20 Funny Roasts for Someone on Snapchat

Funny Roasts for Someone on Snapchat

Snapchat, the ephemeral messaging app, is not just for sending disappearing photos and videos – it’s also a platform for sharing laughs. 

Inject some humor into your snaps with these 10 funny roasts that are sure to make your friends crack a smile.

Dig in. 

20 Funny Roasts for Someone on Snapchat

1. Why did the forgetful ghost join Snapchat?

This roast plays on the idea of a forgetful ghost, adding a lighthearted twist to the supernatural. The play is on the idea of disappearing messages.

Ghosts are known for being invisible. Also, memories are known to leave our memories after a period of time. This also references the Snapchat logo. 

  • Why did the forgetful ghost join Snapchat? Because he heard the pictures disappear, just like his memory!


  • Send a snap of yourself looking puzzled with the caption, When the ghost forgets why he haunted this place.

2. The WiFi Password

If you have your neighbors on your Snapchat, this roast is for them at the next cookout.

Everyone can relate to the frustration of forgetting a WiFi password, making this a relatable and humorous choice.

This roast highlights the confusion that can come from password debacles. 

  • Snap a pic of your pet and caption it, My cat asked for the WiFi password. I told her it’s on the back of the router – now she won’t stop looking!


  • Share a snap of yourself holding a written note saying, Changed my WiFi password to ‘incorrect.’ Now all my neighbors have been asking for the password!

3. The Autocorrect Blunder

 Funny Roasts for Someone on Snapchat

If you’re fast at typing on Snapchat, you can relate to the fun in this roast.

Autocorrect mishaps are a common source of amusement. Use this joke to playfully blame the person’s phone for typos. 

  • Share a snap with a typo and write, When your phone thinks it’s funnier than you. Thanks, autocorrect!


  • Send a snap of a hilariously autocorrected message with the caption, Me trying to type ‘weekend plans’ but my phone suggests ‘wedding llamas.

4. The Selfie Expert

This roast targets the selfie freaks on your Snapchat. Take a screenshot of their snap and use any of the captions below.

This joke pokes fun at the obsession with taking perfect selfies, adding a playful exaggeration to it. 

  • Share a snap with a silly selfie and write, Just got a degree in selfieology. Accepting clients for impromptu photoshoots!


  • Snap a pic with an over-the-top filter and caption it, When you accidentally become a professional selfie taker. Rates start at one snack per pic.

5. The Punny Pun

And for the pun artists on your Snapchat, this roast is designed to get everyone’s attention. To set it off, you have to take a screenshot.

Puns are a classic and light-hearted way to add humor to your snaps. Anyone can do this, all you need is a picture that inspires the pun artists on you. 

  • Share a snap of a punny visual (e.g., a picture of a broken pencil) and caption it, I’m so broke, even my pencils are in pieces.


  • Snap a photo of a loaf of bread with sunglasses and write, This bread is so cool – it’s in loaf mode.

6. The Dance Challenge Excuse

Roast the social media challenge freaks on Snapchat. Connect with the popular trend of dance challenges on social media by using this joke as a humorous excuse.

There are numerous pictures of people getting challenges wrong. Maybe this person you want to roast is one of them. 

  • Share a snap of someone attempting a dance move and write, Just joined a dance challenge. Warning: may cause laughter instead of dance.


  • Send a snap of someone standing still with the caption, Participating in the ‘Invisible Dance Challenge.’ I’m killing it!

7. The Weather Report

 Funny Roasts for Someone on Snapchat

In this roast, you’re the weatherman. Find photos of the person you want to roast follow the instructions in the examples below.

Turn mundane weather updates into a source of amusement with this joke.

  • Share a snap of a sunny day with the person  in it and write, Breaking news: The sun is out, and so am I. Coincidence? I think not!


  • Snap a pic of rainy weather with the person in it and caption it, My umbrella said, ‘Good luck.’ Guess I’ll just float to work today.

8. The not-so-haut cuisine.

Do you have a Snapchat folk who posts about food all the time? Here’s your opportunity to roast them. All you need is a screenshot of their food photo. 

We’ve all had kitchen mishaps, making this joke relatable to anyone who has attempted cooking. We never get to share their food with them. We can share a roast

  • Share a snap of someone’s burnt dish and write, Tried a new recipe. Nailed it, if ‘it’ is the kitchen wall.


  • Snap a pic of someone’s culinary disaster and caption it, Chef’s special: Not-so-haute cuisine. Bon appétit!

9. The Pet Conspiracy

 Funny Roasts for Someone on Snapchat

This roast adds a humorous twist to the idea that pets might be plotting something when we’re not looking. And they probably are.

You’ve seen those videos on Snapchat with dogs and cats that look too suspicious to not be dangerous. 

  • Share a snap of the person’s pet acting innocent and write, I think my cat is plotting world domination. Or maybe just where to nap next.


  • Snap a pic of someone’s dog with a mischievous expression and caption it, Caught my dog Googling ‘how to open the treat jar without getting caught.

10. The Time Traveler’s Dilemma

Roast someone on Snapchat, anyone they don’t have to be someone you talk to. Maybe a hitchhiker or camper whose hobby is traveling.

This roast is joking about time travel by adding a playful element to the challenge of deciding where to go.

  • Share a snap of you contemplating time travel with the caption, Visited the past, but forgot to bring snacks. Rookie time traveler mistake.


  • Snap a pic of a futuristic scene and write, Went to the future to check if pineapple pizza is still a thing. Results: inconclusive, but robots really like it.

11. The Coffee Conundrum

 Funny Roasts for Someone on Snapchat

If the person you want to roast happens to share his breakfast photos often, maybe of him drinking coffee, they must be struggling.

This joke humorously reflects the daily struggle of coffee lovers. And if you can’t find a picture of the person drinking coffee, take a photo of yourself and tag the person in the roast. 

  • Snap a pic of an overflowing coffee mug and write, My coffee asked for a sip. I told it to espresso itself.


  • Share a snap with a sleepy face and the caption, Decided to save time and make coffee instead of sleep. Now I can’t stop brewing ideas!

12. The DIY Expert

There are DIY experts on Snapchat too who often share videos of ongoing projects. One of them has annoyed you in the past. Here’s a roast for the fellow. 

This roast playfully pokes fun at the not-so-expert skills of DIY enthusiasts on Snapchat. 

  • Snap a photo of a half-finished craft project with the caption, DIY level: Expert at starting projects, novice at finishing them.


  • Share a snap of a creative mess and write, Tried to DIY my life. Now accepting applications for a professional organizer.

13. The Fitness Tracker Excuse

That exercise enthusiast on Snapchat who makes you feel bad about your weight? Here’s the joke to roast them with. You do this snap and tag them to it. 

In this reverse kind of roast, you blame your lack of exercise on your fitness tracker in a light-hearted joke.

  • Snap a pic of your fitness tracker displaying zero steps and write, My fitness tracker is on strike. It believes in rest days, or maybe it’s just lazy.


  • Share a snap of a treadmill covered in clothes with the caption, My treadmill is great at collecting dust. Cardio? Not so much.

14. The Sneezing Dinosaur

 Funny Roasts for Someone on Snapchat

And for that fellow on Snapchat who bragged about their age in an argument the other day. Well, here’s a roast that references their prehistoric life. 

This roast combines the unexpected with the prehistoric for a joke that’s sure to surprise and amuse.

  • Share a snap of yourself mid-sneeze with the caption, Just discovered I’m a descendant of the sneezing dinosaur. Bless you, ancestors!


  • Snap a pic of a dinosaur toy with a tissue and write, Found the extinct species: Velocisneezeraptor.

15. The Mystery of the Missing Socks

It’s Snapchat so there’s no shortage of material on there to roast people with. Simply take a snap of the person and roast them on it. Like in this roast here, a random snap of the person or yours will suffice. 

This one playfully blames a mischievous force for the disappearance of socks in the laundry.

  • Snap a pic of unmatched socks and write, My laundry room has a portal to a sock dimension. Either that or the dryer is a sock-eating monster.


  • Share a snap of a lone sock with the caption, Solving the mystery of the missing sock – spoiler alert: it’s still missing.

16. Those guys be lying about the gym 

In this roast, we are back to the gym guy. Exercise enthusiasts sometimes make it seem like they don’t take breaks. They do.

This one jokingly addresses the challenges of maintaining a consistent gym routine. Caption those guys snaps with the captions below. 

  • Snap a pic of an empty gym with the caption, Went to the gym. The weights were too heavy, so I decided to lift my spirits instead.


  • Share a snap of your workout shoes with a burger in hand and write, Decided to exercise my right to eat burgers instead of exercising. Close enough, right?

17. The Couch Potato Chronicles

 Funny Roasts for Someone on Snapchat

Meanwhile, there’s guys who’ve signed up for couch exercise—the couch potatoes. If you know any person like this on Snapchat, here’s their roast.

In this roast, they are encouraged to embrace the art of relaxation with a humorous take on the couch potato lifestyle. 

  • Snap a pic of your cozy setup with the TV remote and write, Officially declaring myself the reigning champion of the Couch Potato Olympics.


  • Share a snap of a potato with sunglasses on the couch and caption it, Living my best spud life. Couch, snacks, repeat.

18. The Vegetable Stand-Up

Predictably, the folks you roast on Snapchat are going to come for you. When they do, be ready with this counter-roast.

Get back with this roast on their attempt at comedy, turn vegetables into comedians with puns that will leave your friends in stitches.

  • Snap a pic of a carrot with glasses and a mustache, writing, Why did the carrot become a stand-up comedian? It had a-peeling jokes!


  • Share a snap of a cucumber telling jokes to a tomato and write, Cucumber doing a stand-up gig for its favorite tomato audience. Veggie hilarious!

19. The DIY Face Mask Fail

 Funny Roasts for Someone on Snapchat

And for the girls who love to brag about their skincare routine on snapchat, this is their own roast here. The joke of this one is as smooth as those skins they show off. 

This joke makes light of the DIY beauty trend with a joke about unexpected results.

  • Share a snap of a face mask gone wrong with the caption, Tried a DIY face mask. Now I look like an abstract painting, or a failed art project.


  • Snap a pic of yourself with a colorful face and write, Who needs a filter when you can turn your face into a canvas? DIY beauty level: Picasso.

20. The WiFi Conspiracy

Lastly, this is a general roast of everyone on Snapchat, the ones who practically spend their lives on there.

May their internet develop some glitch. This joke humorously attributes everyday tech glitches to a mischievous WiFi conspiracy.

  • Snap a pic of a buffering screen and write, My WiFi is plotting against my binge-watching plans. Buffering is its secret weapon.


  • Share a snap of your confused face with the caption, Asked my WiFi for directions. It responded with ‘lost in the router.’ Conspiracy theory: my WiFi is directionally challenged.

Final Thoughts 

Keep the laughter flowing on Snapchat with these 20 funny jokes that are guaranteed to entertain your friends and followers. After all, who says social media can’t be a source of endless joy?

Injecting these roasts into your Snapchat game can turn ordinary moments into memorable ones. Try these roasts to keep the laughs rolling in your social circle!


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