiquity in check.

In this article, I’ll be showing you funny roasts for 49ers fans. Keep reading on to know more!

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20 Funny Roasts for 49ers Fans

The last the 49ers won Super Bowl, windows 95 was just released

Get that 49ers fan in a momentary chokehold. It could be on a one-on-one occasion or with a full audience.

Either way, this roast line is appropriate to troll a fan of the football team on their inability to win the Super Bowl for a long time. 

To stress that point, you’re insinuating that the last time they won the Superbowl, one of the oldest and earliest forms of Windows software was just released.

This way, the roast slaps harder with the fan in knowing you’re saying they’re hanging on past glory.

  • I’m 40 now, can’t even remember the last time the 49ers won the Superbowl.

The 49ers fan is the guy who doesn’t stop talking about past glory

Give the fan something to shut up about. If the 49ers fan has been talkative about their past glory and performance, and you want to shut them up with a roast, this is it.

Perhaps, the person feels a jolt of shame and saves you the chittering about past glory.

  • I figure you are only still a 49ers fan because you love history, like when last they won the Superbowl.

Earthquakes are not the worst thing 49ers fans have seen, watching every match is

Throw the 49ers fan’s ability to be placid out the window. Yes, you can rid the fan of their ability to resist laughter, especially one that has to do with cajoling the person who supports the San Francisco Pro football team.

Here, you’re telling the person that the history of earthquakes in San Francisco isn’t the worst thing they’ve seen. Rather, it is watching every 49ers match knowing they’ll lose.

  • Amongst all the horrors you’ve experienced, watching your 49ers team lose matches on a streak ranks highest.

It’s a shame you guys have underperforming, overpriced goons as players

Come through with the iconic ‘it’s a shame…’ line, and watch their reaction. If you want to throw in a soft landing roast that also slaps, you can use this.

You’re saying that the 49ers fans should be ashamed that they not only have underperforming players but these players are overpriced as well.

  • If shame was to be a person, it has to be y’all.

49ers fans have uncountable worse years, they can make grains

You shouldn’t be fair to a 49ers fan, it’s not on the menu. If we’re to count the number of games lost by the 49ers team, it’ll be enough to make a bag of grain.

They’ve lost to the most unimaginable teams in the most unimaginable circumstances, including a Superbowl final. So, you’re only trashing their fans with that review.

  • The 49ers fan has lost so many matches, there are no numbers left to count. 

The 49ers’ defense is good at only one thing, catching dust

Make the 49ers fan take a few steps back. You can compel the 49era fan to take a jolt back with this line. Not in a bad way though.

But this roast should remind any 49ers fan of their horrible defense in a long time. They’ll look for succor but won’t find it, hence, making the laughter more solid for the audience.

  • Your 49ers team’s defense is outstanding in defending against each other.

I think 49ers fans should wear their crowns of victory with pride and rust

Funny Roasts for 49ers Fans

Make the fans understand that crowns from the past do rust. With this line, you’re putting it to the 49ers fans you’re roasting that they should be able to wear their crown of victory with pride and rust.

This is insinuating that their inclination to their past glory is long overdue. Since rusty crowns hurt you’re also saying they should nurse their pains with pride as well.

  • 49ers fans’ long-term memory of past glory should be studied for being exceptional.

Your team is so bad, teams that win them carry on the curse

Taunt the 49ers fans with the curse, it is still a thing. Yes, there’s an alleged curse that follows any team that wins the San Francisco Pro football team.

This curse entails that the team loses their next game if they triumph over the 49ers. The Bengals were caught in the web, the same with the Vikings and even the Browns. 

  • It’s funny how the curse of loss steadily passes from the 49ers to other teams. 

Heard someone say your defense is funnier than Dave Chappelle

Make the 49ers fans rethink their fanhood. If you noticed that the 49ers fan you want to troll is not solid, you can use this roast line to get under their skin and make them rethink supporting the team by pushing this one on them.

You’re saying you heard someone remark their defense as to be funnier than Dave Chappelle.

  • Each time I watch a 49ers game, I see a comedy show with comedians only from their side.

You guys lost to the Seahawks, I guess your dispute with yard 50 is real after all

The difference between 49 and 50 is just one, make it a roast. There’s a funny assertion that the reason why the San Francisco pro football team is called the 49ers is because they have a dispute with yard 50 on the pitch.

You can capitalize on this to curate a fine roast line that will make any of their fans burst into laughter, alongside any other audience present.

  • Being an arch-enemy of yard 50 must be a hard job, it must be uncomfortable being a 49er.

Judging from the last time you guys won the Superbowl, age is really not just a number

Make the 49ers fan understand that age can be disgraceful, not just a number. You can remind the fans of the San Francisco football team that their past exploits can’t continue to cover for their present dilemma.

Hence, age is not just a number, it could be a degree to measure disgrace and shame.

You’re putting it to them that judging from the last time they won the Super Bowl, they should be disgraced even though they are Super Bowl favorites.

  • It’s funny how 49ers fans think being Super Bowl favorites means winning it.

A lot of you 49ers fans disappeared from stadium stands during bad times, just like girls when a guy is broke

Tell a man his sins, hopefully, he’ll repeat it. That’s what you have to do to 49ers fans with this roast line.

You’re putting it to them that they were found wanting in stadiums when their team was passing through the shittiest phase, it’s not like it’s new.

You’re even comparing their actions to that of girls who leave their boyfriend when he’s broke. 

  • We’ve seen you guys go absent from the stadium for a long time. It’s no longer a surprise.

Your quarterbacks are so good at knocking out each other

You can go lower than the 49ers fans expected. If you want to show the 49ers fans that you’re not just a blabber, use this line to remind them of the awful happenings involving their quarterbacks during a match where they kept bumping into each other.

I saw the match, it was a terrible sight so it’ll slap better.

  • Your defense is a weapon fashioned for self-destruction.

One time y’all had 10 points lead in the Superbowl but lost, and you’re not still done with repaying Mr. Loss

Take them down memory lane for a good roast if you must. 

If you want to roast 49ers fans properly, remind them of their outstanding defeat in the Super Bowl match where they were leading with 10 points but still managed to come out defeated.

I’ve always known that a bit of history would be harmless to them, they talk about past glories oftentimes.

  • With how the 49ers lose every other time, I bet their fans don’t recognize they’re in a toxic relationship.

Y’all are called 49ers because your players can’t get past the 50-yard line

Funny Roasts for 49ers Fans

The 50-yard line troll doesn’t get old. You can always get under the skin of 49ers fans by using this line. You’re insinuating that they’re called 49ers because their players can’t get past the 50-yard line. 

In a way, you’re saying they fail to complete runs and touchdowns every other time. You may not be far from the truth.

  • You guys should consider it, maybe changing your name from 49ers is where restoration lies.

Y’all appear with boombox every tunnel procession like you will hit the touchdown every time

Troll the 49ers tunnel walk to defeat every match. While the use of a boombox while walking out of the tunnel into the pitch is stylish, you can troll them with it because they always come out the opposite of victorious in those matches. 

So, you’re saying they come out every match with style and grit like they’ll hit every touchdown and get a point? You’re just mocking them with this line, lol.

  • I’ve always known the boombox entrance was a drive…a drive to lose as usual.

Without asking around, you should have ‘loser’ in your name if you’re a 49ers fan

Cold and comic is a fine combination. You can assert that the 49ers as many games the 49ers have lost, their fans should all have the ‘loser’ tag to their names.

This way, identifying them is better, including when they claim to be different. 

This right way can be a real deal as a rib cracker if you must know. 

  • As a 49ers fan, you should be able to identify the word ‘loser’ even with your eyes closed.

I see a lot of 49ers fans’ jerseys every day, so much so that I lose count of how much trash I see a day

Trash the 49ers fans with this “trash talk”. You’re saying that you normally lose count of how much trash you see in a day courtesy of seeing lots of 49ers fans.

This is a simple way of saying that the 49ers are trash, which is represented by their jersey. As well, you’re putting their fans and supporters together in that category. 

Although a roast, this may come across as a diss which is why you must use a less tense tone to deliver this line.

  • I’ve seen losers in my life, but not as much as I see every 49ers game.

As a 49ers fan, I bet you’re already used to losing and falling into depression

Don’t give them any breathing space. With this line, you’re insinuating that the 49ers fans should be used to losing and falling into depression by now.

And this should be courtesy of the recurring bad outcomes of 49ers in-game and off-field drama.

  • The 49ers are so depressing, I bet their fans have a mental support channel on Reddit.

You’re only still a 49ers fan because you’re used to losing

Come hard on the 49ers fans on why they’re still fans. You can always make the fans understand they’re still fans because they’re used to losing.

Because that will only explain why they choose to stan a team that is addicted to losing matches.

  • You’re so familiar with failure, being a 49ers fan is a no-brainer for you.

Final Words

The 49ers are the pride of San Francisco when it comes to American football. However, they’ve not been in the best shape and form, which makes it easier to roast their fans.

If you’ve been finding it difficult to do that, I guess you no longer do now after reading this post. Because I’ve detailed about 20 funny roasts for 49ers fans. 

You can now get acquainted with any one or two of them and flex them whenever you want to.


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