20 Clever Things to Say to Blue Eyed People

Clever Things to Say to Blue Eyed People

If you meet a blue eyed person, you should celebrate them with one of the clever words here. 

Not all blue eyes are genuine. Some are merely accessories. At RoastHow, we realize that blue eyes are beautiful which is why even those who don’t have it, want it. 

In this article, we present to you clever words to say to someone who has blue eyes, to bring a smile to their faces. And to remind them that they are special in their own way. 

Dig in. 

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20 Clever Things to Say to Blue Eyed People 

1. Your eyes are like the ocean on a serene day, calm yet filled with depth.

Clever Things to Say to Blue Eyed People

Comparing blue eyes to the ocean evokes the imagery of the vastness and tranquility associated with it. It also highlights the beauty and depth blue eyes are known for.

So if you meet someone with blue eyes on the street, simply walk up to them and say these words. 

  • Your eyes remind me of the ocean, so peaceful and captivating.
  • Looking into your eyes feels like staring into the depths of the ocean.

2. Your blue eyes sparkle like sapphires in the sunlight.

You can begin these clever words by asking if the person has ever laid eyes on sapphires before. Whatever they say doesn’t matter. Simply tell the person you have seen those gems before and their eyes remind you of sapphires. 

This compliment emphasizes the brilliance and radiance of blue eyes, comparing them to precious gemstones which are known for their clarity and shine.

  • I can’t help but notice how your blue eyes sparkle, just like sapphires.
  • Your eyes light up the room, like brilliant sapphires catching the sunlight.

3. Your eyes hold the secrets of the sky, revealing stories of endless horizons.

Clever Things to Say to Blue Eyed People

You’ve heard people compare blue eyes to the skies, and it makes sense. Here’s a clever twist to this comparison.

Rather than simply referring to the color, this remark suggests a sense of vastness and mystery, implying that the person’s eyes hold untold stories and depth. 

  • Your eyes remind me of the sky, full of stories waiting to be told.
  • There’s something about your eyes that feels like gazing into the endless sky, full of wonders.

4. Your gaze is as piercing as a beam of moonlight on a clear night.

Some blue eyes are peculiarly able to give the impression of intensity. It reminds of the moon on some nights when it is out in all its glory. Use this clever saying when gazing into a blue eye at night. 

This comparison highlights the intensity and clarity of blue-eyed individuals’ gaze, drawing a parallel to the sharpness of moonlight on a clear night.

  • Your gaze feels like moonlight, piercing through the darkness.
  • There’s a sharpness in your eyes, like moonlight cutting through the night sky.

5. Your eyes are like windows to the soul, revealing depths that words cannot express.

Clever Things to Say to Blue Eyed People

Even blue eyes can hold their own mystery. You can capitalize on this thought when saying something about blue eyes.

Especially when the person in question is staring in your own eyes and you don’t understand why. It becomes like staring back at your own self. 

This expression suggests that blue eyes reflect the innermost emotions and thoughts of a person, implying a sense of depth and insight.

  • Every time I look into your eyes, I feel like I’m glimpsing your soul.
  • There’s a depth in your eyes that speaks volumes, beyond what words can convey.

6. Your blue eyes are as captivating as a clear summer sky, endless and enchanting.

Everyone who has seen a clear summer sky can testify to the enchanting quality of it. When you see the next blue eyed person, let them know their eyes remind you of the summer experience. 

This comparison draws parallels between the captivating nature of blue eyes and the beauty of a clear summer sky, evoking feelings of wonder and enchantment.

  • Your eyes are like a clear summer sky, endless and mesmerizing.
  • Looking into your eyes feels like getting lost in the vastness of a summer sky, so captivating.

7. Your eyes are like precious jewels, rare and cherished.

Jewels are rare. Some families keep them as heirlooms, but the vast majority of mankind have never seen a jewel, and may never see them. Remind the person with the blue eyes of this fact. 

By likening blue eyes to precious jewels, this compliment emphasizes their uniqueness and value, implying that they are something to be treasured.

  • Your eyes are like rare jewels, so precious and unique.
  • There’s something special about your eyes, like rare jewels that are cherished.

8. Your gaze holds the mysteries of the deep ocean, unfathomable and intriguing.

Clever Things to Say to Blue Eyed People

If you find an unguarded blue eyed person, these clever words will make them smile. Stare into their eyes for a moment, let the moment sink in before telling them the above words.

Also use this option if they’re someone you are trying to get to know. 

This remark compares blue eyes to the mysteries of the ocean, suggesting depth and intrigue, much like the unexplored depths of the sea.

  • There’s a mystery in your gaze, like the secrets of the deep ocean.
  • Your eyes hold a sense of intrigue, like the mysteries waiting to be discovered in the deep sea.

9. Your blue eyes are as clear and refreshing as a mountain stream.

Use this option for a vivacious blue eyed woman. Use it to remind her of the joy they bring to your heart.

Since blue eyes are somewhat rare, these clever words are fitting. We don’t often stumble on mountain streams out of the blue.

This comparison highlights the clarity and purity of blue eyes, likening them to the pristine waters of a mountain stream, evoking feelings of freshness and vitality.

  • Your eyes are so clear, like a mountain stream flowing through the wilderness.
  • There’s a refreshing quality to your eyes, like a cool mountain stream on a hot day.

10. Your eyes shine with the brilliance of a starry night, guiding lost souls to find their way.

Although a starry night is usually dark, the point here is, the stars can be intense enough to guide you through it. In this case, you’re a lost soul and the person’s blue eyes are beacons guiding you through.

This is a poetic expression comparing blue eyes to the guiding light of stars on a dark night, suggesting a sense of guidance and comfort.

  • There’s a guiding light in your eyes, like stars shining in the night sky.
  • Your eyes seem to light up the darkness, like stars leading the way in the night.

11. Your azure gaze reflects the mysteries of the universe, an endless journey awaiting exploration.

Clever Things to Say to Blue Eyed People

Azure is a type of blue, a heraldic one. These clever words will remind the blue eyed person of his or her rarity. 

This remark highlights the depth and enigmatic nature of blue eyes, drawing parallels to the vastness and mysteries of the universe.

It also suggests that you are interested in going on a journey with the person, requesting them to come with you.

  • Your eyes cause me to want to go on a journey to a far away place—with you.
  • Gazing into your eyes makes me crave camping season. Will you come with me? 

12. In your eyes, I see echoes of distant horizons, beckoning towards adventures yet to unfold.

Here’s another example of what to say to a blue eyed person. Perhaps someone you have romantic interests in. These words stem from a hunger for adventure.

Comparing their blue eyes to distant horizons suggests a sense of possibility and adventure, inviting exploration and discovery.

By staring into the person’s eyes, you’re not about to hesitate to invite them to go on a journey. 

  • Your eyes remind me of places I have only dreamed of.
  • Your blue eyes remind me of places I’ve heard of but want to see. 

13. Your eyes are like portals to a world of imagination, where dreams intertwine with reality.

Some blue eyes look dreamy when they stare at you. You experience a feeling of timelessness when you look too long into them.

This clever compliment emphasizes the imaginative and dreamy qualities of blue eyes, suggesting a gateway to a realm where creativity thrives.

  • Do you ever have dreams of your own at night? Because your blue eyes feel like a collection of dreams. 
  • Have you ever been transported just by looking in someone’s eyes? I am, now. 

14. There’s a serenity in your gaze, like tranquil waters reflecting the beauty of the soul.

Clever Things to Say to Blue Eyed People

There’s a tranquil quality to blue eyes. Although blue eyed people may feel normal. But those who behold their blue eyes are the ones who go away with the experience painted here. 

Likening blue eyes to tranquil waters conveys a sense of peace and inner beauty, suggesting that the person’s eyes reflect their inner tranquility.

  • Your eyes are serene, do you know that? 
  • I feel like staring in your blue eyes for too long may cause me to confess everything. 

15. Your eyes hold the essence of twilight, where shadows dance with whispers of magic.

Here is a poetic way to remind the blue eyed person of the magic in their eyes. You have heard songs talk about this magic. This is a better way to say it. Perhaps write this in a card and give it to the blue eyed person.

This poetic expression evokes the mystical atmosphere of twilight, suggesting that blue eyes embody a sense of magic and enchantment.

16. Your gaze carries the whispers of ancient wisdom, echoing across the sands of time.

These clever words are not a suggestion that all blue eyed people are wise.

On the contrary, by attributing ancient wisdom to blue eyes, this compliment implies depth and insight, suggesting that the person’s gaze reflects timeless knowledge. 

  • You have the eyes of sages. You should write a book on old wisdom.
  • Your blue eyes remind me of all the great books. 

17. Your eyes are like sapphire portals, revealing depths that stir the soul.

Clever Things to Say to Blue Eyed People

Sapphires are a transparent rich blue color. And it is fitting to compare blue eyes to sapphires too. Tell the person her eyes remind you of sapphires. Ask the blue eyed person if they’ve seen sapphires before.

Comparing blue eyes to sapphire portals suggests a sense of allure and depth, hinting at the profound emotions and experiences they evoke.

18. There’s a celestial elegance in your gaze, as if stars dance within the depths of your eyes.

You can add that the person’s eyes are like a morning speckled with stars. They remind you of early morning with stars that have refused to go with the night. 

This metaphorical statement conveys a sense of celestial beauty and grace, implying that the person’s blue eyes possess a transcendent quality.

  • Your blue eyes are like looking up at the sky in the morning and the stars are still there. 

19. Your azure orbs hold the echoes of forgotten melodies, weaving tales of love and longing.

Clever Things to Say to Blue Eyed People

There’s some more poetry here. These are words best written or sung. By likening blue eyes to “azure orbs,” this compliment suggests a sense of musicality and emotion, implying that the person’s eyes evoke heartfelt stories and emotions.

  • Your blue eyes are orbs of azure, I assure you. They are beautiful. 

20. In your eyes, I find solace amidst the chaos, like a tranquil oasis amidst the desert sands.

Clever Things to Say to Blue Eyed People

These clever words are recommended for lovers. If your significant other is blue eyed, send these words on a birthday card to them.

This comparison portrays blue eyes as a source of comfort and calmness, amidst life’s uncertainties, evoking imagery of an oasis in the desert, offering respite and peace.

Final Thoughts 

In this article we have covered clever things to say to someone with blue eyes. Notice how all of them are compliments. And why not? Real blue eyes are almost rare.


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