20 Funny Roasts for a Skinny Girl 

Funny Roasts for a Skinny Girl

The average skinny person has probably heard a skinny joke that made them most insecure about their weight. But what about punchlines to make them pissed off in a light-hearted manner? 

I’ve heard a lot of them, and most of the jokes about weight loss (and gain) are whack or insensitive (at worse)

In this article, I have gathered the best funny roasts for skinny girls that I’ve heard so far and how you can use them to roast that skinny girl you’ve always planned to make a jab at. 

List of 20 Funny Roasts for a Skinny Girl 

1. I need a toothpick. Can I use your arms?

Funny Roasts for a Skinny Girl

Imply, her arms are so thin they could be toothpicks. This sneaky joke taps into the idea that really skinny people are delicate.

It’s not meant to be mean, but it cleverly pokes fun at the stereotype that associates skinniness with fragility. 

So, this roast is like saying her arms are super slender, just like toothpicks, and could be handy for delicate tasks.

  • “Your arms are like toothpicks, perfect for picking out tiny food bits!”

2. Skin and bone left alone

Use this line as a poetic critique of their eating habits. It implies they’re sticking to a diet of air and water. 

It’s like the line is tiptoeing through their confidence, saying, “Maybe you need a bit more on your plate, darling.” The line makes skinny folks wonder if they need a more giant helping of humor.

  • “Eating air, getting nowhere.”
  • “Your plate’s on a diet, too.”

3. “Do you ever get mistaken for a lollipop in that outfit?”

Use this sassy question to suggest her outfit is so attention-grabbing that people might ignore her style and just see her as a walking piece of candy.

It’s not about complimenting her fashion sense; it’s more about making fun of her body shape and hinting that her outfit is too bold for her size. 

  • “Your outfit is so bold; do people think you’re a lollipop stick because you’re so skinny?”

4. If dollars were calories, you’d be on a budget!

Funny Roasts for a Skinny Girl

Piss her off with this sneaky insult wrapped in a joke. It suggests that she’s so light that if she got money for every pound she weighs, she wouldn’t have much money. Now, why would this upset her? Well, it hits a sensitive spot. 

It’s like saying her worth is only in her weight, and it pokes fun at societal expectations about how people should look.

It’s not just about the joke; it’s about making her feel like her value is tied to something she can’t control.

So, instead of laughs, you might get a frosty look and a sharp comeback.

5. A noodle is slipperier than you

Tell her she’s as slippery as a noodle and tough to hug. You’re pointing out her slimness by comparing her to a long noodle, suggesting that being tall might make it hard for her to find a blanket that fits. 

And the kicker? You’re hinting that she’s not the easiest person to keep close, like trying to hold onto a slippery noodle. 

  • “You’re like a living noodle – long and lean, making it a challenge to grab onto for a cuddle.”

6. “You’re so skinny, you could probably dodge raindrops.”

People generally don’t like their bodies being exaggerated or made into a joke. By turning her slimness into a superpower, you unintentionally make her feel self-conscious about something she might not have even thought twice about before. 

It’s as if you’ve put a spotlight on her body in a way that makes her uncomfortable. So, what seems like a playful comment is actually a subtle way of making her feel weird about her appearance. 

  • “You’re so thin, you must slip through keyholes.” 
  • “You’re so slender; you probably disappear when you turn sideways.” 

7. “Do you have to stand in the same place twice to make a shadow?”

Tell her she’s so light and agile that her shadow struggles to keep up. It’s a compliment wrapped in humor, hinting that she’s too graceful to stay in one spot for long. 

It’s not meant to offend, just a funny way of celebrating her perpetual motion and poise.

  • “Is your shadow a sprinter? Seems like you’re in a perpetual catwalk!”

8. “Did you blink during the marathon? Because, boom, it was done, and she hadn’t even started!”

The roast is that she’s so slim and speedy that the marathon was over before anyone could blink. It’s meant to be a playful one, suggesting she’s this super-speedy marathon wizard who finished the race in the blink of an eye. 

So this line is a lighthearted way of saying she’s swift and made the marathon look like a piece of cake based on the assumption that athletes are usually skinny. 

  • “Joining a marathon with you is like a magic trick – poof, it’s over before we know it!”

Funny Roasts for a Skinny Girl

9. Seriously? I wanted a snack, not a toothpick. I’m not on a mission to be the world’s skinniest eater!

Suggest that the person is so thin that even asking for a snack seems unnecessary as if a tiny bite would ruin their figure. It’s a playful tease, implying their appetite is so tiny that a toothpick is more suitable. 

But it’s still a lighthearted roast about their slender frame and the idea that they’re so cautious about what they eat to maintain their slimness.

  • “I asked for a snack, not a toothpick! Are you calling me a human toothpick or something?”

10. “You’re not skinny; you’re just a part-time invisible person.”

This line is not a straightforward comment about her size; it’s a crafty way of saying being skinny isn’t a big deal. It’s like suggesting that her skinniness is just a trick, and her natural talent is being invisible – a bit like a background character in a movie. 

So, instead of complimenting her, it’s subtly putting her down. It’s saying she’s not the main star but more like a behind-the-scenes extra. 

  • “Being skinny is like your side hustle; invisibility is your main gig.”

11. I almost missed you on my Instagram – you were like a ninja photo, all stealthy and sideways!

On IG, people often post their best angles and edited photos. So, saying someone is “sideways” is like a sneaky way of saying they lack noticeable curves. 

It’s a playful jab that could make a skinny girl feel like her Instagram presence is being criticized for not being “strong” enough. It’s a digital roast that might hit a nerve.

  • “Thought I lost you in my feed, but nope, I just had to turn my phone. You’re the sideways surprise in the Insta-scroll journey!”

12. “You’re on a seafood diet: you see food, and then you don’t eat.”

Imply that she’s good at looking at delicious food but not so good at actually eating it. It’s like saying she has this magical power to resist the temptation of tasty treats. 

Maybe she takes pride in staying slim; this might feel like a playful tease, hinting that she’s always watching what she eats but not really digging in. 

The roast comes from clever wordplay, making it sound like a natural diet but with a funny twist. 

  • You’ve got a stealthy diet: you spot the food, but it somehow vanishes before you can eat it!”
  • “You’re like a food magician: blink, and the meal disappears before you take a bite!”

13. “Are you sure you’re not a supermodel? Because supermodels are known for not eating, too.”

Use this subtle roast line to suggest that her slimness might be because she’s skipping meals.

This can be hurtful because it implies she’s only thin because of some extreme diet rather than naturally being that way or maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

  • “Are you sure you’re not a supermodel? Because you seem to have mastered their ‘skip-a-meal’ secret.”
  • “Could you be moonlighting as a supermodel? I hear they have a knack for saying ‘no’ to food, too.”

14. “You’ve got a one-pack; it’s called your spine.”

Give her a sassy reality check. It’s not just a joke; it’s a playful jab at the idea of having a super-toned stomach. 

Use this line as a witty way of saying they’re slim and don’t have those defined abs. She will probably laugh it off. 

  • “Your ab game might be low, but your backbone is MVP!”

15. “Do you leave footprints, or is it just a light breeze passing through?”

Suggests that the skinny person is so light that they don’t leave footprints, just a gentle breeze. It implies a lack of noticeable impact or presence, playfully poking fun at her slender frame. 

The idea is to provoke a reaction from her by suggesting she might be too weightless to make a lasting impression. It’s a clever way of using words to make a lighthearted joke about her size, implying they might be a bit too ethereal or invisible.

  • “Are you a breeze or a ninja? I can’t tell if you leave footprints or just silently float by.”
  • “Do you tiptoe through life, or do you actually make a dent? It’s like you’re the ghost of footprints past.”

16. I bet your scale whispers ‘Is that it?’ when you weigh yourself.

Tell her she’s so light that the scale can’t even give a proper reading. The roast comes from playing with the idea that her weight is so low that the scale is confused or expects more weight to register.  But, of course, it’s just a playful tease.

17. You’re as thin as a bookmark; a paper cut on you would be like a literary emergency!

You’re praising her slimness with this line, but then you’re comparing it to something exaggeratedly severe. It’s a bit like handing her a compliment and then snatching it back with a hidden roast.

For the skinny girl, it might feel like a compliment that takes a sudden wrong turn, leaving her wondering if the praise was genuine or if she just got unintentionally roasted.

18. Do you pose for photos or use diet pills?

Assume that she couldn’t just have a fast metabolism or a healthy lifestyle. It’s as if you’re suggesting she can only be slim if you’re in the fashion industry or using drugs to stay that way.

  • “Are you a model or on a diet?”

19. You’re the skinny jeans queen!

This is a sneaky way of saying she’s so slim that she could run a company just for skinny jeans. Also, skinny jeans are tight and stylish, so you’re joking that she’s practically the inspiration for the most closed denim out there. 

  • “Did you invent skinny jeans? CEO vibes!”

20. You’re like a human spotlight–stealing the show with your sharp style!

You’re basically saying she’s like punctuation but in person – standing out and demanding attention.

This second part of this punchline suggests she’s not just noticed; she’s a bit sharp, maybe too edgy. It’s like saying her presence can be a bit uncomfortable.


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