200 Crooked Teeth Jokes

Crooked Teeth Jokes

Crooked teeth jokes serve as a way to help one embrace their imperfections and nudge them towards self-acceptance.

First, having crooked teeth in this world where body shaming is a thing can be a source of vulnerability and self-consciousness.

While you try to work your way around your speech and eating technique, having to be self-conscious because people are always staring at you or talking about you can make things frustrating.

But, sometimes finding humor in your disability can help you cope with it.

And that’s where our lists of crooked teeth jokes come in. These one-liners will not only help you when you’re in a bad mood, but they can also serve as an encouragement to seek correction while boosting your self-esteem.


200 Crooked Teeth Jokes

Crooked Teeth Jokes

Below are 200 crooked-teeth jokes 

  1. Why did the tooth need physiotherapy? Because it was crooked and needed some straightening 
  2. What does a dentist call crooked teeth? Roughened train tracks 
  3. Why don’t crooked teeth get into serious relationships? They’re afraid of being straightened up
  4. How do bent teeth confess? They come out straight 
  5. When do teeth get so unhappy? When they are jammed together with no breathing space 
  6. How do you fix crooked teeth sadness? Rent them each a separate room 
  7. Why were the teeth unable to smile? Because it was crowded together and had no space to move
  8. Why did the tooth take a nap? It was tired of the crowd
  9. Your mama’s teeth are too crooked when she smiles, they look like a crowd rushing through the mall
  10. I’ve met a dentist who promised they’re specialized in fixing crooked teeth better than politicians fixing bad roads 
  11. I went to the dentist for my crooked teeth, he looked at me and kept me in a corner. After some hours of waiting, he looked at me, shook his head, and said he’s yet to figure out the puzzle
  12. When I visited the dentist for my crooked teeth. He looked at me and said, brace yourself for some braces 
  13. I asked the dentist if fixing my crooked teeth was possible, he said “Of course” with a crooked smile. I wondered what that meant
  14. My orthodontist looked at me when I visited him and said, “You don’t have any problem, we just need a few seasons of dental tetris to straighten you up
  15. My dentist said my crowded teeth are like a jumble tumble ride for my meals
  16. If there’s one thing I appreciate my crooked teeth for is that they never take my meals on a boring ride
  17. Whenever I try to floss through my crowded teeth, it feels like maneuvering through heavy traffic 
  18. Your mama’s teeth are so crooked whenever she smiles they remind me of a bad day
  19. You should do something about your teeth, they’re so rebellious and are making your smile scattered 
  20. I visited my dentist and asked how he could get my teeth straightened, he smiled and replied, “Getting them in line is my specialty”
  21. I don’t bother about my crooked teeth, I think of them as wayward molars on a dental summer camp
  22. It’s winter, and dentists are offering free snow shovels when you visit for your crooked teeth 
  23. The teeth were so crowded and bent over each other and no one had to tell them to straighten themselves out
  24. I asked my dentist if my teeth could handle the cold. He said, “Don’t worry, they’re well crowded and won’t worry about cold”
  25. I asked my mother how are teeth ever managed the junk food she stuffs in her mouth and she said they’re already used to being crowded
  26. It’s the beginning of the winter season and I’m worried about my braces chattering around my crooked teeth
  27. During the colds, my crooked teeth find it difficult to chatter because of the lack of space
  28. Your teeth are so crooked that when you smile, I’m always reminded of children huddled together in hunger
  29. A snowman with crooked teeth is the perfect man for the job, his teeth are well-crowded and can withstand the biting cold 
  30. Whenever I’m with people, I smile crookedly to make my smile appear straight
  31. Whenever I step outside, forget myself, and smile widely, I end up causing a great stir 
  32. My snaggletooth is the black sheep in my mouth, it simply gave itself out 
  33. A misaligned molar walked into a bar with misaligned steps. It smiled at the waiter and we all saw where the misalignment started from 
  34. I have trained my crooked teeth not to bite more than they can chew
  35. A wonky molar walks into a bar and winks at the waiter saying, “I’ve been feeling out of place but now I feel right at home”
  36. A tilted incisor walks into an eatery and greets the server. It then sat at a corner and whispered to his neighbor, “I may not be straight, but I’m all bark and bite
  37. A twisted canine walks into a mall and stumbles right at the entrance. Feeling embarrassed, it apologizes too loudly, I’m sorry for falling out of line” 
  38. When I ever feel wicked, I smile widely, crookedly, and wickedly
  39. At least if I don’t want people around I show them my 32 disproportionate teeth
  40. My braces feel right at home with my teeth, it’ll be difficult to let them go
  41. “A crooked smile is better than an insincere smile.” That’s what I say to console my crooked teeth
  42. I always tell my patients with misaligned teeth some jokes to keep them busy, rake their minds off their problem, and align their sense of humor
  43. Your teeth are so crooked I’m afraid you’ll have a hard time finding love because people will always think you’re a crooked person and not straightforward
  44. I’m afraid you can’t take anyone on a journey of love, you’ve got a rollercoaster ride of teeth. No one would want such a journey
  45. At least crooked teeth are better than a crooked mind
  46. What’s the difference between crooked teeth and missing teeth? One is crooked and the other is missing 
  47. What’s the similarity between crooked teeth and a crooked person? Both aren’t straightforward
  48. What’s the similarity between crooked teeth and the market? Both are always crowded
  49. What’s the difference between crowded teeth and a crowd of people? The latter can choose to break free anytime
  50. Where do crooked teeth like to go grocery shopping? At the crowded and stuffy store  
  51. What part of a crooked tooth feels useless? The tooth comb 
  52. How do you handle crooked teeth? Call them together and set them straight 
  53. I rushed to the dentist to fix my crooked teeth. He said I shouldn’t worry, he’ll keep them in their place
  54. It’s high time my crooked teeth are reminded of their place 
  55. Why do people bother brushing their crooked teeth? To help them tolerate one another as they huddle together
  56. I don’t use candy on my misaligned teeth, the crowd is already too much for them to handle 
  57. Even the crooked-toothed vampire visits the dentist. It hopes to straighten its misaligned fangs
  58. Sometimes you should let your crooked tooth go and vacation, I’m sure it’s tired of always standing out of the crowd
  59. I console my crooked tooth, telling it to be happy that it’s always standing out of the crowd
  60. How did the man with crooked teeth win the race? He chased all the competitors with his smile
  61. I saw a man with a crooked smile at the hospital and I knew he had caught the crooked virus
  62. During Covid 19, it was only my teeth that couldn’t perform social distancing like the gap teeth
  63. Yesterday I tried teaching my teeth social distancing, but they ended up tumbling over one other after bumping into one another when they moved
  64. Crooked teeth are becoming a thing these days, I’m wondering if the tooth fairy is aware of these teeth that live together 
  65. My crooked teeth are not the problem, asking me to smile when my family is around is
  66. I gave my neighbor a dental floss and I got a crooked smile in return
  67. I bought my friend a dental floss, and she asked me if I was insulting her crooked teeth
  68. My neighbor had crooked teeth panic when her mouth refused to close
  69. I visited my dentist and reported that I had chaos in my mouth, it didn’t take him time to identify the culprit. They stood out perfectly
  70. What’s a straight solution to a crooked problem? Working on crooked teeth
  71. I knew about the dental pandemic when I saw several people with a crooked smile at school today
  72. Even roosters are asking for braces for their misaligned beaks
  73. I attended a job interview, and after the session, I got a message that they’ll call me back when I’m straightened out
  74. I wore braces on my first day at work today and I was told that people with braces aren’t straightforward
  75. The dentist told me that they’re now producing crooked kinds of toothpaste and toothbrushes, but I’ll only find them in a crooked store. I’m yet to find such a store
  76. Why did the dentist take a vacation? To straighten himself out from the numerous crooked visit
  77. Why did the dentist join the force? To help straighten out crooked teeth better
  78. Why did the dentist become a house help? To learn how to arrange teeth better
  79. Why did the dentist become a preacher? To convince the crooked teeth to stop living closely together
  80. Why did the dentist become a gardener? To learn how to dig spaces between the crowded teeth
  81. Why did the dentist become a policeman? To take out any teeth that refuse to straighten themselves out
  82. Why did the dentist become a traffic warden? To control the crowded teeth
  83. Why did the dentist become an artist? To get the misaligned teeth into a perfect straight line
  84. Why did the dentist become a mathematician? To solve the inequality problem between the teeth
  85. Why did the tiger visit the dentist? It also loves straight teeth
  86. Why did the tiger return to the dentist after its first visit? It said it couldn’t handle the braces
  87. What’s the perfect name for a tooth jutting out at the back of someone’s mouth? A betrayer
  88. What is the name of the group of teeth crowded in someone’s mouth? Conspirators 
  89. Why do some teeth get crowded together? They probably like gossiping
  90. Have you thought that maybe your crowded teeth prefer full-body contact? 
  91. What does the crooked tooth say to its neighbor? Come closer, you’re not touching enough
  92. Why are crooked teeth sharp and ragged? They’re always alert in case of self-defense
  93. What do crooked teeth say to one another? Let’s stay close together, united we stand, divided we fall
  94. Why did the baby start crying? He saw the mother’s crooked smile
  95. Why did the crooked teeth man keep winning the race? He knew his way around the crooked paths
  96. Why do the crooked teeth students stay on top of math classes? They knew some crooked formulas 
  97. How do the crooked teeth console each other? They remind one another every morning how good it feels to stand out
  98. Behind every smile, there’s a tooth, whether crooked or not
  99. If I get braces for my crooked teeth, would I need one for my crooked smile?
  100. I’m not a monster, I just have crooked teeth. But I can still tear you apart
  101. Whenever I wronged my mother I told her to be careful of my protruded teeth that they could bite
  102. What’s the similarity between a crooked tooth and a vampire fang? Both can be sharp and cut through things
  103. I’m yet to see a perfectly straight set of teeth, we all got some crookedness, only that some are more pronounced than the other 
  104. I told my siblings that if they continued to be stubborn I could make their teeth crooked, and they shut up immediately
  105. The tilted premolar attended school for the first time, and during the morning assembly when the teacher screamed stand in a straight line, it stood awkwardly staring at the rest of its mates wondering what it means
  106. I’m wearing braces for my crooked teeth, now I look like someone with a train track in his mouth, all this just for my teeth 
  107. When someone asks me why my teeth are so crowded together, I shrug and tell them they could ask the teeth
  108. Why was the man accused of being crooked? Because he had crooked teeth
  109. What is the best name for a crooked tooth? An inconvenient tooth
  110. Why did the crooked teeth go to school? To join the straight line of students
  111. What is a crooked tooth’s greatest fear? To match on a straight line
  112. Why did the bent molar visit an iron bender? To see if he can unbend it
  113. Why did the twisted canine get a smartphone? It wanted a Bluetooth
  114. Why are crooked teeth strong? They wear braces
  115. Who’s a crooked teeth best friend? It has to be the braces that wraps around it tightly
  116. Where do crooked teeth like to visit? Flourida
  117. Why do the crooked teeth not laugh at the straight teeth joke? Because it was too bent to move
  118. Why did the police arrest the crooked dentist? For making up false identiteeth
  119. Why do crooked teeth don’t like chewing? They can’t keep themselves straight
  120. What does the crooked man do when the plane lands? He braces himself
  121. Why does the dog not need braces? It’s straight
  122. Who teaches crooked teeth everything about the truth? The truth fairy.
  123. What did the dentist say to the man with crooked teeth? Brace yourself for some filling.
  124. Why do crooked teeth not receive presents during Christmas from Santa floss? Because they’re not straightforward 
  125. What do you give a lion with crooked teeth and a toothache? Whatever it asks.
  126. What did the crooked teeth man say to the dentist? I’m bent everywhere 
  127. Why did the person with crooked teeth visit the dental clinic? To stop his crooked ways
  128. What did the crowded teeth say to their dentist? It looks like nothing can separate us
  129. What did the person with crooked teeth ask the person with straight teeth? How do I become straight? 
  130. Why did the crooked tooth stay up late into the night? It needed time to dismiss the crowd
  131. Why did the crooked incisor stay in its room till noon? It was exercising its bent muscles
  132. Why do crooked teeth go to the gym? To straighten their muscles
  133. What did the mother say to her baby with crooked teeth? Stop smiling so much, I’m having a cavity staring at you
  134. What is a crooked dentist’s best pet? A bent molar bear.
  135. What do you give an elephant with a jutted tooth and a toothache? Enough room.
  136. Why did the crooked teeth eat lots of cereal? Because it is filling.
  137. What did the dentist say to the golfer with crooked teeth? Get a Hole in one!
  138. What do crooked teeth say to one other? We sure have a lot of sharp-edge 
  139. What do the crooked teeth do on their date? Sit straight up
  140. When do crooked teeth visit the hospital? At tooth-hurty.
  141. What does a dentist do on a bumpy ride? She braces herself.
  142. Why did the teeth schedule an appointment with the dentist? It was having problems with being straight 
  143. Why are orthodontists always recommended for crooked teeth? They’re experts in straightening things out
  144. The bent incisor has discovered the root of her problems in the canal
  145. Why did the crooked vampire need braces? To improve his Fang’s byte
  146. Why do old people’s teeth get crowded and crooked? Because they were mainly crooked and lonely when they were young 
  147. Where do teeth prefer to shop? At GAP stores. But where do crooked teeth like to shop? At the crowded market 
  148. Why are crooked teeth a problem? They don’t like staying on their own 
  149. How can you mend a crooked tooth? With some crooked ways, of course 
  150. What did the crooked man purchase from the carpenter? Some straightening tools
  151. What is worse than crooked teeth? A bad breath
  152. What do the crooked teeth of the year receive? A bent plaque.
  153. What sort of music do kids with crooked teeth enjoy? Heavy metallic classical
  154. I once heard a crooked tooth joke, but it couldn’t bend me 
  155. My crooked tooth has the best smile in the world because it sends my enemies away
  156. What did the crooked tooth say to the dentist when leaving? I’ll be back for some straightening 
  157. Dealing with crooked teeth problem requires a straightforward person 
  158. I was going to tell my best tooth joke, but then I remembered it’s not straightforward 
  159. I wanted to make my crooked teeth even. But they refuse to stay in line
  160. I love telling crooked teeth jokes. But, they’re never well-arranged
  161. Why was the twisted premolar reading a book? It wanted better knowledge of how to sit up 
  162. What did one crooked tooth say to one another at a party? Let’s have a great time scaring people away
  163. Why did the crooked tooth start a band? To recruit more twisted teeth like it  
  164. Why do the crooked teeth go to church? To change their ways
  165. Why did the crooked visit the iron bender? To learn more bending skills
  166. Why are crooked teeth so good at sports? They know some crooked ways
  167. Why did the crooked teeth join the brigade? They wanted to learn more about staying in line 
  168. Why did the crooked tooth become a horror actor? It fill-ed every scary role perfectly
  169. Why did the crooked teeth say when they put braces on them? We are going to miss each other
  170. I saw a toothpaste touching a crooked tooth yesterday night. It was such a crooked sight
  171. You’ve got some protruding teeth, you must be related to vampires
  172. Your mama’s teeth are too protruding, I wonder if she brushes them with a shovel
  173. I get toothache when I see your crooked smile, that’s crookedly wicked of you
  174. Are you a dentist? Because you certainly know how to straighten things out
  175. I need a crown for my crooked teeth. Can you work on crooked lines?
  176. Your orthodontist must be a magician, he has managed to pull out a crooked smile from you 
  177.  What did the twisted canine say during the fight? I’ve got some crooked ways, be careful 
  178. Why did the crooked teeth decide to be straight? It had a repentant heart
  179. Why do crooked teeth not smile often? They’re afraid of revealing their secret
  180. Why did the bent canine take a nap? It was tired of standing out
  181. Why did the crooked teeth withdraw? It was tired of being gaped at
  182. Why are crooked teeth so proud? They’re well braced up
  183. Why did the crooked teeth get the gold medal? It was already used to having a metal
  184. Why is the crooked incisor so proud? Because it always stands out in the crowd
  185. What did the incisor say to the crooked canine? stop bending over, you’re obstructing me 
  186. How do you make a crooked tooth laugh? Say some well-arranged joke
  187. What’s a bent tooth’s greatest flex? Staying bent for a long time
  188. What are crooked teeth enemies? Dentists and braces
  189. Why did the crooked teeth cross the road? To check if it’s straight
  190. Why do the crooked teeth visit the laundry man? To straighten some bent lines 
  191. What did one crooked tooth say to the other? You’re blocking my vision
  192. Why did the crooked tooth become a traffic warden? It was good at controlling the crowd
  193. How does a crooked tooth repair a broken heart? With heart braces
  194. ⁸Why do misaligned teeth never win a race? They can’t run in a straight line 
  195. Why do crooked teeth have bad handwriting? They can’t write on straight lines
  196. What road does a bent molar take to work? The crooked road
  197. Why can’t crooked teeth keep secrets? They live tightly together 
  198. How did the crooked tooth get the job? He had his crooked ways
  199. What do you call crooked teeth with a gap? A misaligned gap-tition
  200. When do crooked teeth have their best time? When they bond with their brace 

Crooked Teeth Jokes

Final Words

When you want to have some good laughs about crooked teeth, our article is here to provide you with some good laughs.

However, while they may seem harmless, be careful whom you use these one-liners with.


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