20 Funny Roasts for Someone with Braces 

Funny Roasts for Someone with Braces 

You can roast anybody, even people who just got their braces on. 

Braces are an artificial, medically applied set of iron rigs curved to fit a person’s upper and lower jaws. They’re used to reset a person’s dentition and come in different forms and colors. 

You can always try out some roasts on someone with braces if that’s what you want to do. Their design like rails often gives them out for possible roasts and more. 

In this post, I’ll be showing you funny roasts for someone with braces. If you want to know more, read on!

20 Funny Roasts for Someone with Braces

The way those metal tracks line up, looks like I would ride a train to the back of your mouth

How about you start by trashing them out? You can roast someone who has braces with this line.

Using this, you’re saying that the way the metal tracks in a mouth line up looks like they’ll be fit for you to ride to the back of their mouth.

Therefore, you’re using this reference to cajole them into having braces implanted in their dentition. 

  • The way those metal tracks line up, looks like we should be expecting more long tales from you.

Just saw a movie about metals and your braces reminds me of a scene

Make that movie reference, it’s worth it. If you want to use a movie that you’ve seen as a reference in your troll for someone with braces, you’ll need this line to land a near-perfect delivery. 

With this, you’re insinuating that since braces are made from iron, seeing the person’s own reminds you of a movie scene you saw about metals.

This is a good way of making fun of the fact that the person is wearing a chunk of iron in his or her mouth. 

  • Your braces remind me of the Transformers; Iron Bars in action

Your smile looks sharp and lethal

Make them understand they’re now a walking danger. You’re going to be using this roast line to assert that the person’s smile looks sharp and lethal, meaning they’re dangerous in a funny way. 

While delivering this line, always wear a cheerful face from the start to the end and intensify your light-hearted tone towards the end of this one-liner roast for someone with braces.

Haters are going to hate, so your teeth need to brace for impact

Keep them on their toes if you want to. You can make sure the person who has braces and is your target for roasting doesn’t get complacent or too relaxed. 

To keep them on their toes, you can use this roast line which suggests that since haters are going to hate, they need to brace for impact.

  • The way your braces fit in, I’m sure you are prepared for impact. 

I bet you have to brace yourself every time you bite into a sandwich

Spill some of your humor juice right now. You can creep into the skin of the person who has braces by telling them that you guess they eat sandwiches all thanks to braces.

While this may be funny for others, it may not be the same for the person as he or she will feel humiliated. But that would not be the case as you’ll be as lightheaded as possible.

  • I bet your braces are the reason you still have appointments with the butcher.

You have shiny dentition, bright like a diamond

Make a funny music reference to roast them. 

With this roast line, you’re saying the person’s braces shine bright like a diamond, about the singer Rihanna’s song with similar lyrics.

This will light up the room with humor and test your audience’s taste of humor. 

  • Your braces shine brighter than your football team’s future. 

Your braces have saved you from many offtrack talks

Taunt the person for being a bad talker. 

With this line, you’re making a roast that the person in question has been saved countless times from off-track talks courtesy of their braces. 

Thus, without their braces, they would still be bad talkers. 

  • I bet you would still be a sucker for bad talking 
  • not for your braces. Bravo,!

The comedian got braces to perfect his biting humor

Funny Roasts for Someone with Braces 

Make the comedian your next target with this line. If you want to roast a comedian with braces, this roast line is just the perfect one for you. 

You’re implying that the comedian got his braces to perfect his biting humor, but not literally. Instead, to perfect his ability to crack resounding jokes.

  • The bricklayer’s new braces must’ve inspired his last

I bet your braces align your thoughts for you as well

Show a piece of your sassy part if you want to. That’s the objective of this particular roast line. 

Using this line, you’re implying that the person’s thoughts only align because of their braces. Shoot!… You’re saying the person’s life has been saved by their braces a couple of times too.

  • I bet you wouldn’t bag your wife without bars eas

I bet your braces are the reason you are grounded in your smile

Take them back down memory lane. If you want to remind the person in question why they have such a confident smile, you can use this roast line to remind them of how their braces play a big role in that. 

Here, you’re insinuating that the person’s braces are the reason behind their grounded and confident smile.

  • I bet you won’t have such a bright face card if not for your braces.p

Your braces didn’t stop you from depression

Mess around with the person you’re roasting for a while. If you want to lodge a fairly intense roast line on someone with braces, this is the right one to use. 

At least you’re only implying to the person that even though they got braces, it didn’t solve their case of depression.

  • It’s funny how your teeth haven’t seen changes since the braces came on. 

You now smile harder with your braces than with your naturals

Give the person a run for their laughter. You can throw a soft punch on the person you’re roasting for having braces with this line.

Using this, you’re accusing the person of having bigger and harder smiles with their braces more than when they didn’t have them on.

If you want to also imply that the person isn’t half as proud of their natural set of dentition as they are about their braces, then this line is the go-to for you.

You’d rather be implying that they now smile harder with their braces, than their naturals. 

  • I bet your braces are the secret behind your wide smiles.

These braces you have on have been protecting your entire personality

Get a tad corny and funny. If you want to poke the person with braces, especially for a long time, you can use this line.

With this, you’re putting it to the person that their braces have been saving them over a long period, since it modifies a person’s dentition, hence enhancing their looks.

If this is to stand, you’ll be greeted with a massive eruption of laughter from both the person and any other person/audience present.

Because protecting one’s personality has to be one of the dumbest reasons why someone has braces on.

  • I bet these braces are behind your success story over social anxiety.

I didn’t know they made barbed wire neon colors to fit into your teeth

If you’re planning to cut the person some slacks, don’t. Intensify the strength of your roast line by using this one to cajole the person with braces for wearing barbed wire of neon colors to fit into their teeth. 

You’re insinuating that the person in question is wearing such a colorful set of barbed wire, which you can make into a hilarious line with your delivery.

  • I see you’re busy flashing the barbed wire in your mouth for us to see.

I see you’re rocking the metal mouth-look

Drag the person for wearing metals in their mouth. While it may not be upsetting for a roast, this line can still force smiles through the face of the person you’re directing it to, likewise any other person around.

With this line, however, you’ll be jesting the person for having braces on. 

If the person is a big fan of metal music or gothic fashion, then you can intensify your tone while using this line which has you implying that they’re rocking a metal mouth look, inspired by their taste in music and fashion.

  • I see your mouth has gotten ornamented; fashionable.

I hope you’re ready for the attention charges because your braces are stealing the show

Play a little cop joke on the person. You can choose to play a cop joke on the person you’re addressing the roast line to, who has braces fixed on. 

Using this line, you’re roasting the person by asking if they’re ready to deal with charges of attention by people because their braces are stealing the show.

In light of this, this roast line is a pun made into a roast, so you get the point now.

  • Don’t fret when the charges start coming; your braces stole my attention.

I see you have braces, such a confidence boost

Funny Roasts for Someone with Braces 

Pry into the person’s confidence if you say so. You can always use this line of roast to pick on the person you want to roast.

With this, you’re alleging that the braces are quite a tool for more confidence. While this might be light-hearted, it is a quality one-liner roast for people with braces. 

This is so because it pinpoints the fact that braces increase an individual’s confidence in the social scheme of things.

This is also because the person is not worried about any derogatory remark concerning his dentition, as the braces have got him covered. 

  • You wouldn’t have been as confident as now without those braces.

I didn’t know the ironsmith was in town

Call the person out for carrying iron in their mouth. Braces are meant for metals, hence, the basis of this roast line. 

With this, you’re funnily insinuating that you didn’t know the ironsmith was in town – a shady reference to cajole the person with braces, especially new ones. 

  • The ironsmith did a great job on your mouth; look at those rails.

I see you’re all set for the next space mission with that shiny gear

Throw in some outer space jokes. People with braces often have bright smiles all thanks to their colorful and stone-coated braces.

With that in mind, you can use this line to roast them for being on the next space mission with their shiny gear.

Since this line is soft and clear, it is a good catalyst for laughter among your audience.

  • With how shiny your braces are, I bet you are a good candidate for the next space mission.

You got depressed and got some braces; I see you’re shining in isolation

Play on their emotional state with this line. You can use this line of roast to get under the skin of a person who has braces. 

With this, you’re saying that the person in question got their braces after getting depressed…then you’re saying the person is shining in isolation.

This is a plausible light insult you can pull on someone who has braces.

  • You’re only depressed because your braces are worn out, and you can’t replace them.

Final Words

If all you wanted for the weekend is to know how best to roast someone with braces, I guess this article has your wishes on a platter.

To roast someone with braces entails staying steady on the aim and creating the comic atmosphere you desire. 

To avoid further confusion, this post has shown you about 20 different ways to roast someone with braces.

The ball is now in your court to keep one or two of these roast lines and speak to your soul; and then judiciously apply them when push comes to shove. You’ll be impressed with how well they perform, trust me!


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