20 Rude Names to Call a Skinny Person

Rude Names to Call a Skinny Person

Do you have skinny friends and you need the right words to roast them? How about giving them some rude nicknames?

In a world where body shaming is very rampant, teasing a skinny person can hurt deeply.

However, some things are excusable with friends, as long as there’s no harm intended and there’s an understanding among them.

So, if you want to tease your skinny friends with some name-calling, I’ve got some interesting sassy names for them. 

Remember they’re just for fun. So, you shouldn’t throw these words around carelessly.

20 Rude Names to Call a Skinny Person 

Below are 20 rude names to call a skinny person:

  1. Rope
  2. Chopstick
  3. Bone
  4. Feather
  5. Twiglet
  6. Skeleton
  7. Hungryman
  8. Slimson
  9. Noodles
  10. Broomstick
  11. Toothpick
  12. Ladylanky
  13. Beanstalk 
  14. One
  15. Letter I
  16. Stretch
  17. Pole
  18. Scrawny being
  19. Breeze 
  20. Slenderman 


Rope is one of the rudest names to call a thin person. A rope is a group of yarns, wires, or fibers, plaited or wound together into a strong form.

Whatever is usually formed is a thin or thick cord that varies in diameter about (1 mm–200 mm). However, this is not the standard measurement, it can be less or more. 

So, calling a slim person rope is surely going to sting. 

  • Hey! Call that rope over here 
  • Bring me that rope over here, she has some work to do


Chopstick is a rude and hilarious way to describe a thin person. Chopsticks are paired kitchen utensils used for eating, particularly in Eastern Asia.

They’re slender sticks, held between the thumb and finger. So, calling someone “chopstick” means they’re one of such sticks. It’s a funny way to emphasize their skinniness. 

  • You look like a Chinese chopstick


Bone is one of the common nicknames for skinny people. Usually, when people call someone skinny, it means they’ve got little flesh or fat. So, that means they’re made up of more bones than flesh.

It’s a hilarious description borne from the idea that they’re made up of bones and not that they look like physical bones. It’ll certainly sting.

  • You’re just skin and bones


Feather is another crazy and hilarious nickname for a skinny person. 

A feather is the external covering of a bird. It’s very lightweight and can be carried about by air. So this description comes from the idea that the person is very lightweight.

It’s a rude thing to call a slim person, as it implies that they can be blown about by air. 


Twiglet is another funny thing to call a thin person. It’s gotten from a twig, a very thin part of a tree branch, the part that the leaves are directly attached to.

So, a twiglet is formed from a twig. It’s a rude way to emphasize how thin a person is. Moreover, calling them “twiglet” rather than “twig” makes it more hilarious.


Rude Names to Call a Skinny Person

Skeleton is another common thing that people often call a slim person.

It’s a classic insult that’ll hurt deep, as it exaggerates how slim they are. The skeleton is the bony framework of the body. So, calling someone a skeleton means that they don’t have any skin.

It’ll work for someone whose bones, especially the ribs, are very prominent on the skin.

  • I just saw a skeleton pass by
  • Kings is a skeleton these days, isn’t he eating?


Rude Names to Call a Skinny Person

Hungryman is another funny description for a slim person. Calling someone a hungry man means they’ve not eaten and need food.

But, of course, slim people eat. So, nicknaming a slim person “hungryman” will hurt well, as it implies that they’re skinny because they’re not eating. 

Also, it implies that they’re broke, which is why they can’t eat and are skinny.

  • Hungryman, don’t you ever eat?


Slimson is another funny name for a skinny person. This one is hilarious because it follows the style of naming a child after the father.

For instance, a Will can name his son “Wilson” and John, “Johnson.” So, “slimson” is derived from “slim”. Calling a thin person “slimson” will certainly sting.  

  • Why did your parents name you Juliet? Slimson suits you better 


Noodles are skinny strips of food, made from unleavened dough. Noodles are a common meal because they’re fast food.

Calling a slim person “noodles” sounds cute. In fact, you can give your skinny lover this nickname. However, it can sound rude depending on the occasion.

So, it can work as a savage name when you want to tease your slim friend.


Broomstick is another perfect description for a slim person. A broom is a bunch of thin fibers or sticks used for cleaning.

Calling a slim person “broomstick” describes a single strand and not a bunch. It’ll certainly sting.

  • What can you do? You’re just a broomstick
  • Hey, broomstick! Hold yourself firmly, the wind can throw you off


Toothpick is another rude name to call a skinny person. We all know toothpicks, that very tiny sticks, metal or plastic, used in picking the teeth for stuck food particles.

Calling someone toothpick doesn’t need further talk for someone to know that they’re very slender. It’s only a friend that’ll forgive this rudeness.


Ladylanky is the perfect name for a thin lady. Lanky is a word used to describe a very thin person, usually in an ungraceful or awkward way 

So, calling a woman ladylanky says a lot about her size. For a man, you can call them, “Mr. Lanky” or whatever way you deem fit. It’ll certainly sting, as it suggests you don’t find them attractive.


Beanstalk is another hilarious name to give a slim person. Beanstalk is the stem of a bean plant. It grows very quickly and is very slender.

If you want to get a reaction from a slim person, call them a beanstalk. It’ll certainly get to them. 


The number one is another rude thing to call a skinny person.

This idea is gotten from the number one written as a figure, that is, a single stroke. No matter how thin a person is, describing them as a single stroke overdoes it. 

Letter I

Letter I is another funny and rude thing to call a thin person. Just like the number one, the letter I is written as a single stroke with a dot at the top or cap at the top and bottom.

Calling someone “letter I” means they’re very thin. It’s a funny nickname that’ll always get people to laugh. 


Stretch is the perfect nickname for a tall and slim person. The idea is that when something is stretched, it increases in height and reduces in thickness.

So, this nickname will work well for a tall, thin person. You can call them “stretch” or “stretchy.” It sounds interesting.

  • I thank God you’re here, Stretchy. Please, get that salt for me 


Pole is another rude name to give a skinny person. A pole is a long slender piece of metal, wood, or plastic, often cylindrical, used for several purposes.

So, it’s another way to describe a slender person. Also, it’s perfect for a tall, thin person because poles are usually very long.

  • I don’t have to worry, I have a pole here to help me reach the top of the cupboard 

Scrawny Being 

“Scrawny being” is a very rude name to give a slim person.

Scrawny describes a skinny person as unattractive. It means that the person is not just thin, it means they’re lacking to you.

So, calling a slim person “scrawny being” will hurt, as it expresses your disapproval. You should be careful teasing friends with this one.


Breeze is another interesting name to give a skinny person. Causally calling a slim person “breeze” will surely annoy them.

It means that they’re as light as air. Also, it’s something you call someone who’s underweight.

  • Hey, breeze, be careful. The wind might just make you disappear


Slenderman is another rude and funny name for a skinny person.

Slenderman is a fictional character created by Eric Knudsen, a Something Awful forum user in 2009, and used as a scary internet meme. It features a tall, thin man, with a scary appearance.

Many fictional stories have been created with this character.

While calling someone Slenderman can depict their size, it can also depict their character. So, you might call them this name if you think they’re thin and scary.

Wrapping Up

When next you want to tease any of your slim friends, you can try our list of rude names for them. However, remember to keep it lighthearted and playful.


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