20 Funny Roasts for a Bad Singer

Funny Roasts for a Bad Singer 

Do you know a bad singer, that funny and very determined person that doesn’t have any idea about pitch nor do they understand the basics in music, yet they love to sing all the time?

Singing is an art. And a good singer ministers to the soul and brings joy to people. However, not everyone can sing. Some people are aware of that but still love to sing. 

It’s not a bad thing. But, it can be amusing when you listen to them. So, roasting them will add to the fun.

In this article, I’ll be listing interesting one-liners for a bad singer that’ll leave everyone in stitches. Stick with me.

20 Funny Roasts for a Bad Singer 

To make fun of a terrible singer is quite easy. When you listen to them, you definitely will have something to say because you can’t help it.

However, you wouldn’t want anything that’ll hurt. So, this article is just what you need for hilarious lines to tease them.

Some examples include: “Who’s your music teacher again?,” “Wait! Is that a frog’s voice I just heard?” and “You sound like a rooster with a sore throat.”

Here are 20 humorous punchlines for a terrible singer:

  1. Wait! Is that a frog’s voice I just heard?
  2. Do you need help with working on your vocal cords?
  3. What did you swallow this morning?
  4. That note is scary
  5. What key is that?
  6. I’m not bothered about your off keys. I’m just worried about the confidence you’ve got
  7. Are you sure you want to handle the mic tonight?
  8. Have you tried out other talents?
  9. I seriously worry about the instrumentalists whenever you pick up the mic
  10. Did you forget to practice today?
  11. Why did the singer bring a ladder to church? He was hoping he could successfully climb a high-note
  12. Is this your talent or did you steal it?
  13. Who’s your music teacher again?
  14. You’re not singing actually, you’re neighing like a horse
  15. You’re certainly a musical murderer. You keep breaking all the right notes
  16. You sound like a rooster with a sore throat
  17. Your voice is like a fire alarm. Everyone hears it and knows it’s time to evacuate
  18. If bad singing were a sport, you’d be the MVP
  19. It’s alright. Bad singing is an art. It takes skills to make it that bad. 
  20. You do remember to check on your neighbors after performing, right?

Wait! Is That a Frog’s Voice I Just Heard?

Have you heard a frog croak before? That loud sound can be annoying if you’re close by. 

Also, if you’ve heard someone with a very bad sore throat or cough speak, you’ll think of a frog voice. So, what better description for a bad singer than comparing their voice to a frog?

This is a hilarious comment you can make when someone who has a bad voice sings. It’s a crazy burner they won’t forget in a hurry.  

  • Who just croaked?
  • Did you swallow a frog?

Do You Need Help with Working on Your Vocal Cords?

Sometimes you don’t need to directly come at someone with your insults. Just offer a direct solution to their problems, and they’ll feel offended.

How much more if you act compassionate, with sarcasm dripping from every word?  

Asking a bad singer if they need help with their vocal cords is one of the funny lines you can use to roast them. It doesn’t call them a bad singer, it only suggests that their vocal cords are bad. They won’t miss the joke. 

What Did You Swallow This Morning?

Funny Roasts for a Bad Singer 

Another hilarious way to get at a bad singer is by asking them what they swallowed.

This is a funny question you can pose to them when they start singing. Imagine interrupting your friend when they start to sing with this question, or asking this question after their performance.

They will surely not miss the underlying insult. Also, don’t forget to act curious. It makes it funnier 

  • What did you swallow this morning? It seems something is blocking your throat
  • What did you swallow that changed your voice?

That Note Is Scary

Funny Roasts for a Bad Singer 

Every good singer should Know how to hit a note perfectly. 

You’ll notice a bad singer when they hit the wrong note. So, this is a funny line you can use to roast them.

Also, it’ll work perfectly as a response when they attempt to sing or after singing. It’ll surely get everyone laughing.

  • That note is scary. Please go check on those birds outside, they should be scared out of their life now
  • That note is scary I almost took cover

What Key is That?

Another important thing in music a singer should know is the musical keys. 


A bad singer will surely sing on the wrong keys or not know how to stay on the right key most of the time.

So, this is a humorous comment you can make after their song rendition. It’ll surely get everyone in laughter, as they’re likely not to know the answer.

  • What key is that? sounds like Z
  • What key is that? You’re surely not going to find that on a keyboard 

I’m Not Bothered About Your Off Keys. I’m Just Worried About the Confidence You’ve Got 

Nothing beats watching a singer sing badly confidently. There are plenty of singers like that. They are aware they don’t know how to sing, but they just can’t help singing.

So, this is a funny thing to say to a confident bad singer. It’ll work well whenever they give a rendition or during a roast duel to cause a good laugh.

  • Your confidence is funnier than your off-keys
  • We should discuss your musical confidence, it’s wow!

Are You Sure You Want to Handle the Mic Tonight?

Another funny way you can get to a singer is by asking them if they want to sing.

It’ll work well for a bad singer when they take up the microphone to sing. Asking them if they’re sure about something they’re about to do indicates that you think they don’t know what they’re about to do.

Also, it’s a hilarious way to express how you feel about their singing. It’ll certainly sting, especially asking sarcastically.

  • Are you sure you want to handle the mic tonight? I’m scared for the people out there
  • Are you sure you want to handle the mic tonight? It’s been a long time since you played the drums. Allow the mic to breathe 

Have You Tried Out Other Talents?

Another interesting way to come at a bad singer is by asking them if they’ve tried out other talents.

This is a savage question that indicates that you think music is not for them. It’s a hilarious way to suggest they try other things and leave music.

Also, it’s a polite way to insult them. They won’t miss it.

  • Have you tried out other talents? I feel music is not for you
  • Have you tried out other talents? You might do better as a stripper 

I Seriously Worry About the Instrumentalists Whenever You Pick up the Mic 

One of the sets of people who suffer when a bad singer picks up the Mic to sing is the instrumentalist.

A keyboardist will have to keep changing from key to key, the drummer is likely to get tired after three attempts, what about the guitarist, they may just get frustrated on the first try.

So, this is a hilarious way to call out a bad singer.

  • I hope you don’t forget to check on the drummer before leaving home
  • You’re the only person that knows how to kill quickly with musical notes. The keyboardist has died several times with your off-keys

Did You Forget to Practice Today?

Another hilarious question to ask a bad singer is if they forgot to practice.

Some people sing badly when they don’t practice. It can happen to the best of singers. That’s why musicians have their studios where they practice before releasing their music.

So, this line will work adequately after a singer tries to sing. It’s a direct insult they won’t miss.

  • Did you forget to practice today? It seems your cords are still sleeping 
  • Maybe you should practice some more

Why Did the Singer Bring a Ladder to Church? He Was Hoping He Could Successfully Climb a High Note 

One thing that scares a bad singer is attempting a high note, they’re surely going to fail or go off-key along the way.

So, this is an amusing thing to say to roast a bad singer. It’ll work well during a roast duel or during practice to create a fun time.

Is This Your Talent or Did You Steal It?

Everyone has a talent or more, only that some take time to discover theirs and some never do.

A good singer has the gift of singing. So, when you hear someone sing badly, it isn’t out of place to say that singing isn’t their talent. 

So, asking a bad singer if they stole the singing talent is a humorous way to insult them. It’ll work well as a response to their bad performance.

  • I’m very sure you didn’t get this talent from God
  • Is this your talent? Tell us the truth 

Who’s Your Music Teacher Again?

Another funny way to roast a bad singer is by asking them who their teacher is.

While people can have the gift of singing, people can also learn music.

So, when a bad singer finishes their performance, ask them who their teacher is. They’d probably need roasting too.

Are You Sure You Passed Music in School?

Not every successful musician today passed music in school. Also, many good musicians we have today did not study music formally.

However, you can use this line to taunt a bad singer. It’ll work well after they attempt to sing. Asking them sarcastically and with curiosity makes it more hilarious.

You’re Not Singing Actually, You’re Neighing Like a Horse

Another interesting way to make fun of a singer is by comparing them to a horse. 

Telling them that they’re neighing and not singing is a humorous insult they won’t forget. It’ll work well after a musical performance by them. 

  • That was not singing. I should call a horse to identify if you’re one of them
  • That sounds like the sound horses make 

You’re Certainly a Musical Murderer You Keep Breaking all the Right Notes

Another interesting way to tease a bad singer is by calling them a musical murderer.

As I’ve earlier established, a good singer should know about musical notes and keys and how to sing with the right ones. 

So, a bad singer is a musical murderer because they’ll keep destroying the notes and keys when they attempt to sing.

You Sound Like a Rooster with a Sore Throat

Funny Roasts for a Bad Singer 

We all know that a sore throat can cause anyone to sing badly. But, comparing a singer to a rooster with a sore throat is a savage one-liner they’ll never forget in a long time.

This is a humorous comment to give after a performance from them or during a roast duel. It’ll surely leave everyone in fits of laughter.

  • Wow! This rendition is so powerful. It sounded like a rooster with a sore throat 
  • Are you a rooster and is your throat sore?

Your Voice Is Like a Fire Alarm. Everyone Hears It and Know It’s Time to Evacuate

Another funny way you can poke fun at a bad singer is by comparing their voice to a fire alarm.

When you hear a fire alarm, you know you need to leave the area immediately. So, telling a singer that their voice causes everyone to run is a hilarious roast that’ll sting for a long time.

If Bad Singing Were a Sport, You’ll Be the MVP

MVP is known as the Most Valuable Player. This is a term used in sports and is an award given to the best player.

So, this humorous comparison will work for a bad singer. It’s a funny expression that explains how bad their singing is.

Also, it’ll work during a roast battle or after a performance from them. 

It’s Alright. Bad Singing is an Art. It Takes Skills to Make It That Bad

Another way to make fun of a bad singer is to attempt to console them sarcastically.

Telling them that bad singing is art after a performance from them will surely sting. Additionally, telling them that it’s alright and letting them know they’re still skillful is a funny line they won’t forget in a hurry.

  • It’s alright. Your bad singing is good. 
  • Don’t be discouraged. It takes a lot of skill to make your singing that bad

You Do Remember to Check on Your Neighbors After Performing, Right?

Funny Roasts for a Bad Singer 

Many people sing in their homes. A bad singer is surely one of them.

But, does anyone care about their neighbors who hear their songs? If no one does, a bad singer oughts too. Asking them if they check on their neighbors is a hilarious way to call out their bad singing.


It can be an ear sore to listen to bad singing. However, you can’t possibly run away from every bad singer when they start to sing.

So, why not roast them instead? This article has provided you with enough hilarious one-liners you can use to tease a bad singer for a good laugh.


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