11 Different Ways to Roast Someone Like Packgod

Different Ways to Roast Someone Like Packgod

Are you a fan of roast battles? Do you like watching your Favs roast each other on YouTube without mercy? And would you like to roast like them?

If yes, your answer lies with Packgod, one of the best roasters on YouTube.

Packgod is a popular YouTuber and Discord user. He’s known for his controversial diss tracks where he roasts remarkable internet personalities.

Therefore, if you’d like to roast like him, then this article is for you.

In this article, I’ll be dissecting the tips that will help you understand the Packgod roasting technique.

11 Different Ways to Roast Someone Like Packgod

Becoming a pro in roasting is not rocket science. But, it doesn’t come easy without making an effort. First, you’ll need to learn the art of roasting.

Then you’ll need to pay attention to your target; understand their character, watch out for weird things about them, and bank on experiences and moments shared with them.

Also, observing professionals to learn from them is important. Finally, possessing a great sense of humor will help sharpen your skills.

However, you should avoid sensitive issues, personal and things of concern.

That being said, below are 11 different ways to roast like Packgod:

  1. Pay attention to your roastee’s odd habits
  2. Observe them while they converse with you
  3. Be observant of their style of dressing or what they’re putting on at the moment
  4. Humorously stretch the truth about them 
  5. Create punchlines based on your experiences with them
  6. Make a humorous comparison about them 
  7. Create jokes from statements they make
  8. Use their roast to roast them
  9. Make fun of qualities they lack 
  10. Respond indifferently to their roast
  11. Perfect timing is important

Pay Attention to Your Roastee Odd Habits

One of the ways you can become an expert in roasting is by paying attention to your object’s odd habits.

What are those things they like to do that you find weird or you think others would wonder about?

If you’re very observant of things they like to do, or things they do subconsciously you’ll be able to effortlessly come up with a quick and savage roast line.

Also, you can write these things to help you. And when it’s time to attack them, you’ll find them helpful.

For example:

  • Mike is the only person that wouldn’t eat cookies except his mother bakes them. She still sends him a jar of cookies every weekend, even at 40
  • The other day, Catherine left her TV on, she said it entertains her cat. So, she does that every day 

Observe Them While They Converse with You

Another way you can creatively come up with a great roast one-liner is if you pay attention to how your target converses with you.

If you’ve watched any of Packgod’s videos, you’d notice that some of the things he uses to make fun of his roastees are from part of the conversations he has with them. 

He teases them about their body language, their tone, what they say, and even things that are not very obvious.

So, if you want to become good like him, you should know how to pay attention to every detail even the most trifling of things.

For example:

  • You can’t even stand me, roasting and stuttering don’t work together
  • Oh! So you must scratch your head to prove a point! No wonder most of your brain is gone

Be Observant of Their Style of Dressing or What They Are Putting on At the Moment 

“Be observant of their style of dressing or what they’re putting on at the moment” is another crucial technique you must practice if you want to roast like Packgod. 

I’ve watched some of Packgod’s videos where he throws shades on his target’s outfit. This is a great tactic you can use to come up with a swift and humorous one-liner.

Also, what’s their fashion sense like? If your target loves to dress like a clown, call them out. If they love to combine different colors, attack them about it.

What if they love wearing a particular kind of clothes, choose a particular time they wouldn’t be expecting to make fun of them.

Moreover, suddenly calling them out for their style of dressing or attacking their outfit during a casual conversation can take everyone unawares and cause a good laugh.

Also, it’ll be effective during a roast battle to make nonsense of them.

For example:

  • Are you putting on your father’s T-shirt? He actually stole that from me
  • I’m sorry, you can’t come with me. I don’t want to be the center of attention by walking with a madman
  • Your outfit put me off for a moment! Why would you wear shorts and blazers to my housewarming?
  • Please, this is not a clown party. The hat and boots belong to the waste bin

Humorously Stretch the Truth About Them 

Another way to make people respect you for your roasting skill is knowing how to humorously exaggerate the truth about them.

This is a great roasting skill that’ll make you become a king of roast just like Packgod.

You don’t have to invent or say things that it’s not true about your object. However, understanding them and knowing how to come up with something that would throw everyone off balance will do the trick. 

For instance, if your target has come late to work more than once, you can exaggerate a little when teasing them about it.

For example:

  • You come late every day because it takes your alarm ten times to ring before you open your eyes
  • Do you know why Stephen is mostly shirtless? He wants everyone to know that the results of his several years of gymming are finally showing
  • You love food very much. Be careful, you might just sell your daughter for a plate of pasta without realizing it

Create Punchlines Based on your Experiences with Them 

Different Ways to Roast Someone Like Packgod

Another way you can create iconic one-liners like Packgod is by creating punchlines based on your experiences with people.

Creating good roast lines from the experiences you share with people is possible if you’re the type that takes notes of these experiences.

Imagine being in a roast duel, and you’re able to roast your partner by recalling what they did in the past or what had happened in the past.

This approach is definitely going to throw them off the track and make a retort difficult for them.

Also, this technique will show how good of a roaster you are, as this is something they must have forgotten.

For example:

  • Oh, you want to talk! Don’t let me tell everybody how you farted and polluted everywhere during Thanksgiving because you drank too much milk
  • You’re one to run your mouth like you ran into the road the other day just because you saw a cockroach 

Make a Humorous Comparison About Them 

Another way you can roast someone like Packgod is by making a humorous comparison about them.

A comparison can come in different forms; from comparing them to their mate, a famous person, some object, and even an animal.

You just have to be creative with this one to come up with something that would take them by surprise and get everyone in fits of laughter.

Moreover, nobody likes to be compared to another person, especially when you don’t have anything special to say about them. So, this is smart to show your roasting skills.

For example:

  • Hey! You call me ugly! You should look in the mirror again. Even a baboon will be disappointed in you 
  • You’re more dissatisfying than an unsalted pretzel 

Create Jokes from Statements They Make 

Creating jokes from the statement someone makes is one of the ways to roast them perfectly.

This is another creative way that’d put you on your A-game and make you the best in the art. Moreover, if you check out Packgod’s videos, you’ll see that some of his jokes are from what people say to him.

So, just be attentive even while racking your brain, you’ll find out that there are enough joke ideas around you.

Also, you can use this technique while in a casual conversation with them or during a roast duel. 

For example:

  • A- Hey come on! We’ll soon be late 
  • B- I’m sorry, I won’t join you and be late, I’ll only attend your burial 
  • A- Have you seen the latest movie on Netflix?
  • B- No, but I’ve seen you no longer have work to do, but rather stream videos every day like a zombie 

Use Their Roast to Roast Them 

Different Ways to Roast Someone Like Packgod

“Use their roast to roast them” is another great technique to become a better roaster.

This will work during a roast duel or when they try to look down on you, insult you, or act rudely. 

Also, the best approach to this is to allow them to speak while you listen, and then you respond by cleverly turning around their insult against them. 

In addition, if you’re the first to throw a shade and they give a smart comeback, be smarter by using it against them.

Moreover, this is one of Packgod’s approaches that keeps him at the top of this game. 

For example:

  • A- you’re surely entitled to give your half-baked opinions
  • B- the same way you’re entitled to respond stupidly all-day
  • I haven’t forgotten the first day we met, but I’ll keep trying
  • B- keep trying until you die trying and we’ll be left with fewer idiots to deal with 

Make Fun of Qualities They Lack 

“Making fun of qualities they lack” is another smart way you can roast someone like Packgod.

This is another crazy way to put your target in a tight corner and make a clapback difficult for them. 

Also, this is another perfect tactic that’ll put you at the top of your game.

For instance, if you’re in a roast battle and your partner roasts you based on any of the techniques I’ve mentioned above.

You can jump in with this one and creatively tease them about attributes they lack; they’ll surely not see this one coming.

For example:

  • You’re one to talk with your zero fashion sense that’ll send Kendall Jenner to the early grave if she as much as catches a whiff of you
  • You have no moral right to speak. Your meal is as bad as missing the bus on a rainy day

Respond Indifferently to Their Roast 

Different Ways to Roast Someone Like Packgod

“Responding indifferently to someone’s insult” is another way to get to them and show that you’re the master at this game.

Imagine how it feels when someone insults you or gives their best punchline, but you respond like nothing they say got to you.

This method is one of the best ways to make nonsense of them and show them their place.

For example:

  • Is that all you’ve got? We can go then
  • I’m sorry, were you trying to roast me? That sounded like a joker’s joke

Perfect Timing Is Important 

And finally, one way to become as good as Packgod in the roasting game is to know how to time.

Sometimes you might have the best line but wrong timing will kill everything, and make it look like you know nothing.

So, knowing the right time to throw a particular punchline will keep you many steps ahead of your roast partner.

For instance, you wouldn’t try making a joke or throwing some jabs at a very strict gathering. While some people might get the joke, most of the time you’ll end up looking like a fool.

Therefore, perfect timing is very important to be very skilled in the roasting game.

Final Verdicts

Becoming a roast god like Packgod is possible. You only have to pay attention to the rules of the game to get there.

Also, being your own man, knowing how to think outside the box, and setting your own rules will make you a master of this art.

In addition, don’t forget to watch videos of other professionals to learn and become better.


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