20 Best Roasts for a Raiders Fan

Best Roasts for a Raiders Fan

I have combed through social media and forums to see the best sassy lines for roasting Raiders fans, and I can tell you there’s a lot. 

But if you really want to piss off a fan of the Oakland football club, it goes beyond saying Derek Carr looks like the type of guy who found his faith during a lengthy prison stint for a violent crime. (That’s a burn, by the way)

So here are twenty really unique punchlines that work anytime and any day for brutally roasting a Raider fan. These lines are sure to leave them with no hope of giving a comeback or rebuttal in the conversation. 

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List of 20 Best Roasts For a Raiders Fan

Many of the harsh comments against this team centre around them abandoning California. Still, there are other creative and witty ways to make a raider fan upset than talking about the relocation issue. 

Here are some of the best I’ve gathered: 

1. “Are you sure you’re a Raiders fan, or did you just lose a bet?”

Best Roasts for a Raiders Fan

Tell them their love for the team is so bizarre that the only reason they’d be a fan is if something went horribly wrong, like losing a bet. 

It’s not just a joke about the team; it’s a personal jab, making it seem like their dedication to the Raiders is a crazy and unlikely scenario.

  • “Are you really a Raiders fan, or did you accidentally pick the wrong team in a game of chance?”
  • “Do you genuinely support the Raiders, or did you end up cheering for them by mistake or something?”

2. “The Raiders are proof that commitment doesn’t always lead to success.”

This stings because Raiders fans have stuck with their team through all kinds of ups and downs – the good, the bad, and the ugly. 

They’ve been through tough losses and crazy controversies, but they’ve remained fiercely committed.

To suggest that commitment hasn’t translated into success is like saying their dedication hasn’t been worth it.

  • “Cheering for the Raiders is like a rollercoaster, but saying commitment doesn’t always lead to success is like telling us the ride wasn’t worth it!”
  • “Being a Raiders fan is a wild journey, and hearing ‘commitment doesn’t always mean success’ is like saying our loyalty is a letdown.”

3. “The ‘Commitment to Excellence’ motto has changed to consistently finishing last.”

Use this classic like to poke fun at the Raiders for always being at the bottom of the scoreboard. It’s basically a sly way of roasting them, suggesting that their team’s motto doesn’t quite match up with their performance. 

For a passionate Raider fan, it’s a playful insult that hits them right in the team spirit, making them a bit defensive and maybe a tad annoyed.

  • “Didn’t realise ‘Commitment to Excellence’ was code for consistent last-place finishes, huh?”
  • “So, ‘Commitment to Excellence’ is like a secret handshake for always finishing at the bottom, got it!”

4. “I’d call Raiders fandom a witness protection program”

Connect the team’s bold image to the idea of being in a secret club. It’s not meant to be taken seriously, just a witty way of saying, “Being a Raiders fan is like being part of an exclusive, undercover adventure.” 

So, if someone says this to a Raiders fan, they might get a good laugh out of it but also feel a bit teased about their choice of football allegiance.

  • “Are Raiders fans in a secret society or something?”

5. “Your team’s success is like a Vegas wedding – quick and regrettable.”

Tell them the Raiders’ achievements are not only short-lived but possibly something fans should feel wrong about. This comparison stings because Vegas weddings are often seen as impulsive and not lasting. 

So, for a Raiders fan, it’s like saying their team’s success is as shaky as a rushed Vegas wedding, and that’s not something they’d want to hear!

  • “Your team’s victories are like a fast-food meal – quick, satisfying briefly, but forgettable.”

6. “A game of musical chairs has more defence than what we see in the Raiders”

Ridicule Raiders’ historical struggle with their defensive game. The roast suggests that finding a good defence in the Raiders’ games is as tricky as finding the last chair in a game of musical chairs – kind of like your defence is always missing when you need it.

Raiders fans, known for their passion, might feel a bit teased, but it’s all in good humour; hoping for a defensive improvement in the next games. 

So, it’s like a friendly roast, but it stings a bit!

  • “The Raiders’ defence is like trying to find a parking spot in a crowded lot – nearly impossible!”

7. “Even the Grim Reaper feels bad for the Raiders’ playoff hopes.”

Best Roasts for a Raiders Fan

Tell them their playoff hopes are so bad that even Death himself is pitying them. The idea is that the Raiders’ struggle for a playoff spot is so brutal that even a mythical figure like the Grim Reaper can’t help but sympathise. 

It’s a playful way of saying, “Man, your team’s playoff chances are so low that even Death feels bad for them!”

  • “The Grim Reaper’s sending sympathy cards to the Raiders’ postseason hopes.”

8. “The only thing more inconsistent than the Raiders is their team relocation history.”

This roast implies that the Raiders haven’t been very reliable on the field, and on top of that, their history of moving from one city to another is as all over the place as a crazy rollercoaster ride.  

The comment brings up memories of the team leaving one city, coming back, and then leaving again. 

It’s a bit like saying their group can’t seem to make up its mind on where it wants to call home.

It stings, and no fan wants to hear that their team is inconsistent in more ways than one.

  • Being a Raiders fan is like chasing a ghost on a rollercoaster – unpredictable on the field and their cities? It’s a game of musical chairs!”

9. “What makes Raider’s defence and the screen door on a submarine similar? They’re both completely useless.”

A submarine is supposed to keep water out, right? Well, a screen door is full of holes, so it lets everything in. 

Now, think about the Raiders’ defence as that useless screen door. It’s like saying when the opposing team comes charging, your defence can’t stop them at all. 

They just walk right through, scoring points like it’s a walk in the park.

It’s a funny (but painful) way of pointing out that your defensive efforts are pretty much a lost cause. Ouch, indeed!

  • Imagine the Raiders’ defence as a broken umbrella in a rainstorm – utterly useless and unable to stop anything.

10. “I bet the Raiders’ playbook is just a list of excuses.”

Best Roasts for a Raiders Fan

Remind them that their team’s strategy is weak and they’re just making excuses for their performance. This kind of remark would likely annoy any Raiders fan because it questions the team’s integrity and skill. 

It’s like telling them their team is more about making excuses than scoring touchdowns, and that’s bound to ruffle some feathers in the passionate world of football fandom.

11. “The Raiders’ Super Bowl strategy: buying tickets to watch from the stands.”

Now, that’s not just a joke; it’s a punch to the gut for a Raiders fan

Saying they’d be in the stands instead of on the field is like saying they’re not good enough to compete.

So, imagine someone mocking your favourite team, implying they’re better off as spectators. It stings, right? That’s why that comment would seriously tick off a Raiders fan.

  •  “The Super Bowl plan for the Raiders: watching from the seats, not the field!”
  • “Guess the Raiders’ Super Bowl strategy – buying tickets to be fans, not players!” 

12. “Do the Raiders have a loyalty rewards program for enduring all those losses?”

Poke fun at the fact that their team hasn’t been doing well, and then suggest that being a fan is like being in a club where enduring disappointment gets you some sort of loyalty reward. 

It’s a lighthearted jab, but for a Raiders fan, it’s like teasing them for sticking with a team that’s had a tough time on the field. 

Be prepared for some banter or maybe a defensive comeback if you use it!


  • “Do Raiders fans get a medal for surviving all those tough seasons?”
  • “Wondering if being a Raiders fan comes with a badge of honour for enduring those losses.”


13. “Just Win… No, never mind.”


For Raiders fans, “Just Win, Baby” is their superhero slogan. It’s a saying they’re super proud of. 


So, when you mess with it and say, “Your team’s motto should be ‘Just Win… Nah, never mind,'” it’s like you’re teasing them, implying their team can’t really win. 

And trust me, that’s a surefire way to get a Raiders fan all riled up!

  • “Your motto should be ‘Always aim high… but, you know, no pressure.'”

14. “I didn’t know the Raiders had a fanbase – I thought it was just a support group for disappointment.”

Call them gluttons for punishment. Using this line is like saying their team is always disappointing, and their fans are just there to console each other about how bad the Raiders are.

You’re not just dissing the team; you’re dissing the entire Raiders fan lifestyle, which is all about passion, camaraderie, and a fearless attitude. 

  • “Did you know the Raiders had fans? I thought it was more like a support group for coping with disappointment.”

15. “Raiders fans have trust issues – can’t blame them, with that team’s track record.”

The Raiders have this reputation for keeping fans on an emotional roller coaster – one moment, they’re winning, and the next, they’re leaving a city. 

So, mentioning “trust issues” is a playful way of reminding them of the team’s unpredictable nature. 

It’s a relaxed humour roast line, but it’s likely to get a reaction because, deep down, every Raiders fan knows their team’s history is a wild ride!

  • “Your team’s as unpredictable as a plot twist – can’t guess what’s next!”

16. “Do you know even Vegas odds can’t predict the Raiders wins?”

This line stings so much not just about making fun of the team’s skills; it’s hitting the fans right in the pride they have for their Raiders. 

By using Vegas odds, you’re cleverly saying that not even luck is on their side. 

So, if you drop this line, expect some severe fan frustration because you’ve just told them their team is so unpredictable that even the city of bets can’t make sense of it. 

It’s a witty burn that hits them where it hurts.

  • “The Raiders are so bad, even Vegas is scratching its head trying to guess when they’ll win next.”
  • “The Raiders’ performance is like a mystery to Vegas odds-makers – they can’t pin down when the wins might happen, if at all.”

17. “Is ‘silver and black’ the colour scheme or the description of your team’s playoff chances?”

Use this sly comment on their team colours, silver and black. But then it takes a sharp turn, suggesting that these colours might be better suited to describe the gloomy outlook of their playoff chances. 

It’s a cheeky way of saying, “Let’s talk about how good your jerseys look because talking about playoffs is a downer.”

Drop this line, and you’re likely to get a reaction hotter than a desert day in Vegas!

  • “Are ‘silver and black’ your team colours, or did you use them to paint a picture of your playoff hopes disappearing?”
  • “Is ‘silver and black’ the dress code for your fans, or did you choose them to match the colour of your playoff dreams fading away?”

18. “Raiders are always on the go. They must be sponsored by a moving company”

Poke fun at that painful breakup. The mention of a moving company suggests the team can’t stay in one place, and it’s like rubbing salt in the wound of loyalty. 

The line paints the Raiders as a team that’s always searching for a home, and that hits fans right in the feels.

  • “Do the Raiders have a GPS sponsor? Seems like they can’t find a permanent spot!”
  • “Are the Raiders sponsored by a travel agency? They change locations more often than I change my socks!”

19. “I thought the Raiders were experts in heists, but they can’t seem to steal a win.”

Make fun of their whole tough and rebellious image. For a dedicated fan, this roast line stings because it’s not just about the game; it feels like a tease about the team’s identity. 

  • “I thought the Raiders were ninja-level at stealing wins, but lately, they’re more like sneezing burglars – can’t grab anything without making a mess!”

20. “Do the Raiders practice fumbling, or is it just a natural talent?”

Tell the fans that the Raiders are so bad at holding onto the football that you wonder if they actually practice dropping it on purpose. This not only insults the team’s skill but also implies that fumbling is something they’re naturally good at – not a compliment!

For Raiders fans, it’s a bit like saying, “Hey, your team is not just bad; they’re so bad that they must be practising how to mess up!” 

So, be ready for some severe defence of their team when you comment on that!

  • “Do the Raiders ever practice holding onto the ball, or is dropping it part of their game plan?”
  • “Is fumbling a special move the Raiders rehearse, or is it just a talent they’re born with?”

Are there any other roast punchlines for Raiders fans you think would make this list? Feel free to share them in the comment section below. 


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