20 Funny Roasts for Someone for Being Too Nice 

Funny Roasts for Someone for Being Too Nice

We have always heard the saying, “Be nice to people.” And I’m sure we’ve also heard that “too much of everything is bad.” 

While it’s good to be nice to people, there’s a problem when you become too nice.

There are many reasons why people act too nice. Many do so because they’ve always been told to be kind, some are too nice because they’re afraid to say no to someone, and some act nice to appear as good people.

Also, others become very nice to gain favor from someone. Whatever the reason, being too nice is never any good in the long run.

So, if you know someone too nice to people, you might want to roast them. While throwing some hilarious insults their way can be just for fun, you can also pass a message that can help them.

20 Funny Roasts for Someone for Being Too Nice 

There are many things you can say to someone too nice to roast them, from calling them out for pretending, to playfully pointing out the negative effects.

You can call out a pretender with words like, “It’s just eye service. Everyone knows” and “I can’t help noticing fakeness all over you.”

While you can point out the unfavorable effects with words like, “Being true to yourself is much better,” and “I think you might need to visit a therapist.”

Here are 20 humorous one-liners for someone too nice:

  1. You won’t win God’s heart by playing too nice
  2. Are you trying to redeem yourself or what?
  3. Too much of everything is bad
  4. It’s just eye service. Everyone knows
  5. No one will still like you with all these extra shows
  6. You won’t still get my attention
  7. Your doing too much is irritating
  8. Soon You’ll have no identity 
  9. I’m sure you must crying because no one noticed
  10. I can’t help noticing fakeness all over you
  11. You don’t impress me
  12. I hate very nice people
  13. What should we do with all these niceties? We can’t eat it, you know?
  14. Being true to yourself is much better
  15. You’ll be healthier if you show yourself some love
  16. You just have to treat your low self-esteem and you’ll be fine
  17. You’ll just end up harming yourself and no one will care
  18. Being too nice is a red flag
  19. I think you might need to visit a therapist
  20. You’re just a hypocrite 

You Won’t Win God’s Heart by Playing Too Nice

Funny Roasts for Someone for Being Too Nice

As I’ve previously mentioned, some people act nice with a particular motive, either to gain favor from someone or for some other intention.

So, if you notice someone being all-nice, especially if you know they’re not always like that, this line is a suitable roast for them.

By telling them they won’t win God’s heart by their actions, you’re pointing out to them that you’re aware they have a motive. 

For instance, if someone starts doing nice things because an election they’re contesting in is forthcoming, you can use this response to tell them they won’t buy you with their action.

Are You Trying to Redeem Yourself or What?

Another direct attack you can use on someone being too nice is by asking them this direct question, “are you trying to redeem yourself or what?”

This is a mocking question that indicates you’re aware they have a motive for being too nice. It’s appropriate for someone you know who isn’t always that nice. 

Additionally, the question is suitable for someone who has done something wrong and is probably trying to get in the good books of the person or people they’ve offended.

  • Are you trying to redeem yourself or what? It isn’t working my dear
  • Just stop wasting your time, you can’t redeem yourself with all these

Too Much of Everything Is Bad 

They say “too much of everything is bad,” and in this case, it’s true. Being too nice all of the time will end up ruining you in the long run because you deny yourself many things in the process.

So, you can use this line to roast someone too nice. It’ll work well as a response to their nice act. Instead of responding with a “thank you,” tell them too much of everything is bad.

Make sure you use a sardonic tone to pass the message. It’ll surely cause some laughs.

  • Too much of everything is bad. Stop wasting your time
  • Haven’t you heard that too much of everything is bad? This is getting annoying 

It’s Just Eye Service. Everyone Knows 

Telling someone that their kind act is eye service is another savage response you can use to roast them.

This is a ridiculous statement that looks down on them and their actions. It’ll work well in the presence of an audience to get a good laugh. 

Also, it’s an appropriate punchline for someone you know is not always nice or who’s trying to get something in return. 

  • It’s just eye service. Everyone knows. So, you can rest, you know?
  • Can you just rest? We all know this is eye service. No one is a fool here

No One Will Still Like You with All These Extra Shows

Another way you can rubbish the action of someone too nice is by reminding them that no one will like them.

Some people tend to be very nice today but tomorrow they go back to being wicked. Also, some people are nice outside but unkind to people around them.

So, if you know of such people, you can roast them with this comment when they go out acting all nice to people. This statement is surely going to sting. 

  • No one will still like you with all these extra shows. Your true colors will still show
  • Please just be yourself. No one will still like you

You Won’t Still Get My Attention 

“You won’t still get my attention” is another statement to say to someone who’s being too nice.

This is a funny statement you can use to make fun of someone trying to get a favor from you or get your attention by being too nice.

It’ll work adequately for people close to you. For instance, if your sibling suddenly starts doing things for you and stops arguing with you because they want you to get them an iPad.

You can give this reply to show them you understand their tactics. It’s a humorous response they’ll certainly understand.

  • You can clean my room for the rest of the month, I still won’t listen to you
  • If you decide to cook till the rest of the year, you still won’t get my attention 

Your Doing Too Much Is Irritating

“Your doing too much is irritating” is another dismissive statement you can make to someone who’s being too nice.

This is another amusing thing you can say in front of others in response to their philanthropic acts.

For instance, if your colleagues at work go out of their way to be nice all the time, including doing things that they were not asked to do.

These actions are sure to be annoying, as they will make others appear lazy or indifferent. So, you can use this punchline to finish them up one of the days.

  • Oh please, can you take this out of my sight? Your doing too much is irritating
  • Please don’t bring all these niceties near me, it’s irritating

Soon You’ll Have no Identity 

One of the disadvantages of being too nice to people all the time is that you’ll end up losing yourself.

People who are too nice to everyone or a particular person will always go out of their way to please them.

While it’s good to sacrifice for people you care about, making it a habit to always displease yourself to please them will hurt you in the end.

You tend to deny yourself a lot of things and do things that naturally you wouldn’t do. These actions will make you lose who you are.

So, you can use this line to insult someone who acts too nice all the time. You can use this statement dismissively in response to their nice acts.

I’m Sure You Must Be Crying Because no One Noticed

“I’m sure you must be crying because no one noticed” is another funny statement you can use to taunt someone who acts too nice.

It’s an adequate response for someone who you think is being too nice to get attention or to gain favor.

They won’t forget this mocking statement for a long time.

  • Are you crying? Don’t worry someone will see you tomorrow
  • Don’t shed those tears, please. Continue with the good works. The whole world is waiting 

I Can’t Help Noticing Fakeness All Over You 

Another insulting comment you can use to roast someone too nice is, “I can’t help noticing fakeness all over you.”

It’s a proper roast line for someone pretending to be kind just for attention. You can point it out when they start acting nice or during a roast battle to put them in their place.

You Don’t Impress Me 

“You don’t impress me” is another dismissive remark to make to someone who acts too nice. 

It’s a hilarious way to rubbish their efforts. For instance, if your friend acts all nice, doing things they ordinarily wouldn’t do, you can give this reply to them. You’re sure to hit some nerves with this response.

  • You don’t impress me. Try again tomorrow 
  • You don’t impress me. Go harder 

I Hate Very Nice People 

Funny Roasts for Someone for Being Too Nice

“I hate very nice people” is another crazy remark you can give to roast a very nice person.

This one will work for someone you know is trying to impress you or impress others around with their kindness.

Moreover, casually making this statement during a conversation will surely hit them hard. They wouldn’t see this coming.

What Should We Do with All These Niceties? We Can’t Eat It, You Know?

Another way you can get to someone very nice is by dismissing their actions with this sassy statement.

Asking them what you’ll do with all their nice acts is sure to make them feel bad. And adding that they can’t be eaten makes it funnier. 

Also, it’s a humorous way to show your annoyance.

Being True to Yourself Is Much Better 

Being true to yourself is ideal for a healthy lifestyle.

As I’ve earlier established, being too nice can make you lose yourself. So, you can use this statement to dismiss the action of someone acting all nice.

This statement shows them that you’re not impressed with their lifestyle. Moreover, it can serve as a great piece of advice for them.

You’ll Be Healthier if You Show Yourself Some Love 

Someone acting all nice all the time is not showing love to themselves because they’ll end up going out of their way to do things for people all the time.

So, this is a funny remark you can make to them to show your displeasure. While it sounds like a good piece of advice, they wouldn’t miss the underlying insult that tells them they’re not healthy.

You Just Have to Treat Your Low Self-esteem and You’ll Be Fine

Some people who act all nice may suffer from low self-esteem. They make others their focus and forget about themselves probably because they’re yet to discover their worth.

So, this is a classic roast you can use on them. This stinging remark doesn’t only dismiss their actions, it also directly tells them that they lack confidence in themselves. It’s surely going to sting.

You’ll Just End up Harming Yourself and no One Will Care 

Another thing you can point out to someone who acts nice is letting them know no one cares about them.

While people might seem to be paying attention to them because of their kind acts, once things go bad, not many will bat an eye.

So, you can humorously use this statement to roast them while also warning them at the same time.

Being Too Nice Is a Red Flag 

Another funny way to dismiss and ridicule someone too nice is with this comment, “Being too nice is a red flag.” 

It’ll work for someone who acts all nice trying to get your attention. This statement will dismiss them without mercy.

I Think You Might Need to Visit a Therapist 

Another hilarious way you can roast someone too nice is by suggesting that they’re not all right. 

Suggesting that they need to visit a therapist implies that their actions are not natural. It’s an amusing way to insult them.

You’re Just a Hypocrite 

Funny Roasts for Someone for Being Too Nice

“You’re just a hypocrite” is another classic one-liner you can use to dismiss and roast someone too nice.

This punchline will work for someone you know is just pretending to get a favor. Responding to their actions with this roast is sure to get to them.

  • You haven’t shown kindness to yourself and you’re licking everyone’s ass. If that doesn’t make you a hypocrite 
  • You’re just a hypocrite. Go treat yourself first 


Being nice is the right thing. It’s morally right and acceptable in every society. However, being too nice is where the problem lies. 

So, if you know someone too nice, you can use this roast line to ridicule them or advise them appropriately.


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