20 Funny Roasts for Someone on TikTok

Funny Roasts for Someone on TikTok

At first, few people knew about the social media platform called TikTok. Then unknown songs and artists became popular on the platform and the rest is history. 

Today, almost everyone who uses other social media platforms also uses TikTok. 

The platform is home to countless number of videos. Like other social media platforms, TikTok has its own trolls and nuisance. 

This article will present a list of funny roasts for someone on TikTok. You’ll have puns, sarcasms and more. 

Roasting someone on TikTok is as easy as captioning their video with a funny roast. 

Dig in. 

20 Funny Roasts For Someone On TikTok 

1. The Time-Traveling Trendsetter

Imagine if someone on TikTok claimed they started a trend before it even existed—that’s the essence of this joke.

The way to use this roast is take a video of someone you think is trying to do this and caption it with the roast. 

  • I just posted a dance video that’s so ahead of its time; people from the future are already copying it.


  • Watch out, I’m about to drop a trend tomorrow, but you won’t get it until next week.

2. The Invisible Audience

This roast jokes about the imaginary viewers who supposedly engage with the person’s content but never actually make their presence known.

You’ve probably seen videos on TikTok where people bemoan the low interaction with their content but acknowledge the views. 

  • Your TikTok audience is like ninjas—always there, but you never actually see them.


  • You just got a million views, or at least that’s what the voices in your head are telling you.

3. The Choreography Confusion

Funny Roasts for Someone on TikTok

This roast is for a person’s dance video on TikTok. It’s a play on the complexity of TikTok dance routines, suggesting they are so intricate that even the creator forgets the moves.

To roast this person, stitch their video and deliver the roast, with a sad little smile. 

  • Tried to teach my mom the dance I just made up, but even I got lost halfway through.

  • Just posted a dance tutorial, but I’ll be honest, I’m not sure I followed my own steps.

4. Hashtag Overload

This roast is making light of the tendency to use an excessive number of hashtags in hopes of going viral.

Tiktokers often do this thing where they load up hashtags that may not even directly have anything to do with their content. Stitch such a video with yours and caption your video with this roast. 


  • My latest video has more hashtags than actual content—hoping one of them is the key to fame.

  • Trying to break the internet with a video, but I think you just broke the record for most hashtags used.

5. The Filter Enthusiast

Funny Roasts for Someone on TikTok

This funny roast pokes fun at those who use every filter available, creating a hilarious distortion of reality.

We’ve all stumbled on such contents on TikTok where the filters distract from the purpose of the content itself.

You can apply this roast by stitching with the video with any of the captions below. 

  • Used so many filters; I don’t recognize myself anymore – my mirror thinks I’m a stranger.

  • Just transformed into a Pixar character; my cat won’t stop staring at me like I’m the new animated sensation.

6. The Caption Conundrum

Meanwhile, certain tiktokers do need to take a course in proper captioning. This roast highlights the struggle of finding the perfect caption for a TikTok video.

If you know a tiktoker who needs to up their caption game, this roast just might be the one that makes them do it when you stitch with their video.

Some simply say, ‘caption this,’ to hide their lack of creativity. 

  • Spent an hour thinking of a caption, and ended up with ‘Watch this.’

  • Caption this: me trying to come up with a caption.

7. The Thumbnail Trickster

This funny roast jokes about creating misleading thumbnails to entice viewers. Content creators on TikTok do this all the time. It can be annoying as well.

If this situation has been getting on your nerves and you’d like to sanitize your For You feed, stitch that video and use this roast. 

  • Thumbnail: Me about to reveal a life-changing secret. Actual video: Me struggling to open a pickle jar.


  • Tried the ‘clickbait thumbnail’ technique; now my cat won’t even look me in the eyes.

8. The Dueting Dilemma

Funny Roasts for Someone on TikTok

This roast plays on the nervousness of awaiting responses to duets, especially when it’s unexpected.

This is low-key a tiktoker’s fear—when you make a video asking folks to duet but no one shows up to do it. After you’ve posted the video for hours.

It hurts especially if one lives by the validation of the social media crowd. Look for a video with low duets and stitch with these roasts. 

  • Duetted with a celebrity by accident; now I’m questioning all my life choices.


  • Duetted with my crush; they haven’t responded, and I’m considering changing my identity.

9. The Algorithm Annoyance

Joking about the mysterious TikTok algorithm and how it seems to have a mind of its own. This roast is for that tiktoker you know who does too much.

The ones trying too hard. Not that it’s a crime to put in your best. But for social media validation? If you know the tiktoker who tries too hard, roast them with the following captions. 

  • Tried to crack the TikTok algorithm code; now it thinks I’m a cat doing yoga.


  • According to the algorithm, my best content involves dancing with a pineapple—who am I to argue?

10. The Notification Overload

This roast makes light of the constant barrage of notifications from TikTok. Notifications from social media can be annoying and TikTok is guilty of this.

While this can be so, some tiktokers definitely live for these notifications; the likes, views on their profile and comments.

Use this roast here for tiktokers who seem to enjoy the notifications. How you know them is, they reply to your comment seconds after you drop it. 

  • My phone has become a TikTok notification generator; I’m scared to unlock it.


  • Notifications: 99+; Real friends wondering if I’ve disappeared into the TikTok void forever.

11. The Caption Autocorrect

This is a roast about the pitfalls of relying on autocorrect for video captions, leading to unintentional hilarity.

Some tiktokers seem to forget not to rely solely on their autocorrect. And they don’t double check their caption before uploading their content.

Target the video with a bad caption, there’s a reason it’s got low engagement. 

  • Tried autocorrect for your video caption; now your cat is ‘purr-fectly’ embarrassed for me.


  • Autocorrect turned ‘epic fail’ into ‘epic snail’—your video is now a slow-motion masterpiece.

12. The Green Screen Gaffe

This funny roast makes light of the unpredictable results when using green screens, often resulting in unintentional comedy.

You have to agree that some tiktokers need to learn how to use the green screen better.

If you know a tiktoker who fails at this often, roast them with this funny joke by stitching the offending video with any of the captions below. 

  • Accidentally used a green screen while filming; now I’m part of every blockbuster movie ever made.


  • Green screen fail: tried to transport to a tropical island, ended up in a potato farm.

13. The Pet Participation

Then there’s those tiktokers who think they’ve made it big just because they have a cute dog or cat.

Their pets casually walk across their sets, even content treating serious subjects. But we know y’all have it all rehearsed, don’t we? 

This roast highlights the adorable but sometimes distracting presence of pets in TikTok videos. Below are stitch captions to roast them with. 

  • My cat joined my dance video; now it’s a purr-formance art piece.


  • Tried a serious monologue, but my dog’s cameo turned it into a comedy skit.

14. The Unintentional Trendsetter

This is a funny roast about accidentally starting a trend when you thought you were just being quirky. This has happened on TikTok many times.

People often make videos to tell us how they didn’t think a previous video was going to go viral. And quite a few people have actively tried to blow this way.

  • Wore mismatched socks thinking it was my unique style; now everyone on TikTok is doing it.


  • Ate spaghetti with chopsticks for fun; now it’s a #NoodleChallenge worldwide.

15. The Wardrobe Malfunction Mishap

This roast is for tiktoker who is trying to go viral by using a wardrobe malfunction tactic. Especially if they’re trying to mimic someone who did it earlier.

The roast makes light of unexpected wardrobe malfunctions that turn into unintentional comedy gold. Stitch and use the captions below. 

  • Button on my shirt decided to take a break mid-video; now I’m the accidental fashion icon of the day.


  • Wore sunglasses indoors for a cool effect; accidentally revealed a spinach leaf in my teeth.

16. The Time-Lapse Troubles

This roast is about the surprising and sometimes awkward outcomes of time-lapse videos. There are few of those kinds of videos on TikTok too.

Most of them are for educational purposes. This roast focuses on those that are merely for fun purposes.

If you find such videos with funny or surprising details, the captions are examples of how to roast them. 

  • Did a time-lapse of me getting ready; apparently, I transform into a potato before turning into a human.


  • Time-lapse cooking: burnt the dish, but at least it looks like a culinary masterpiece in fast motion.

17. The Zoom-In Zaniness

And the zoom-in videos? Those are rife on TikTok too. Some miss the mark and those are the ones this roast is for.

It makes light of excessive zoom-ins that turn a simple video into a pixelated (mis)-adventure. Stitch a video like that with yours with appropriate captions like the ones below. 

  • Zoomed in for a dramatic effect; now my face has become a pixelated Picasso painting.


  • Accidental zoom-in during my dance; viewers got a close-up of my shoe, now it has its fan club.

18. The Remix Riddle 

There’s all sorts of video mixes on TikTok with background music. Apparently not everyone has the ear for appropriate melody.

This roast jokes about the confusion that arises when a video unexpectedly becomes part of someone else’s remix.

For example, a conspiracy theory video can be remixed by someone else with a rock song playing in the background. The effect can be altering. 

  • Made a serious rant; now it’s remixed with circus music—life’s a comedy, I guess.


  • Accidentally became the background dancer in someone else’s video; my mom thinks I’ve joined a dance crew.

19. The Random Hashtag Generator

Here’s another roast about going viral using hashtags. 

This one makes light of using completely unrelated hashtags, hoping one of them will magically make the video viral.

First time users of TikTok usually do this. If you find a video like that, stitch with any of the captions below. 

  • Video about cooking; hashtagged with #AliensExist and #PineappleDanceParty—let’s see what happens.


  • Casual vlog; sprinkled in hashtags like #LaundryDayPoetry and #SynchronizedSneezing—trying to appeal to all audiences.

20. The Spontaneous Script

Funny Roasts for Someone on TikTok

This one jokes about creating a TikTok “script” that goes hilariously off course. Now we believe any good video should have a script. Even TikTok videos.

This roast says whatever happens in the video is part of the script, planned. But how about the car that sneezed in the video? Or when the house plant was knocked over in the dance challenge?

None of that is in the script, right? This roast makes fun of such moments. Check out the caption for ideas.

  • Wrote a script for my video; forgot to mention the part where I accidentally knocked over a plant.


  • Scripted a heartfelt monologue; my cat decided to intervene with a well-timed sneeze

Final Thoughts

TikTok is a fun place. Personally, I believe TikTok contends with YouTube when it comes to educational content. That platform has made more people famous than all the record labels put together. 

Note that most of the roast in this article is achieved through captions. To roast someone on TikTok, the best way is to stitch with the video in question, then caption it with your roast. 

Hopefully, the other tiktoker will get the hint and roast you back. Good. Let’s turn the heat up.


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