20 Funny Roasts to Say to an Arsenal Fan

Funny Roasts to Say to An Arsenal Fan

If Arsenal has just pulled off a stunning victory, you might want to playfully roast them to keep them grounded and prevent them from getting too cocky. 

Or maybe an Arsenal fan has been roasting you about your team; it’s perfectly acceptable to retaliate with some good-natured teasing of your own playfully.

That’s where this article comes in. You will learn twenty sassy punchlines you can say to an Arsenal fan that is sure to hit a nerve. 

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List Of 20 Funny Roasts to Say to an Arsenal Fan 

1. “Is supporting Arsenal a part-time job? Because they seem to take breaks during crucial moments.”

Funny Roasts to Say to An Arsenal Fan

Hit them where it hurts because Arsenal has never been consistent. The roast comes from exaggerating these struggles and playfully suggesting that being a fan is a bit like having a job with unexpected breaks during crucial times.

For passionate Arsenal fans, it might hit a nerve by highlighting their team’s ups and downs cleverly.

  • Is supporting Arsenal like a part-time gig? They seem to take coffee breaks during the big moments

2. “‘Eau de Fourth Place’ has to be Arsenal’s new perfume line”

Mock Arsenal’s recent struggles to secure a top spot in the league. The fragrance joke humorously captures this frustration, suggesting that Arsenal’s contemporary “scent” is one of almost making it.

For a passionate Arsenal supporter who dreams of their team reclaiming glory, this remark hurts.

  • “I heard Arsenal’s new perfume is called ‘Almost Victory’.”
  • “Did you know Arsenal’s launching a fragrance? It’s called ‘Just Missed It.'”

3. “Why do Arsenal fans make terrible detectives? They can’t seem to find the trophy cabinet.”

Make Arsenal fans laugh at their team’s expense with this classic line. The trophy cabinet is where teams display their trophies like badges of honour.

So, saying Arsenal fans can’t find it is like saying their team hasn’t been winning much lately. It’s a bit like telling someone who loves baking that they can’t find their spice rack – implying their cooking might lack flavour.

  • “Arsenal find their trophy cabinet which must be the explanation why they aren’t good in hide and seek!”

4. “”Apathy.” is the name of the popular drink in Emirates stadium”

Tell them their team spirit is like a flat soda.  This joke is like teasing the fans by saying that the atmosphere at the stadium is so dull and unenthusiastic that the preferred “drink” there would be apathy, which means a lack of interest or excitement.

  • “Why is the Emirates Stadium so quiet? Because their favourite drink is apathy!”
  • “What do Arsenal fans sip at the Emirates? Apathy on the rocks!”

5. How do you know an Arsenal fan is at the door?” “They can’t find the knob.”

Remind them that Arsenal have trouble “opening the door” to success. This plays on the stereotype that Arsenal has had periods of inconsistency and hasn’t always performed at its best.

The doorknob becomes a humorous symbol representing the team’s challenges in achieving victory on the football field.

6.”Mirror is better than Arsenal in reflecting reality.”

Use this cheeky line to remind them being an Arsenal fan might involve facing the highs and lows of the team’s performance.

The roast lies in the contrast between the enthusiastic support Arsenal fans give their team and the mirror’s impartial reflection.

  • “Why is an Arsenal fan like a mirror? Because the mirror reflects reality!

7. “I told an Arsenal fan a joke about winning the league, but it went over their head. Just like the title race.”

Use this line to make a playful dig at Arsenal’s not-so-great performance in recent seasons. Now, the humour here is in two parts. First, the fan doesn’t get the joke, just like how Arsenal’s recent attempts to win the league have been a bit clueless. 

Second, the punchline (the funny part of the joke) flies over their head, symbolising how the Premier League title seems to be out of reach for Arsenal lately.

  • “Told an Arsenal fan a joke about winning the league, but they missed it, just like Arsenal misses the top spot these days.”

8. “Arsenal heard the trophy was up for grabs so they brough ladder to the pitch.”

It’s a cheeky way of saying their trophy cabinet is so empty they’d go to extreme lengths just to compete for one. This roast cleverly mixes humour with a pinch of painful truth, leaving Arsenal fans laughing nervously while feeling the sting.

  • “They heard the trophy’s so high, they need a boost!”
  • “They think the trophy is up high.” 

9. “What’s the opposite of an Arsenal fan?” “Someone happy.”

Use this line to make a clever roast that hits home for fans of the team. By saying the opposite of an Arsenal fan is someone happy, it’s like saying Arsenal fans are usually not so cheerful because of their team’s unpredictable performance.

  • What’s the opposite of an Arsenal fan? Someone with a stress-free life!”
  • “What’s the opposite of an Arsenal fan? A person who smiles more often!”

10. “What’s the best thing about being an Arsenal fan?” “No one will call you glory hunter.”

Funny Roasts to Say to An Arsenal Fan

Drop this line to remind them that Arsenal doesn’t always have a smooth ride to victory. It’s a witty way of acknowledging that Arsenal fans are a unique bunch who value loyalty over just cheering for a team because they’re constantly winning. 

  • “Why be an Arsenal fan? Well, you’ll never get called a glory hunter – it’s all about riding the ups and downs with style.”

11. “I asked an Arsenal fan for directions to the Champions League. They said, ‘What’s that? Is it a new pub?'”

This line is a playful way to say Arsenal hasn’t been performing well in the Champions League lately. The roast comes from the clever twist that instead of being proud of their team’s European success, the fan is clueless and thinks it’s a new bar.

12. “I call Arsenal fans the most virtuous people since they say patience is a virtue.”

Poke fun at the frustration of waiting for glory. It’s a playful jab that implies they’ve mastered the art of patience while secretly wishing for more triumphant moments. It might leave an Arsenal fan rolling their eyes at the truth behind the joke.

13. “I told my Arsenal friend they should apply for a job at NASA. They’re experts at reaching for the stars.”

It’s a sneaky way of saying Arsenal often aims high but falls short of success. So, if you say this to your Arsenal friend, they might get a bit upset because you’re poking fun at their team’s tendency to come close to greatness but not quite get there.

It’s a witty dig that might spark a lively debate or some good-natured banter about their favourite soccer team.

  • I jokingly told my Arsenal buddy they could apply at NASA because they’re experts at reaching for the stars – just like their football team!”
  • “I teased my Arsenal friend, saying they should work for NASA since they’ve got a knack for reaching for the stars, just like their beloved team on the field!”

14. “Arsenal fan? Good luck hiding when you’re always behind.”

The roast from the fact that it’s not just about a single game or moment. It’s like saying Arsenal is constantly playing catch-up, always behind their opponents. It’s a bit cheeky and clever.

  • “Why don’t Arsenal fans play hide and seek? Because they’re always trying to catch up!”
  • “Ever wonder why Arsenal fans don’t hide? Well, it’s tough when their team is usually behind in the game!”

15. “I found Waldo, Bigfoot, and an Arsenal trophy on the same day. Just kidding, Waldo and Bigfoot are still missing.”

Use this sassy line to make a dig, implying that finding an Arsenal trophy is just as impossible. It’s a playful way of teasing Arsenal fans about their team’s struggles in winning championships. It’s lighthearted, but for passionate lovers, it might feel like a friendly roast.

  • “Guess what? Waldo and Bigfoot are still at large, just like an Arsenal trophy!”

16.  “What do you call an Arsenal fan who’s optimistic?” “Delusional.”

Being a fan means you cheer for your team no matter what, even when things are tough. The roast plays on this by saying that Arsenal fans who stay hopeful are a bit like they’re living in a dream world.

So, if you know an Arsenal fan, sharing this joke might tickle their funny bone,

  • “How do you spot an optimistic Arsenal fan? Look for the one trying to find the silver lining in a goalless draw!”

17. “As an Arsenal fan, you can never be disappointed because losing is always be expectation.”

Tease the fans for sticking around despite the team not always doing great. This punchline plays on the idea that Arsenal fans have learned to cope with potential letdowns by keeping their expectations low. 

  • “Why do Arsenal fans never get disappointed? Because they’ve mastered the art of expecting a loss every time!”
  • “The secret to being a happy Arsenal fan? Always predict a loss, and you’ll never be let down!”

18. “The lips of an Arsenal fan moves only when they are lying.”

Ridicule how enthusiastic Arsenal fans can be. Arsenal fans are so passionate and excited about their team that they might exaggerate or brag a bit too much.

But this roast is not meant to be mean, just a light-hearted way of adding some fun to the game-day banter!

  • “Why don’t Arsenal fans play poker? Because you can always tell when they’re bluffing – their lips start moving!”
  • “How can you spot an Arsenal fan in a library? Don’t worry, they’ll let you know – just watch their lips move!”

19. “A Tottenham fan is an Arsenal fan who is realistic.”

The roast comes from the idea that being realistic about Arsenal’s performance might be a tough pill to swallow, and the joke playfully hints that only a Tottenham fan could handle that reality. 

  • “How do you spot a realistic Arsenal fan? They’re the ones asking for directions to the Tottenham stadium.”

20. “What’s the difference between an Arsenal fan and a parking ticket?” “A parking ticket expires eventually.”

Funny Roasts to Say to An Arsenal Fan

This cheeky quip about Arsenal fans and parking tickets is like throwing salt in a wound for devoted Gunners. It’s all in good banter, but be ready for a few laughs laced with a hint of melancholy from the Arsenal faithful!

You can see that any of these lines would work. But remember, the key to roasting is to be playful and good-natured. 

If you’re unsure whether or not a roast is appropriate, it’s always better to err on the side of caution and avoid saying anything that might be too hurtful or offensive.


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