20 Funny Roasts for Someone Who Is Flexing

Funny Roasts for Someone Who Is Flexing

Do you have or know anyone who likes to show off what they have or are made of, and you want to poke them? You’ll be thrilled if you stay for longer.

It means you want to roast someone who is and likes flexing. This said person is steady with putting things out there, mostly materialistic. And that’s the perfect angle to cook up a roast for them.

Don’t worry about the hard work, I’ve got you covered. In this article, I will be showing you funny roasts for someone who is flexing. Read on!

Best 20 Funny Roasts for Someone Who Is Flexing

1. With the way you flex, I doubt you can flex your brain too

Start with a shot at their brain, easy target. Telling the person who flexes too much that it’s funny how even with the way they flex other things, you doubt they can flex their brain. 

This means you doubt they can ever be able to represent themselves rightly in any intellectual conversation because they only flex material possessions, but not knowledge.

  • If you flex your brain as much as you do your chains, I’d take you seriously.

2. You’re so hooked on flexing, I’m starting to think it’s a flaw

You can make the person feel they’re on the wrong side. 

It’s simple and will not cost you much. All you have to do is to calmly but consistently tell the person this roast line.

It has the potential of erupting laughter within anyone close range because you’re taking shots at the person who is flexing, talking about whether it’s a flaw or ill.

  • Flexing could be your dark, but who’s gonna know?

3. Flexing hard must be your way of escaping reality, but reality has no holidays

Serve them the ‘you won’t escape reality’ line. If you sense the person you want to roast is flexing to escape their immediate reality, then you have to swing into action with this line. 

This is a convincing roast line, which has you insinuating that even though the person in question is trying to live in a different clime and time with their showoffs, they can’t still beat reality.

  • If you’re flexing to stand out, the reality is you’re standing alone, not out.

4. Just flexing your muscles is no good, if I also have to give you a job

Brush up the person with the fact of your helping hands. No matter how demeaning this roast line may sound, you have to say it in a way that doesn’t portray it as such.

You can balance it all out by using a lighter and calmer tone, but still amusing enough to get people laughing.

With this line, you’re telling the person that their flexing of material possessions is not ideal if after doing all that, they still depend on you for a job or even money. So, you’re saying the person should trash their flexing and get real.

  • It’s funny how you flex a $1,000 watch and want to borrow $100 from me. What happened to your fortune? 

5. You can flex all you want but not ‘self-image’, pathetic!

Leave the person to put themselves to the side with this line. Since you don’t want to come down hard on the person you’re roasting, this line is a savvy way to crawl under their skin for a few minutes.

Therefore, you’re implying that it is pathetic in a funny way that the person in question can flex every other thing but not self-image.

In a way, you’re saying the person has no solid self-image, yet they flex all the time. You’re giving the person an opportunity to sideline themselves, so you won’t come across as socially selective if you  

  • It’s funny how after all this flexing, you still don’t show substance like Michelle Obama.

6. I see you like flexing luxury watches, funny how time still doesn’t wait for you

Flexing luxury watches doesn’t mean you’ve got time. No matter how much luxury watches a person flexes, it doesn’t convert to buying them time to do anything they want. 

Time in this sense, becomes a heck of a valuable asset that they can’t even boast of, even with all the luxury watches they have.

So, you’re telling the person that it’s funny how time doesn’t wait for them even with the luxury watches they show off.

  • You can only flex luxury watches, not luxury time because it doesn’t slow down.

7. Your flexing is more impressive than your sense of reasoning

Funny Roasts for Someone Who Is Flexing

Land a solid blow without playing like Tyson

If you’re saying that a person’s flexing ability is more impressive than their sense of reasoning, you’re writing the person off when it comes to logic and reasoning, since they’re only concerned with flexing which is impressive but not their ability to think critically.

  • Your sense of reasoning suffers affliction, while you feed your flexing with fat steaks.

8. Judging from how you flex, it’s hard to believe you’re wealthy

Call them out for clout, the chances are high. Most wealthy people in the world today do not even show off their wealth that much.

Their McLarens lay in wait and garages unknown, same with their luxury watches and houses. 

But seeing someone who has less doing all the expressions of wealth is funny. And it becomes hard to believe such a person is as wealthy as they appear to be.

  • You keep giving me reasons to believe you’re a clown with how you flex.

9.  Stop clowning yourself with all these flexing, no one cares

Play the person the ‘no one cares…’ card

This is one way you can roast someone who is flexing. You’re telling them that in the end, no one cares about what they’re doing even though people may seem to be concerned.

Hence, there’s no need for them to keep clowning, which supports the previous roast line as well.

  • You flex so much, I don’t need to think hard to believe you’re a clown.

10. You flex like you don’t have responsibilities, well you don’t

Throw emotional jabs at them, and watch them fold. You can always roast someone who is flexing by cutting them off for not having valuable responsibilities. 

This is because if they do, they may or won’t even be flexing that much. So, you’re saying the person flexes like they don’t have responsibilities, and then reaffirming that they don’t have such things.

  • Flexing can get you good girls, I mean girls are good at ripping.

11. You’re so preoccupied with flexing, that you forget to work on your personality

Check them in for a quick personality check-up. You can always call out the person who’s flexing for forgetting to improve their personality as they do their wardrobe. 

With the right countenance, demeanor, and tone, you can make this land as a comic relief line, with both the person you’re roasting and the audience awol with laughter.

  • Your wardrobe needs a new belt, whilst your personality needs a whole new setup.

12.  You’re so obsessed with your body, you now think like SpongeBob without pants

Keep pressing the person to the corner with trolls and laughter. Consistency in roasting, especially for someone who is flexing, is one of the best ways to make your roasts slap hard.

After landing the previous roast line, you can add this one where you’re implying the person is so obsessed with their body, that they think like SpongeBob without pants – clueless.

  • With the way you flex, you need a smartwatch to play smart.

13.  You’re like a walking contradiction, all beauty and no substance

Insults as beautiful as this don’t come too often, don’t hold them back. 

A funny way to address someone who is flexing is by calling them a walking contradiction. It’s even funnier to say they’re all beautiful without any substance. 

  • Your beauty reeks of emptiness, you only flex shiny substances.

14.  You flex too much luxury, no one would suspect if it borrowed

Call the person out for living a fake life. Fake life is a real thing, and if you sense the person you’re roasting is guilty of that, don’t hesitate to make tender jokes about it. 

This line with any other roast line from this list is sure to knock your audience off with laughter.

  • You flex so much, you make fake life look real.

15.  Your flexing is so excessive, I’m shocked you don’t have character

Shock and amuse the person with how shocked you are. A slight brush-off in the name of roasting someone who is flexing can’t go wrong. 

And you can do that with this line, where you’re implying the person flexes so much, that you’re shocked they have no character to flex.

  • Try flexing character, the hair warmers and pizza you’re used to don’t hit again.

16.  Is flexing your hobby or a full-time job, I can’t even tell

A little poke at their ego is a no-brainer. You can bore a hole in the ego of someone who is flexing with this line. 

Wherein, you’re saying that you can’t tell if flexing is the person’s hobby or full-time job. Indirectly, you’re saying the person is jobless but has only flexed to themselves.

  • You can’t do without flexing, almost like it’s as important as your inhaler.

17.  You can flex all but not empathy and panda bears? Lol

You can rupture their pride without crossing the line. Anyone who is hooked on flexing has an ego twice that of a Lion’s pride. 

But you can roast them by pointing out that their degree to flex is not as high as their ability to show empathy and having panda bears.

This will put them in a bad corner with laughter saying they can’t flex panda bears because procuring one is almost impossible.

  • I’ll start taking you seriously when start flexing simplicity like Mark Zuckerberg.

18.  I’m still wondering why you don’t flex respect and integrity

Funny Roasts for Someone Who Is Flexing

Remind the person they don’t flex at all. 

You can comically drag someone who is flexing for being hooked on materialism while ignoring other important aspects of their life. 

Here, you’re saying it’s a wonder they flex every other thing but not respect and integrity.

  • Was thinking you flexed everything till it wasn’t about rings and blings.

19.  If flexing was a weapon, it’ll be your bane

Be so exceptional with your roasts, they think it’s grilling. If you want your roast for someone who is flexing to be solid but still light-hearted, you can use this line. 

While this line sounds a bit serious, you can tone down the intensity by using a lighter tone. 

You’re telling the person that if flexing was a weapon, then it’ll be the bane of their existence. This means they may stop existing if they stop flexing. 

  • Stop flexing and watch your life fade away like a past president, gently but steadily.

20.  You flex so much, I can almost tell how fake you are

Turn that switch for the moment of truth. You can always remind the person that if flexing you can tell if they’re fake or not from how much they flex. 

So, this is you ushering in the moment of truth for them to bask in. It’ll be a good laugh catalyst if you say it rightly and to an audience that understands intelligent jokes.

  • Your flexing gives you away; says you’re on the same side of the dictionary as the word “fake”.

Final Words

Flexing is something a lot of people plunge into, with the thoughts of how cool and exceptional it makes them appear.

But in most cases, they’re far from the truth because they’re almost empty with the right personality to thrive as individuals in society.

That is where roasting them makes the most sense, and this post has tried to point you in the right direction with some of the best roasts for someone who is flexing out there.

Just find one, two, or more alluring lines and go with them when push comes to shove.


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