20 Funny Things to Say with a Deep Voice

Funny Things to Say with a Deep Voice

Since talking with a deep voice is both masculine and fun, you might be in search of funny things to say with a deep voice but I’ve got you covered.

With a deep voice, you could crack a joke, make a hilarious reference, quote something non-verbatim, talk gibberish, or anything. The main aim here is to create a light atmosphere void of tension and meanness.

I can show you a few things to say, though. In this article, we’ll be looking at funny things to say with a deep voice. Read on to know more!

20 Best Funny Things to Say with a Deep Voice

1. Let’s go make some kids

Freak your wife out with this banger. Of course, you can always prickle on your wife from time to time with your deep masculine voice.

To do that with this particular line of sentence means you’re jokingly beckoning on your wife to have some quality intimate time with you.

Perhaps, this line comes across as funny when this line is not the usual way of going about telling your partner it’s time for intimate time. It is rather used in the comic sense so it all makes sense now.

  • The bed just called me, and I guess I heard your name too.

2. At your service, daddy’s girl

Get those fat smiles off your little princess’s face. Your daughter may be in for a little deep voice treat from daddy. And if you’re intentional about giving her that feeling, then you most definitely will need this line. 

With this, you can deliver a rib-cracking deep-voiced statement to your little girl. Well, here, you’re presenting yourself as a bartender or over-the-counter service. Whichever way, you’re just trying to come out funny with your deep voice.

  • What does the princess say about a jolly ride to Disneyland?

3. FYI, I believe we are humans

Freak or not, you can sound like one with this. If you want to sound anything like an unusual rational thinker who has studied under Socrates across the globe through an ancient communication system, then this is it.

Using this line, you’re putting it to the people you’re addressing that you believe that every one of us is human as if we didn’t know already.

But this stance discredits the claims of reptile-human-like creatures, as well as extraterrestrial entities all living among humans.

  • Who knows? Aliens could be our neighbors.

4. I’m happy a subreddit took me in

Celebrate your admission into your dream Reddit sub-group. With a feigned deep voice, you can use this line to merry over being granted membership to your dream Reddit group. 

You can say this to your buddy, work colleague, or the nearest fan seated next to you at the game you are going to see next. Let them see your happiness and the clownery on your face too.

  • I’m finally getting my child support fee reduced.

5. Merry Christmas in arrears

Hit them with that hilarious Xmas greeting. Nothing is funnier than wishing someone a Happy Christmas in the second week of January.

You can create that hearty light atmosphere filled with laughter by using this line which you should do with a deep voice. 

With this, you’re wishing someone a happy festive season weeks after the celebration ends already; which is funny combined with your tone and countenance to match with.

  • I know it’s just March, but I can’t wait for New Year’s Thanksgiving.

6. I’m parched, I need the Pacific Ocean

Ocean jokes are often fired sometimes. If you want to make your partner laugh out of the blue you can use this line of sentence. 

With this line, you’re implying to the person that you’re parched or thirsty. To that, you’re requesting water to drink but not just any type of water; you are saying to the person that you need the Pacific Ocean.

  • I feel so cranky, all I need is some chocolates and Mentos, not oil.

7. I bet scientists don’t trust atoms because they make up everything

Funny Things to Say with a Deep Voice

A science joke is a fine comic catalyst. You can always bend the ribs of your friend, colleague, acquaintance, or even teacher with this line of statement.

With this line, you’re insinuating that scientists do not trust atoms which are the smallest part of any particle.

And your theory for that is that atoms make up everything. However, this is not to be understood in the literal sense because by making things up, you mean they fabricate things.

Your deep voice can be put to good use using this line.

  • I bet geographers barely trust maps, they tell about everything even secrets.

8.  I once read a book on anti-gravity and it was hard to drop it down

Get your audience laughing without trying hard. With a deep voice, you can always put in one or two jokes. If you already put out one joke, you can use this one to make it two and score more.

Using this line, you’re insinuating that you once read a book about anti-gravity and you found it hard to put down the book.

This is a smart way to imply that the law of gravity also applied to that situation where you couldn’t put down the book. If you say this in a classroom as a teacher, you’re sure to get your students great laughter.

  • I once read a newspaper page on auto accidents, and I couldn’t drive for days.

9.  Skeletons don’t fight each other, because they don’t have the guts

Some bony humor is not an exception either. Because people don’t talk about funny things concerning skeletons as much as they should, you can use this line to serve anybody close to you one of those classics.

What you’re saying with this line is that skeletons don’t fight each other because they don’t have any guts.

“Gut” in this case is not about confidence but about the physical feature of the gut in the thorax of every human being.

So, that’s where the funny element comes in where the person(s) you’re talking to hears you and immediately understands you just played a pun card with the line.

  • Skeletons don’t jam hands together, because bones don’t clap.

10.  I’m on a smoking diet, I’m on my third day of failure

Being the clown to make others laugh is courageous. That is what you’ll be doing with this line and a deep voice. As someone who smokes already, I bet you have a deep voice.

With such a tone, you can tell your friend or an attendant over the counter of the drug store that you’re on your third day of failure even though you’re on a smoking diet.

This will come across as funny because you’re still implying you’re on a smoking diet even after breaking the rules.

  • I’m a vegan, but I have a weird attraction to this steak.

11.  I’m not sure you understand I am Lord of the Rings

Poke your wife once in a while. Couples that joke together stay together. You can use this line to mess with your wife sometimes. 

To deliver this well alongside using a deep voice, you can hold up your wife’s wedding ring and yours while saying it. This causes the laughter more.

  • Don’t you realize I am your husband because you couldn’t say no?

12.  I’m not sure what I’m seeing, sleep or TV while yawning

Get a tad sloppy if you want to. 

Saying this line with a deep voice makes you sloppy and funny, so if that’s the case, don’t forget to use this line appropriately.

  • Don’t look at me like that; I didn’t shoot Kennedy.

13.  Fear not earthlings, I’ve brought you mar’s own…mizza

Be that friendly extra-terrestrial being on earth. If you plan to roleplay as a space traveler on Earth which is pretty amusing, you can use this line. 

You can use this on your friends when they come over to yours for pizza. And with this, you’re calling them earthlings and implying you brought some pizza-mizza from Mars.

  • Fear not earthlings, there’s enough oxygen to go around.

14.  Excuse me, seems I spoke in lowercase earlier, permission to try block letters

Mess around while taking a speech. You can lighten up a tense atmosphere by using this line, which has you imply that you spoke in lowercase earlier on but would love to try capital letters. 

This means that you spoke in undertones before but would like to speak up better. However, how you say this with a deep voice is what makes it funny.

  • I want to play in the desert and make snowmen out of the dunes.

15.  I don’t know which is scarier; my life or my neighbor’s dog

Say fun things about yourself too. That’s the key to unlocking laughter in other people. 

With a deep voice, you can say this line to people at a get-together or any other gathering that has your friends in attendance.

This way, you won’t be mocking yourself around the wrong circle.

  • I don’t know which is scarier; my boss’s face or his handwriting.

16.  My spirit animal has to be a hyena because I’m drunk on laughter

Play the clown and get to your goal. Your goal is to make your audience laugh, no matter how big or small, or the mood presently. 

With a deep voice, you can say this line to a group of friends in a bar or any other cool place to chill while gulping down some beer after the day’s work.

  • My spirit animal must be a bear; I can’t stop being weighty.

17.  I am not sure what’s deeper; my voice or my love for SpongeBob

Throw in that unbecoming comparison if you must. Using a deep voice, a little funny comparison can set in the perfect comic atmosphere that you want. 

With this line, you’re comparing which one is deeper – your voice or your love for the SpongeBob character in a comic TV show. Seeing how silly this comparison sounds, and with the deep voice it was said in, it is sure to cause laughter.

  • I’m not sure what’s finer; my baby or my new Rolex.

18.  I have a confession- I’ve only stolen once; stole my dad’s hat to roleplay tough cop

Being the funniest as a kid comes with revelations. You can be the kid with the funniest story in the room with this line.

If you want to crack a quick joke around your friends or mates, you can use this which you can voice with a deep voice.

You’ll be insinuating with this line that you’ve only stolen once as a kid and you took your dad’s hat to play role-play tough cop.

Funny, right? Don’t forget to mention how he whooped your ass for playing with his favorite cowboy hat.

  • I have a confession; I don’t like noodles.

19.  It’s a hard life, sounding like the Hulk and looking like Antman

Funny Things to Say with a Deep Voice

Marvel characters can be your source of comic symbolism. 

A deep voice is required to voice this of course, as you’ll be cracking a few ribs with it. With this line, you’re lamenting about being small-bodied yet you sound like a 7ft basketball player.

To put things in better perspective to score a big one comically; you’ll need to be an actual small-bodied person to use this with a faux deep voice. This way, you have better chances of catching your audience with laughter.

  • Snowmen must be tired of standing all day, they fall when the sun comes up.

20.  I can’t love you more than my puppy

I’ve been a fan of selfishness for a while. You can be a funny selfish person at the same time if you use this line on your partner. 

This line sounds better said with a deep feminine voice; with this, you’ll be telling your husband or boyfriend that you can’t love him more than your puppy. Of course, it’s a joke which makes it even funnier for him to digest.

  • You asked if I’m in love with someone else, yeah. MY DOG (with the deep tone stressed here).

Final Words

Here we are at the very end of this post which shows you 20 funny things to say with a deep voice. So, if you didn’t know well now you do, which is a good thing.

With any of these lines delivered well with a deep voice, whether or not it is real; it can pass for a comic relief line.

Therefore, don’t sleep on them. Just pick one or two that appeal to you and you’re on your way to be the next funny dude with a deep voice.


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