20 Funny Roasts for Blackpink Haters

Funny Roasts for Blackpink Haters

It’s okay for everyone not to have the same musical interests. But unless one is living in a silent disco, why on earth would one hate one of South Korea’s most successful girl groups — Jisoo, Jennie, Rosé, and Lisa? 

Are you looking for sassy punchlines you can use to roast someone who dislikes black girls and their songs? 

Here are the best ones I’ve heard so far:

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List of 20 Funny Roasts to Tell  Blackpink Hater

These light-hearted and playful comebacks focus on the music or the group’s popularity. Here we go: 

1.  “Blackpink has fans; haters have opinions. Guess who’s winning?”

Throw glitter bombs at those trolls. Use this line as a sassy way of saying that Blackpink is on fire with fans, breaking records, and generally being fabulous, while haters are stuck in a gloomy corner with nothing but their negative thoughts.

 It’s not just a roast; it’s a celebration of Blackpink’s success, leaving haters in the dust.

  • “Blackpink’s got a fan club; haters, well, they’ve got a club too – the Opinionated But Losing Club.”

2. “Not into Blackpink? Must be stuck in a silent disco, grooving to the sound of your indifference.”

This line suggests that while the whole world is enjoying the lively and exciting music of Blackpink, the hater is stuck in a dull, soundless party of their own. 

It’s a fun jab, implying that the hater might be missing out on the party of the century because they’re not into Blackpink’s tunes.

3. “Haters gonna hate, but Blackpink keeps slaying.”

Tell them that Blackpink is not bothered by the negativity. It’s a playful roast, pointing out that despite the hate, Blackpink is on top of their game.

The haters are left fuming while Blackpink continues to shine brightly. 

  • “Haters gonna hate, but Blackpink stays winning!”
  • “Let the haters hate – Blackpink’s just busy slaying!”

4. “Haters gonna hate, but Blackpink is too busy breaking records to notice.”

 Funny Roasts for Blackpink Haters

The haters are doing their thing, but Blackpink is on a whole other level, making their success so big that the haters seem tiny in comparison.

The line playfully brushes off the negativity, implying that Blackpink is too busy being awesome to pay attention to the haters.

It’s a sassy way of saying, 

  • “We’re on top, and the haters can’t bring us down.” 
  • “While haters hate, Blackpink’s breaking records – too busy to care!”

5. “You’re entitled to your wrong opinion about Blackpink’s greatness.”

Use this classic like as a friendly smackdown. The fun part is when you sneak in the word “greatness.” Instead of just defending Blackpink, you’re basically saying, 

  • “You’re free to think what you want about Blackpink, but just know, you might be missing out on some serious greatness.”

6. “Comparing Blackpink to other groups is like calling a gourmet meal and a bag of chips the same level of tasty.”

Tell them other groups are just ordinary and not as unique. If someone doesn’t like Blackpink and you say this, you’re basically telling them that their taste in music is like calling diamonds “pebbles” 

The hater might feel a bit roasted because it highlights how unique and valuable Blackpink is in comparison.

7.  “Blackpink broke the internet; haters are still trying to fix their Wi-Fi.”

Tell them their dislike for Blackpink is not as important as fixing their Wi-Fi issues. The group has stylistically associated with the “girl crush” concept in K-pop—exploring themes of self-confidence and female empowerment. 

You can use this line to humorously imply that Blackpink’s success is so overwhelming that even the haters’ Wi-Fi can’t handle it.

  • “Blackpink shook the internet; haters need a router reset.”
  • “Blackpink owned the web; haters, check your Wi-Fi instead.”

8. “Not everyone has the music taste of a certified pop aficionado like me”

This implies that people who dislike blacks might not have such great taste. For the highest-charting female Korean act on the US Billboard Hot 100, they deserve their repute. 

Using this line is a sassy way of making it seem like you’re in a fantastic club of music connoisseurs, and those who don’t like Blackpink are missing out. (of course, they are)

It’s a funny roast, but it might tick off someone who misses the playful tone and feels like you just roasted their taste in music.

  • “No worries if Blackpink isn’t your jam; not everyone has the music taste of a certified pop aficionado like me.”

9. “If disliking Blackpink was an Olympic sport, you’d have a shelf full of gold trophies for sure.”

 Funny Roasts for Blackpink Haters

Mock the idea of hating on Blackpink as a skill worth boasting about. By calling it a “prodigy,” it’s like saying, “If there were an award for disliking Blackpink, you’d be the undisputed champion.”

The roast lies in making the act of hating a K-pop group sound absurd. It is because who wouldn’t want to appreciate the song (As If It’s Your Last) that later went on to break the record for the most-liked music video by a Korean girl group on YouTube?

  • “If hating Blackpink was a talent show, you’d be winning gold medals in grumpiness.”

10. “You just can’t keep up with the group’s every growing fanbase!”

Remind them that Blackpink is so unique and popular that not everyone can handle it. They are the “biggest girl group in the world” for a reason. Even the Recording Academy and Rolling Stone have averred this. 

You can say this line as a cheeky way of saying the hater’s inability to appreciate the heat generated by Blackpink’s popularity. 

11. “Imagine spending energy disliking Blackpink instead of enjoying good music.”

Remind them that they’re missing out on the good vibes and awesome beats. Haters should loosen up and join the party rather than stay stuck in their negative bubble. 

After all, life’s too short to waste on disliking something that brings joy to others!

12. “Hating on Blackpink won’t make your favorite group any more successful.”

This line isn’t just a burn; it’s a reality check on a plate. Maybe the person’s favorite is Greta Thunberg or the BTS.

So, instead of bashing Blackpink, this line encourages the hater to focus on improving their taste (in music, not food).

  • “Dissing Blackpink won’t make your favorite group shine brighter. It’s like hoping your burnt toast magically turns into a gourmet brunch. Focus on toasting your bread!”
  • “Hating on Blackpink won’t upgrade your favorite group. It’s as effective as wishing your bicycle turns into a sports car. Pedal towards improvement instead!”

13. “They say laughter is the best medicine, but have you tried listening to Blackpink?”

Remind them that Blackpink’s music might be even better than laughter for lifting one’s spirits. It’s a bit cheeky, implying that the hater might find joy in something they dislike. 

It’s akin to teasing a friend who dislikes pizza by saying, “They say laughter is great, but have you tried a slice of this amazing pizza?” 

  • “They say laughter is the best medicine, but have you considered a dose of Blackpink’s beats?”

14. “Blackpink isn’t everyone’s taste, but neither is plain rice. Some people prefer flavor.”

It’s cool; everyone has different tastes. But then comes the fun part: “Neither is plain rice. Some people prefer flavor.” 

This is a playful way of saying that just like not everyone likes the plainness of rice, some folks prefer the excitement and variety that Blackpink offers in music.

So, it’s not really an insult to Blackpink haters but more of a cheeky way to highlight that music, like food, is all about personal preference. 

Some enjoy the spice, while others might stick to something plain. Everyone’s got their flavor preferences!

  • “Blackpink may not be everyone’s jam, but hey, not everyone loves plain rice either. Some folks just crave more flavor in their music!”

15. “Blackpink may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but clearly, you’re drinking the wrong beverage.”

Tell them they don’t appreciate the incredible music they make. It’s not meant to be mean but more of a fun way to encourage people to explore different musical styles. 

The idea is that Blackpink’s music is so lively and unique that if you’re not into it, maybe you’re missing out on something fantastic. 

16.”Hating on Blackpink is like using a flip phone – outdated and kinda amusing.”

 Funny Roasts for Blackpink Haters

Compare their dislike for the group to something old and irrelevant. So, when you say this line, you’re not just roasting them; you’re turning their hate into a joke. 

It’s a playful way of celebrating Blackpink’s coolness and making the hater’s negativity seem silly and outdated.

  • Your Blackpink dislike is as old-school as my grandma’s flip phone.”

17. “Your negativity won’t stop Blackpink from shining brighter than your future.”

Tell the hater that no matter how hard they try to bring Blackpink down, the group is so successful and talented that it outshines any negativity. The kicker is the playful dig that implies the hater’s future isn’t as promising as Blackpink’s shine.

I like this line because it’s a clever comeback that flips the script, making the hater look gloomy compared to the radiant success of Blackpink.

  • “Your negativity won’t dim Blackpink’s light; they’re outshining your future big time!”
  • “Trying to bring Blackpink down won’t work. They’re shining brighter than you’ll ever be!”

18. “Haters are like mosquitoes – annoying but ultimately harmless to Blackpink’s success.”

Use this analogy as a sly way of calling them out, suggesting that, despite all their negativity, they’re like pesky insects trying to bother Blackpink.

The line cleverly brushes off their attempts to bring the group down by basically saying they are irritating. 

  • “Haters are like annoying flies around Blackpink – bothersome but won’t stop their shine.”

19. “If Blackpink’s talent were a currency, you’d be bankrupt by now.”

Stylishly point out that Blackpink is so talented and famous that if they had to pay with an appreciation for their skills, they’d be broke. It’s not just about music; it’s a way of saying you’re missing out on something great and valuable. 

So, if you’re not a fan, this line is a cheeky way of encouraging you to give their music a chance and join the appreciation party.

  • “Imagine if loving Blackpink was a currency – you’d need a bailout with all the bankrupt vibes you’re giving off.”

20.  “Hating Blackpink won’t make your playlist any cooler.”

Blackpink is this super trendy K-pop group. So, you can use this line to remind them that no matter how much they dislike Blackpink, it won’t change the fact that the group is considered cool and popular. 

It’s a sassy reminder that Blackpink is on another level of coolness, and hating won’t change that. 

  • “Disliking Blackpink won’t make your playlist any cooler, buddy!”


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