15 Best Roasts For Ohio State Fans

Best Roasts For Ohio State Fans

When teams with a historic rivalry, like Michigan or Penn State, are playing against Ohio State, fans of opposing teams might engage in good-natured banter. 

If you are in this situation, you may be looking for the best punchlines to roast Ohio State fans. 

Maybe it’s a sports discussion on social media or online forums, and you want to roast someone, especially during critical matchups or significant events in the season; these lines will come in handy. 

List Of 15 Best Roasts For Ohio State Fans

1. “One would assume Ohio State is a Civil War reenactment club”

Best Roasts For Ohio State Fans

The roast plays on the idea that Ohio State is so famous for its football team, the Buckeyes, that someone is jokingly asking if the university is actually more focused on Civil War reenactments than football.

Football is a big deal at Ohio State, and the joke suggests that the passion for football is so intense that it’s as if they’re more dedicated to reenacting historical battles (like the Civil War) than playing football.

So, when you use this line to tease an Ohio State fan, you’re poking fun at their intense love for the football team.

  • Do you guys play football at Ohio State, or is it a secret Civil War club?
  • Is Ohio State all about football, or am I missing out on the Civil War reenactment meetings?

2. “Ohio State fans: the only group that major in football and minor in tailgating.”

Make fun of how much attention and passion Ohio State fans give to their football team. The roast says, “minor in tailgating.” In college, a major is your primary area of study, and a minor is a secondary focus.

Here, you’re humorously implying that while they’re super dedicated to football (the major), they also take time to enjoy tailgating.

So, the roast comes from the contrast between being super serious about football (majoring in it) and, at the same time, having a more laid-back, fun side (minoring in tailgating). 

  • Ohio State fans: the ones who treat football like a full-time job and tailgating like their favourite hobby!
  • Ohio State fans: where football is the major and tailgating is the fun side gig!

3. “Ohio State fans must have a GPS that redirects any convo to Big Ten football”

Induce that they have metaphorical GPS to steer any conversation back to talking about Big Ten football.

It plays on the idea that these fans are incredibly passionate and can’t help but bring up their favourite topic no matter what you’re talking about. 

The roast comes from exaggerating their dedication and imagining them navigating conversations like they would a map, always finding a way back to discussing their beloved football team. 

  • Are Ohio State fans equipped with a talk GPS that leads straight to Big Ten football in every conversation?
  • Do Ohio State enthusiasts have a built-in GPS that guides them back to Big Ten football whenever we chat?

4. “So, Buckeyes, it’s carlet and grey since subtlety is overrated?”

Joke about the colours of Ohio State University, which are scarlet and grey. It suggests that Ohio State fans don’t believe in being subtle (not doing things quietly or secretly). 

Instead, they proudly embrace bold and vibrant colours like scarlet and grey.

The phrase “subtlety is overrated” means that being subtle or understated is not as exciting or important. 

So, the roast is saying that Ohio State fans prefer loud and bold choices, like their team colours. The use of “Buckeyes” at the end is a friendly way of referring to Ohio State fans.

  • Why go subtle with colours? Scarlet and grey – because Buckeyes believe in making a statement that’s as bold as their team!
  • Scarlet, grey, and zero subtlety – that’s the Ohio State way! Who needs quiet when you’ve got colours as loud as the Buckeyes’ spirit?

5. “Ohio State fans: turning tea parties into arguments forever”

Best Roasts For Ohio State Fans

Exaggerate the intense and passionate nature of Ohio State sports fans. Tea parties are typically calm and non-competitive, but the joke suggests that Ohio State fans are so genuine that they would turn even such a peaceful activity into a heated argument. 

  • Ohio State fans: turning tea parties into arguments forever!

6. “I bet Ohio State fans have a PhD in turning every bar into a sports bar.”

Let it be known that Ohio fans are experts at making any social place all about sports.

The roast plays on the idea that Ohio State fans are so crazy about their sports, especially the Ohio State Buckeyes, that they could turn any regular bar into a sports bar – a place focused on showing sports events. 

The roast comes from the exaggeration – suggesting that these 

The line also adds a funny twist by saying they have a “PhD” in this skill, which is a way of saying they’re super knowledgeable or really good at it. 

It’s like saying they’re experts to the point of having a doctorate in turning places into sports bars.

  • Ohio State fans could turn a library into a sports bar with their passion!
  • Bet Ohio State fans can make a picnic feel like a sports bar – that’s dedication!

7. “Is ‘The Ohio State University’ a movie franchise or just a really long title?”

Drop this line to joke about the length of the name. The phrase “just a really long title” points out that the name is also quite lengthy. 

This part of the roast teases the fact that Ohio State fans often emphasise the full and formal name of their university. 

So, it’s a playful way of poking fun at the seriousness and length of the university’s name by comparing it to something as extravagant as a movie franchise.

  • Is ‘The Ohio State University’ a movie or just a fancy title? Seems like it’s got Hollywood vibes!
  • Is ‘The Ohio State University’ a blockbuster or just a mouthful? That sounds like a movie star’s name!

8. “O-H-I-O chant: the only time spelling is a contact sport.”

Use this sassy line to joke about Ohio State University’s famous chant where fans spell out “O-H-I-O” during games. 

Typically, spelling is something you do quietly with your brain, not physically. So, the roast says that when Ohio State fans do their chant, it’s the only time spelling becomes a rough and challenging sport.

It’s a playful way to tease Ohio State fans by saying their spelling chant is so intense and energetic that it’s like a contact sport.

  • Ohio State fans turn spelling into a sport with their ‘O-H-I-O’ chant – the only time spelling gets physical!
  • When Ohio State fans spell out ‘O-H-I-O,’ it’s like they’re playing a full-contact spelling game – who knew spelling could be so intense?

9. “Ohio State fans’ dictionary: one word, ‘Buckeye,’ defined as ‘centre of the universe.'”

Pretend they only have one word in their “dictionary,” which is “Buckeye.” This classic line also humorously defines “Buckeye” as the “centre of the universe.” 

This is funny because it exaggerates how much Ohio State fans love their team. 

The roast comes from the idea that, in the imaginary “Ohio State fans’ dictionary,” the only thing that matters is their team, making it seem like they think the Buckeyes are the most essential thing in the entire universe.

  • Ohio State fans’ dictionary: ‘Buckeye’ – the boss of everything.

10. “Ohio State fans will give a football field map when you ask for directions”

Best Roasts For Ohio State Fans

This play on words will easily piss off any Ohio State fan. The roast comes from making fun of the stereotype that Ohio State fans are super dedicated to football, to the point of carrying around maps, and then adding a twist with the idea of getting lost in the end zone, both literally and metaphorically.

Imagine you ask someone who’s a big fan of Ohio State (a college football team) for directions. Instead of giving you a regular map or telling you where to go, they hand you a map of a football field. 

  • I asked an Ohio State fan for directions and got a playbook instead of a map. Now I’m lost in the end zone – both on the field and in the suggestions!
  • I needed directions, so I asked an Ohio State fan. Got handed a football field map. Now I’m wandering in the end zone, both on the field and with directions!

11. “Ohio State fans: where every day is ‘Script Ohio’ day.”

Poke fun at them in a friendly way.  “Script Ohio” is this cool thing the Ohio State University Marching Band does during football games, forming the word “Ohio” on the field. 

The roast implies that Ohio State fans are so passionate that they don’t need an actual game day or event to show their love for the team – for them, every day is like a celebration of their team and its traditions.

  • Ohio State fans: making every day a ‘Script Ohio’ party!
  • Ohio State fans: because ‘Script Ohio’ isn’t just for game days!

12. Y’all have a secret society for spelling ‘Buckeyes’ right on the first try. Exclusive much?

Let it be known that they have a secret club just for people who can spell the team name, “Buckeyes,” correctly on the first try.

The humour comes from the idea that spelling a team name is not usually a big deal, but this joke exaggerates it to make it seem like a great skill.

The phrase “Exclusive much?” adds a teasing tone, as if to say, “Wow, you guys take this spelling thing very seriously!” 

  • Ohio State fans must have a secret handshake for spelling ‘Buckeyes’ right. Do they give out decoder rings, too?
  • I heard Ohio State fans started a spelling bee for ‘Buckeyes.’ It must be tough to get an invite. Is there a waiting list?

13. If Ohio State fans studied as much as they cheered, we’d be surrounded by geniuses.

The roats come from imagining what would happen if they were just as passionate about studying as they were with the team.

The line exaggerates the idea that if Ohio State fans put as much energy into learning as they do into cheering, everyone around them would be brilliant.

The sassy line is in the contrast between their cheering and the imagined scenario of them being super dedicated to studying.

  • If Ohio State fans hit the books as hard as they hit the cheers, we’d have a bunch of brainiacs in scarlet and grey!
  • Imagine if Ohio State fans channelled their hype into homework – a fanbase of geniuses surrounds us!

14. Ohio State fans turn any conversation into a Big Ten debate.

Call them out for always turning any conversation into an argument about the Big Ten conference. It’s like teasing them for always finding a way to bring up their favourite topic, even when it doesn’t really fit the conversation. 

Calling it an “impressive skill” adds a playful touch, suggesting that their dedication to talking about Ohio State and the Big Ten is so strong it’s like an exceptional talent. 

The roast is in the exaggeration and the good-natured teasing of their passion for their team. 

Just remember, it’s all meant to be lighthearted and fun.

  • Chatting with Ohio State fans is like playing a game where every topic leads to a Big Ten showdown. They’re the masters of team talk

15. “Ohio State fans’ fashion-forward choice: scarlet and grey. Bold, very bold.”

Calling it a “fashion-forward choice” is funny because those colours are traditional for Ohio State, not exactly what you’d see on a runway.

It’s like teasing them for being a bit overconfident about their team’s look when, in reality, it’s more about tradition and sports pride than being a fashion trendsetter.

  • Ohio State fans’ bold fashion move: scarlet and grey. Who knew traditional colours were the new black?


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