10 Names for Tottenham Fans

Names for Tottenham Fans

Nickname has always been a thing since human existence. People always find ways to shorten their birth name or give someone another name based on their feelings for them.

Even in the bible for those that believe in it, Peter, Jesus’ disciples was nicknamed “rock” by Jesus himself.  

So, it’s only natural that the use of nicknames has come to be a strong thing in almost every sphere of life including sports, and other social activities.

For instance, in football, clubs and teams have nicknames.

It’s either opposition fans giving them nicknames to mock them, or the fans or team themselves giving themselves another name to express unity, and strength, amongst other feelings.

So, if you’ve ever wondered about names for Tottenham fans, this article will take care of that. I’ll be discussing 10 names for Tottenham fans.

10 Names for Tottenham Fans

The Tottenham team and fans have been called Hotspurs or Spurs for a long time. But, have you ever wondered how they came to be given those names?

And do you know there are other names they’ve been called?

Below are 10 names for Tottenham fans: 

  • Hotspurs
  • Spurs
  • Lilywhites
  • Yids
  • Yidsters
  • Yiddos
  • COYS
  • Cockerels
  • Harry Kane Team 
  • Big Ange


Names for Tottenham Fans

Hotspurs is a part of the name of the football club, Tottenham. The full name is “Tottenham Hotspur.” So, you can call fans by this name, as much as you can call the team too.

The club got its name in 1884 after it was founded in 1882. It was founded by a group of teenage school boys in Saint John’s Middle-Class School and Tottenham Grammar School, along Tottenham High Road, London.

It was named after a notable man, Sir Henry Percy, who was a major character in Shakespeare’s Henry IV, Part I. He was the first Earl of Northumberland, born in 1364.

Sir Henry Percy was better known as Sir Harry Hotspur because of his fierceness in battles. He’d charge fearlessly into battles, wearing spurs on his boots to nudge his horse forward.

Unfortunately, he died in 1403 at age 39 during the Battle of Shrewsbury. Consequently, he couldn’t appear in Henry IV, Part II.

However, he had left a lasting legacy in Northumberland, where the Tottenham club was located, leading the boys to name the club, Tottenham Hotspur.

They believed Tottenham was fierce during football, attacking their way through the field.

The club won the FA Cup in 1901 as a non-league club and became the first British club to win a major European competition in 1963.


Spurs is the nickname you must have probably heard people call the Tottenham team and their fans. This one is very popular, as it’s derived from the club’s full name, “Tottenham Hotspurs.”

Tottenham has been called Spurs for a long time since the club took the name Tottenham Hotspur in the late 80s.

So, fans too have taken to regarding themselves as “The Spurs.”


Lilywhites is another popular nickname for Tottenham Hotspur. 

This nickname came to be in 1898 due to their white jersey. Originally, Tottenham used navy blue jerseys when they started in 1882. 

They made a few modifications until 1898 when they adopted the famous white jersey which is still in use now. It was then they adopted the nickname, “Lilywhites.”

And so supporters of this famous club have also been referred to as “Lilywhites.”

However, this nickname is not exclusive to Tottenham alone. British clubs like Berkhamsted Town, Bromley F.C., Cambridge City F.C., Leyton F.C., Mossley A.F.C., and several others call themselves “Lilywhites.”

They adopted this nickname particularly because they play in white Jerseys. 


The “Yid Army” is another popular name for the Tottenham team and its fans.

First, Tottenham has always been associated with the Jewish culture, having a large Jewish fan base

So, the “Yid Army” is derived from “Yiddish” a language spoken by Jewish people of North and South America, Israel, and Central and Eastern European origin.

Also, Yiddish is used in a derogatory manner to describe the Jewish people.

So, opposition supporters began calling Tottenham players and fans “Yiddish” to mock them.

However, the club embraced the term with positivity. They nicknamed themselves the “Yid Army”, turning things around positively.

So, rather than dwell on the negative meaning of Yiddish, “Yid Army” helped give the club a better meaning.

Therefore, fans can be called  “Yid Army” or “The Yids.”

However, the Tottenham club has asked supporters to move from using the name.


“Yidster” is another name for Tottenham Hotspur fans.

It’s a variant of “The Yids” and “Yid Army.” Just like these nicknames, it’s a smart way to deflect the negative connotation of “Yiddish” as the club was initially called.

So, this term stems from the need to give the club a positive meaning. Therefore, if you don’t want to call Tottenham fans “The Yids” or “Yid Army”, you can call them “Yidsters.”


The yiddos is another name to call the Tottenham fan. It’s a variant of “yids” and “yidster.”

It was created from “Yiddish” in another attempt to deflect the derogatory meaning it connotes. 


COYS is another nickname for Tottenham and a suitable name for their fans.

COYS is a slang term, an abbreviation of “Come on You Spurs.” It’s a rallying cry for the Tottenham Hotspur team, one of the popular chants during matches.

It’s sung by Tottenham supporters to encourage their team. Also, when talking most people spell out “Come on you spurs.” 

However, during online chats, COYS is what is used. So, this is how fans came to be referred to as “The COYS.”


“The Cockerels” is another name you can call Tottenham fans. The cockerel forms a large part of the Tottenham logo.

The Tottenham became associated with the cockerel as far back as its establishment due to the influence of Sir Henry Percy, who loved cock fighting.

Originally, Tottenham played its matches at the Tottenham Marshes. But, in 1888, it moved to Northumberland Park.

Then in 1899, it began playing at White Hart Lane, which was home to the club until  2019 when the club opened Tottenham Hotspur Stadium.

It wasn’t until 1909 that Tottenham Hotspur began redesigning White Hart Lane. 

Around this time, William James Scott, a former player commissioned a bronze cockerel standing on a football over the West Stand, as an honor to Henry Percy.

Additionally, the cockerel became a part of the club’s uniform in 1921.

Harry Kane Team 

“Harry Kane Team” was first used by Manchester City boss Pep Guardiola in September 2017.

First, Henry Kane is Tottenham’s and England’s all-time highest goal scorer. He was with Tottenham for 19 years, (2004-2023).

So, Pep Guardiola had described the team as “Harry Kane Team” in a comment in September 2017, indicating they couldn’t do without Harry Kane. It had caused quite an offense at that time

However, he admitted in 2018 that he was wrong to describe them as the “Harry Kane Team” after they proved that they could perform well without their then-striker.

Although Harry Kane is no longer with Tottenham, he left behind a good legacy, being their highest goal scorer.

So, “Harry Kane Team” is another name you can call the Tottenham Hotspur fans. However, this one will not sit well with many of them.

Big Ange

Names for Tottenham Fans

Big Ange is derived from “Ange Postecoglou”, the manager of Tottenham Hotspur.

Ange Postecoglou was made manager of the Spurs in 2023, taking over from Ryan Mason on a 4-year contract.

He’s a former player and former Celtic coach who started his managerial career in 1996. Since then he has managed several football teams.

Also, he’s the first Australian to manage a premier league team.

Since his inception in 2023, things started looking positive for the Spurs. 

After finishing eighth in the premier in the 2022–2023 season, losing out a place in Europe, and losing the club’s highest goal scorer, Harry Kane, their expectations were already low for the next season.

However, with Ange taking over, there has been a boost in their mood.

So, Big Ange is another name to call Tottenham fans, reflecting the influence of the club’s head coach.

Final Words

Most of these names I discussed in this article are nicknames for the Tottenham Hotspur team, which is a suitable name to call their fans.

However, “Cockerel” is just my invention. I thought about the rooster in their badge, and I think it’s a suitable name too

“Big Ange” is not quite popular, I just came across it in one nicknamefinder, while “Harry Kane Team” might not sit well with them, as it wasn’t first used in a complimentary way.

So, feel free to also give a name to the Tottenham Hotspur fans, but ensure it’s not offensive. What names are you calling them? 


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