20 Funny Roasts for Someone on WhatsApp

Funny Roasts for Someone on WhatsApp

Humor has become an integral part of our digital communication, and what better platform to share a laugh than WhatsApp?

Whether you want to break the ice or simply brighten someone’s day, these 10 funny jokes are perfect for sending a chuckle through your virtual conversations.

In the ever-evolving landscape of digital communication, laughter remains a universal language.

Elevate your WhatsApp banter with this sequel to our collection of 10 funny jokes.

Whether you’re lightening the mood or simply aiming to tickle a friend’s funny bone, these jokes are tailor-made for virtual amusement.

Dig in. 

20 Funny Roasts For Someone On WhatsApp

1. Knock-Knock. Who’s there? 

This timeless joke format is always a crowd-pleaser, even in text form. For this roast, make sure your friend is familiar with the knock-knock type of joke.

This is one of the easiest roasts to use for someone on Whatsapp because the other person is actively involved in their own roast.

Also they know they’re the butt of the joke without telling them. 

  • You: Knock, knock.
  • Friend: Who’s there?
  • You: Atch.
  • Friend: Atch who?
  • You: Bless you!
  • You: Knock, knock.
  • Friend: Who’s there?
  • You: Lettuce.

2. Let’s eat, Grandma! 

Funny Roasts for Someone on WhatsApp

This roast emphasizes the importance of punctuation and how it can turn a simple message into a hilarious misunderstanding.

So the best way to use this roast is to tell it in a group or in a gathering. Also you need to tell it as a conversation that occurs between you and the person you’re roasting. 

  • You: Let’s eat, Grandma!
  • Friend: Are you inviting Grandma to dinner?
  • You: No, I’m saying let’s eat Grandma, punctuation matters!
  • You: I love cooking my family and my pets.
  • Friend: That’s disturbing!
  • You: Oh wait, I meant I love cooking, my family, and my pets. Commas save lives!

3. I’m having a duck for dinner!

This funny roast borrows from autocorrect mishaps on Whatsapp, a common source of amusement in the digital age.

The best way to use this roast is also by telling it as a fun story that happens between you and the person you are roasting. 

  • You: I’m having a duck for dinner.
  • Friend: A duck?!
  • You: Autocorrect! I meant to say I’m having a deck for dinner.
  • You: I’m feeling so ‘board’ right now.
  • Friend: Bored? What’s going on?
  • You: Autocorrect strikes again! I meant ‘bored,’ not ‘board.’

4. Taking a byte of life

This roast joke is about the virtual world we live in and how it adds a touch of irony to our digital interactions. The roast plays on the word byte.

The joke allows you to be flexible when using it. You can tell the joke from a stage about Whatsapp. You can use it in text form too. 

  • You: I told my computer I needed a break, and now it won’t stop sending me vacation ads.
  • Friend: Your computer has a sense of humor!
  • You: Yeah, it’s suggesting I take a ‘byte’ out of life.
  • You: My phone and I have a special connection.
  • Friend: Really? What kind of connection?
  • You: Well, it’s always low on battery, and so am I!

5. Selfie Struggles

Funny Roasts for Someone on WhatsApp

This roast addresses how the common struggle of getting the perfect selfie can lead to relatable and funny moments.

Not everyone likes taking selfies but if your friend does, this roast is for him or her.

Just make sure your friend can take a joke or two and they’re not too sensitive. 

  • You: I took a selfie after a workout today.
  • Friend: Impressive! Let me see.
  • You: Sends a selfie Caption: When your workout was mostly taking selfies.
  • You: your selfie game is strong.
  • Friend: Of course!
  • You: Yeah, you can take 100 selfies and still choose the first one I took.

6. I’m on a see food diet

This roast plays on words like seafood and see food. It is based on the use of sarcasm, which can be tricky in text, but when done right, it adds a layer of humor.

  • You: I’m not lazy; I’m in energy-saving mode.
  • Friend: Nice excuse!
  • You: It’s not an excuse; it’s an eco-friendly lifestyle!

7. My phone might ask for rent.

This funny roast is about technology mishaps which resonates with anyone who has experienced technical difficulties.

This funny roast between you and your friend on Whatsapp is funny in the way it plays on the idea that our phones have a mind of their own. 

  • You: I asked my computer how to fix a problem. It said, ‘Try restarting.’
  • Friend: Did it work?
  • You: I don’t know; I’m scared to try. It might start asking for rent!

8. My social life is like a Ferrari.

This funny roast highlights the sometimes absurd nature of social media and how it can lead to humorous observations.

You should tell this roast in a conversation between you and the person you’re roasting. Pick any side of the conversation. 

  • You: I’m on a new diet.
  • Friend: Really? What’s the secret?
  • You: It’s called ‘eating in front of a mirror,’ so my food thinks it’s for someone else.
  • You: My social life is like a Ferrari —I don’t have a Ferrari.

9. Why don’t scientists trust atoms? 

Funny Roasts for Someone on WhatsApp

The clever wordplay in this funny roast adds a touch of wit to your messages. It presents an opportunity to roast your friends.

See if they can follow the thread of thoughts and if they fail, roast them further. 

  • You: I used to be a baker because I kneaded dough.
  • Friend: You were a baker?
  • You: Nah, just for the dough jokes.
  • You: Why don’t scientists trust atoms?
  • Friend: I don’t know, why?
  • You: Because they make up everything!

10. A book about antigravity is impossible to put down. 

For this joke, you’re making movie references and puns. If used properly this can create a cinematic laughter experience.

See if the person on Whatsapp can follow this conversation. Or you can use this roast by telling it as something that happened. 

  • You: I watched a documentary on how they make movies.
  • Friend: Educational!
  • You: Yeah, it was a ‘behind the scenes’ look at my favorite film, ‘The Making of Popcorn.’
  • You: I’m reading a book on anti-gravity.
  • Friend: Interesting!
  • You: It’s impossible to put down!

11. I told my future self a joke. 

Funny Roasts for Someone on WhatsApp

This roast introduces a playful twist by incorporating time-travel elements into the conversation. The joke here plays on the idea of time travel and the likely quirks that can occur.

The way to use this roast is to make it so that you’re telling it through the eyes of the person you’re roasting. 

  • You: Why don’t time travelers ever get invited to parties?
  • Friend: I don’t know, why?
  • You: Because they always go back for seconds!
  • You: I told my future self a joke.
  • Friend: Did they laugh?
  • You: No, they said it was a bit too dated.

12. Decaf coffee is like a hairless cat.

Funny Roasts for Someone on WhatsApp

Coffee enthusiasts unite! This roast about the beloved brew brings a caffeinated kick to your conversations.

As you can already guess, the best moment to tell this joke is when you’re roasting a person who loves coffee in a Whatsapp group. 

  • You: I like my coffee like I like my mornings.
  • Friend: How’s that?
  • You: Dark, strong, and full of questionable decisions.
  • You: Decaf coffee is like a hairless cat—it exists, but it’s just not natural.

13. My GPS has a sense of humor 

This roast is a playful twist on the reliability of GPS navigation for and a humorous take on modern direction.

Whatsapp has a provision for location tracking too. This roast can come in handy for that Whatsapp chat who constantly asks for your location. 

  • You: I asked my GPS for the shortest route.
  • Friend: Did it work?
  • You: Yeah, it took me through the supermarket. Apparently, it wanted me to take a ‘shortcut’ through the aisles.
  • You: My GPS has a sense of humor.
  • Friend: Really? How so?
  • You: Instead of saying ‘turn left,’ it told me to ‘take a chill pill.’

14. My phone has a bedtime. 

This roast highlights the quirks of virtual interactions and the occasional annoyances we encounter.

Take this joke here and turn it into a conversation on Whatsapp with the person you’re roasting. You’re the friend in the examples below. 

  • You: My virtual pet is so needy.
  • Friend: Virtual pet?
  • You: Yeah, my phone. It constantly wants attention and dies if I ignore it.
  • You: My phone has a bedtime.
  • Friend: What do you mean?
  • You: It goes to sleep every time I do, whether I like it or not.

15. Why did the existentialist break up?

This funny roast allows you to infuse a bit of philosophical humor into your conversations for a thought-provoking laugh.

If the person on Whatsapp relies solely on WiFi for their internet then this is the roast for them. 

  • You: I told my computer I wanted to change the world.
  • Friend: That’s ambitious!
  • You: It suggested I start with my Wi-Fi password.
  • You: Why did the existentialist break up?
  • Friend: I have no idea, why?
  • You: Because life is meaningless without Wi-Fi.

16. My house plants judge me.

Funny Roasts for Someone on WhatsApp

This roast brings a touch of nature into your jokes by exploring the quirks of plant ownership. If you know the person in Whatsapp is a fan of house plants, this roast is for them.

It can also be a lighthearted tale on the lonely life of people who spend most of their time texting on Whatsapp. For an extra touch, add the hashtag. 

  • You: I bought a plant to brighten up my room.
  • Friend: That’s nice!
  • You: Now it just silently judges me for not having my life together.
  • You: My plant has an Instagram account.
  • Friend: Seriously?
  • You: Yeah, it’s a succulent influencer. #PlantGoals

17. Autocorrect strikes again! 

With this roast, delve into the world of autocorrect and typos for a lighthearted exchange on Whatsapp.

Everyone has one or two experiences of autocorrect messing up their text. If your friend is guilty of this, send this roast to them on Whatsapp. 

  • You: I’m feeling ‘board.’
  • Friend: Bored?
  • You: No, I’m building a fort out of old wooden boards. Autocorrect strikes again!
  • You: I have a black belt in origami.
  • Friend: Really?
  • You: Yeah, it’s the result of constant ‘paper cuts.’

18. My WiFi is like my neighbors. 

This roast extracts humor from the peculiarities of Wi-Fi names and connections. If you know the WiFi password of the person you’re roasting, you can improvise roasting them with in this format. 

  • You: My Wi-Fi is like my neighbors.
  • Friend: How so?
  • You: Unreliable and always going down when I need it the most.
  • You: I changed my Wi-Fi name to “FBI Surveillance Van.”
  • Friend: Bold move!
  • You: Now all my neighbors are on their best behavior.

19. You’re like your disappearing messages.

This funny roast playfully suggests that the person who uses the disappearing messages option is hiding something, which is why they’re hardly online.

Although some people use the option for other reasons, people mostly want to avoid responsibility. 

  • You: Why do you have the disappearing messages option on?
  • Friend: No reason.
  • You: You want your responsibilities gone like your messages after 24 hours? 

20. Your WhatsApp status is all the spoiler I need. 

This roast is for someone who loves posting excerpts from current movies while it’s showing in the cinemas.

Folks like this often spoil the fun of innocence for those who have not seen the movie. 

  • You: Please don’t post about the new Ant-Man movie
  • Friend: Why? 
  • You: You ruin the fun of innocence.
  • You: You just posted clips from the new movie
  • Friend: Yes. 
  • You: What happened to ignorance is bliss? 

Final Thoughts

Send these jokes into your WhatsApp universe and let the laughter ripple through your digital conversations.

After all, a well-timed joke is like a virtual hug — it brings people closer, even if just for a moment.

These jokes are sure to add a splash of humor to your WhatsApp conversations, making them a delightful exchange for both you and your friends.

So, the next time you’re texting, don’t forget to sprinkle a bit of laughter into the chat!


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