15 Great Ways to Roast a Chelsea Fan

Great Ways To Roast A Chelsea Fan

Social media is a common platform for sports banter. If you’re engaging in a playful banter online, especially during key moments in a football season, and your opp is a Chelsea fan, you need the best punchlines for a perfect roasting. 

Even when they have a rival team in fixtures, and you want to hit the nerve of that Chelsea fan, these lines I’m about to share with you will come in handy. 

List Of 15 Great Ways To Roast A Chelsea Fan

1. Challenge their favorite color to be blue. 

Great Ways To Roast A Chelsea Fan

This teasing remark cleverly hits where it hurts by poking fun at the emotional ups and downs of being a football fan. 

It’s a lighthearted way of saying, “Hey, I noticed your team didn’t win, and maybe your favourite colour isn’t so cheerful right now.” 

It’s all in good fun, but it’s designed to get a reaction from the passionate Chelsea supporter.

  • Is your favourite colour still ‘blue,’ or did it change to ‘tears’ after the last match?
  • Is blue still your go-to colour, or did it switch to the shade of disappointment after that last game?

2. Mock how the team spends money on players with nothing to show for it

The term “Misplaced Millions” playfully suggests that despite spending loads of money on players, the team might not be making the best use of it. 

It’s like saying, “Hey, you guys spend a ton, but where’s the success?”

It’s all in good fun, but for a Chelsea fan, it could be a playful jab at something they’re sensitive about in football banter.

  • Rumour has it Chelsea is unveiling ‘Bought But Not Bossing It FC.’ Intrigued?
  • I heard Chelsea is starting a new team – the ‘Misplaced Millions FC.’ Excited?

3. Joke about their team’s playing style. 

Saying their manager has “Parking the Bus” as a particular skill on his CV is like playfully making fun of Chelsea for being super defensive in games. 

It’s as if their strategy is so focused on preventing goals that it’s become a standout feature on their coach’s resume.

It pokes fun at Chelsea’s reputation for being more about preventing goals than scoring them, and fans who love attacking, exciting football might not like that kind of teasing. 

  • I bet even your manager has ‘Parking the Bus’ listed as a special skill on his CV.
  • Word on the street is that your gaffer boasts a CV where ‘Parking the Bus’ is listed as a strategic masterpiece, not just a tactic

4. Attribute their success to faking fouls.

This is a playful jab, implying that Chelsea’s players are good at acting, not just playing football. 

The line suggests that instead of practising fundamental football skills, Chelsea’s players might be rehearsing how to fake being fouled.

Playfully suggests that their success might involve some acting and diving skills rather than pure football talent.

  • Is it true there’s a particular area at Stamford Bridge for thespian talents? It must be the secret spot where Chelsea’s stars perfect their diving techniques.
  • Is it true that Stamford Bridge has a section reserved for the best actors? It must be where your players practice their dives.

5. Tell them their triumph is short-lived

Great Ways To Roast A Chelsea Fan

The UEFA Super Cup is a match between the Champions League winner and the Europa League winner. 

By saying “for a day,” it’s teasingly suggesting that the glory of being the best in Europe is fleeting and lasts only as long as the Super Cup match itself.

  • I didn’t realise that ‘Champions of Europe’ meant winning the UEFA Super Cup for a day. Congrats on the short-lived title!
  • Who knew being ‘Kings of Europe’ meant enjoying a UEFA Super Cup victory for just a day? Cheers to the blink-and-you’ll-miss-it triumph!
  • So, you’re ‘Champions of Europe,’ huh? Turns out, that comes with a bonus UEFA Super Cup, valid for a single day. I hope you savour those 24 hours of glory!

6. Diss Chelsea’s transfer strategy

Telling a Chelsea fan that their team tends to make quick and sometimes impulsive player purchases pokes fun at Chelsea’s habit of sending lots of players out on loan to other clubs. 

It’s as if the team has a bunch of players scattered everywhere, like pieces on a chessboard that aren’t quite in play.

For a Chelsea fan, it’s a good-natured roast about the quirks of their team’s transfer tactics.

  • Chelsea’s transfer strategy: Buy first, ask questions later. How’s the loan army doing these days?
  • Chelsea’s transfer game plan: Grab first, figure it out later. By the way, are there any updates on the legion of players exploring the loan universe?
  • At Chelsea, it’s ‘Buy now, contemplate later’ in the transfer market. And how’s that sprawling loan battalion of players doing these days?

7. “Attack” their team’s defence

Now, why would this bug a Chelsea fan? First, you’re highlighting how much cash their team shells out for defence, implying it might be a bit overboard. 

Then, you’re playfully asking if all that spending is actually going to pay off with a championship win. 

It’s a fun and cheeky way to ruffle their feathers.

  • Your team spends more on defenders than I do on my rent. Can they at least defend the title this time?
  • Your defence budget could probably cover my rent for a lifetime. Is there any chance they’re not just guarding the goal but also guarding the championship?

8. Joke with a Chelsea fan about their club having so many players on loan. 

This is a playful dig at Chelsea’s habit of sending lots of players on loan to different teams. It’s like they’re sharing their players with the whole football world.

It’s a friendly tease suggesting that Chelsea is more known for loaning players than for the trophies in their trophy room. 

  • Do you guys have a trophy room or just a museum for all those loaned-out players?
  • I heard Chelsea’s trophy room is so quiet because all the players are out on loan. True story?

9. Ridicule the lion emblem on Chelsea’s logo

Traditionally, a lion represents bravery and strength, symbolising the team’s spirit. 

However, the joke suggests that instead of being known for their courage on the field, Chelsea is known for spending a lot of money on players—like using a chequebook to buy success.

In essence, it’s poking fun at Chelsea’s reputation for spending big on transfers rather than relying solely on the team’s skill and effort. 

The remark implies that their victories are more about money than the roar of the lion on their emblem. 

It’s a bit of banter, but sports fans can be sensitive about their team’s image!

  • I thought Chelsea’s mascot was a lion, not a chequebook—silly me.
  • Wasn’t Chelsea’s mascot a lion? Or did they change it to a chequebook? Silly me

10. Ridicule their transfer affinity

This witty jab is like saying, “Hey, Chelsea fans are always super loud and passionate, cheering for their team, right? But guess what?

The only time they seem quiet is when their club can’t sign new players during a transfer ban. So, savour the calm while it lasts!”

It’s poking fun at the typical energetic and noisy nature of Chelsea supporters. 

The roast lies in the idea that when the team faces restrictions on buying players, there’s a temporary silence among the fans—almost like a timeout in their lively fan chants and cheers.

For a Chelsea fan, it’s a playful dig that suggests their enthusiasm takes a breather during transfer bans.

  • The only time Chelsea fans are quiet is during the transfer ban. Enjoy the peace while it Lasts!
  • Ever notice how Chelsea supporters only hush up when the transfer ban kicks in? Take a deep breath, Chelsea fans – it’s the calm before the signing storm

11. Ask if they have tried an app for guides to winning the EPL

The joke is that they might need a step-by-step guide as if it’s a really tough task for them.

The roast comes from the playful suggestion that winning the Premier League is so tricky for Chelsea that someone thought, “Hey, let’s make an app to help them out!” 

It’s a light-hearted dig at the idea that Chelsea might need more than just a simple plan to win the league, hinting at their team’s historical ups and downs.

  • I heard Chelsea is developing a new app – ‘How to Win the Premier League in 5 Easy Steps.’ Have you guys tried it yet?
  • I heard Chelsea’s working on a new app – ‘Cracking the Premier League Code in 5 Simple Steps.’ Has anyone given it a shot yet?

12. Make a joke about Stamford bridge

Picture this: the seats at Stamford Bridge are blue, just like the team’s colour. This roast is about those blue seats that are there to match the fans’ faces turning blue when their team is losing.

So, it’s poking fun at the idea that Chelsea fans get so upset when their team isn’t doing well that their faces might match the colour of the seats.

It’s light-hearted banter, but it cleverly hits at both the team’s performance and the fans’ loyalty in a funny way.

  • Are the blue seats at Stamford Bridge there to match the colour of your fans’ faces when they see the scoreline?
  • Do the blue seats at Chelsea’s stadium act as a visual cue, turning the same shade as the fans’ faces when the score isn’t on their side?

13. Tell them Chelsea’s favourite formation is “4-0-6.”

Saying Chelsea’s favourite formation is “4-0-6” is like joking that they’re so bad at defending that they might as well have no defenders at all. It’s a playful way of pointing out that their opponents could easily score against them.

Then, when you mention “4-3-3” being more effective, you’re basically saying that Chelsea should switch to a different strategy because their current one isn’t working well. 

Football fans take their teams seriously, so this kind of teasing can get them all worked up in good-natured banter.

  • I’m starting to think Chelsea’s favourite formation is 4-0-6. Too bad it’s not as effective as 4-3-3.
  • Someone should remind Chelsea that ‘4-0-6’ isn’t a bingo score; it’s their favourite defensive formation. Too bad it’s not as winning as ‘4-3-3’ on the pitch

14. Talk about the team’s reputation for dramatic falls on the field.

Imagine you’re at Chelsea’s home ground, Stamford Bridge, surrounded by passionate fans. Now, think of the comment about Chelsea players taking a diving course as a clever dig at the team’s reputation for dramatic falls on the field.

It’s like saying Chelsea players might be so good at diving that they had to take lessons, jokingly suggesting it’s a skill they learn after signing their contracts. 

This playfully implies that Chelsea players have a unique talent for making their falls look more dramatic than necessary.

For a Chelsea fan, this comment hits a nerve because it pokes fun at the idea that their team might be a bit too good at acting on the field, almost like they’ve got a unique training program for it. 

  • Do Chelsea players take a course in diving, or does it just come naturally after signing the contract?
  • Do Chelsea signings receive a crash course in acrobatics, or is it a hidden talent uncovered after penning the deal?

15. Tell them they have a dusty trophy cabinet 

It’s poking fun at the team’s recent lack of trophies and suggests that their once-shiny achievements are now covered in dust, kind of like forgotten relics.

Think of it as a friendly tease that hints Chelsea’s recent performance hasn’t lived up to their past glory. 

Fans take pride in their team’s success, so saying their trophy cabinet is gathering dust is like saying they haven’t added much lately.

  • Is it just me, or does Chelsea’s trophy cabinet have more dust than trophies these days?
  • Not to stir the pot, but has anyone else noticed that Chelsea’s trophy cabinet is veering more toward ‘antique’ than ‘recent triumph’ lately?


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