I Roast People With Whom I Vibe: Meaning & How to Use it in Statements

I Roast People With Whom I Vibe

The statement, I Roast People With Whom I Vibe, means you poke fun and make funny jokes about people whom you are relaxed around. 

We often relax our inhibitions when around people with whom we are friends or family. And this is the root of the above statement. 

The word vibe suggests feelings that are capable of being shared. They may be good or bad vibes.

The point is, people around you can sense these feelings, and they share them with you. 

Friends can share a vibe that strangers would normally not feel.

Furthermore, vibe also suggests a level of camaraderie among friends, or a group of people who are familiar with each other. 

For example, colleagues at work can share a particular vibe which leads to friendship. This vibe allows them to develop and share inside jokes. 

The same can be true of friends in other informal settings.

They have nicknames for each other which they freely use, they share jokes that others outside the group may consider insulting.

And this is because others outside the group do not share this vibe

The vibe can be easily contagious too, depending on certain factors like gender and age.

Men are more likely to contact a vibe and run with it. And younger people are more likely to make fun of each other through roasts without feeling offended

How to Use it in Statements

I Roast People With Whom I Vibe

The following are various ways this can be used in statements without sounding condescending or offensive. 

  • I don’t mean to insult you, I just roast people with whom I vibe

This statement suggests that you sense the other person is offended by a roast. This statement is placatory.

You can say this to disarm the person if you think they have taken a joke wrongly. You are suggesting that you see them as someone you can vibe with.

They’ll probably simmer down and pick up the vibe too. 

  • Get with the program; we roast people we vibe with

The statement can be used this way if the other person is a stranger who wants to join your group.

If your group has inside jokes, nicknames, and words others would consider insulting, this statement can help ease the new guy into the group.

Now, the success of this statement will depend on your tone. If you do want the person to join your group, say it with a smile. On the other hand, your tone can suggest you don’t want them in your group. 

  • If I vibe with you, I’ll roast you for sure

This example carries with it a tone of certainty. You are letting on that this is what you do to people who are friends with you.

Perhaps this is the best way to welcome a newcomer to your circle of weirdos; at school, at work or in your neighborhood.

It also warns prospective friends of what to expect; they should be ready to roast you too. 

Final Thoughts

Words and statements all have powerful meanings. Before using them, it is important to understand what they mean.

This understanding often prevents us from the shock of jokes, comebacks and the secret language of people who vibe with each other. 


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