20 Funny Roasts for Someone With a Double Chin

How to Roast Someone With a Double Chin

The double chin is a trait mostly found in overweight people. Despite all the bad publicity being overweight has invited in the past, double chins can be cute too.

In this roast, the focus is on the fun side of things. It is a funny roast, not an endorsement of body shaming.

These are lighthearted jokes anyone can use and enjoy. Dig in.

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1. Why did the double chin apply for a job at the bakery? Because it was excellent at making rolls!

Double chins call to mind the appearance of rolls. That is what the humor in this roast is all about. It is suggesting that a person who has double chin would love to work in a bakery making rolls.

You know, double chins do look like rolls.

  • When your friend complains about gaining weight: Well, at least you’re qualified for a bakery job now—double chin and all!
  • Looking in the mirror after a big meal: I think my double chin just earned a promotion!

2. What did one double chin say to the other at the buffet? I’ve got your back!

How to Roast Someone With a Double Chin

Double chin people have got to stick together, don’t they? Yes. The humor of this roast is simple enough: like chins, stick together.

When delivering this roast, see if there are more than one people with double chins in the audience. Ask them to sit beside each other before dropping the burn.

  • When someone hesitates to grab seconds: Don’t worry; your double chin is cheering you on—it’s got your back!
  • Sharing a meal with a friend: This buffet is like a reunion for my double chin and me—it’s got my back, literally!

3. How does a double chin apologize? It makes amends by doing the neck-cessary things!

The humor here is found in the play on the word necessary. It combines the word, neck and necessary to form the crux of the roast.

When dropping this roast, make sure to enunciate properly so the audience doesn’t miss the point.

  • When accidentally bumping into someone: Oops, sorry! My double chin and I need to work on our coordination—we’re doing the neck-cessary training!
  • After eating a messy burger: Time for an apology napkin—my double chin got a bit carried away, but we’re working on our manners!

4. What’s a double chin’s favorite workout? The up-and-down exercise—every time you eat!

The joke here is in the way thw Adams apple moves up and down when we eat. In this case it is assumed that the double chin does the work.

The point of this roast is to make you imagine a double chin going up and down.

  • Discussing fitness plans with a friend: I’ve mastered the up-and-down exercise—it’s my double chin’s favorite workout routine!
  • When deciding on dinner plans: Let’s go for something that gives my double chin a good workout—it deserves some reps!

5. Why did the double chin start a band? Because it was really good at hitting those high notes!

This roast assumes that the double chin is more than just that. They’re there to assist singing. And the fact that there’s two of them is awesome. Double-the-effects sort of thing.

The humor comes out even better if the roast is delivered properly.

  • Singing along to a favorite song: I’m joining the chorus—my double chin can hit those high notes like a rockstar!
  • Discussing musical talents: My double chin’s secret talent? A perfect pitch for those high notes—thinking of starting a band!

6. What did one double chin say to the other during a selfie? Let’s stick together and chin up for the camera!

There’s a pun on sticking together in this roast. Double chins stick together under the neck. Now two people with double chins are said to stick together for a selfie.

Use this roast if there are more than one people who have double chins in the audience.

  • Preparing for a group photo: Alright, everyone, double chins up for this selfie—we’re sticking together!
  • Checking a selfie with friends: Our double chins are the real stars of this picture—they know how to chin up!

How to Roast Someone With a Double Chin

7. Why did the double chin go to therapy?It needed help dealing with its emotional baggage!

In this roast, double chins are not just excess fat, they are baggages that need the help of a shrink.

There’s an emotional weight problem going on. Deliver this roast with as much humor as you can muster.

Also make sure that the recipient is someone who gets humor too. Or else you’d have caused more pain than laughter.

  • Discussing personal growth: I’ve decided to send my double chin to therapy—it’s time to unpack that emotional baggage!
  • Facing a challenging day: Today feels like a therapy session for my double chin and me—we’re navigating the emotional weight together!

8. How does a double chin handle rejection? It rolls with the punches, or rather, the rolls!

The humor in this roast can be found in the pun. The pun is on rolls. Double chins appear like rolls, reminding you of rolls in bakeries.

So, rolling with the punches means taking the hit with the help of your double chin. This comes out humorous especially if the subject is also a humorous person.

  • Facing a setback: Well, my double chin and I know how to handle rejection—we roll with the punches, or should I say, the rolls!
  • Encouraging a friend: Don’t worry about the rejection—just let it roll off you, like my double chin does.

9. What’s a double chin’s favorite movie genre? Anything with a good neck-and-neck race!

In a race when margin is so close, we say it is neck-and-neck. And here’s where the pun is for this roast.

The person with a double chin in their neck loves a movie with a neck-and-neck race in it. Naturaliche.

  • Planning a movie night: Let’s pick a film with a neck-and-neck race—my double chin loves the suspense!
  • Discussing favorite genres: I’m into action, romance, and, of course, anything with a good neck-and-neck plot—my double chin approves!

10. Why did the double chin person start a blog? It had a lot of chin-spiring stories to share!

Chin-spiring, inspiring. Do you get the wordplay here? Wordplays are a great way to achieve a funny roast.

In this case we had to drag the double chin into the fray for starting a blog to talk about necks. We believe a blog about necks and double chins is a good idea internet chin-osphere.

  • Talking about personal projects: I’m thinking of starting a blog—my double chin has so many chin-spiring stories to share with the world!
  • Discussing creativity: Everyone needs an outlet, and for my double chin, it’s a blog full of chin-spiration!

How to Roast Someone With a Double Chin

11. How does a double chin express excitement? It goes from a double chin to a triple chin!

Hilarious, isn’t it? The humor is in the word picture. Think about a double chin morphing into three as the owner gets excited. Wild.

A little excitement and the person’s double chin upgrades to three. Use the appropriate hand gestures while delivering this roast.

  • When something thrilling happens: That news just upgraded my expression from a double chin to a triple chin—excitement level: maxed out!
  • Sharing good news: Get ready for the triple chin dance—my excitement is through the roof!

12. What’s a double chin’s favorite board game? Chutes and Ladders—because it knows the ups and downs!

Hilarious. The double chin knows ups and downs. The double chin has a mind of its own. How wild is that! Consider the possibilities suggested by this roast and you’ll find it easy to convince everyone to laugh along.

The wordplay is on ups and downs, and chutes and ladders, as in, the game itself. The connection isn’t hard to see, yes.

  • Planning a game night: Let’s play Chutes and Ladders—my double chin is a strategic expert in navigating the ups and downs!
  • Reflecting on life’s challenges: Life’s like a game of Chutes and Ladders for my double chin—always navigating the unexpected twists!

How to Roast Someone With a Double Chin

13. Why did the double chin start a detective agency? It was great at solving neck-sy cases!

Neck-sy cases, as in, messy cases. Do you see the wordplay? Now that’s how you roast someone and have everyone howling at the ridiculousness. But that’s what most roasts are about.

The suggestions don’t have to be possible or reasonable in any universe or dimension. In this case the double chin comes with a third eye, or a sixth sense, if you will. And just like that, it helps in solving neck-sy cases.

  • Discussing career choices: My double chin has a knack for solving mysteries—thinking of starting a detective agency for neck-sy cases!
  • Facing a puzzle: This problem needs some detective work—time for my double chin to crack the case!

14. How does a double chin handle compliments? It takes them in stride, or should I say, in rolls!

For the sake of the double chin person, we invent a phenomenon where folks don’t take things in stride but in rolls. You can see the wordplay here is in stride.

But to make the roast funny, you have to use the two words so the audience can see—or hear—the connection.

  • Receiving a compliment: Thank you for the kind words—my double chin and I take them in stride, or should I say, in rolls!
  • Complimenting a friend: You’re looking fantastic—taking those compliments in rolls, just like my double chin!

15. Why did the double chin become a philosopher? It had a deep understanding of the ups and downs in life!

Another take on ups and downs. In this case we relate the words to being a philosopher.

Also, the wordplay derives from the suggestion that the double chin jiggles up and down as the owner goes through life.

  • Reflecting on experiences: My double chin has become quite the philosopher—it understands the profound ups and downs in life!
  • Discussing life lessons: There’s wisdom in the rolls—my double chin, the philosopher, knows the value of the ups and downs!

16. How does a double chin handle stress? It practices neck-sercise – the art of letting things roll off!

The art of letting things roll off is called neck-sercise. The dictionaries better put that one in. In this roast the wordplay happens on the word exercise.

The humor is in the suggestion that the double chin handles stress with neck-sercise.

  • During a hectic day: Stressful situations call for some necksercise—my double chin and I are pros at letting things roll off!
  • Offering advice to a friend: Remember to embrace necksercise when things get tough—it’s my double chin’s secret stress-buster!

How to Roast Someone With a Double Chin

17. What’s a double chin’s favorite dance move? The chin shimmy—it’s all about the rhythm in the rolls!

If you know the jazz dance called shimmy dance, you’d quickly spot the wordplay in this roast. The person who has a double chin isn’t doing that dance. He does the chin shimmy.

  • On the dance floor: Watch out for the chin shimmy—my double chin’s favorite dance move that adds a unique rhythm to the rolls!
  • Teaching a friend dance moves: Step one: master the chin shimmy—my double chin’s signature move for dance floor domination!

18. Why did the double chin start a podcast? It had a lot of chin-teresting things to talk about!

A prominent double chin is interesting to see. And people who have them usually make interesting companions. Winston Churchill had a prominent one.

Those who know him speak of the English prime minister as an intriguing fellow. In this roast we just say he’s chin-teresting.

  • Sharing interests: Started a podcast—my double chin and I have a ton of chin-teresting topics to discuss with our listeners!
  • Inviting a friend to listen: Tune in to our podcast—you won’t believe the chin-teresting conversations my double chin and I are having.

19. What’s a double chin’s favorite type of literature? It enjoys reading necktarious novels—full of drama and twists!

As suggested in the previous roast, double chins are intriguing, dramatic. One other thing about them, as shown in this roast here is, they come with twists.

Literally. I’ve seen many double chins to know this. This word picture calls to mind the appearance of a double chin, rolling and twisting under the jaw of the owner.

  • Recommending a book: Check out this necktarious novel—my double chin loves the drama and unexpected twists in the plot!
  • Discussing reading preferences: I’m into mystery, romance, and anything necktarious—my double chin’s favorite genre!

20. How does a double chin order dessert? It goes for the triple scoop—because one scoop is just an appetizer!

How to Roast Someone With a Double Chin

There’s already two chins. Why not go for a triple scoop for good measure? That’s what happens in this roast.

The good thing about this roast is, you can make it about whatever you want, depending on the setting.

You can say whatever you want. It can be about getting the third scoop so we can have a third chin in no time.

  • Looking at the dessert menu: I’ll take the triple scoop—my double chin insists that one scoop is just an appetizer!
  • Indulging in dessert: Dessert time calls for the triple scoop strategy—my double chin knows how to satisfy its sweet tooth!

Roasts are extremely fun to do. If you know how to do them. The trick is in having a basic understanding of the trait you’re roasting.

Also, reading the room, the temperament of the subject and choosing your words carefully. Avoid being cruel. The aim is to make even the person you’re roasting laugh.

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