20 Funny Roasts for Someone on Tinder

Funny Roasts For Someone On Tinder

Tinder, the online marketplace where men and women, young and old shop for romance. 

Well, maybe not shop for it in money terms. But you get my drift. Tinder is an interesting place to find interesting people. 

Some hit it off and start lasting relationships, others simply can’t stand the type of folks there. Whatever your experience is with Tinder, you should arm yourself with the roasts on this list. 

You never know, any of these funny roasts just might be the game changer for the next Tinder date.

Dig in.  

20 Funny Roasts for Someone on Tinder 

1. Is it a faulty GPS? 

Funny Roasts For Someone On Tinder

This joke plays on the idea that someone might use Tinder to find their perfect match with pinpoint accuracy.

This lighthearted roast suggests that the person, lady or man, is a GPS device. It is like what happens with GPS where you can’t help the accuracy of direction.

In this case though, this person is not who you want. Something has to be wrong with the map. Note the twist in the tone of the roast. If the GPS isn’t faulty, one would say this meeting was meant to be. 

  • Do I have a faulty GPS or is it you? Because every time I see you on Tinder, my heart says ‘recalculating.’ 


  • Is it a faulty GPS? Because I just can’t seem to navigate away from your Tinder profile.

2. The Time machine should have malfunctioned…

This joke humorously suggests that if the time machine hadn’t malfunctioned, you and the person on Tinder would not have met.

The roast here is found in the twist. One would hope time travel brought fortune in the form of love, but in this case, you wish the machine hadn’t been faulty. 

  • I hope it hurts when you fall from heaven. Or was it just the time machine malfunctioning on Tinder?


  • I must be a time traveler, because I keep swiping right into the future where you and I are an imperfect match.

3. Is it just me or are you overdoing the emoji thing?

Funny Roasts For Someone On Tinder

Roast a Tinder folk who dumps emojis on you with this funny joke. If the person is saying little but pouring emojis into the conversation, this roast can help straighten them out.

Be careful though, this may end the friendship before it even started. But if you’re so tired of the emojis and just want to be rid of the person, knock yourself out. 

  • Are you a magician? Because whenever I see your Tinder profile, everything else disappears… under a pile of heart emojis.


  • I was blinded by your beauty on Tinder, but mostly by the excessive use of sparkle emojis.

4. What’s with the confusing bio? 

This one jokes about the common yet awkward bios people sometimes put on their Tinder profiles. The initial attraction is in what people put in their bios.

In this roast the bio is probably impossible, or laced with confusing terms. It’s a century when people can be whatever they want. Maybe trying to understand this person’s bio is work. 

  • Is your name Google? Because you’ve got everything I’ve been searching for on Tinder, including a confusing bio.


  • Are you a Wi-Fi signal? Because I’m not sure what you’re trying to connect on your Tinder bio.

5. Super Liked?

Funny Roasts For Someone On Tinder

This roast makes light of the “Super Like” feature on Tinder. People use the super like feature on Tinder when they have a more than normal interest in the person.

In this case the person has super liked your profile and now you’re questioning their sanity for doing so. The play is on the word super

  • Are you a superhero? Because super liking my profile comes with its villain problems. 


  • You super liked my profile. Which one are: a superhero or supervillain? 

6. You make my swipe game go up. 

This roast plays on the idea of being a skilled professional at swiping. In this joke the person on Tinder is so unattractive your swiping speed increases.

They make you want to keep swiping until your phone’s screen rips off. 

  • I saw your face and I couldn’t stop swiping till the screen of my phone came off. You make my swipe game go up. 


  • I’m not a surgeon, but I’ve got a Ph.D. in swiping since I stumbled on your profile. 

7. Are you Google translate?

This one humorously references language barriers and potential misunderstandings on Tinder.

This roast is for that person on Tinder from a country or place where they speak a language you don’t understand. This happens many times on Tinder.

The person is attractive and you think they’d make a great friend. The barrier is language. 

  • Are you Google Translate? Because your Tinder bio is leaving me a bit lost in translation, but I’m still interested.


  • I may not speak fluent emoji, but I’m willing to learn if it means understanding your messages on Tinder.

8. Is your name tinder?

This roast makes light of the matchmaking aspect of Tinder. Some relationships turn out fine and others don’t.

This roast says the ones who don’t work out remind you of literal tinders that are used to start flames. 

  • Is your name Tinder? You remind me of this one girl I met that burned my heart down—to tinders. 


  • I was going to play hard to get, but then you swiped right, and now I’m about to get burnt again.

9. Are you a jigsaw puzzle?

This roast is a play on the sometimes confusing or misleading profile pictures on Tinder. These days things have gotten weirder with AI.

Now you can’t be sure what people really look like in real life. So let’s just say the person in this roast is red haired in their profile picture but when you met for a coffee date, they’re bald.

Or they may look better than their profile picture suggests. 

  • Are you a jigsaw puzzle? Because your Tinder profile pic has me trying to piece together how someone can look so good.


  • I thought I was good at puzzles until I saw your Tinder profile. Now I’m just trying to figure out how to fit into your life.

10. Are you a mind reader? 

Funny Roasts For Someone On Tinder

This one plays on the idea of magically knowing when someone has unmatched on Tinder. Maybe in this scenario, you and this person from Tinder didn’t hit off as expected so you unmatched them.

What follows after this can be a subject for a good roast if things eventually go the sweet way. 

  • Are you a mind reader? Because I can’t find any other explanation for how you knew to disappear from my Tinder matches.


  • I must have psychic abilities, because I already knew you unmatched me on Tinder before it even happened.

11. Are you made of copper and tellurium? 

This roast joke humorously suggests a scientific approach to finding a match on Tinder.

Everyone who has used Tinder can relate to how difficult it sometimes is to get matched with someone who meets your taste.

The swiping never seems to stop. So in this roast the play is on the word cute. And it draws inspiration from the scientific periodic table. 

  • Are you made of copper and tellurium? Because you’re Cu-Te, according to my Tinder periodic table.


  • I’m not a biochemist, but I’m pretty sure our elements would create a perfect compound on Tinder.

12. Are you a detective? 

This roast is on the idea of someone being so good at Tinder, they’re like an undercover detective.

This roast is great for when you’ve been on Tinder so long waiting for the right match and this person comes along. And they happen to be the best fit for you. 

  • Are you a detective? Because you just uncovered the mystery of making my heart race on Tinder.


  • I’m no Sherlock, but even I couldn’t hide my excitement when I saw you in the Tinder lineup.

13. Is this a Tinder chat or a musical?

This is a playful roast playing on the symphony of emojis often used in Tinder conversations. If the person on Tinder is so good at using the emojis this roast is for them.

You can use the funny roast while chatting with them or you can use it in a gathering where the discussion centers on the Tinder-sphere. 

  • Is this a Tinder chat or a musical? Because with all these emojis, I feel like I’m in an orchestra of love.


  • I may not read sheet music, but I’m fluent in the language of heart emojis on Tinder.

14. Are you a quantum particle? 

This roast plays on the mysterious and unpredictable nature of Tinder matches, akin to quantum mechanics.

You and this person probably swiped right and got matched. The play is on quantum physics drawing from the laws governing particles in motion.  

  • Are you a quantum particle? Because on Tinder, I never know if we’re going to collide or pass through each other.


  • I thought I understood Tinder probabilities, but then you appeared, and now my heart’s in a superposition of excitement.

15. The Swipe Sculptor

Funny Roasts For Someone On Tinder

This roast plays on the idea of crafting a masterpiece with each swipe on Tinder. The thought here is you can swipe all day until it becomes a skill.

Or you can swipe constantly enough it becomes like sculpting your way into meeting that special one. 

  • I must be an artist because every swipe on Tinder feels like sculpting my way to finding the perfect masterpiece – and that’s you.


  • I’m not a sculptor, but I’ve mastered the art of swiping, and my masterpiece is matching with you on Tinder.

16. Are you in a different time zone? 

This roast is a humorous take referencing the challenge of matching with someone in a different time zone on Tinder. Only in this case, you’re in the same time zone with the person.

It only feels different. Perhaps because the vibe—as they say these days—is off with the person. 

  • Are you in a different time zone? Because every time I swipe right, it feels like we’re living in separate centuries on Tinder.


  • The vibe is off with you. We’re in the same state but it feels like a different time zone. 

17. The Fluent Flirtologist

Funny Roasts For Someone On Tinder

This roast says the person on Tinder is an expert in the art of flirting, or “flirtology.” The idea played on here is the bios on Tinder profile.

What this person doesn’t have in dazzling credentials, they make up for with the ability to flirt. 

  • She might not have a PhD, but she’s a certified flirtologist, especially when it comes to charming matches on Tinder.


  • They say laughter is the best medicine, but on Tinder, his prescription is a healthy dose of flirtology.

18. The Bio Explorer

Here’s more on Tinder profiles. This roast says one has to take on the role of an explorer to navigate through intriguing Tinder bios.

When using this roast, be specific by mentioning the person if they’re in your audience. It can even be your Tinder date. 

  • Are you an uncharted territory? Because one has to be ready to embark on the adventure of deciphering your fascinating Tinder bio.


  • Beware: you have to be Indiana Jones to explore the mysteries of this guy’s profile on Tinder.

19. The Algorithm Whisperer

This roast is about having a special connection with the mysterious algorithms behind Tinder’s matching system. You would be directly referring to the person when using this roast. 

  • Are you a coder? Because I think you’ve cracked the algorithm for finding the perfect match on Tinder—and it’s me.


  • She’s no computer genius, but I’ve got a PhD in algorithm whispering when it comes to swiping right on Tinder.

20. The Swipe Symphony Conductor

This roast compares the act of swiping on Tinder to conducting a symphony of romantic connections. Picture an orchestra for this roast.

You can be flexible with this one. You can shine by claiming to be the conductor of the orchestra or vice versa. 

  • I must be a conductor because with every swipe, I’m orchestrating a symphony of love on Tinder—and you’re the grand finale.


  • I may not have a baton, but I’m ready to lead the Tinder love orchestra with you as my favorite melody.

Final Thoughts

These jokes are meant to add a lighthearted touch to the often amusing world of Tinder interactions. Remember, humor is subjective, so use these jokes with a playful spirit!

Also, be respectful when talking about people you meet on Tinder. You may have to hide their true identities if they’ve not given permission to talk about them. 

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