20 Funny Roasts for the Royal Challenger Bangalore (RCB) Fans

Funny Roasts For The Royal Challenger Bangalore (RCB) Fans

Ever since the Royal Challengers Bangalore suffered their second-worst defeat in terms of runs in the IPL, courtesy of the Sunrisers Hyderabad at the Rajiv Gandhi International Stadium, RCB fans had known no rest. 

The Royal Challengers have never won the IPL, and if you are looking to roast fans of this cricket team, that’s an excellent place to pick ideas from. 

It works quickly because they sadly don’t have a lot to brag about.

They do hold some records, but they can always counter with the 0 trophies argument. But they’ve developed several witty comebacks for roast punchlines in that line. 

Here are some of the best unique, sassy roast lines for RCB fans that I’ve heard. And are sure to get those people angry but in a light-hearted way. 

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List of 20 Funny Roasts for the Royal Challenger Bangalore (RCB) Fans

1. “RCB’s strategy: Win the internet, lose the IPL trophy.”

Funny Roasts For The Royal Challenger Bangalore (RCB) Fans

Highlight the team’s reputation for being social media champs but struggling to bag the big cricket prize. It stings a bit because, as a fan, they want both – social media glory and that shiny championship cup.

If you want a roast that is not only banter but of reality check for your cricket-loving heart.

  • “RCB’s winning the internet game, but when it comes to the IPL, they’re on a coffee break.”
  • “RCB: Trending online, searching for the IPL trophy offline.”

2. “Are RCB players good at math? Because they always excel in chasing big numbers, just not on the scoreboard.”

Tell them RCB is better at doing math problems than winning cricket matches. It teases them for being great at pursuing high scores but not so great at winning the actual games.

For a devoted RCB fan, it’s a playful insult that hits home. It points out the team’s habit of playing well individually but struggling to win the big tournaments. 

  • “Hey RCB, you’re good at chasing big numbers in theory, but we’re still waiting to see those victories on the field!” 
  • “Do RCB stars ace math class? Seems like it, considering they chase big totals everywhere but on the scoreboard!”

3. “Your achievemnt shelf is dry.”

Tease them about their empty achievement shelf. For Royal Challengers Bangalore (RCB) fans, it’s a playful jab that points out their team hasn’t won as many championships as they’d like. 

The phrase brings up memories of close calls and missed opportunities.

It’s a way of saying that the trophy cabinet is getting dusty because it’s not being used much – there haven’t been many victories to celebrate. 

4. “What’s the RCB fan’s secret weapon? A ladder for reaching those high rankings!”

Tease them for being optimistic despite their team’s struggles. It implies that RCB fans need a ladder to climb up the rankings because their team hasn’t been doing so well in the Indian Premier League (IPL).

It’s a bit of a cheeky roast, implying they have to go to extremes, like bringing a ladder, to boost their team’s standing.

An RCB fan might chuckle at the joke but also feel a bit teased about their team’s performance.

  • “Why did the RCB fan bring a ladder to the game? To help their team climb the rankings!”

5. “RCB’s theme song should be ‘Close, but no cigar.'”

Point out that RCB often ends up being second best, consistently almost winning but never quite there. It’s not just making fun of the team; it’s like saying they’re good at getting close but not sealing the deal. 

For a fan, it’s a humorous yet somewhat painful reminder of those near misses. So, it’s a bit of a roast that might leave them laughing on the outside but feeling a twinge of frustration on the inside.

  • “Always the bridesmaid, never the bride.” 
  •  “So close, yet so far,” 

6. “Why did RCB players start a band? Great at hitting high notes, but no finishes.”

Touch on a common critique about the team’s consistency. In cricket, finishing a game strong is crucial. 

RCB is often criticized for playing well in parts but struggling to close out matches successfully.

So, it’s like saying the band can hit high notes all day, but when it comes to finishing the performance strongly, they seem to fumble.

  • “RCB players are like a musical group—great at hitting high notes but struggle to hit the right chords for a grand finale in matches!”
  • “Why did RCB form a band? Fantastic at those high cricketing notes, but when it comes to the final harmony, they seem to miss a beat!”

7. “RCB’s middle name is Consistency… Consistently Inconsistent.”

Funny Roasts For The Royal Challenger Bangalore (RCB) Fans

Tell them RCB has a unique talent for being unpredictable. It’s not a compliment but a cheeky way of pointing out that the team is a bit like a rollercoaster – you never know if they’ll win or lose. 

It’s a friendly roast, highlighting the team’s reputation for having thrilling matches with uncertain outcomes. 

8. “Why the calendar at the match? RCB fan’s suspenseful countdown to their last trophy – cricket drama in slow-motion!”

It suggests that RCB hasn’t won a championship in so long that a fan might need a calendar to keep track. 

The humor lies in the idea that RCB’s wait for a trophy has been quite a journey, and it cleverly pokes fun at the team’s history of coming close but not quite clinching the title.

  • “RCB fan brought a calendar to the match – counting trophy-less seasons like a cricket timeline!”

9. “RCB’s IPL plan: Chase dreams, not totals.”

Diss their team’s habit of often falling short when chasing big scores. This line taps into the frustration of RCB fans who’ve seen their team come close but not close enough.

  • “Daydream, not score runs.”
  • Your team’s strategy is more about chasing dreams than chasing runs

10. “RCB’s team motto: ‘We believe in second chances… and third, and fourth.'”

For fans who’ve endured heartbreaks and near misses, this motto playfully points out the team’s habit of falling short despite having big names and tons of support. 

It’s a humorous way of acknowledging the team’s persistent optimism despite a history of almost-there moments. 

So, it might make RCB fans chuckle, but at the same time, it stings a bit because it brings attention to the team’s ongoing quest for that elusive trophy.

  • “RCB’s motto: ‘We love comebacks… and comebacks to the comebacks.'”
  • “RCB’s motto: ‘Giving chances is our thing – second, third, and beyond.'”

11. “RCB players must love April Fools’ Day; it’s the only time they’re on top of the table.”

Comparing RCB’s success to April Fools’ Day is a cheeky way of saying that their time leading the table is as rare as the pranks people play on April 1st. 

It’s a gentle dig at the team’s inconsistency, suggesting that being on top is a bit like a one-day wonder.

  • “RCB’s table-topping moments are as rare as catching a shooting star – blink, and you might miss it!”
  • “RCB at the top of the table is like finding a four-leaf clover on April Fools’ Day – everyone hopes for it, but it’s a once-in-a-blue-moon

12. “If RCB was a class in school, they’d be attendance toppers but fail in every exam.”

For RCB fans, it’s like saying, “Hey, your team is great at being present, but when it comes to playing and winning, not so much.” It’s a playful roast, acknowledging their enthusiasm but poking fun at their performance on the cricket field. 

You can use this line as a witty way of saying RCB excels in showing up but struggles when it matters most – in the matches.

  • “If RCB were students, they’d win the award for showing up every day but might need some extra help when it’s test time.”
  • “Imagine RCB as classmates – they’d never miss a class, but when exams roll around, it’s like their cricket knowledge takes a coffee break.”

13. “RCB’s favorite app: Google Maps, always searching for the trophy.”

Compare them to a Google Map. The comparison to Google Maps implies that they are always on a journey, trying to find success, but somehow never reaching their destination – in this case, lifting the IPL trophy.

For an RCB fan, this playful dig might annoy a bit because it touches on their team’s history of coming close to winning but falling short. 

  • “RCB’s trophy hunt is like using Google Maps – always on the journey but never quite reaching the destination.”
  • “RCB and trophies, a saga told by Google Maps – the search continues, but the victory point remains elusive.”

14. RCB’s game strategy: Nailing ‘Likes,’ not nailing victories. More Twitter famous than cricket famous!

Tell them RCB is more interested in getting attention on social media. For a passionate RCB fan, this is like a playful insult. It suggests that their team is better at being noticed online than winning matches. 

It’s similar to telling a soccer player to concentrate on taking fantastic photos for Instagram instead of scoring goals. So, it’s a lighthearted roast that might sting a bit for an RCB supporter!

  • RCB’s playbook: Click ‘Like,’ not hit winning runs. Social media champs, not cricket kings!

15. “If RCB were a restaurant, their specialty would be ‘close, but not close enough’ cuisine.”

Compare them to a shabby restaurant. This comparison feels like a playful yet painful jab. It’s not just a roast; it’s like saying their team is consistently good at getting near the trophy but never actually winning it. 

The humor adds a bit of infuriation, making them reconsider their loyalty to a restaurant that serves up the dish of “almost-wins” too often.

16. “Being an RCB fan is like having superhero powers – enduring years of anticipation, hoping for that epic victory!”

Tell them RCB fans are super patient, almost like superheroes, because they’ve been waiting forever for their team to win. 

With this line, you imply that RCB fans have superhero-level patience, enduring the team’s near misses and still hoping for that big win. It’s a light-hearted roast.

  • “RCB fans are like cricket superheroes, patiently waiting for their team to hit a winning six someday!”

17. “RCB’s team meetings must be like support groups for near misses.”

Instead of talking about winning strategies in their team meetings, RCB players are consoling each other for coming really close to winning but not quite making it. 

Even though that’s not true, making this allegation is a roast in itself. It’s a clever yet somewhat hurtful comment because it brings attention to the team’s history of getting close to winning but falling short.

  • “If RCB’s meetings had a motto, it’d be ‘So Close Yet So Far.’ They’ve mastered the art of almost winning.”

18. “RCB’s logo should be a question mark – always wondering when the trophy is coming home.”

Funny Roasts For The Royal Challenger Bangalore (RCB) Fans

Tease RCB for not clinching the IPL trophy despite being a solid team.

The remark implies that RCB is always left wondering when they’ll bring home the coveted trophy, creating a mix of humor and a little roast at the team’s history of coming close but falling short.

  •  “RCB’s logo? A question mark, always asking when that IPL trophy is finally coming home!” It’s

19. “They should rename the team to ‘Almost Winners.’ It’s more accurate.”

Yab RCB fans about this pattern of almost winning but not quite getting there. It hits fans in the feels because it points out the history of near-misses and the frustration of always being so close to victory. 

The suggestion of changing the name adds an extra layer, implying that the team has mastered the art of being “almost there,” which no fan wants to hear. 

  • “Maybe RCB should be ‘Almost Victorious’ – they’ve made an art of being seconds away from glory!”

20. “If RCB were a bank, their interest rates would be like finding a needle in a haystack – nearly impossible, just like their chances of winning the IPL!”

Compare RCB to a bank with meager interest rates. The twist is that it’s not about money but about RCB’s likelihood of winning the IPL championship. 

It cheekily blends cricket and finance, making it a funny but quite stinging joke about RCB’s struggles in the IPL.

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