20 Funny Roasts for Gym Guys (Body Builders)

Funny Roasts for Gym Guys (Body Builders)

Are you a gym person or do you know someone who is, you might want to create a comic effect around them by roasting them. If that’s the case, then you are in the right place.

Roasting gym guys or bodybuilders is not as painstaking as it may seem. You might want to do this due to how gym guys often come across as intimidating or over-confident.

All you have to do is capitalize on their routine as bodybuilders to create lighthearted insult-laced jokes.

In this post, I’ll be walking you through 20 funny roasts for gym guys. To know more, keep reading on!

Best 20 Funny Roasts for Gym Guys (Body Builders)

1. If I had a dollar for every time you went to the gym, I’d be rich enough to buy the gym and retire you

Flip your best roast line on the person, with a little sprinkle of comic twist. Coming as the foremost roast line in this post, you can troll gym guys with this. 

Here, you’re saying that if you had a dollar for every time the person went to the gym, you’d be rich enough to buy the gym and retire him.

Remember you can only score big in cracking ribs with this line if you use the right comic tone.

  • Funny how the gym is your haven; a haven with iron bars is funny.

2.  I heard you can flex your biceps, but not your brains

Go cold, but drop it like it’s hot. 

If you want to pick at the person you’re roasting well, you can throw in this line. With this, you’re implying the person can only flex their biceps but not their brains. This means they can’t think as good as their muscles.

  • Funny how your brains are lousy even with all these biceps popping up.

3. Funny how you’re only confident around iron bars and mirror

Call out the person for only ‘feeling themselves’ around iron bars. This roast only makes sense if the person you’re referring to doesn’t portray any acts of confidence when they should. 

Rather, they tend to be confident around iron bars. This roast will put out the person including any other person around with laughter.

  • You’re courageous only when weightlifting is involved.

4. With how much your gym, mechanical engineering shouldn’t be hard for you, but it was

Tag the person as a dummy with no harsh tone. A little intellectual roast won’t break your relationship with the person if you’re friends with him. 

You’re insinuating that with how much the person goes to the gym and how well they know iron bars, they should be good engineering students but the person is not, which is in its form, laughable.

  • Funny how you don’t know the periodic table by heart, even though you already know iron bars.

5.  I bet you have more selfies in the gym than with actual life friends

Pick on the person for having a social life in the gym. 

If you notice the person in question doesn’t hang around friends that much, you can use this line to troll them for making more friends with mirrors than real humans.

  • Leave the gym for a while, maybe your social anxiety issue will be fixed.

6.  I heard you develop your biceps, who handles your brain?

A rhetorical question to poke and cause laughter is premium. Rhetorical questions are seldom used as roast lines yet they make the best of them. 

You can use this query to create comic relief by poking the gym guy you’re looking forward to roasting by asking them who handles their brain development since they’re invested in their biceps.

  • With how much you dedicate to your muscles, I bet your brain is blunt from negligence.

7.  I heard you’d soon get a permanent leave from the gym for ego charges

Gym guys have an ego, poke it with a tender roast. Don’t show the person you can be minimalistic with trolling them. 

To do that, you can use this line where you’re saying you heard the person will soon get a permanent leave from the gym for charges in the lines of ego.

You’ll be using this roast line to pry on the person’s issue of being overly confident.

  • You packed ego instead of confidence, and now you’re getting sent packing.

8.  Funny how you’ve been building your body but not your reasoning

Show the imbalance between the person’s gym goal and reasoning. If the person you want to roast is lowly in reasoning, you can use this line to troll the person for spending their time on bodybuilding without considering their cognitive development.

However, you have to make sure to use a lighthearted tone to deliver this savage line, or else it could be mistaken for a diss.

  • Bodybuilding is good, reasoning building is better but you made your choice already.

9.  Funny how you think flexing and lifting are the same

Educate the person on flexing and lifting; they’re different.

If the gym guy you want to troll is hooked on flexing his physical assets instead of lifting challenging weights to improve, you can use this savage line to push them back to the corner.

With this line, you can comically detail how it’s funny the person thinks flexing their muscles and lifting is the same thing.

  • You only flex muscles; building muscles is far-fetched for you.

10.  You might want to drop out of the gym into college for an upgrade

Funny Roasts for Gym Guys (Body Builders)

A soft blow suggesting a change of path can be both funny and sassy. You can make this roast line work out as your best way of getting under the skin of the person you’re directing it to. 

With this, you’re admonishing the person to drop out of the gym and further into college as it could be a better investment for them if they’re truly looking for a better way to move their life to a better place.

  • College sounds great for your brain because the gym is not helping.

11.  I’d like you better if you spent equal time in a school of empathy than in a gym

Although your thoughts don’t count, they now do. Giving the person you want to roast this linen may appear like you’re too opinionated. 

However, it just shows the lengths you can go to as a person to make fun of barely anything. You’re telling the person that it’d be better if they spent their time in a school of empathy instead of the gym.

  • You have all the muscles in the world but lack empathy; laughable.

12.  Seems like your gym routine is the only coordinated part of your life

Intensify your commitment to roast with this line. You can choose to make things a bit tight and hilarious for the person you want to roast. 

Here, with this line, you’re implying that the person’s gym routine seems to be the only coordinated part of their life.

This may come out as a diss, but you can overturn it by using a relatable tone that infuses amusement into what you’re saying.

  • You’re so coordinated in the gym, I bet that’s the only time and place you are like that.

13.  Funny how you’ve built muscles, but not character

If they don’t know, remind them how funny it seems. To make things easier on you while creating comic relief, you can opt to remind the person how they’ve only built muscles all year long without adding building character to their to-do list.

A person without character or personality is like a tank without content; a clown without a pointy/rounded costume nose and mask.

The point is that you’re trolling the person in question for being very muscular but without character.

  • Building muscles makes no sense if you don’t have a life to show.

14.  As a bodybuilder, you only make biceps pop, but not ends meet

Shades like this are better said than just thought.  You can always put gym guys to the side with a quality roast line such as this one right here. 

Here, you’re telling the person that it is funny how they can only make biceps pop but cannot make ends meet.

You’re indirectly saying the person is lazy when it comes to making money, whereby is one of the most important things to do as a young guy.

  • I wonder how you pay for your gym memberships because you only flex muscles.

15.  Your gym lifestyle makes sense only if you’re not broke

Here you have what is true, funny, and yes, a roast line. If you’re going to throw this at any gym guys, you’ll have to deliver so well it doesn’t come across as a diss. 

So, you’re saying that the gym lifestyle makes more sense if the individual indulged in it is not broken. But the comic effect for this roast line comes in the delivery and tone just so you know.

  • Being a gym guy with a torn pocket is more hilarious than SpongeBob.

16.  Funny how you think going to the gym will bring your ex back

Being delusional in the gym is outrageous, call them out.  We’ve all been there; that moment you think getting fit will help you get over someone or get them back. 

However, the truth is that it has worked out for some people in those two positive outcomes. But what you may discard is how many times it has failed. Well, for starters it didn’t work out for me just so you know.

  • Move on, the muscle therapy won’t bring her back.

17.  It’s okay to be a bodybuilder, only if you eat as much

A roast line with some dietic prescription is a no-brainer. 

You can always fill the role of the bigger person by dropping this one-liner roast. With this, you’re making it clear to the person that the only time you’ll be okay with them being a bodybuilder is when they eat as much.

Simply, you’re implying you can’t recognize them until they’re on that level meaning they’re below it. And as such, you’re invariably saying they’re clowns for claiming to be a bodybuilder which is funny.

  • I know a bodybuilder that eats 5-6 tons a day; I bet you still eat in grams.

18.  You’re the type to see every wall as a mirror, talk about ‘for my looks’

Call out the person for being mirror-whipped. Being mirror-whipped is to be a sucker for looking at the mirror. Someone with this attitude always wants to look good to their taste for validation from people. 

You can roast gym guys with this line if the person in question is addicted to checking out their muscles in the mirror every other time.

  • Funny how you look in the mirror more times than you look at your time.

19.  You gym more than you have self-confidence

Funny Roasts for Gym Guys (Body Builders)

Troll the person for not having self-confidence, yet they gym. 

That will be the case with the gym guys you’ll be roasting with this line, as you’re implying that they gym more than they have self-confidence.

This roast line although funny, is a good call for the person to check in with their arrogance and emerge with self-confidence.

  • Maybe if you went to the gym less, you may have more self-confidence because it’s not helping.

20.  Gyming looks good on you, looking all bumpy and crooked

Roast them for their looks, it doesn’t lie. 

You can always roast a gym guy or bodybuilder for their looks. Although they look athletic and fit, it’s no doubt the best way to describe their physical appearance is ‘ripped’ or ‘bumpy’. 

Now imagine a bumpy lane or road, can you see how crooked and difficult it will be to drive through?

That’s exactly how you should see them at that point and make sure your countenance is in sync to create the required comic relief.

  • You may look fit from gyming but you look rough like my pet bulldog.

Final Words

I’m sure by now you’ve gotten the hang of how to roast gym guys. You can’t possibly know the drill because this post is easy to grasp while offering you 20 different ways to roast gym guys.

From the foremost to the last one of them, you can pull a great comic show while trolling a bodybuilder or someone who frequents the gym.

All you have to do is pick one or two of the roast lines in this post and use them when push comes to shove. 


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