20 Funny Roasts for Someone With a Deep Voice

How to Roast Someone With a Deep Voice

A distinctive voice is like a signature melody in the symphony of life.

Having a distinctive voice is a unique characteristic that can lead to some good-natured ribbing.

Embracing humor can be a great way to celebrate our differences. But you will still be roasted, sorry.

Here are 20 funny roasts about someone with a thick voice, each accompanied by a brief explanation and examples of how to use them.

20 Funny Roasts for Someone With a Deep Voice

1. His voice has an echo effect

In this roast the joke is that the thick voice gives an echo effect everytime the person speaks. The humor is that with the thick voiced person, you can never get lost on the trail.

His voice echoes far and wide so that you can trace your way back with it.

  • Why did the person with a thick voice become a tour guide? Because they could provide a natural echo effect in any location!
  • Our tour guide today is Tom. His voice is so thick; you’ll feel like you’re in a cave even in an open field.

How to Roast Someone With a Deep Voice

2. Ideal voice for phone pranks

The joke here is that a thick voice always sounds mysterious on the phone. You may have felt the mystique before when listening to a thick voice on the phone.

The humor here is that the person with a thick voice will succeed with a prank.

  • How does someone with a thick voice dominate in a prank war? They make every phone call sound like a mysterious character from a spy movie!
  • My friend, with his thick voice, called me pretending to be a secret agent. I almost handed over my bank account details.

3. Voice-Activated devices can’t recognize thick voices

This is an exaggerated humor on how a thick voice could make things go awry with AI. It is suggested that a thick voice would confuse Siri into thinking it’s conversing with an alien.

  • Why does someone with a thick voice struggle with voice-activated devices? Because Siri thinks they’re speaking in an ancient dialect!
  • My cousin’s thick voice confuses Alexa so much; it’s like trying to communicate with a tech-savvy wizard.

How to Roast Someone With a Deep Voice

4. Karaoke challenge lacks melody

This roast is based on the premise that people with thick voices are incapable of melody. This is true for some in real life.

The humor is found in actually imagining what a toneless thick voice sounds like.

  • How does someone with a thick voice approach karaoke? They turn every song into a dramatic monologue!
  • Last night, Dave sang Happy Birthday at karaoke. It felt more like a Shakespearean soliloquy.

5. Thick voices: Weather Forecaster Woes

More roast on how people with thick voices often lack the capacity for melody and inflection.

The humor here is, since you can hear tone in the voice, it always sounds like a mechanical voice announcing doomsday.

  • Why did the person with a thick voice quit their job as a weather forecaster? Because every forecast sounded like a disaster movie!
  • Tune in for the weather report, where every raindrop is a dramatic event, thanks to our thick-voiced meteorologist.

6. Thick voice and the Podcast Persona

Here’s an interesting twist on thick voice woes: or, shall we say blessings? In this roast, we give some credit to thick voices because of how the sound of it can lull.

Especially when used to deliver bedtime stories or on podcasts.

  • How does someone with a thick voice stand out in the podcasting world? They turn every topic into a riveting bedtime story!
  • Welcome to ‘Thick Tales,’ the podcast where mundane topics become epic adventures, courtesy of our host’s voice.

How to Roast Someone With a Deep Voice

7. Thick voices, Late-Night Radio

In the 80s until early 90s, movie trailers came with voiceovers by men with thick voices. If you were around in those days, you can relate to the humor in this roast.

Even movies that flopped at the cinemas sounded like blockbusters.

  • Why did the person with a thick voice excel as a late-night radio host? Because even a simple bedtime story sounded like a blockbuster radio drama!
  • Tune in at midnight for ‘Nightly Narrations,’ where the thickest voice in radio turns lullabies into suspenseful sagas.

8. Thick voices in Speech therapy chronicles

The humor in this roast is that even thick voiced people want to hear their own voice too. So they repeat what they hear.

This of course is an exaggeration of what goes on in therapy sessions involving thick voiced people.

  • How does someone with a thick voice fare in speech therapy? They turn it into a stand-up comedy routine!
  • I went to speech therapy with my friend. The therapist said, Repeat after me, and my friend replied, Repeat after me.

9. A Voice in the Crowd

Another exaggeration of the effect of the baritone of thick voices. The humor is in the ridiculous way thick voices can boom in contained places.

The roast comes from the common difficulty of thick voiced people to keep it totally down in libraries and all such places.

  • Why is someone with a thick voice the perfect candidate for a shouting competition? Because even their whispers sound like a booming cheer!
  • In a quiet library, my friend tried to whisper, and everyone turned to look because it sounded like a stadium announcement.

How to Roast Someone With a Deep Voice

10. Dance Dance Revolution

Even women can have thick voices. Not quite like a man’s own, but thick enough to attract attention. As in the case of a woman who is a commentator for example.

  • How does someone with a thick voice impress on the dance floor? They turn every move into a narrated dance documentary!
  • At the dance party, Sarah’s thick voice described each dance move like a sports commentator. It was both hilarious and informative.

11. Thick voice, a Decibel Dynamo

Thick voices hardly need microphones in certain circumstances. The humor of this roast is found in the exaggeration that even in crowded stadiums, the person doesn’t need a microphone.

  • Why did the person with a thick voice never need a microphone? Because their voice could reach decibel levels usually reserved for rock concerts!
  • In a crowded stadium, Mike didn’t need a megaphone. His thick voice echoed louder than the announcer.

How to Roast Someone With a Deep Voice

12. Thick voices and the Whisper Challenge Pro

This roast is wild. It is also an exaggeration. The humor of the roast is in the suggestion that Lisa can’t whisper without sounding like a public announcement.

  • How does someone with a thick voice excel at the whisper challenge? They turn every whisper into a mysterious monologue that everyone can hear!
  • Playing the whisper challenge with Lisa is impossible. Her hushed secrets sound like a public service announcement.

13. Thick voices for Epic Narration

Have you had a thick voiced person stand in a queue in front of you? Did you hear their booming, gravely voice as the person read out his groceries? It’s like hearing an adventure.

  • Why did the person with a thick voice consider a career in storytelling? Because even grocery lists become epic tales when narrated by them!
  • At the family dinner table, Dad turned the shopping list into a saga. Milk and eggs never sounded so adventurous.

14. Thick voices for Ringtones Redux

The roast here is that people with thick voices don’t use their phone’s ringtone. They record their voice as ringtones. And when they do, the result is a blockbuster movie trailer.

  • How does someone with a thick voice personalize their ringtones? They turn every call into a dramatic movie trailer!
  • John’s phone rang, and suddenly we were all expecting an action-packed blockbuster. Turns out, it was just his mom.

How to Roast Someone With a Deep Voice

15. Thick voices and GPS Drama

Most thick voices sound commanding. The roast here is in the fact that most thick voices sound like military orders. Not all the time. But for the purpose of roasts, they do. The way you deliver this roast can make it hilarious.

  • Why does someone with a thick voice avoid being a GPS navigator? Because every direction sounds like a life-or-death decision in a suspense thriller!
  • Turn left in 500 feet, or face the consequences! Sarah’s GPS directions make every road trip an edge-of-the-seat experience.

16. Thick voices at Comedy Club Casual

The roast is in the pun on Comedy Central, the famous comedy show. Stand-up shows are better, we all agree, when the voice compliments the face, and the jokes.

Some comedians make you laugh just with the sound of their voice. That’s the humorous roast here: the sound quality in a club.

  • How does someone with a thick voice unintentionally become the star of a comedy club? They can turn a casual comment into stand-up gold!
  • Mark made a simple observation at the coffee shop, and suddenly the whole place erupted in laughter. Who knew coffee orders could be so funny?

How to Roast Someone With a Deep Voice

17. Thick voices: best at Voice-Activated Pranks

This is golden in the world of roasts. It’s so relatable how a thick voice in the dark can make your skin crawl.

Use this roast on that friend with the thickest voice you ever heard.

  • Why did the person with a thick voice dominate in prank wars? Because even a simple “boo” sounds like a supernatural encounter!
  • Dave pulled off the ultimate scare. His ‘Boo!’ echoed through the office, and colleagues are still talking about it.

18. Amped-Up Lullabies of thick voices

This roast is for thick voices that are more on the gravelly side than baritone. Such a voice quality can do a number on the way ordinary well known songs sound.

  • How does someone with a thick voice approach bedtime stories? They turn every lullaby into a rock ballad!
  • Babysitting with Emily means bedtime is a rock concert. ‘Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star’ never rocked so hard.

How to Roast Someone With a Deep Voice

19. Thick voices are a Telemarketing Triumph

Have you ever been sold by a thick voiced marketer? You’d be tempted to buy what you don’t need. The roast here is funny because it suggests the possibility of parting with money just because of a salesman’s voice.

  • Why did the person with a thick voice excel in telemarketing? Because even a sales pitch sounded like the climax of an action movie!
  • I almost bought a vacuum cleaner I didn’t need because James made it sound like the hero of a blockbuster cleaning saga.

20. Late-Night Radio Redux

The funny roast can be found especially in the second example. Thick voices have a way of making the simplest subjects sound less mundane and more consequential.

Use this roast at dinner time or at a birthday party for your thick voiced friend.

  • How does someone with a thick voice fare as a late-night radio host? They transform every mundane topic into a riveting late-night talk show!
  • Tune in at midnight for ‘Midnight Musings,’ where the thickest voice in radio turns discussions about socks into philosophical debates.

2 Things to Avoid When Roasting Someone With a Deep Voice

A roast is a fun way of employing a twist on certain attributes or unique things about people. To make a roast wholesome rather demeaning, avoid the following:

Offensive Words

The aim is to cause laughter, not embarrass people. Use words that are easy on the ears. Avoid words the person might consider offensive.

Avoid Inappropriate Situations

The circumstance is as important as the words you use. If a roast will cause embarrassment because it is public, avoid it.

Remember, these jokes celebrate the joy that an unforgettable laugh brings to any situation. Reading the room can also help you tell if you should start a roast or not.

Final Thoughts

Remember, these jokes are all in good fun, celebrating the unique charm that a thick voice brings to everyday situations. Laughter truly is the best way to appreciate the quirks that make each of us special.

These roasts are meant to be lighthearted and embrace the uniqueness of a thick voice. Laughter is a fantastic way to appreciate our quirks and share joy with others.

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