20 Rude Names to Call Someone With Glasses

Rude Names to Call Someone With Glasses

Glasses aren’t exactly the cutest accessories, especially those that are specially recommended for eye defects, it could make a person’s eyes look like that of a Tuna fish. 

This article entails a list of 20 rude names that you could call a person who wears glasses.

These names are derived from a series of comparisons which not only makes these names rude but also hilarious and hurtful at the same time. 

If you’re interested in making your four- eyed friends annoyed or irritated then this article is just what you need. 

List of 20 Rude Names to Call Someone With Glasses

  1. Googly eyes. 
  2. Goldfish.
  3. Spectacular.
  4. Glass-freak.
  5. Eye-wear enthusiast.
  6. Four-eyed friend.
  7. Visionary.
  8. See-through.
  9. Damaged microscope.
  10. Spectacle superstar.
  11. Google guru.
  12. Optician’s crush.
  13. Frame fanatic.
  14. Lens legend.
  15. Freak.
  16. Tuna fish.
  17. Eyewear connoisseur.
  18. Spectacle savant.
  19. Optical oracle.
  20. Glasses glamazon.

Googly eyes

Rude Names to Call Someone With Glasses

This term can definitely be seen as a rude name for someone who wears glasses because it reduces the wearer to a caricature, implying that their eyes behind glasses appear cartoonishly exaggerated or foolish.

I am sure that while reading this you have a friend or colleague who wears glasses and this name would be suitable for. 

  • Googly eyes just got back, I hope you didn’t lose your eyes to google. 
  • I can’t wait for you to put your glasses back on so that you can look like googly eyes again. 


This is a funny and rude name to call someone who wears glasses and I can assure that they will not appreciate being called a goldfish. 

Calling someone a “goldfish” suggests that their eyes behind glasses resemble those of a fish, which can be seen as unflattering and mocking.

You can share this amongst your friends so that they could join you in laughing. 

  • You look like a fat goldfish anytime you put on glasses, what is left is a fish tank and fish food and you’re good to go. 
  • You must be related to a goldfish, both your eyes are popping. I hope your eyes remain in your socket for a long time. 


This term implies that the wearer is excessively obsessed with their glasses, potentially suggesting a lack of confidence or reliance on their eyewear for self-esteem. 

Since ‘spectacle’ means that ‘to see’ it would be humorous to call someone who wears glasses spectacular. Don’t forget to share this article with your friends to see how they react. 

  • Your glasses are such a spectacle, it’s spectacular. 
  • I am excited to see you wear your glasses, it’s always a spectacle. 


This term implies that the wearer is excessively obsessed with their glasses, potentially suggesting a lack of confidence or reliance on their eyewear for self-esteem.

Perhaps you know someone who doesn’t take their glasses off even for a second, calling them this name would definitely do the trick. It would be an added bonus for you if you perfected your comic tone as it will help make it more rude. 

  • You’re a glass freak and I am sure that you are never going to take off your glasses. 
  • Do you sleep at night with your glasses on? I know you never take them off. 

Eye-wear enthusiast

Calling someone an “eye-wear enthusiast” may trivialize the importance of their glasses as a tool for vision correction.

 It may imply that the wearer’s glasses are merely a fashion accessory or hobby, rather than a necessity for clear vision and daily functioning.

This would be a name to pick if you’re aiming to get under the skin for someone who wears glasses. 

  • Eyewear enthusiast is definitely what you are, you get excited about it a lot. 
  • You must be such a big fan of glasses, eyewear enthusiast. 

Four-eyed friend

Rude Names to Call Someone With Glasses

While this term may sound innocuous, it can be interpreted as insulting because it draws attention to the wearer’s glasses in a mocking manner. 

It reduces the person to a stereotype based on their eyewear, potentially making them feel self-conscious or singled out for their appearance.

  • You’re my four-eyed friend and I am happy you can see me in different ways. 
  • You truly see the kind of person I am and it’s not just that you have four eyes. 


While “visionary” typically denotes someone with innovative or creative ideas, when applied to someone who wears glasses, it can be seen as sarcastic or ironic.

 It implies that the person’s vision is impaired and therefore mocks their ability to see clearly without assistance, potentially undermining their intelligence or capabilities.

  • You’re quite the visionary with the glasses you have on. 
  • You are for sure a visionary and I am glad we see eye to eyes. 


Describing someone’s glasses as “see-through” can be rude because it suggests that the lenses are ineffective or transparent, implying poor vision or incompetence.

 It diminishes the importance of the glasses as a tool for vision correction and may make the wearer feel inadequate or belittled.

  • Your glasses are a see-through, could it also see my heart? 
  • You are the most amazing see-through that I have ever SEEN. 

Damaged microscope

Calling someone who wears glasses a damaged microscope is a very rude name that could set them off. 

It is a name that suggests that the wearer’s glasses are akin to a broken or malfunctioning tool, implying that their vision or intellect is flawed or impaired.

  • Your glasses must make you see things like a damaged microscope. 
  • I am happy with the damaged microscope you have on what you call glasses. 

Spectacle superstar

While “superstar” typically conveys admiration or praise, when combined with “spectacle,” it can be interpreted as patronizing or condescending. 

It reduces the wearer to a stereotype based on their eyewear, suggesting that their glasses are the most notable aspect of their identity and potentially overshadowing other qualities or achievements.

  • You are the typical example of a spectacle superstar. 
  • You are the spectacle superstar, everyone’s eyes are on you. 

Google guru

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This term can be insulting because it suggests that the wearer is overly fixated or obsessed with their glasses, reducing them to a mere expert in the eyewear rather than acknowledging their broader qualities or talents. 

You can have fun by teasing your colleagues who wear glasses to see their reaction. 

  • Google guru is the perfect name for you, you have many eyes. I hope you don’t have to keep your eyes open all the time. 
  • You know all about seeing, every angle is seen by you. You’re like the demigoddess of eye sights even if yours is bad. 

Optician’s crush

Calling someone the “optician’s crush” can be insulting as it implies a shallow or superficial attraction to the wearer based solely on their need for glasses, rather than appreciating them for their personality or character.

It is a funny way of saying that they are in love with the doctors that treat eye defects hence the constant need to wear glasses. 

  • An Optician’s crush must be what you are, you visited the hospital a lot. 
  • You visit your optician quite a lot, are you in a secret relationship? 

Frame fanatic

Frame fanatic” is a rude name for someone who wears glasses extensively because it reduces their identity to an obsession with their eyewear frames, rather than recognizing them as an individual with diverse interests and qualities.

 It mocks their choice of eyewear as something trivial or excessive, undermining their intelligence or expertise beyond their glasses.

  • Look at the frame fanatic over there, probably spends more time picking out glasses than actually accomplishing anything meaningful.
  • I bet the frame fanatic thinks their glasses make them unique, but really they’re just another face in the crowd.

Lens legend

This term can be seen as rude to people who wear glasses because it reduces the wearer to a mythical or exaggerated figure based solely on their need for corrective lenses, implying that their identity is defined by their glasses rather than their individuality.

I recommend that you share with your friends to spread the fun, it would be nice if you let them join in on the fun. 

  • You’re the Lens legend, all lenses bow before you. You are definitely a known face in the world of lenses and semi- blindness. 
  • I am so happy to introduce the Lens legend. The Lens legend is a respectable person in the world of glasses and nerds. 


While not directly related to glasses, calling someone a “freak” in the context of wearing glasses can be insulting as it implies abnormality or strangeness due to their eyewear.

If you know someone who wears glasses in an abnormal way, this would be the perfect name to call them.

  • You are such a freak, your glasses say it all. I wonder how you survive having to live your entire life dependent on your glasses. 
  • You wear your glasses like a freak. Don’t you think it could scare normal people away

Tuna fish

Comparing someone’s eyes behind glasses to those of a tuna fish can be insulting because it suggests a bulging or unattractive appearance, mocking the wearer’s physical appearance.

People who use glasses and have huge eyeballs wouldn’t like to be called this because it is rude, which is what this article is about. 

  • Hey, Tuna fish is here with her big eyes to serve us sushi. 
  • Your eyes look like tuna fish anytime you put on those weird glasses of yours. 

Eyewear connoisseur.

While “connoisseur” typically denotes expertise or discernment, using it in the context of eyewear can be insulting as it suggests that the wearer’s identity is defined by their glasses rather than their broader interests or accomplishments.

No one wants their entire life to be based on just an accessory or a defect in their body which makes this a rude name. 

  • Eyewear connoisseurs like you should probably have eyes at their back as well. 
  • Everything works with you, I can say the same for your eyes though. 

Spectacle savant.

The term “savant” typically denotes expertise or intelligence, combining it with “spectacle” can be seen as condescending, suggesting that the wearer’s knowledge is limited to glasses. 

Try using this name on your friends or family members whose glasses make you laugh or turn off. 

  • Why don’t you take your spectacle savant act somewhere else? No one here is impressed by your ability to recite random facts.
  • Before you enlighten us with your spectacle savant routine, consider whether anyone actually cares about your endless stream of irrelevant information.

Optical oracle.

Optical oracle” is a rude name for someone who wears glasses extensively because it sarcastically suggests that their reliance on glasses has elevated them to a status of wisdom or prophetic insight, when in reality, it’s just a means to correct their vision. 

It belittles their intelligence and implies that their glasses are their only source of knowledge or authority, rather than acknowledging their expertise or abilities beyond their visual impairment.

  • It is so amusing the way you wear glasses like an optical oracle or something, don’t you get tired. 
  • You are truly the Optical oracle, you have all the glasses to prove that.  

Glasses glamazon.

Rude Names to Call Someone With Glasses

Glasses glamazon” is a rude name for someone who wears glasses extensively because it sarcastically implies that wearing glasses somehow makes them glamorous or attractive, which can be seen as demeaning or patronizing. 

It reduces their identity to a superficial stereotype based on their eyewear, rather than recognizing their individuality and capabilities beyond their glasses.

  • Oh, here comes the glasses glamazon, ready to dazzle us with their stunning frames and lackluster personality.
  • Don’t you just love how the glasses glamazon thinks they’re so fashionable just because they wear spectacles?

Final Thoughts

With this list of rude names to call someone with glasses that I have compiled, you will no longer have to worry about what funny names to tease your friends or family members that wear glasses.

The aim is not necessarily to cause harm but to ultimately have fun at the expense of someone you have on sight that wears glasses. 

You could drop your thoughts in the comment section to know if this article hit the jackpot. 

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