10 Ways to Roast and Flirt at the Same Time 

Ways to Roast and Flirt at the Same Time

Are you looking for ways to subtly convey your feelings to someone you like? How about you try to roast and flirt with them at the same time?

Roasting offers an interesting way to add appeal and fun to your conversations with people. With roasting, you create a fun-filled environment with laughter and bubbling spirits.

Also, roasting can mean different things to different people. Some might get offended by it, others might join in the fun, and to some others, it’s a sign that you like them.

However, with roasting and flirting, you’ll be able to pass a subtle message to that person you like. And if they’re already your lover, you’ll be adding more romance to your love.

In this article, I’ll be showing you 10 different ways you can playfully tease and flirt with your crush or partner.

10 Ways to Roast and Flirt at the Same Time

To roast and flirt at the same time isn’t difficult. With the right kind of tone, humor, and body language, you’ll be able to tell that person you like them while roasting them.

However, you’ve got to work on the perfect timing and also steer clear of sensitive topics.

Below are 10 ways to roast and flirt at the same time:

  • Tease them about what they are not very good at
  • Make fun of things they don’t like
  • Make fun of their weird habits
  • Tease them about things they love so much
  • Tell them they’re ugly but you love ugly
  • Say the opposite of what they say
  • Use funny nicknames
  • Create hilarious comparison
  • Relate the one-liner to both of you
  • Use flirty body language 

Tease Them About What They Are Not Very Good at

You can tease someone you like about those things they love doing but are not very good at.

It could be cooking, singing, driving, or whatever actions they don’t perform well.

Moreover, if it’s someone you’re crushing on, roasting them about these things can show them that you’ve been watching them. 

And if they’re your partner, playfully teasing them about these things can add fun to your relationship.

  • Your pizza is so good that it took me the whole day to finish a slice. I didn’t want to let go
  • Your voice is so sweet that it sends me to sleep faster than I’d have thought
  • I love that you like to dance. It’s so cute when you keep missing the steps

Make Fun of Things They Don’t Like 

Another way you can roast and flirt is by making fun of someone about things they don’t like.

What are those things you know they hate and avoid? It could be a type of food, it could be a particular chore, it could be school, or anything they don’t enjoy doing or don’t like.

Playfully remind them of it and use their dislike to tease them. For instance, if they’re your colleagues at work, you can seize the opportunity to roast and flirt with them when they’re forced to do something they don’t enjoy.

  • You are not cute when you squeeze your face whenever the boss asks you to collate the day’s report. But, I love the face
  • Ouch! Why would you hate pizza? Sadly, that’s my favorite. I thought we were compatible
  • Oh no! You don’t watch Korean Movies! To think that I was crushing on you

Make Fun of Their Weird Habits

Ways to Roast and Flirt at the Same Time

Another way you can make fun of someone and still flirt with them is by making fun of their weird habits.

Everyone has what is unique to them. So, pay attention to those things that seem weird to you or you think others would find odd too.

Playfully teasing them about these things with the right tone can keep them wondering what your feelings about them are.

  • Wow! So it’s true you still have your dolls from childhood! That’s impressive. It shows you’ve got good accountability skills. I hope you intend to keep me for that long too
  • Wow! So you cry over kittens! What should I do to make you cry over me too?

Tease Them About Things They Love so Much 

You can also roast someone about things they love so much. If you notice something they love and can’t do without, playfully call them out for it.

It could be food, watching TV, a guilty pleasure, or anything they’re so passionate about. Making fun of these things will show them that you’re observant of them.

  • Your love for chocolate reminds me of a starving baby. I promise to keep feeding you chocolates all our lives
  • You’re such a sleeping beauty! No one can ever take your place
  • If food could speak they’d accuse you of loving them too much. But, I promise I won’t 
  • If you pay attention to me like the way you pay to Netflix, we’d have gone places by now

Tell Them They’re Ugly but You Love Ugly 

Another way you can convey your feelings to someone you like with a silly one-liner is by calling them ugly and then telling them you love ugly.

This is a crazy comment that’s going to take them by surprise. When your crush dresses so beautifully instead of complimenting their look, tease them by calling them ugly.

Or when your partner dresses up to impress you they’d be expecting you to compliment their look, but hit them with a comment they wouldn’t see coming.

Of course, it’s going to take them unawares, but just when they begin to wonder what you mean, hit them with another line that will get into their head.

  • You’re so ugly that top magazine covers would flee at your presence, but I bet you that my heart will welcome you
  • Oh no! You just wasted that makeup on your face! You could have asked me to help you. The foundation would be my kisses all over your face 

Say the Opposite of What They Say

Another way you can be annoying with someone you like while flirting is to intentionally disagree with them.

If they say they like A, tell them you love B while roasting them about A. And if they say they love B, tell them you prefer C while making fun of them.

Just intentionally place yourself under their skin to annoy them.  

  • A- I hate the latest release on Netflix, very boring and annoying
  • B- now, I see that you’ve got bad taste. Those are my best. I don’t think I can get enough
  • A- those girls at the club were a hit. I love their outfit
  • B- oh, you mean those clown outfits! You sound like a clown saying that too 

Use Funny Nicknames

Ways to Roast and Flirt at the Same Time

You can also roast your crush with funny and cute nicknames to get them to laugh.

Giving your partner a nickname is one of the ways to express your love and deepen the connection between you two. 

There are many beautiful endearing terms you can use for your lover. However, using a funny or weird one can spice things up.

However, if you’re not yet partners, you can also roast your crush with a funny and unique nickname to get under their skin. Greeting them with that silly name all the time will tell them enough about how you feel.

  • Hey, Puppy face! You keep looking like my cute puppy every day. I think I should introduce you two
  • Come on big head, don’t let the size of your head affect your speed. Hasten up
  • Hi, Tank! It’s not good to see you today 

Create Hilarious Comparisons

Another way you can roast and flirt with someone you like is by using hilarious comparisons that’ll get to them but they can’t help laughing about.

For instance, saying they look like your favorite dog will leave them confused about how to feel, whether they should be angry or blushing over your words.

  • Do you know why I like you so much? You remind me of my Cat, Phoebe
  • You’re just like the moon that comes out during the day. You’re so unexpected but very welcome
  • You’re just like an annoying bug that won’t leave. But, I like your annoyance anyway 

Relate the One-liner Back to Both of You

While roasting your crush or your partner can be fun, it’ll be more interesting when you can involve yourself in the tease.

In this way, you’ll better express your feelings if you’re yet to take the relationship further.

  • You’re such a terrifying cook, but I’m afraid you’d also have to study medicine, so you can treat us after you feed us
  • You’re a pro at napping, but who would wake who when we get married?

Use Flirty Body Language 

Ways to Roast and Flirt at the Same Time

Another interesting way to successfully roast and flirt with someone at the same time is by using flirty body language.

While teasing or making fun of someone you like, accompanying these jabs with flirty body language will help express how you feel better.

By smiling, maintaining eye contact, and even introducing light touches, you’ll be able to pass your message.

So, when next you’re telling a girl that her hair looks messy, accompany that one-liner by arranging her hair strands.


While roasting your crush or loved ones offers a more exciting way to spend time with each other, flirting at the same time adds more fun.

With roasting and flirting, you’ll not only get someone you like laughing and enjoying your company, but you can also hint them about how you feel about them.


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