20 Funny Roasts for a Feminist

Funny Roasts for a Feminist

Do you have a feminist around you? Then it’s time to roast them. 

Feminism is a movement that advocates for equal rights for men and women. It preaches for women’s empowerment. 

However, these days many forms of feminism have emerged, especially on social media, from those that hold the original view, to those that see every man in a bad light.

In this article, I’ll be discussing interesting jokes you can use to roast a feminist. So, when someone starts their talk about equal rights, male this and that, you can use this punchline to shut them up.

20 Funny Roasts for a Feminist

There are many funny ways you can ruffle the feathers of feminists. Many people love to think that feminists are easily triggered.

Why not try with these one-liners to see if you can get them ruffled up? However, keep in mind that it’s all for fun.

Some interesting lines to try include: “The difference between a feminist and a gun is that a gun has just one trigger,” “What do you call a grumpy cat? A feminist,” and “Do you know how to identify a feminist? They’re always angry.”

Below are 20 hilarious insults for feminists:

  1. Why did the feminist fail algebra? She doesn’t like inequalities
  2. I will never attend a feminist picnic anymore because no one ever brings a snack
  3. What does a happy feminist look like? I’m still searching for one
  4. An angry feminist once mentioned to me that all men are scum. I reminded her that women are equal to men
  5. The difference between a feminist and a gun is that a gun has just one trigger
  6. The only thing feminists love is their hate for men
  7. The difference between a baby and a feminist is that a baby will surely grow up and stop crying
  8. What is the size of feminists’ underwear? Double standard
  9. Do you know how to identify a feminist? They’re always angry
  10. Why did the feminist refuse a job at the post office? Because it’s a mail industry
  11. Feminists are not like guns, they only cry when triggered
  12. A spear is much better than a feminist. At least it has a point
  13. Give a feminist a lightbulb to fix and they’ll hold it and wait for the world to revolve around them
  14. What killed the feminist? Loneliness
  15. Why did the feminist buy a car? Because she wants to drag lanes with men
  16. A feminist only feels fulfilled after talking down on men
  17. The difference between a subtraction sign and a feminist is that the sign makes a difference 
  18. What do you call a grumpy cat? A feminist
  19. How do you describe a feminist? All bark and no bite 
  20. Feminists are the funniest people on earth

Why Did the Feminist Fail Algebra? She Doesn’t Like Inequalities 

As I’ve earlier established, feminists are those who advocate for equal rights for men and women. So, you can say feminists hate inequality.

This line is a funny one you can use to tease a feminist. If they don’t like inequalities, there’s no way they’re going to like Algebra, which means they’re likely to fail it.

You should use this line in the presence of others to get a good laugh.

I Will Never Attend a Feminist Picnic Anymore Because no One Ever Brings a Snack

These days there are different forms of feminism as I’ve established earlier. We’ve got those who practice different things in the name of feminism.

So, it’s not surprising that for a gathering, there are people who think bringing food makes them lesser than others.

This line pokes fun at a feminist. It’s a hilarious way to throw shade at their behavior.

  • You’ll end up hungry if you attend a feminist gathering. No one ever thinks to bring a snack
  • You should stay away from feminist hangouts. They all feel too big to bring a meal

What Does a Happy Feminist Look Like? I’m Still Searching for One 

This is another crazy one-liner that taunts a feminist.

Using this statement on a feminist in front of others is going to sting. It implies that there are no happy feminists. Also, it’s a classic burner that’ll hit close to home. They won’t take it lightly with you.

  • Show me a happy feminist and I’ll show you the moon during the day
  • The last time a feminist was happy was when her mother breastfed her

An Angry Feminist Once Mentioned to Me That All Men Are Scum. I Reminded Her That Women Are Equal to Men 

Of course, the common quote of feminists is, “Men and women are equal.” 

And also, some women are fond of saying “All men are scum,” especially after a bad treatment from a man.

So, this line humorously taunts a feminist, letting them know that whatever jabs they throw at men are for them too. 

The Difference Between a Feminist and a Gun Is That a Gun Has Just One Trigger

If you’re very active on social media, you’ll find a class of women who brand themselves as feminists who are easily triggered by almost anything.

Also, we are likely to have these women around us. So, this line humorously makes fun of a feminist, implying that they easily get angry.

And this comparison with a gun makes it funnier. It’s a classic one-liner that’ll hit its mark well. Be careful though, it might just be another trigger.

The Only Thing Feminist Love Is Their Hate for Men 

While feminism itself doesn’t preach hatred for men, there are these classes of women who harbor a strong dislike for men.

And some of these women like to think they’re feminists. So, you can use this line to roast such women. It’ll work well with an audience. It implies that they’re full of hate.

The Difference Between a Baby and a Feminist is That a Baby Will Surely Grow Up and Stop Crying 

This is another funny way to describe women who are easily agitated when it comes to men’s things and women’s rights.

Using this line on a feminist will make fun of them by calling all their talks “crying.” Also, it infers that they’re not grown-ups. It’s a hilarious insult they won’t forget in a long time.

  • You should learn from a baby, at least they grow up and stop their crying
  • A baby is much better than you. They eventually stop crying 

What Is the Size of Feminists Underwear? Double Standard

Another interesting line you can use to roast a feminist is referring to the size of their underwear.

Saying the size of their underwear is a double standard is a crazy punchline that hits hard. This is a funny way of telling them that they’ve got double standards.

  • You’ve got nothing to say with your double-standard-sized underwear
  • Change your double-standard-sized panties before you come for me

Do You Know How to Identify a Feminist? They’re Always Angry 

Funny Roasts for a Feminist

Another funny line you can use to tease a feminist is implying that they’re always angry.

Of course, there are those types that are easily embittered. So, this line will work well for such people. It will taunt them without mercy.

  • Once you notice someone who’s always angry, ask them if they’re feminists
  • It is so easy to identify feminists these days. They wear all their bitterness on their face 

Why Did the Feminist Refuse a Job at the Post Office? Because It’s a Mail Industry

This is another crazy line you can use to make fun of a feminist.

This line buttresses some feminists’ dislike for men. Also, it’s a humorous way to call them out for their foolishness.

Additionally, it’s a play on words that’ll surely get everyone in fits of laughter.

Feminists Are Not Like Guns, They Only Cry When Triggered

Of course, we know what a gun does when you pull the trigger.

This punchline is another hilarious comparison you can use to make fun of a feminist.

Also, this line compares them to a gun, implying that while a gun makes a shot when it’s triggered, feminists do nothing but cry when triggered.

  • While you get a bullet once you trigger a gun, you get wails when you trigger a feminist
  • A feminist has many triggers with no bullet 

A Spear Is Much Better Than a Feminist. At Least It Has a Point

Funny Roasts for a Feminist

Another interesting way you can roast a feminist is by comparing them to a spear.

This line is a hilarious comparison that rubbishes a feminist. It implies that all that they say and do has no meaning.

Also, this is a funny way to insult them effortlessly, by calling all their efforts nonsense. It’ll surely sting.

Give a Feminist a Lightbulb to Fix and They’ll Hold It and Wait for the World to Revolve Around Them 

Another interesting way to poke fun at a feminist is by implying that they don’t know how to do anything successfully.

The lightbulb serves as a problem they’re meant to fix, and they, holding it and waiting for the world to revolve around them instead of fixing it represent their pride.

It’s an amusing way to call them out for their egoistic attitude.

What Killed the Feminist? Loneliness

There are these classes of women who’d rather eat dust than be with a man. This line here calls out these classes of feminists.

It’s a funny way of describing them, emphasizing that with their attitude they’d die of loneliness. 

  • I attended a feminist burial. I was the only guest
  • I can easily predict what will kill you. Loneliness and bitterness 

Why Did the Feminist Buy a Car? Because She Wants to Drag Lanes with Men 

We all know what a car is for, and why people buy cars. And while some buy a car to show off, this hilarious line makes fun of a feminist for buying a car because of a man.

Saying that she wants to drag lanes with men is just a hilarious way of describing their pride and their determination to compete with men. 

A Feminist Only Feels Fulfilled After Talking Down on Men 

This is another funny way to describe some feminists.

Some feminists find fulfillment in demeaning a man. A day wouldn’t pass without them saying one or two about men.

So, this line will roast such people, implying that they get satisfaction from negativity.

The Difference Between a Subtraction Sign and a Feminist Is That the Sign Makes a Difference

Applying the subtraction sign appropriately will make a difference. 

So, this is another funny line to tease a feminist. This hilarious comparison with a subtraction symbol infers that a feminist is not useful.

Also, it rubbishes all they do, implying that they make no difference.

  • Learn to be like the subtraction symbol and make a real difference
  • You are only making noise. What is the difference?

What Do You Call a Grumpy Cat? A Feminist 

Funny Roasts for a Feminist

No one would like to be referred to as a cat talk more of a grumpy one. This hilarious roast makes fun of a feminist, directly calling them a grumpy cat.

Also, it’s an amusing way of describing their character, pointing out their bitterness. You should use this line with people around.

  • You’re just a grumpy cat. No one likes you
  • You’re just a grumpy cat no one will want

How Do You Describe a Feminist? All Bark and no Bite 

Another funny way to make fun of a feminist is by describing them as a dog that only barks and does not bite.

This is a strong statement that’ll surely get to them. This crazy one-liner will work when they start their feminism talk.

Also, it’s a humorous way to call them a noisemaker.

Feminists Are the Most Funniest People on Earth 

Another way to tease a feminist is with this sarcastic comment.

Calling them the funniest people in the world is the perfect way to roast them with people around. 

It’s a sarcastic remark they won’t miss. Also, it’ll work well in response to their talk on feminism.

  • Feminists are the funniest people on earth thinking the world will change on their behalf
  • A feminist is the most funny person on earth. They keep crying every day

End Note

Feminism is not a bad movement. However, some people have made it look so with their wrong mentality and sick behavior.

If you’ve such people around, these savage punchlines are what you need to perfectly roast them and put them in their place.


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