20 Funny Ways to Roast Someone in Middle School

Some very good roasts for someone in middle school, include attacking their sense of humor, their dress, and their grades.

Some good examples include: “Sometimes I wonder how you move with such a load on your neck,” “Your brain is too full of books to get a simple joke,” and  “Whoops! I would’ve loved to engage you, but your outfit is screaming crazy!”

However, while the intention is to have fun, you’ll have to be careful with extremely sensitive children, and also ensure you’re in the right atmosphere and your tone is playful.

Here are 20 Funny Ways to Roasts Someone in Middle School

  1. Make fun of their head
  2. Attack their height
  3. Talk about their grade
  4. Make humor out of their lack of humor
  5. Tease them about their favorite subject
  6. Joke about them being a nerd
  7. Make fun of them for being your junior
  8. What’s their dress like?
  9. Do they always come late?
  10. Have they got a crush?
  11. Do a direct funny comparison
  12. You’ve got something if they talk a lot
  13. If they wear glasses, say something
  14. Tease them about their look
  15. Laugh about them being a crybaby
  16. Tell them you didn’t ask for their opinion
  17. Let them know their absence gives you joy
  18. Tease them about their walking step
  19. Let them know you’re smarter as their junior

Make Fun of Their Head

How to Roast Someone in Middle School

One of the funny ways to roast kids in middle school is to call out their heads. This is a very smooth way to start a roast battle.

This old comeback will get you both in the spirit of a playful banter.

Moreover, there are many angles to this funny insult. You can talk about the size or the shape, or be creative with some good comebacks.

Here are some examples of funny roasts for someone in middle school using their head:

  • I would have loved you in my picture, but that tank on your neck won’t fit
  • Have you looked at your head in the mirror recently? It reminds me of an amoeba
  • Sometimes I wonder how you move with such a load on the neck

Attack Their Height

Is your target short or too tall? This is a perfect way to roast them to hell. This iconic comeback can either make them speechless or get them ready to battle you all day.

Being in middle school and being one of the shortest can draw so much attention to you. And if your victim is on the short side, you’ve got a lot to say.

However, if they’re one of the tallest, they might think they’ve escaped a good roast. But, you can creatively put them on the line with a smart comeback.

Conversely, don’t forget it’s all for fun, don’t get too serious if they’re sensitive.

Here are some examples of funny roasts for someone in middle school by attacking their height:

  • I would have thought you’d have a brain as tall as you
  • I’m sorry I can’t see you
  • Well, since you’re closer to the ground, you should keep quiet

Talk About their Grade

Another perfect way to roast kids at middle school is to talk about their grades. However, you’ve to be careful on this one, as it can hurt deeply if they’re not doing well.

But, you can use this attack if you’re both bright students. Tease them about being smarter and get them ready to struggle with you on this one.

Moreover, it’s a clever way to get their attention, as some intelligent students love to compete. So, if they’re the competitive type, try this one-liner with them.

Here are some examples of funny roasts for someone in middle school using their grades:

  • Having all A grades doesn’t make you smarter than me
  • Intelligent people don’t talk too much
  • You think you’re bright, but that’s only in school

Make Humor Out of Their Lack of Humor

Have you ever met someone with absolutely no sense of humor? These kinds of people will make you wish you’d never engaged with them.

If your middle school friend doesn’t know how to catch a joke, this is the perfect opportunity to roast them for that. This insult will take them off guard with nothing left for them to stay.

Also, this comeback will cause a laugh amongst others. So, make sure you roast them with others present to witness it.

Here are some examples:

  • Look at you all sharp and nerdy, yet you can’t catch a joke
  • If you want to laugh, just look at Luke’s no-smiling face
  • I pity your facial muscles, I’m sure they’re crying for always being so tight

Tease Them About Their Favorite Subject

Does your target have a favorite subject? Then, you’ve got something to tease them about. This liner is another way to get a middle school kid miffed, as they wouldn’t see this one coming.

Moreover, this classic line is another great way to tease a nerd. Get into the roast duel by comparing their school life with their social life.

Here are some examples:

  • One would think that as a mathematician, you should be able to tell how many are crushing on your crush
  • How would you finish a jar of butter on that bread and you claim to love economics

Joke About Them Being a Nerd

If your target is a nerd, you’ve got another classic liner on your hands. While some students love to be recognized as the top in the class, not all of them love to be teased about being a nerd.

So, this line is an excellent way to get at a  middle school kid who’s a bookworm. However, ensure you’re in a playful atmosphere.

Here are some examples jokes to roast someone in middle school by using nerd:

  • Your brain is too full of books to get a simple joke
  • If I get you some books, will you leave?
  • You keep reading and you’ll end up alone

Make Fun of Them for Being Your Junior

Another way to get at a middle school kid is to tease them about being your junior.

This roast line can work if you’re older than them in age and you’re in the same class or if you’re older than them in class.

It’s a perfect way to remind them of their place as your junior in a playful way.

Remember, it’s all for fun, so be careful not to appear too commanding. If they’re your friends, you’ve got no issues in roasting them well with this line.

Here are some examples:

  • We might be in the same class, but remember this world welcomed me first
  • Shh! You shouldn’t talk when adults are talking

What’s Their Dressing Like?

Another way to get at a middle school kid is to attack their dressing sense. It’s a fun way to get them ready for battle.

Whether they dress smart or not, call out their sense of fashion to get them even laughing at themselves. And if they’re some kind of bully, you can get hard on them with this line.

Get some creative liners that’ll make them wish they’d never cross your path.

Here are some classic lines to try:

  • Whoops! I would’ve loved to engage you, but your outfit is screaming crazy!
  • You walk with so much confidence, which is great. But you should seek some opinion before leaving your house in such an outfit
  • You’re not only bad at treating people, but you’re also as bad at your dress sense

Do They Always Come Late?

How to Roast Someone in Middle School

If your target is a latecomer, you’ve got another thing you can roast them with. This iconic liner should get them laughing and also get them to wake up early the next day.

It’s a hilarious way to help them change their lifestyle. Ensure you roast them without mercy. Remember you want them to be cautious not to attack their alarm the next day.

Here are some examples:

  • If only you’d stop attacking me the way you attack your alarm every morning, we’d have something to talk about
  • How I wish you’d remember to come early tomorrow, but you prefer to snore till 7:00 am
  • Oh no! Even the bell doesn’t respect you too

Have They Got a Crush?

You can get at a middle school kid by making fun of them having a crush. There are different ways to get creative with this roast line.

You can tease them about having a crush at their age, or make fun of reporting to their parents.

Here are some examples:

  • Why don’t we go tell your crush that you’re crying because Mum didn’t put your favorite snack
  • We could let Dad know you’re old enough to start washing the toilet since you’re old enough to have a crush
  • Have you seen Toby’s crush? I’m sure she stole his brains instead of his heart

Do a Direct Funny Comparison

There are various ways you can get this line very creative and funny. You can compare them with something hilarious and weird to get a good laugh.

Also, think about what they dislike and get them in the same sentence for a perfect attack.

Here are some examples:

  • Have you seen your head? They look like 10 liters of gallon
  • You should be afraid that your face makes onions cry
  • I don’t mean to sound mean, but my iron is way hotter than you

You’ve Got Something if They Talk a Lot

Another way to roast someone in middle school is if they’re a chatterbox.

People who talk too much are almost everywhere, whether it concerns them or not. So, this is a perfect way to make them wish they didn’t cross your path.

Here are some classic lines to try:

  • You’re like a chatterbox with no batteries
  • I hold my breath when you stop talking for a moment because I expect you to fall and die
  • Even my dog doesn’t bark as much as you do

If They Wear Glasses, You’ve Got Something to Say

Another way to get at a middle school kid is to tease them about their glasses.

This is a perfect one-liner if they wear glasses. However, be careful with your tone, as not everyone likes to be teased in this manner.

So, choose your roast partner carefully, and give them a classic roasting in this line that’d shake them.

  • You should change your glasses before talking to me
  • I’m sure you’ll think better when you take those glasses off
  • Are those glasses meant for your eyes? I’m sure they’re meant for your brains

Tease Them About Their Look

You can get a middle school kid crying when you make fun of their look.

For a perfect roasting, use this comeback liner for a great laugh. Compare them with something funny, that should make them too stunned to give a comeback.

Here are some examples:

  • Have you seen yourself? You’ll prefer a goat after you look into the mirror
  • I wish I could take you with me, but your face will scare all the children at the party
  • Please stay at home and worry about why you look the way you look

How to Roast Someone in Middle School

Laugh About Them Being a CryBaby

If your target is a crybaby, then you’ve got a perfect way to roast them to hell. These hilarious insults should get everyone laughing.

One thing about children nearing adolescence, especially those in middle school, is that they like to act like adults. So, this is a perfect way to make fun of them in front of their friends or crush.

Especially, if they’re the type who act big and all grown up, bring out their little secret in public, and be prepared for a roast duel.

Here are some classic lines to try:

  • I would have taken you seriously if I didn’t see you crying over a bite of doughnut with your sister
  • I hope you still wear diapers for when your tears wet your shorts

Tell Them You Didn’t Ask for Their Opinion

This line is a perfect way to roast a kid when they talk without you asking.

One thing about people who talk a lot is that they often lend their opinion even when they’re not asked for it. And it can be annoying when they do so all the time.

So, give them this classic comeback to shut them up in a playful roast battle.

Here are some examples:

  • After you’re done poke-nosing, don’t forget to leave with your nose
  • Who even cares about what you think when you stink
  • I suggest you get a life and stop being in everyone’s

Let Them Know Their Absence Gives You Joy

Let someone in middle school know that you’re happy when they’re not with you for a perfect roasting that’ll send them to hell and back.

Moreover, by using this line on them, it’s a  smart way to get them to stop disturbing you.

Here are some examples:

  • Have you seen the clouds lately? The way the sun shines when it disappears, it’s the way I shine when you disappear
  • Your presence suffocates even my cat

Tease Them About Their Walking Step

Another way you can get at someone at middle school is by teasing them about how they walk.

Give a witty comparison that’ll get everyone laughing.

Here are some examples:

  • You should watch your steps before coming for me. You’re likely to trip on your way here
  • Should I come after you, I’m afraid you’ll fall
  • The same way you didn’t learn how to talk is the same way you didn’t learn how to walk

Let Them Know You’re Smarter as Their Junior

If you’re their junior, give them something to worry about with a classic comeback.

Let them know being their junior doesn’t stop you from being a king of roast. Tease them lightly about their age to get some real laughs.

Here are some examples:

  • Oops! I thought you’d know this as my senior
  • You might be older, but at least I’m prettier

What’s Their Favorite Food?

Another classic way to create some good roast is by checking out their lists of favorite foods.

Get a classic comeback that’ll cause some real laughs.

Here are some examples:

  • If only you look half as pretty as the salad you bring every day
  • Ice creams may be good for you, but you’re not good for us

End Note

There’s no harm in engaging in funny banters with friends once in a while. While in middle and high school, it was quite common among my friends. And it was a great way to ease tension and to have fun.

So, a few funny roasts here and there are cool for your friends and people you hang out with in school and at home. It’s a fun way to engage with them and have a really good time.

To enjoy a great and hilarious roast battle, ensure you choose your partner carefully and create the right atmosphere. You wouldn’t want anyone leaving hurt at the end of the day.

Be sure to avoid sensitive topics that they can’t change about themselves. The above is a good place to start.

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