20 Funny Roasts for a Game of Thrones Fan 

Funny Roasts for a Game of Thrones Fan 

You must have heard of Game of Thrones, one of the most popular American action and fantasy movies with eight seasons and 73 episodes that spanned eight years.

While this movie attracted a lot of fans and praise, the last season made lots of people disappointed. And there are these sets of people who wonder and get irritated by the hype from the fans.

If you’re among those who don’t see anything special about the movie, it’s about time you roast their fans.

To help you, in this guide post, I’ll be showing you some interesting punchlines you can use to pester some fans.

20 Funny Roasts for a Game of Thrones Fan

Roasting GOT fans got easier with the release of the final season. Even the fans themselves took to roasting the episodes.

So, from savage one-liners that attack the plots and writers themselves to hilarious remarks that make fun of loyal fans, this article will provide you with enough in your pocket.

Some fantastic punchlines to look out for include: “I’m not questioning your right senses.

I’m denying its existence,” “How do you feel after watching GOT season 8? More stupid, right?” and “What disappoints you after eight years? GOT finale.”

Below are 20 sassy lines for GOT fans:

  1. Liking popular things doesn’t make you any special
  2. Were you born stupid or do you just love wasting your time?
  3. What disappoints you after eight years? GOT finale
  4. I heard the plot of season 8 is more disappointing than dough that refuses to rise
  5. What do you and the writers of season 8 have in common? You’re both clueless 
  6. I’m not questioning your right senses. I’m denying its existence
  7. You’re just like GOT season finale, beautiful face but zero sense
  8. How do you feel after watching GOT season 8? More stupid, right?
  9. Who are the most unstable people in the world? GOT fans
  10. Just because you like GOT doesn’t mean we should join you. It’ll just make more dumb people
  11. Please check too, your parents might turn out to be siblings
  12. How do I convince you that not everybody is silly like you?
  13. What do you and GOT plots have in common? You lack flow
  14. You’re a fan of a movie that killed its good legacy before anybody in the grand finale died
  15. So, you’re still a fan after all that happened?
  16. If this is how you love everyone around you the world would be a better place
  17. Why not channel the energy you spend in watching and re-watching GOT into doing something productive
  18. If you don’t end up an ambassador of this movie, you’ll be the most foolish person on earth
  19. You don’t even sell yourself the way you sell this movie 
  20. You wouldn’t go crazy about this movie if you had something meaningful to do

Liking Popular Things Doesn’t Make You Any Special 

 Funny Roasts for a Game of Thrones Fan 

It’s true that when you don’t follow the crowd, you seem like the odd one. So, you probably might get that look when you say you didn’t watch Game of Thrones or that you don’t like the movie.

However, let the fans know that liking popular things or belonging to the crowd doesn’t make them any special.

It’s a funny way of crushing any pride they might be feeling as a fan.

  • You aren’t any special. You’re just part of a clueless crowd
  • Nobody cares that you’re a fan. You’re nothing but a fan

Were You Born Stupid or You Just Love Wasting Your Time?

GOT took a whole eight years to be completed. The movie started showing in 2011 and the final season ended in 2019. 

Some people started the movie and didn’t bother completing it, not because they didn’t love it but because they lacked the patience.

So, you can use this line to make fun of them. It implies that following a series for eight good years is a waste of time.

What Disappoints You After Eight Years? GOT Finale

Another line you can use to make fun of GOT fans is this funny question that roasts the movie itself.

Many fans who waited patiently for the final episode ended up disappointed with the movie. The majority of the complaints were that the story was poorly written. 

So, you can use this line to make fun of them for their patience.

  • So, it took you a good eight seasons for you to realize you’ve been wasting your time
  • Was season 8 your worst heartbreak? 

I Heard the Plot of Season 8 Is More Disappointing Than Dough That Refuse to Rise

How disappointing will it be after preparing a dough appropriately and it doesn’t rise?

Use this hilarious comparison to make fun of GOT fans, pointing out that their most-praised movie wasn’t worth it in the end. It’s sure to get to them.

What Do You and the Writers of Season 8 Have in Common? You’re Both Clueless 

Another interesting way you can jest GOT fans is with this direct comparison with the writers.

Calling all of them clueless doesn’t just insult the fans, it also rubbishes the movie, which will surely hit hard on the fans. 

  • You’re just as clueless as season 8 writers with this blind argument
  • I won’t blame you. You’re just like the writers of the final season. You missed the whole point 

I’m Not Questioning Your Right Senses. I’m Denying Its Existence 

Funny Roasts for a Game of Thrones Fan 

Tyrion Lannister, one of the cast in GOT, had said to Lord Janos, “I’m not questioning your honor. I’m denying its existence.”

So, quoting this statement with a little tweak to a fan will surely sting. It’s a humorous way of insulting them. They’ll surely be short for a clapback.

Also, use these words in front of others who have watched the movie for a good laugh.

You’re Just Like GOT Season Finale, Beautiful Face But Zero Sense 

Many viewers had a lot of praise for the cinematic production of the final season of GOT but had a problem with the story.  

So, this is another hilarious comparison that a fan will relate to. It’ll work well during a roast duel to get everyone laughing.

How Do You Feel After Watching GOT Season 8? More Stupid, Right?

Another way to throw jabs at GOT fans is with this taunting question. 

It ridicules the final season of the movie. And implying that they feel more stupid will make the fans feel worse, as it means they’ve been stupid all the way. 

  • How do you feel after GOT ruined 8 years of your life? 
  • I’m sure you must be full of regrets and stupidity after that final episode

Who Are the Most Unstable People in the World? GOT Fans 

This stinging comment is sure to ridicule a GOT fan. Also, making this remark in front of an audience will sting hard.

It’s a funny way of calling them crazy.

  • It’s alright. I know you all are mentally unstable, so I’ll forgive that
  • You should treat your head before you speak in public 

Just Because You Like GOT Doesn’t Mean We Should Join You. It’ll Just Make More Dumb People 

Emphasizing that being a fan of GOT will add to the number of dumb people there already are, this is another classic burner.

This crazy line will work to perfectly roast a fan, especially when they start a discussion on the movie. It’ll work to finish them up.

  • Don’t try to convince me. I don’t want to increase the number of stupid people we have already 
  • You can go on being dumb. I’m very much okay

Please Check Too, Your Parents Might Turn Out to Be Siblings

Prince Joffrey, the heir to King Robert Baratheon and Queen Cersei Lannister, is actually the son of the queen and her twin brother Jamie Lannister. 

So, this stinging remark will work well to roast a fan. It’s an iconic punchline they won’t forget in a long time.

They definitely won’t see this one coming.

  • Instead of arguing with me, you should spend this time asking your parents questions. They might be related
  • What if your parents are siblings like the heir in the movie?

How Do I Convince You That Not Everybody Is Silly Like You?

Another crazy line a fan of GOT won’t forget in a long time is, “How do I convince you that not everyone is silly like you?”

It’ll work well as a response during a discussion about the movie or during a roast duel. When they try to preach how good the movie is, use this line to dismiss them.

What Do You and GOT Plots Have in Common? You Lack Flow

Another humorous comparison you can use to poke fun at a GOT fan is concluding that both they and the storyline lack flow.

It’s a great comeback you can give when they go on and on about how good the movie is. This line should shut them up.

  • This is the problem I have with you and your movie, you both lack flow. It’s annoying 

You’re a Fan of a Movie That Killed Its Good Legacy Before Anybody in the Grand Finale Died

This is another crazy comment you can use to tease a GOT fan.

This line ridicules the movie by implying that their final release spoiled all the good works they’d built over the years. Also, it ridicules the fan for still being a fan.

So, You’re Still a Fan After All That Happened?

With all that happened with the final season of GOT, you’d think there wouldn’t be many fans anymore.

However, there’s still an army out there. So, you can use this line to tease a fan, expressing your surprise at them still being one.

  • So, you’re still a fan after all that happened. I thought you’d be a microwave by now
  • I’m surprised you’re still a fan after castigating the final season. Such hypocrisy!

If This Is How You Love Everyone Around You the World Would Be a Better Place

Another interesting line to tease a fan is implying that they don’t love others the way they love GOT. 

This one-liner will work with an obsessed fan to dismiss them when they start going on and on about the movie. It’ll certainly get to them. Also, ensure you use a sarcastic tone to address them. 

  • If this is how you love everyone around you the world would be a better place. You should change
  • Spread that love to others too

Why Not Channel the Energy You Spend in Watching and Rewatching GOT in Doing Something Productive

Of course, some people watch and go back to rewatch a movie. That is how much they love the movie.

So, if you’ve got a GOT fan like that, use this line to make fun of them. It implies that they’re spending their time on something useless.

  • Why not channel this energy into doing something productive? It makes more sense than watching this movie all the time
  • Every day you’re on your laptop watching this movie while your mates are making their time worthwhile 

If You Don’t End Up an Ambassador of This Movie, You’ll Be the Most Foolish Person on Earth 

This is another crazy line to use on a fan of GOT. It’ll work for an obsessed fan who won’t stop talking about the movie.

Of course, the chance of them becoming an ambassador is very slim. So, this is a hilarious way to call them foolish. They wouldn’t miss the joke.

You Don’t Even Sell Yourself the Way You Sell This Movie 

 Funny Roasts for a Game of Thrones Fan 

Another thing to point out to a GOT fan is that they’re spending more time on the movie than they do themselves.

You can make this remark when they begin their talk about the movie. It’ll work to dismiss them.

  • You don’t even sell yourself the way you sell this move. How pitiable!
  • If only you pay similar attention to yourself, you’ll do much better 

You Wouldn’t Go Crazy About This Movie if You Had Something Meaningful to Do

Another thing to say to a GOT fan is to let them know they lack something important to do that’s why they’ve time to be a fan.

It’s a humorous way to insult them stylishly. Also, it’ll work as a fantastic reply when they bring up a discussion about the movie.

  • I understand that you’ve got nothing to do, but I do. So, I won’t engage in that talk
  • Everything isn’t about GOT. Go get yourself busy with something more important 


There are plenty of things you can say to roast a GOT fan, from hilarious comparisons and highlighting the flaws in the movie to sassy one-liners that will hit them hard.

This article has enough of what you need to put them in a tight spot and make a comeback difficult for them.


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