20 Funny Roasts for Someone Who Plays Fortnite

How to Roast Someone Who Plays Fortnite

Gamers get in here.

For the first time ever, let’s roast a lover and player of the Fortnite game.

Fortnight was an online game that came out in 2017. It’s all about survival where players slug it out.

It doesn’t matter if you love this game or not. When it comes to the roast, funny roasts, that is, there doesn’t have to be a reason. Oh, we could just want to have fun. That’s right.

In this article, you’d be presented with surefire funny roasts with puns and one-liners. Dig in.

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1. Why did the Fortnite player bring a ladder to the game?

This roast is for occasions outside of the gaming environment. What’s important is, we all know this dude plays Fortnite.

For this particular roast, reference is made to the ladder system that was added to the game in 2018. It helps the player go up in rank, sort of.

This roast says this dude now goes everywhere with this ladder, even to other games.

See ways to use this roast:

  • He’s a Fortnite player. He’s got a ladder around somewhere for this game.
  • (Referring to an imaginary ladder) Who brought a ladder to the football games? Oh, yeah, there’s a Fortnite player here.

2. What’s a Fortnite player’s favorite dance move? The Victory Royale Shuffle!

This is a play on the victory royale in the game, Fortnite. It is a banner that appears at the top of the screen when the last opponent has been eliminated.

It is supposed to be an epic moment for a Fortnite player. Actually all games have their victory moments. Think of Ronaldo jumping in the air to deliver his iconic victory vibe.

This roast says, for a Fortnite player, he celebrates with a shuffle, a dance, the victory royale shuffle. And that’s a dance he’ll even do in the club. It’s that bad for a Fortnite player. Lol.

See ways to use this roast:

  • (His girlfriend at the club) Barry, please. Let’s have a proper dance. Not the victory royale shuffle.
  • Barry, what kind of dance is that? The victory royale shuffle?

3. Why did the tomato refuse to play Fortnite? It couldn’t ketchup with the competition!

Things are turned on their heads with this roast. It is a roast of a Fortnite player only. The only thing is, it is directed at those who don’t want to join the game.

This one provides some respite for the clan of gamers, a breathing space that doesn’t last. A roast is a roast. Competition is tough even among Fortnite players.

There’s a play on the word ketchup and a curious introduction of the tomato entity, an embodiment of the reason why you should probably not play Fortnite. And here’s where the player is roasted.

See ways to use this roast:

  • I don’t want to have anything to do with Fortnite players. I can’t ketchup with the competition.
  • What’s up, Fortnite player? Game fatigue? Can’t ketchup with the competition?

4. Where does a Fortnite player keep his money? In his battle bank.

The battle box is a package that contains weapons and materials for building in the Fortnite game. In this roast, the play is on the word bank.

The roast says the Fortnite player is so attached to his virtual battle box that it’s like his bank now. He just might be keeping his real money there along with his virtual loot.

See ways to use this roast:

  • Barry’s money has been in his battle bank since he started playing Fortnite.
  • Barry’s got a battle bank, not a bank account. He plays Fortnite.

5. Why did the scarecrow become a Fortnite pro? It was outstanding in its field!

There’s a soccer field in the Fortnite game. And that’s where the inspiration for this roast comes from. Use this roast as part of your routine, not just a one-off.

This funny roast works best for a stage thing, or for parties where you’re hosting. Especially a hangout for gamers. Before using this roast, begin with some layering for context.

  • You have an outstanding scarecrow (Fortnite player). He’s a Fortnite pro.
  • The scarecrow is a Fortnite pro, just standing there in the field. Outstanding in its own field.

6. What’s a pirate’s favorite weapon? The ARRRR!

The Fortnite game has an AR weapon too. That’s an Assault Rifle. Do you see the pun yet? This roast is easy to deliver: remember Johnny Depp’s Jack Sparrow in the Pirates of The Caribbean.

This roast would be even funnier and better if the subject matter was about pirates, and it’s a gathering of gamers who play Fortnite.

See ways to use this roast:

  • If Barry (Fortnite player) was a pirate, his favorite weapon would be, arrrrr!
  • Barry as a pirate: his favorite weapon is, arrrrr!

How to Roast Someone Who Plays Fortnite

7. How do you make a Fortnite player laugh on a Saturday? Tell them a joke on a weekday.

This roast is a play on words. It suggests that Fortnite players are so dedicated to playing the game that they wouldn’t find a joke amusing on the day they commonly reserve for playing Fortnite, which is Saturday.

The humor lies in the idea that Saturdays are sacred for Fortnite enthusiasts, and any attempt to make them laugh with a joke on that day would be unsuccessful because their minds are focused on gaming.

See ways to use this roast:

  • Barry (Fortnite player) hardly laughs? Try weekdays.
  • If you’re having a hard time getting Barry (Fortnite player) to laugh, it’s because you’re trying on Saturday.

8. Why did the default skin start a band? It wanted to hit the notes and the Victory Royale!

This roast plays on the idea that a default skin in Fortnite is a basic, standard character appearance that players start with.

The joke suggests that the default skin wanted to start a band to hit the notes, referring to playing music, and hit the Victory Royale, connecting it to achieving success in the game.

It combines the musical concept of hitting notes with the gaming concept of achieving a Victory Royale for humor.

  • Guess what the default skin did today? Started a band because it wanted to hit the notes and the Victory Royale!
  • I heard that default skin in Fortnite did something interesting lately. Yeah, it started a band! Apparently, it wanted to hit the notes and the Victory Royale. Talk about a musical gaming adventure!

9. What do you call a chicken playing Fortnite? A cluckin’ good gamer!

This joke is a play on words. It combines the sound a chicken makes (“cluck”) with the phrase a cluckin’ good gamer, mimicking the colloquial expression a darn good gamer.

The humor lies in the pun, suggesting that the chicken is not just any gamer but a cluckin (good) one, adding a playful and light-hearted touch by blending gaming terminology with the sound associated with chickens.

  • Meet our new feathered Fortnite prodigy! A cluckin’ good gamer who knows how to rule the coop and the Battle Royale!
  • Did you see that chicken playing Fortnite? Oh yeah, the cluckin’ good gamer! It’s got some serious skills – who knew chickens were so competitive in Battle Royale?

How to Roast Someone Who Plays Fortnite

10. Why don’t Fortnite characters ever get cold? They always land in Tilted Towers!

This roast plays on the idea that Fortnite characters, despite being exposed to various weather conditions in the game, never get cold.

The humor lies in the wordplay with Tilted Towers, which is a location in the game.

The suggestion is that these characters avoid getting cold because they always land (start the game) in Tilted Towers, implying that Tilted Towers is a metaphorical warm or hot place in the game, possibly due to the intense action and competition that occurs there.

See ways to use this roast:

  • Why Fortnite Characters Never Need Jackets! Because they always land in Tilted Towers, where the action is so intense, it keeps them warm even in the storm!
  • Have you ever wondered why Fortnite characters don’t freeze in the game? Yeah, it’s because they always land in Tilted Towers – the hottest spot in the map! Keeps them toasty, even in the virtual cold!

11. What’s a ninja’s favorite landing spot in Fortnite? Tilted Towers – because they always land on their feet!

This roast combines the idea of a ninja, known for agility and stealth, with a popular location in Fortnite called Tilted Towers.

The humor lies in the play on words with land on their feet, which is a common saying associated with cats, suggesting that ninjas always land safely and gracefully, just like a cat does.

The choice of Tilted Towers adds a humorous twist, implying that even in a fast-paced game like Fortnite, ninjas maintain their composure and agility by landing in this specific location.

See ways to use this roast:

  • Tilted Towers is my ninja landing spot! Always landing on my feet like a true Fortnite ninja!
  • I need a secret landing spot in Fortnite. Try Tilted Towers – it’s the ninja’s choice! Land there, and you’ll always be on your feet, ready for action

How to Roast Someone Who Plays Fortnite

12. Why did the Fortnite player bring a pen to the game? To draw up their own strategy!

This joke plays on the double meaning of draw. In the context of Fortnite, drawing up typically refers to sketching or planning a strategy.

However, the roast adds a humorous twist by suggesting that the Fortnite player brought a pen (an instrument for drawing) to the game not just to sketch plans but also to draw up their own strategy, combining both interpretations for a playful punchline.

See ways to use this roast:

  • Forget the battle bus, I’ve got my trusty pen! Ready to drop in and draw up my own victory strategy in Fortnite! Who needs a map?
  • Why do you always have a pen with you when you play Fortnite? Gotta be prepared to draw up my own strategy on the fly! Pens are mightier than swords in Tilted Towers!

13. How does a Fortnite player apologize? They say, Sorry for the friendly fire, it was accidental looting!

This joke humorously combines two common terms in Fortnite: friendly fire and looting. In the context of the game, friendly fire refers to accidentally damaging or eliminating a teammate, and looting involves collecting items from the game environment.

The roast suggests that when a Fortnite player accidentally harms a teammate, they apologize by attributing it to accidental looting, blending these terms for a playful and light-hearted excuse.

See ways to use this roast:

  • Ever accidentally eliminated a teammate? Just tell them, Sorry for the friendly fire, it was accidental looting! Works like a charm. Share your accidental looting stories below!
  • My bad, I didn’t mean to shoot you! No worries, accidental looting strikes again! Just watch your crossfire next time!

14. What do you call a llama on the dance floor? A loot llama boogie!

This funny roast combines the term loot llama, which is a supply llama in Fortnite that contains valuable items, with the idea of dancing on the floor.

The humor lies in the play on words with loot llama boogie, suggesting that the llama is not just dancing but doing a specific dance style called the boogie while being associated with valuable loot.

It adds a lighthearted and playful touch by imagining a llama engaging in a dance party on the Fortnite dance floor.

See ways to use this roast:

  • Just found a loot llama on the dance floor in Fortnite! Time for a loot llama boogie, the llama’s got the moves!
  • Guess what I saw in Fortnite today? A llama on the dance floor? Did it break out into a loot llama boogie? That llama knows how to party!

15. Why did the tomato turn red during a Fortnite match? It saw the salad dressing!

This roast is a play on the concept of a tomato turning red, which can happen when it’s ripe or embarrassed.

In this context, the humor lies in the pun with saw the salad dressing. Instead of the expected reason for blushing, the roast suggests that the tomato turned red because it saw the salad dressing, playing on the dual meaning of dressing as both a topping for salads and the act of getting dressed.

The unexpected punchline adds a humorous twist to the tomato’s change in color during a Fortnite match.

See ways to use this roast:

  • When even the tomatoes in Fortnite get embarrassed! Just found out they saw the salad dressing!
  • Why does the tomato in Fortnite turn red? Oh, it saw the salad dressing. Even veggies get shy during the Battle Royale runway show!

16. What’s a Fortnite player’s favorite school subject? Battle Geometry!

How to Roast Someone Who Plays Fortnite

This roast is a play on words, combining the term Battle Royale, which is a popular mode in Fortnite, with the academic subject Geometry.

The humor lies in the pun with Battle Geometry, suggesting that a Fortnite player’s favorite school subject is a fictional combination of the game’s intense battles and academic discipline.

It adds a playful and lighthearted touch by imagining a subject that merges the excitement of Fortnite with the structured study of geometry.

See ways to use this roast:

  • Just aced my Battle Geometry class in Fortnite! Who knew calculating angles could be so crucial in a Victory Royale?
  • What’s your favorite school subject? Definitely Battle Geometry! You know, the art of finding the perfect angle for that snipe shot in Fortnite. It’s a gamer’s secret weapon!

17. Why was the computer cold during a Fortnite marathon? It left its Windows open!

This joke plays on the term Windows, which can refer to both the operating system on a computer and physical windows that allow air to pass through.

The humor lies in the play on words with “left its Windows open,” suggesting that the computer was physically cold during a Fortnite marathon because it left its “Windows” (the openings on the computer or perhaps the operating system) open, allowing cold air to come in.

The roast cleverly combines computer-related terminology with a common expression about feeling cold to create a light-hearted and punny statement.

See ways to use this roast:

  • Ever wonder why your computer feels cold during a Fortnite binge? It might have left its Windows open! Check out our tech humor for a laugh and a warm-up.
  • My computer was freezing during that long Fortnite session last night. Ah, classic mistake! You left your Windows open. Always remember to keep them closed for a toasty gaming experience!

18. What’s a burger’s favorite Fortnite emote? The Royale with Cheese dance!

This roast joke is a play on the term Royale with Cheese, which is a reference to a famous line from the movie Pulp Fiction. In Fortnite, an emote is a character animation that players can perform.

The humor lies in combining the movie reference with a Fortnite context, suggesting that a burger’s (food item) favorite emote in the game would be the Royale with Cheese dance.

The joke adds a playful twist by anthropomorphizing the burger and attributing a dance preference to it in the world of Fortnite.

See ways to use this roast:

  • Burger’s Choice: The Royale with Cheese Dance! Join me for some tasty moves in Fortnite!
  • What’s your favorite Fortnite emote? Gotta go with the Royale with Cheese dance! Even burgers know how to bust a move in the Battle Royale!

19. Why did the Fortnite player become an architect? They wanted to build more than just wins!

This funny roast plays on the dual meaning of build in the context of Fortnite. In the game, players can construct structures using building materials.

The humor lies in the play on words with “build more than just wins,” suggesting that the Fortnite player decided to become an architect not only to construct structures in the game but also to achieve success and accomplishments beyond just winning matches.

It adds a lighthearted twist by connecting the in-game building mechanics with a broader sense of accomplishment and creativity.

  • From Victory Royales to virtual skyscrapers! Embracing my inner architect in Fortnite – because sometimes you’ve got to build more than just wins!
  • Why did you start building so many structures in Fortnite? Decided to become an architect in-game! Gotta build more than just wins, you know? A tower of accomplishments and victory dances!

20. How does a Fortnite player stay cool under pressure? They always land in Frosty Flights!

This roast combines the idea of staying cool under pressure with a location in Fortnite called Frosty Flights.

The humor lies in the play on words with “stay cool under pressure,” suggesting that a Fortnite player stays calm and composed during intense moments in the game by consistently choosing to land in Frosty Flights.

The choice of location adds a playful twist, implying that landing in a place with “frosty” in its name helps the player keep their cool even in the heat of the game.

  • Chill vibes only! Staying cool under pressure with every landing in Frosty Flights. Join me for some icy victories!

In conclusion, exploring the humorous side of Fortnite culture through funny roasts not only adds a touch of levity to the gaming community but also highlights the shared experiences, quirks, and inside jokes that resonate among players.

Whether it’s puns about landing spots, building strategies, or unexpected in-game scenarios, these roasts create a sense of camaraderie among Fortnite enthusiasts.

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