What Does Sarcasm Mean in Roasting?

What Does Sarcasm Mean in Roasting?

Roasting is an art that encompasses several elements, and one of such elements is sarcasm.

With sarcasm you’ll be able to create great punchlines that can be humorous and at the same time savagery.

In this article, we’ll explore what sarcasm is and what it means in roasting. In the end, you’ll know how to be sarcastic with your roast.

What Does Sarcasm Really Mean in Roasting?

Sarcasm is the application of irony or the use of exaggerative words to taunt, mock or convey bitterness or contempt. It means saying the opposite of what you mean in an attempt to mock someone.

People who are sarcastic are often so for many reasons, including insecurity, a way to minimize vulnerability, and trying to show superiority. So, sarcasm is often a way to hide these feelings.

Since sarcasm involves irony, therefore, sarcasm in roasting is the application of irony to tease someone. It means saying things or using words you don’t mean to make fun of someone.

However, in this case, the idea is not to mock or deride someone to hurt them, but to playfully throw jabs at them just for fun.

While being sarcastic will involve using a mocking tone and oftentimes one filled with contempt, roasting someone with sarcasm will often use a lighthearted and playful tone.

How to Be Sarcastic with Your Roast?

There are different ways you can be sarcastic with your roast. When roasting with sarcasm, you can use complimentary words, apply humor and always keep your tone light.

Also, use things that are true, you can also make fun of them about qualities they lack and stretch the obvious about them sarcastically.

Below are ways to be sarcastic with your roast:

Use Things That Are True

When roasting someone, if you’re teasing them about things they did ensure they’re true. You don’t have to invent things. In fact, it’s wrong to poke fun at them about a lie.

So, when applying sarcasm in your one-liner, ensure you use things you’ve observed about them. It could be from your experiences with them or things they like doing.

  • Lesley has been working extra hours since the new girl joined us. I’ve always known him to be very serious, and now he’s even more serious
  • I love it that you’re so good with waking everyone up with your alarm. Keep it up
  • Tracy finished the whole pizza. She’s been considerate, she didn’t want it to waste since nobody wanted it

Use Complimentary Words 

You can also use complimentary words to hide your sarcasm and your roast. However, with your tone, the roastee will surely not miss the underlying insult.

Sarcastic compliment is often one of the best ways to use sarcasm. It’ll surely sting.

What Does Sarcasm Mean in Roasting?

  • You’re so good with singing that your voice sent all our neighbors out of their house waiting the see the greatest singer of our time
  • I appreciate your opinion, next time I’ll remember not to ask of it
  • You’re so beautiful that I missed the road to my house thinking of your beauty 

Tease Them About Qualities They Lack

You can also sarcastically make fun of someone about qualities they lack.

What are those qualities lacking in them? Or what are those things they’re not very good at? You can tease them about them with a little drip of sarcasm. 

With great sarcasm, your roastee is sure to find a comeback difficult.

What Does Sarcasm Mean in Roasting?

  • Our design teacher said nobody lacks a fashion sense, and I agree with him. Out of fashion is fashion
  • I find Simon’s lack of understanding cute. The boy sure got some specs
  • You’re very unique when it comes to fixing things that they break apart immediately 

Apply Humor

What’s a good roast without humor? The ability to cause a great laugh with your one-liner makes you the king of roasts. And sarcasm with humor is the right combination to set your punchlines apart.

When being sarcastic, adding humor can help diffuse the otherwise mocking and offensive words.

  • How come you’re so good with driving people around you away? It’s a skill everyone should have
  • Your voice is so bright that we take cover so as not to be blinded by the light 

Stretch the Obvious

When applying sarcasm to your punchlines, you can stretch the obvious about the person you want to roast.

This is a great roast skill that’ll give you an edge over roastee. 

What Does Sarcasm Mean in Roasting?

  • You should become the snoring king. No one does it like you
  • You’re so boring that I’m bothered if you enjoy yourself 

Keep Your Tone Light 

In all you do, remember to keep you tone light. That’s what will differentiate from others who are out to hurt.

As I’ve earlier established, sarcasm is often accompanied with mocking and contemptuous tone, which intends to hurt.

But, if you want to apply sarcasm to roast your friend, family or someone around you, keep your tone light to avoid anyone getting deeply hurt in the end.


Sarcasm in roasting is one of the elements that gives you an edge during a roast duel.

Applying it the right way will surely work to shut up your enemy and also serve as a good comeback to any insult.

However, remember to keep your tone light, add humor from time to time and never fabricate a lie just to roast someone.

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