15 Funny Roasts to Say to a Marvel Fan

Funny Roasts to Say to a Marvel Fan

I have a lot of friends who are Marvel fans. From my experience, this set of people finds it hard to take criticism of their favourite heroes gracefully.

Maybe you’re a lover of DC movies and looking for a way to annoy a Marvel fan, seriously. I’ve got you covered.

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List of 15 Funny Roasts to Say to a Marvel Fan 

These are not the regular roasts you come across on forums or under the posts of Marvel fans on social media. 

I have carefully put these lines together and tested them with some of my Marvel fan friends. It ruffled some feathers. 

You can even use some of these sassy punchlines to start an argument with these comic fans.

1. “Is your favourite Avenger Hawkeye? Because your taste is definitely hitting the bullseye… of questionable choices.”

 Funny Roasts to Say to a Marvel Fan

Tease them for picking Hawkeye, who’s not as flashy as other heroes. It’s all in good fun, but it’s a playful way of saying, “Really? Hawkeye?” 

The person may start defending their claim, or may just laugh it off. 

The effect of this roast depends on how much the fan love their favourite Avenger. 

2. “A movie about your life from Mavel has to be titled ‘Guardians of the Remote Control.'”

Take their superhero dreams and shrink them down to a funny, everyday task. Marvel movies are all about heroes saving the world from massive threats.

But this roasts is that instead of saving the world, your heroic moment is just being really good at handling the TV remote – not exactly as exciting as fighting supervillains, right?

  • “If Marvel made a movie about your life, it’d be ‘The Remote Warriors’ – saving channels, not worlds.”

3. “Are you sure you’re a Marvel fan, or did you just accidentally sit on a Thor action figure?”

Use this line to remind them their love for Marvel is just a random mistake. This roast suggests that their Marvel fandom isn’t genuine or intentional, making it seem like they’re not a true fan.

For someone who takes pride in being a Marvel enthusiast, this playful jab could piss them off.

  • “Is your Marvel love legit, or did you just stumble upon a Hulk action figure?”

4. “Easy to assume you and Ant-Man are relatives. It’s hard to see your taste in superheroes.”

Drop this line to make their love for Marvel equivalent of niche indie bands – not the flashy, big-name heroes. Marvel fans, being passionate about their heroes, won’t appreciate the suggestion that their tastes are hard to spot, like Ant-Man when he’s tiny.

Get ready for a comeback or, at the very least, a Hulk-sized reaction!

  • “Your superhero picks are so hidden; they’re like Ant-Man on vacation – practically invisible!

5. “Is your favourite Marvel character the Invisible Woman? Because I can’t see why else you’d like them.”

Tell them their favourite Marvel hero isn’t as cool or noticeable as other heroes. This teasing taps into the fan’s deep attachment to their chosen superhero.

Marvel fans are really passionate about their characters, and making fun of their choice is like questioning their taste in superheroes. 

  • “Is your top Marvel pick the Invisible Woman? Because I’m struggling to spot the superhero magic there.”
  • “Invisible Woman, your favourite Marvel character? Can’t quite see the appeal, but maybe she’s just really good at hide and seek!”

6. “If Marvel characters were snacks, you’d be the raisins in the trail mix – nobody’s favourite.”

Compare Marvel Characters with the least essential snacks. Marvel fans want to be the flashy heroes, not the overlooked raisins.

So, when you hear this line, it’s like saying they’re the least exciting part of the superhero snacking experience. 

7. “I didn’t know Marvel had a new hero called Captain Underwhelming until I met you.”

Make them feel a bit silly for idolising characters that might not be as cool as they thought. Comparing someone to “Captain Underwhelming” suggests that they’re like a not-so-great hero who’s, well, kind of forgettable and not impressive.

The punchline may sound lighthearted, but it’s a sneaky dig at their superhero pride.

  • “Guess Marvel decided to create a superhero inspired by you: Captain Underwhelming. Who knew?”

8. “Are you a Marvel scriptwriter? Because your jokes are on par with their attempts at humour.”

Drop this line to remind them that their favourite superhero films have lame humour. Marvel movies are famous for their funny lines, and fans love that about them.

So, comparing someone’s jokes to Marvel’s humour implies their jokes are not as good as they think. So, watch out because you might get a witty comeback faster than the Flash running circles around your joke!

  • “Are you writing Marvel jokes? Because your humour game seems to be auditioning for a superhero sidekick role.”

9. “You’ve got to be the best in the category of Marvel’s most predictable fan.”

Fans usually enjoy the surprise and unexpected twists in Marvel stories. So, this comment might make them feel like they’ve become too good at predicting, taking away some of the fun of being a Marvel fan. 

And as you probably already know, fans take pride in being surprised by their favourite superheroes’ adventures. 

  • “You’re so good at predicting Marvel stories; they should make you the official crystal ball of the superhero universe!”

10. “Is your favourite Marvel superhero Doctor Strange? Because, strangely, you find this stuff entertaining.”

Use this line to make a jab at the whole superhero shebang. It’s like questioning their taste in superheroes and making them second-guess their love for the wacky and wonderful Marvel universe. It’s a roast with a side of existential crisis for the fans.

  • “Is Doctor Strange your go-to superhero? Because finding magic men in capes cool is, well, a bit strange, don’t you think?”
  • “So, you’re all about Doctor Strange? Finding spells and sorcery entertaining – that’s a bit on the strange side, isn’t it?”

11. “I’m wondering why you’re here if Thanos truly snapped away all the bad taste.”

The roast comes from the idea that even a universe-altering event couldn’t get rid of the person’s supposedly lousy taste. It’s a lighthearted way of saying, “Wow, your taste is so unique that not even a supervillain’s snap could change it.”

It’s meant to be funny, like a good-natured jab at their preferences, so don’t expect a burn after dropping this line. 

  • “I thought Thanos cleared out bad choices with his snap, but then I saw your taste – guess even the Infinity Gauntlet has limits!”
  • “Remember when Thanos snapped away half the universe? I wondered if he took your bad taste too, but alas, here it is, alive and kicking!”

12. “One would think you’re Loki impersonator with your choices to be a Marvel fan.”

 Funny Roasts to Say to a Marvel Fan

Suggest that they’re faking their love for Marvel and secretly pulling pranks like Loki, the mischievous character. 

Now, Marvel fans are serious about their heroes. So, suggesting they’re just pretending to be fans is like telling them they’re not genuine. It’s not just a joke; it’s like calling Iron Man an evil inventor or Captain America un-American – a big no-no.

So, saying something like this might make a Marvel fan pretty upset. It’s like accusing them of being a superhero fraud, and no one wants to be called a fake fan in the Marvel universe!

13. “You must love Marvel movies because they are the only place where your taste has superpowers – the power to disappoint.”

Tell them the only thing their taste is good at is being disappointed by Marvel movies. It’s a clever dig that suggests their love for Marvel might be more about loyalty than actually enjoying the film.

I love this punchline because it makes these adamant Marvel fans question if they’re just unquestioningly loving Marvel or if they genuinely think the movies are fantastic.

  • “Your taste in movies must have superhero powers – the ability to let you down, especially when it comes to Marvel flicks!”
  • “Must be nice having taste buds with Marvel superpowers – disappointment is the only flavour they recognise!”

14. “If your superhero name were ‘Captain Predictable,’ Marvel would make a trilogy about you.”

Marvel fans thrive on the unexpected—twists, turns, and mind-bending stories. Calling someone “Captain Predictable” suggests they’re the superhero equivalent of a snoozefest, and nobody wants that in the Marvel universe.

In a world built on the excitement of superheroes, that’s a significant burn. 

Marvel fans want the narrative equivalent of a rollercoaster, not a kiddie ride in a local park. So, being labelled “Captain Predictable” is basically saying, “You’re the villain of excitement in the Marvel story.” Ouch, indeed.

15. “If Iron Man had a sidekick, it would be you; the Aluminum Boy.”

Compare Marvel fans to a made-up sidekick, “Aluminum Boy,” suggesting that your superhero alter ego is as unimpressive as a hero made of aluminium foil. Aluminum isn’t precisely a solid or cool metal, right?

So, it’s like saying your superhero partner isn’t the mighty Thor or the agile Black Widow but a character doomed to fight the ultimate enemy – rust.

They’re teasing you, saying your taste in superheroes is as questionable as having a sidekick battling against corrosion instead of formidable villains.

It’s a witty roast that playfully mocks their superhero preferences, leaving them wondering if their favourite hero is as epic as they thought. 

  • “I never knew Iron Man needed a sidekick until I met you – Aluminum Foil Lad, here to fight the evil forces of crinkles and rust.”

What do You do After Roasting a Marvel Fan and They Reply With a Comeback?

 Funny Roasts to Say to a Marvel Fan

I’ll tell you for free that many Marvel fans out there are used to being roasted. So they likely have good words in their mouth to savage you with a comeback if you attempt to burn them with any of the above-listed punchlines. 

If a Marvel fan responds to your roast with an exciting comeback, you can continue the playful exchange with some witty counter-comebacks. 

Below are some conversations I’ve had with Marvel Fans, which can serve as an inspiration for you on giving counter-combacks to your roast lines. 

Example 1: 

Me: “I bet even Iron Man couldn’t save the DC Extended Universe.”

Marvel Fan: “Well, at least Marvel doesn’t need an entire universe to tell a good story.”

Me: “True, but DC has enough characters for a universe while Marvel is still figuring out what to do with Dr Strange’s moustache.”

Example 2: 

Me: “Marvel movies are just a series of Tony Stark making quips and saving the day.”

Marvel Fan: “Hey, at least our heroes have personalities. DC heroes need a mood ring to express emotions.”

Me: “Fair point, but Batman’s brooding could give even the God of Thunder a run for his money. Does he ever smile?”

I hope you found this post helpful, then let me know in the comment section below. 


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