10 Things to Do When Someone Is Roasting You

Things to Do When Someone Is Roasting You

While roasting can be fun, people have several reasons why they pick on someone. To some it’s just for fun, to others it’s a form of rebuke, while others might be out to hurt you.

So, what do you do when someone roasts you? Do you engage with them? But, what if you aren’t ready? Or do you ignore them?

Knowing how to respond can be difficult, especially if they come to you without warning.

If you’ve been in that situation and you weren’t satisfied with your response, this article is for you.

I’ll be helping you with 10 things you can do when someone is roasting you so that you’ll be better prepared for the next time.

10 Things to Do When Someone Is Roasting You

The way you respond to things will depend on several factors. When someone is roasting you, your response will depend on how ready you are and what you can make of their intention.

You can either act indifferent, ignore them, walk away, or engage in a roast duel with them.

Here are 10 things you can do when someone is roasting you:

  • Act indifferent
  • Give an unexpected reply
  • Reply with “okay”
  • Smile in response
  • Act bored
  • Ignore Them
  • Think about their motive
  • Plan your response 
  • Engage in a battle with them 
  • Tell them if you don’t like it
  • Walk Away
  • Take it as a joke

Act Indifferent

One of the things you can do when someone is roasting you is to act indifferent.

Usually when people tease, roast, insult, or make fun of you, they do so to get a reaction from you. They’ll like to see that their words get to you.

As I’ve earlier established, people have several reasons why they make fun of someone. And, if someone is roasting you, it might be just to joke with you or to hurt you.

So, acting indifferent is one of the best actions to take if someone is roasting you, especially if you don’t have a comeback ready or you think they’re waiting for a reaction.

This response is sure to disappoint them, as they won’t get what they want.

Below are ways you can act indifferent to someone’s roast:

Give an Unexpected Reply

As I’ve earlier stated, people who tease you hope to get a reaction from you. And whether they’re being playful or hurtful, they’d like to see that their roasts got to you.

But with a reply that doesn’t depict that, they’re sure to be disappointed.

For instance, if someone says “You’re too ugly that the onions cried,” replying with something like, “Oh alright” will certainly put them off.

Some examples include:

  • Wow! That makes sense
  • Cool! What should I do about that?
  • Do you mind recapping it, I didn’t quite get that
  • I don’t care about that and I think others don’t too
  • Oh! Quite strange
  • Oh! Really! Thanks for the compliment 

Reply with “Okay”

It can be annoying just replying with “okay” when someone expects more from you. 

So is the same when someone roasts you. Instead of going all defensive as they’d expect, “okay” will hit them so hard and it’d seem like they slapped themselves.

Therefore, “okay” is one of the perfect responses to give when someone is roasting you. You can either give this response and walk away or give this response and return to whatever you were doing.

Moreover, it’ll work well if you’re not ready for a roast duel or you don’t want to give in to their bullying. 

Smile in Response

“Smiling” is another thing you can do when someone is roasting. Just like acting indifferent, “smiling” won’t give them the satisfaction they want.

Imagine someone throwing jabs at you, and all you do is smile in return, they’re surely going to look like a fool. 

Also, “smiling” doesn’t just make them look foolish, it also shows them that you’re not moved by their insult. 

So, you can use this response when you don’t want to engage in a roast battle with them, or not to give in to their insult or show that it hurts.

Act Bored 

Things to Do When Someone Is Roasting You

Another befitting response to someone roasting you is acting bored.

This is a great response that will surely get to them. Just like the previous response that shows that their insult doesn’t get to you, acting bored will also show that you’re not moved by their words.

Additionally, it’s a great way to taunt them, as it rubs your ridicule on their face.

You can act bored by yawning in response or using a boring expression.

Ignore Them

Another thing you can do when someone is roasting you is to ignore them. 

Ignoring them means not giving them any attention. By your actions, you would make it look like they’re talking to themselves because you’re not listening.

This action is a great way to deal with them, especially someone looking to hurt you.

For instance, if a bully says mean things to you, it’ll surely satisfy them when they notice you’re hurt by their words, as I’ve already established.

So, by ignoring them, you’re turning the table against them because they’re the ones who’ll end up feeling foolish. Just continue with what you’re doing and don’t pay attention to their roasting, no one will tell them when to stop.

Think About Their Motive

When someone is roasting you instead of jumping on a comeback, you can take time to ponder on their motive while you ignore them.

From their tone, you should be able to tell if they’re being playful or trying to hurt you. A bully and someone teasing you lightheartedly won’t sound the same. 

Moreover, a friend throwing light jokes won’t say certain things that cross boundaries or use certain words, while a bully is certainly out for you.

Therefore, by thinking and identifying whether they’re out to have fun with you or to have fun at your expense, you’ll be able to know the right response for them.

Whether you’ll go on ignoring them, walk away, report them, or join in the fun 

Plan Your Response

While someone roasts you, you should plan your response, especially if you are new to the game or not very good at it.

If it’s something they like to do, plan ahead of time to get your response and confidence ready.

However, if they come at you suddenly, you can observe and plan before you give your comeback.

This action will work if you want to engage in a roast battle with them. 

Engage in a Battle with Them 

If someone roasts you, they’re likely hoping you’d engage in a duel with you. So, if you’re up to it, you can match their energy for energy.

If you know what you’re doing, you can give great comebacks that’d put them in their place and get you the respect you deserve.

Below are some of the great comebacks you can give to someone roasting you:

It Takes One to Know One 

This line returns the insult to them. Of course, a dumb person will know their fellow dumb person.

You’re Not Better Than a Wandering Dog

This one-liner shows them no mercy. It’s going to fully roast them and make them wish they never came for you.

If I Ask You to Explain What You Just Said You’ll End Up Looking Like a Lost Puppy 

This line directly calls them dumb. It diffuses their insults and makes them the center of the joke. They won’t forgive themselves for looking for your trouble.

Well, I May Be Fat, But I Don’t Look Like a Stick Blown Anywhere by the Wind

This punchline is appropriate for someone who body shames you. If they call you out for being fat, if they’re slim, this response is appropriate. And if it’s the other way round, you just have to find something that shuts them up.

You’re Not Even Very Good with Your Lines, Come Back When You’re Better 

Tell them they are very poor with the lines they use against you. If they want a response from you, they should be good enough to deserve one.

Learn to Dress Properly Before You Come for Me

Look for something they wouldn’t be expecting and throw at them. If they want to tease you, they should at least be presentable.

Tell Them if You Don’t Like It 

If someone is constantly teasing you, whether they’re your friends or not, you should tell them if you’re not comfortable with it.

While roasting is usually for fun and to spice up conversations with friends, families, and colleagues, it’s not everyone who can take a joke.

So, if you don’t like it when someone roasts you, don’t hesitate to let them know that you are not okay with it. In the same vein, if they’re out to hurt you by using mean words, call them out immediately.

You shouldn’t give a bully a chance to get to you or make you question yourself. Be sure to assertively tell them how you feel about it.

However, if they won’t stop, be ready to take the next step and report to the appropriate authorities. 

Walk Away

Another thing you should do when someone roasts you is to walk away.

This is another appropriate response if what they say to you is hurtful. If you can’t handle it or successfully ignore them, you should walk away.

Moreover, walking away won’t give them what they want.

Take It as a Joke

Things to Do When Someone Is Roasting You.

You can also take it as a joke if someone roasts you. Instead of responding with another stinging comeback or trying to beat them at their own game, you can respond with a joke to diffuse everything.

This response is appropriate when they’re being playful with you. It can be at the workplace, with friends, or with your siblings. 

Moreover, replying with a joke would defeat their purpose and quickly return everything to normal.

For example:

  • If your colleague calls you out for the shirt you’re putting on, you can say something like, “Oh! Thank you. I should have waited till I was fully awake before dressing up and rushing to work. Forgive my sleepiness!
  • Another case is you responding with surprise. For instance, “oh no! I didn’t know when I put this on, I promised you. Someone might have done this. I promise to find them and bring them to you


You don’t need to always feel like you’ve to respond to a roast with a roast. You’ve got plenty of options of responding to the roaster with an unexpected answer, ignoring them, walking away, or treating it like a joke.

However, you can join in the roast duel if you want to and are up to it.

In addition, don’t forget to think about their intentions, plan a good comeback, and tell them if you’re not comfortable with their actions. 


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