20 Funny Roasts for Someone With Ginger Hair

How to Roast Someone With Ginger Hair

If you’re looking for funny, lighthearted jokes to roast your ginger haired friend or sibling, this article is for you.

If you have a friend or a relative with this type of hair, you are one of the lucky ones. There are about 1 or 2 percent authentic ginger haired people on earth.

The following jokes are one-liners and puns. They have been carefully selected to keep things civil and respectful while drawing laughter.

Now let’s dive in.

20 Hilarious Roasts for Someone With Ginger Hair

1. “Ginger hair and bakeries.”

This roast is harmless, great for drawing a smile from your grumpy, ginger haired friend or sibling. If your friend is suddenly grumpy and you don’t know why, use this lighthearted roast.

Here there’s a play on grumpy and crumby. You get the pun, right? You can start the roast up like this:

  • “What’s grumpy old gingerbread doing in the bakery? He’s feeling crumby.”
  • “Who’s in the bakery? The crumby ginger haired guy.”

2. “You got bed sheets made of cookies!”

This is a toast for a general audience. No intent to demean or make your friend the butt of something cruel. It could be a birthday party, a barbecue party, or a picnic.

And the gathering could include family or friends and the banter is lighthearted. Your ginger haired friend has just dropped a roast that got the people laughing. It’s your turn to make them laugh.

Here goes:

  • “Where does the ginger haired guy sleep? On a bed of cookies!”
  • “Where does the ginger haired guy sleep? On sheets of cookies!”

3. “Autumn and ginger tree sprouts.”

How to Roast Someone With Ginger Hair

Is your ginger haired friend or sibling tall? If so, this roast is for him or her. The best occasion to use this roast is when you’re outdoors during the autumn months. It will be hard to miss this joke.

Especially if there are trees around with leaves that just turned orange. You can spread your hands at the stunning autumn scenery while delivering this joke.

See example here:

  • “Ginger hair will always lose a peekaboo game.”

4. “Ginger haired folks and no breakups.”

This roast focuses on the positive side. But it’s sure to elicit some laughs. It’s a roast with the most flexibility on this list.

It is a roast that can be directed at the partner of the ginger haired guy or girl, and it will still be about the ginger haired person.

So you can glance at the girlfriend and go:

  • “Want to know why you stayed with him? His ginger hair. No spicier guy than him.”
  • “Why did Sandy never break up with Chad? It’s not as spicy out there.”

5. “He’s our Halloween trick and treat.”

Here’s a roast you can use during the Halloween holidays on your ginger haired friend. This one draws inspiration from the custom of dressing up as a character.

Your ginger haired friend doesn’t need to dress up because he can pass for the gingerbread man, or the sun seeing as his hair is red, or orange, like the sun.

Deliver this roast like a pro by saying:

  • “You’re the Halloween costume for the sun.”
  • “Don’t go out on Halloween night. You’ll scare the kids.”

6. “Happy married life, GingerBrend”

How to Roast Someone With Ginger Hair

Here’s a roast for your friend who’s got ginger hair, and who is marrying a girl named Brenda. Smooth, isn’t it? GingerBrend is a play on Gingerbread.

Since this is a roast, his girlfriend doesn’t even have to be Brenda. She can be Brenda for the purpose of the roast. You can begin by making your audience believe this girlfriend’s other name is Brenda.

Gesture at your friend and this girl, then proceed by saying:

  • “What we have is—GingerBrend 2023.”
  • “This love story is titled: GingerBrend.”

7. “The spice of the party.”

This roast is for the benefit of your self conscious friend who doesn’t like parties that much. It is a roast, but it can also draw some laughs from him or her.

Put him on the spot by letting him know his hair color qualifies him as the life of the party.

See example here:

  • “His charge at the party is to season it up.”
  • “The party is usually spicy tonight. The ginger haired man is here.”
  • “If it feels great, it’s the ginger hair flavor.”

How to Roast Someone With Ginger Hair

8. “Hot photos everywhere on your laptop.”

Here’s a roast for when you are with the boys. Your ginger haired friend says he didn’t touch your computer.

But you know he did. Roast him by alleging that the hot photos of girls were put there by him.

See example here:

  • “Ginger haired guys draw hot girls like canvases.”

9. “The angry ginger haired girl—A hot-head!”

If your girl has a temper, then this roast, if well delivered, can make her smile. Every relationship has its moments. And every girl goes through the phase in the month when they blow steam.

The understanding boyfriend must be armed with funny jokes to crack her up. By her flowers first, they prepare her for what’s to come. Then in a voice that’s soothing, begin the roast.

Add this one to your repertoire:

  • “Angry ginger hair is a hot head.”
  • “Do we need chili for the spaghetti? No, we have the angry ginger haired girl.”

10. “Sizzling ginger hair and tans.”

One more roast for your angry girlfriend. You’re on a vacation and the hotel folks have upset your girl. So now she’s lying next to you on the beach, sulking, in her bikinis, lips pursed.

Lean over and tell her you have a thing to contribute to “the developing case.” She’ll probably soften, ready to hear you side with her. Then boom!

See example here:

  • “Ginger haired girls like you sizzle to get a tan.”
  • “If she’s sizzling, she’s getting a tan.”
  • “What’s that smoke? It’s nothing. Just a ginger haired girl getting a tan.”

How to Roast Someone With Ginger Hair

11. “The drenched ginger haired man fell in a well.”

This roast makes a direct reference to the 1875 St. Nicholas gingerbread man story. According to a variation of the story the gingerbread man jumped in a well in the process of running from the little man and woman who made him.

In this roast, you’ve been waiting for your friend and he comes in from the rain, dripping. You can begin the joke by asking where everyone thought your ginger haired friend had been.

Something like this:

  • “Why is your ginger haired friend drenched? He jumped in a well, like the gingerbread man.”
  • “No. That’s not the rain, buddy. That’s the well you jumped in.”

12. “Ginger hair and a tough skin.”

This joke references the chill feeling you get after drinking ginger tea. People treat high blood pressure with the ginger spice. If you know your audience has this knowledge, then they should laugh at this roast joke.

If your ginger haired guy is also a laid-back type, then this roast will hit even harder.

  • “Why is your ginger haired buddy always laid-back? Because nothing gets under his skin.”
  • “The gingerbread man has his thumb on the pulse of the city.”

How to Roast Someone With Ginger Hair

13. “Ginger ‘ales’ him.”

Do you have a red haired friend who doesn’t drink? This roast is for him. Some folks don’t drink because somehow, alcohol doesn’t sit well with them.

The smallest amount of alcohol and they’re getting sick in the alley. So if someone asks you why your red haired buddy doesn’t want a beer, simply say, “Ginger ails him.” The “ail” here is a play on the word, “ale” in ginger ale.

See example here:

  • “I think he’ll be fine without alcohol tonight. Ginger ales him.”
  • “Why does ginger hair not want a beer? Ginger ales him.”
  • “Rodney’s outside getting sick. Ginger ales him.”

14. “Ginger hair, page corners”

How to Roast Someone With Ginger Hair

Do you have a finicky ginger haired friend? Then you should love this roast joke. Some folks love things neat and uncluttered.

They may not like using a bookmark like most of us. They’d rather lick their fingertip, apply it to the pages and fold gently.

Bookmarks can be tampered with, but you can hardly miss the folded corner of a book page. So they do have a point.

See example here:

  • “Why don’t ginger haired people use bookmarks? They prefer to gingerly fold the page corners.”
  • “Who’s book corners are gingerly folded? A ginger haired reader.”

15. “What’s a ginger haired person’s favorite dessert? Red velvet cake, of course!”

Do you get it? Red velvet cakes are red. Some shades of ginger hair are red, others orange. In this case you are at a restaurant with your girl who has ginger hair.

The waiter is standing beside you, waiting for your order. He asks what the lady would love to have and your opportunity to do a lighthearted roast arrives.

If your lady understands humor, she’ll definitely catch this one. Set a humorous tone for the dinner night with this roast:

  • “Oh yes—ginger hair, a velvet cake. Inseparable combination.”
  • “What do ginger haired women have for desserts? Red velvet cakes.”

16. “Ginger hair, sun hat and a bottle of sunscreen!”

This is one of the best roasts for ginger-haired people. The roast here is, since the hair is already red, send him out into  the sun to get the rest of him red.

A ginger haired person wouldn’t like that, so give him a sun hat and a bottle of sunscreen to protect his skin. Smooth, right?

The roast is, without the sun hat and sunscreen a ginger haired person won’t leave your house.

See example here:

  • “To get a ginger haired person to leave your house, give him a sun hat and a sunscreen bottle.”
  • “To get a ginger haired fellow to leave your house, offer them a sun chapeau and a bottle of sunscreen!”

17. “Ginger haired, hot cash!”

This roast here borrows a hint from the hot, peppery sensation you get when you eat raw ginger. Only for this roast, an oven is involved.

The idea here is to roast a ginger haired person using anything that might go with the word “hot.” For example, hot cash, hot bath, hot iron.

See example here:

  • “Ginger haired Joe goes into the toaster, out comes hot cash!”

18. “Ginger haired person, a real cinnamon funny guy!”

This roast comes from an Irish guy we met once. Cinnamon is dark brown, sweet tasting and spicy. Almost like that of ginger.

Since the two spices share almost the SE color as ginger hair, cinnamon comes in handy for a roast.

See example here:

  • “A great sense of humor, ginger haired? A real cinnamon funny guy!”
  • “A great sense of humor, red haired? A real cinnamon funny Joe!”

19. “Lottery? Count a ginger haired person out. They can’t win!”

How to Roast Someone With Ginger Hair

The roast here is that ginger haired people don’t bother with lotteries. For one thing, authentic ginger hair is only 2 percent in the world, so if you have that hair color, you’re lucky.

Tie this in with how winning the lottery is mostly a matter of luck. Smooth, right? Of course. This roast can be used at any time; parties, general gatherings, and such.

See example here:

  • “Why don’t gingers play the lottery? They’re already feeling lucky with their natural red hair!”
  • Ginger haired people already have all the luck they’ll ever get. They can’t win the lottery.

20. “Ginger haired, coffee, a dash of ginger spice. For that extra kick.”

Every coffee drinker can recognize the focus coffee gives in the morning. Add a little ginger and you double this effect, somewhat. This is the basis for this funny roast.

And it is funny because we don’t think people take their coffee this way. Even a ginger haired person can use this roast on himself.

See example here:

  • “How do ginger haired people make their coffee? They brew it with a dash of ginger spice for that extra kick.”

Important Tips Before You Roast That Ginger-Haired Person

How to Roast Someone With Ginger Hair

Laughter is good for the soul. Which is why being a comedian is a thing. But not all of us have the skill to make money from it.

This doesn’t mean that you can’t make people around you laugh. Here are some tips to help you deliver the best roasts:

Choose the right place and time

They say there’s a time for everything under the sun. Make sure that your roast will be delivered at the right time and place.

For example, read the mood of your target, and also the mood of the environment. A funeral may not be the best place and time to roast your mourning friend.

Delivery is key

How to Roast Someone With Ginger Hair

Delivery is key, it is everything. A skilled comedian may be able to pull off a roast at a funeral. The difference between you and a comedian is delivery.

Relax, be kind, smile appropriately. Your ultimate goal is for people to laugh. Let your choice of words show that you are not trying to embarrass anyone.

Observe and Practice

Delivering the best roasts requires practice. Get to know your target well, their likes, dislikes and certain perks about them you find funny. The more you do funny roasts, the better you get at it.

Final thoughts

How to Roast Someone With Ginger Hair

Always keep roasts civil and lighthearted. The objective is to make your subject happy and laugh. This in fact is the object of roasts.

Avoid causing distress by not using words that are derogatory. Leave your thoughts in the comments. Share your own roast ideas with us.

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