29 Funny Roasts for Your Friend’s Mom

funny roasts for your friend’s mom

If you have a soft spot for mothers, even those of your friends, this roast article is for you. 

Our friend’s moms are special. For all the times they welcome us into their kitchen and let us have helpings of cookies, we are thankful. 

That being said—apologies to our friends—it’s time we roast them too. If you have a running relationship with your friend’s mom, you’re welcome to use this roast on her. 

Dig in. 

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29 Funny Roasts for Your Friend’s Mom

1. Why did the forgetful baker’s mom make such great pies?

This roast says it’s because she always forgot to follow the recipe! 

  • She tried making a chocolate cake but accidentally used salt instead of sugar. We called it her salty surprise cake.


  • Once, she made cookies and forgot to turn on the oven. We had “raw dough delights” for dessert.

2. How fast can your friend’s mom cook Thanksgiving dinner?

The answer is, faster than you can say “turkey trot”! This roast says it’s a trot, a hike, if you may. 

  • Last year, she had Thanksgiving ready so quickly that the turkey thought it was in a time warp.


  • Her idea of a slow cooker is setting the microwave to medium speed.

3. Why did your friend’s mom bring a ladder to the dance party?

She heard the chips were on the top shelf! It’s a party and your friend’s mom sometimes over does  these things because she cares so much. 

  • At the party, she was doing the cha-cha to reach the salsa on the highest shelf.


  • Her dance moves included the “salsa shuffle” and the “chip dip twirl.”

4. Why did your friend’s mom become a gardener?

funny roasts for your friend’s mom

This roast says because she wanted to “grow” her own jokes! It seems all the friend’s moms have a small garden behind the house. 

  • She planted a joke seed, and now we have a “corny” garden with punflowers and laughberries.


  • Her favorite tool in the garden is the rake, but not for leaves – for “raking” in the laughter.

5. How does your friend’s mom communicate with plants?

She sings to them! Yeah. Like we noted earlier, every mom seems to have a garden. You can imagine the dedication they expend on the seeds. 

  • She sang to her tomatoes, and now we have a salsa garden that can hit the high notes.


  • The flowers in her garden asked for an encore after her serenade.

6. Why did your friend’s mom become a pet psychologist?

funny roasts for your friend’s mom

Because she wanted to get to the “root” of the dog’s issues! All moms speak to their pets as if they were one of their kids. Even your friend’s mom.

  • She held therapy sessions for the family cat to discuss its “purr-sonal” problems.


  • The hamster even had its own tiny therapy couch for emotional support.

7. Why did your friend’s mom join a computer class?

She wanted to learn how to “byte” into the digital world! No disrespect, but our friend’s moms all have zany moments. 

  • She sent an email to the family dog, inviting it for a virtual fetch game.


  • Her favorite keyboard shortcut is Ctrl+Z for “Zany moments.”

8. What’s your friend’s mom’s secret to staying fit?

She thinks jumping to conclusions is the best exercise. Don’t all moms do this? Our friend’s moms are not excluded from this mental gymnastics. 

  • She reached her daily step goal just by walking to conclusions about TV show plots.


  • Her fitness routine includes high-intensity sighing and low-impact eye-rolling.

9. Why did your friend’s mom start a DIY blog?

She wanted to share her “crafty” sense of humor! Plus, she must believe other moms need tips on how to cater to their child’s friends. 

  • She made a DIY bookshelf using only jokes – it’s now the most “punny” piece of furniture in the house.


  • Her latest project involves creating a joke-filled mosaic with leftover punchlines.

10. How does your friend’s mom predict the weather?

She looks outside and says in her thin voice: It’s raining cats and dogs… or maybe just poodles and tabbies!

If you can, saying this roast in a thin voice can add an extra ounce of laughter. 

  • Her weather forecast includes a 30% chance of puns and a 100% chance of laughter.


  • She once predicted a “light drizzle” and handed out joke umbrellas for everyone to stay dry in humor.

11. Why did your friend’s mom take up DIY cooking?

funny roasts for your friend’s mom

She believes every meal should come with a side of surprise! This roast is even funnier if your friend’s mom is bad at cooking. 

  • Attempting spaghetti, she accidentally invented “noodle art” when the pasta landed on the ceiling.


  • Her idea of a gourmet dish involves spinning around blindfolded and grabbing ingredients from the pantry.

12. Why did your friend’s mom get a fitness tracker?

She wanted to count every eye-roll and sigh as a workout! If your friend’s mom is overweight, this roast should knock the socks off everyone.

You could drop this roast where she’s talking about gym registration too. 

  • Her fitness goal is to achieve a six-pack not of abs but of laughter-induced giggles.


  • The fitness tracker awarded her a gold medal for “olympic-level eye-rolling.”

13. Why is your friend’s mom a great detective?

She can find the missing socks and solve the case of the disappearing leftovers!

Use this roast if your friend’s room is known to be a pigsty and his mom often makes him clean it. Of if she cleans after him. 

  • She uncovered the mystery of the vanishing TV remote – it was hiding in the fridge all along.


  • Her detective skills extend to deciphering cryptic grocery lists.

14. Why did your friend’s mom enroll in a tech support course?

She wanted to prove that Ctrl+Alt+Del can fix everything—even a broken heart!

If your friend’s mom has once nursed your friend through a heartbreak, use this joke to roast and remind everyone how wonderful she is. 

  • She rebooted the family router and claimed it brought harmony to the Wi-Fi waves.


  • Her tech support hotline includes advice on software updates and relationship debugging.

15. How does your friend’s mom add magic to movie nights?

She insists on watching every film with subtitles – for “punchline precision”! Do you and your friend watch films with his or her mother?

This roast is great for reminding you of all of those fun nights. 

  • During a comedy, she paused to make sure everyone caught the pun, turning movie night into a joke appreciation session.


  • Her subtitle addition turned a drama into a “dramedy” of laughter.

16. Why did your friend’s mom bring a suitcase to the kitchen?

She wanted to pack the essentials for a flavor-packed adventure! If your friend’s mom is known to make elaborate meals—complete with all the courses—roast her with this joke.

This gives everyone an opportunity to thank her for those meals. 

  • She prepared “culinary souvenirs” by turning the dining table into a global feast of international dishes.


  • Her spice collection is so extensive that it requires its own passport.

17. How does your friend’s mom time travel?

She sets the clock forward to “fun o’clock”! If your friend’s mom is one who loves to get all holiday parties going before everyone else, this roast is for her. 

  • She celebrated New Year’s Eve early because, in her time zone, the party starts at 6 p.m.


  • Her time-traveling adventures include hopping to the future to discover the latest dad jokes.

18. Why did your friend’s mom become a jigsaw puzzle enthusiast?

funny roasts for your friend’s mom

She wanted to prove that laughter is the missing piece to any problem! Neat, right? If her Favorite game is truly a jigsaw puzzle, then this joke will draw some laughs if properly told. 

  • Her idea of a challenging puzzle involves putting together a collage of hilarious family photos.


  • She completed a 1,000-piece puzzle in record time – all while telling jokes.

19. Why did your friend’s mom start a coffee club?

She wanted to brew up a latte laughter with every cup! The humor in this roast is in the different names that your friend’s mom calls the coffee she serves.

If your friend’s mom has a coffee shop or works at one, use this roast. 

  • Her coffee blends include “espresso yourself” and “mocha magic” for a caffeine kick with a side of humor.


  • She holds coffee tastings where each cup is paired with a complementary joke.

20. Why did your friend’s mom become a stand-up comedian with a calendar?

She believes in making every day a page-turner! There is a suggestion that there’s some goofiness in the art of comedy.

That is why she marks April fool’s day every time she does stand up comedy

  • Her comedy calendar features daily jokes and puns, turning scheduling into a laugh-out-loud experience.


  • She marked April Fools’ Day every day for a month – just to keep everyone on their toes.

21. Why did your friend’s mom start dancing while cooking?

She believes that a little salsa can turn any dish into a fiesta! For your friend’s mom, preparing meals is fun for her.

You’ve seen her dance around the kitchen to songs on the radio. This is why this roast is a fit. 

  • While making spaghetti, she added a twirl for extra noodle flair – it’s now a pasta paso doble.


  • Her signature move is the “spice shuffle” when she adds ingredients to the pot.

22. Why did your friend’s mom take up puzzle artistry?

She thinks every puzzle should be a masterpiece of laughter! In yet another puzzle associated joke, your friend’s mom has a weird talent for making puzzles come alive as pets. 

  • Her latest creation is a puzzle where the pieces are punchlines, making assembly a hilarious challenge.


  • She completed a jigsaw puzzle of a cat but added a twist – the cat was wearing sunglasses and telling jokes.

23. How does your friend’s mom entertain her plants?

funny roasts for your friend’s mom

She performs a stand-up comedy routine for them! This roast is meant to be sarcastic. Apparently her jokes are so good even the tomatoes in her garden laugh. 

  • She told a joke so funny, the tomatoes blushed, turning the whole garden red.


  • The roses requested an encore, claiming her jokes were the fertilizer for their blooming success.

24. Why did your friend’s mom combine music and math?

She wanted to create symphonies of laughter with a numerical twist! This is a fun way to roast your friend’s mom.

She’s a smart woman and you know it. This roast tells us what we happen if she combines music and math. 

  • Her favorite song is “Pi in the Sky,” a mathematical melody that goes on forever.


  • She composed a musical equation that proved laughter multiplies happiness.

25. How does your friend’s mom use technology in the kitchen?

She believes in cooking with a byte of humor! A byte of humor is a wordplay on the word bite. This roast imagines what your friend’s mom does in the kitchen with the music on. 

  • She asked Siri for a recipe, and Siri responded with a joke about a chicken crossing the road.


  • Her kitchen scale not only measures ingredients but also rates them on a “pun scale.”

26. Why did your friend’s mom start impersonating animals?

She wanted to add a “roaring” good time to family gatherings! Use this roast if your friend’s mom is into voice impressions.

She could be an amateur or professional, whatever. The roast hits harder if she’s an amateur.

  • She surprised everyone by impersonating a dolphin during a seafood dinner – talk about a splashy entrance.


  • Her rendition of a cat’s meow is so convincing that the neighbor’s cat joined in the chorus.

27. Why did your friend’s mom upgrade her DIY skills?

She believes every project should be a mix of craftsmanship and comedy!This roast makes fun of your friend’s mom’s obsession for excellence. 

  • She turned a DIY bookshelf into a joke library, where every shelf is a different genre of humor.


  • Her home improvement motto is “measure twice, laugh thrice.”

28. Why did your friend’s mom become a joke journalist?

funny roasts for your friend’s mom

She wanted to report breaking news in the world of laughter! The humor here is found in the tool, giggle gauge, and the headlines of her reportage. 

  • She covered a comedy festival, interviewing comedians and rating their jokes on a “giggle gauge.”


  • Her headlines include pun-filled punchlines and laughter forecasts.

29. How does your friend’s mom combine motherhood and science?

She believes parenting should be an experiment in joy! This roast focuses on tickling and bedtime stories—things your friend’s mom does for your friend. 

  • She conducted a “giggle analysis” to determine the most effective tickling technique.


  • Her bedtime stories involve scientific experiments – like turning frogs into princes using a laughter potion.

Final Thoughts

When roasting your friend’s mom, keep it respectful. These jokes are lighthearted. When roasting adults choose your words carefully to prevent offending your friend’s mom.

Many of these roasts can be used in most circumstances. Factors like timing can also influence how a funny roast is accepted. Make sure to avoid offending your friend too. 


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