20 Playful Roasts for Someone Who Loves Elvis Presley

Playful Roasts for Someone Who Loves Elvis Presley

Looking to roast an Elvis Presley lover? 

Elvis Presley also known as the “King of Rock and Roll” was a popular American singer who dominated the Rock music world in the mid-50s until his death.

While he was alive he had lots of fans who were obsessed with him and his songs, and even his acting for he was also an actor.

And over 40 years after his death, he still has a good number of fans, including those who visit his home yearly to pay tribute. However, you might find that odd, especially if you don’t fancy his kind of music and the life he lived.

I’ve combined a good number of sassy jabs for someone who loves Elvis Presley. So, if you’re looking to roast an Elvis Presley fan, you’ll find these punchlines helpful.

20 Playful Roasts for Someone Who Loves Elvis Presley 

Roasts for an Elvis Presley lover come in different forms, from attacking their obsession to attacking Elvis himself.

For example, “You can’t rock neither can you roll. What’s your business then with Elvis Presley?,” “Why not just join him in the grave so you can worship him well,” and “How many Grammys did he even win?”

Below are 20 humorous punchlines for Elvis Presley lovers:

  1. So you love Elvis Presley but you’ve never attended his tribute show. That is hypocrisy
  2. Listening to Elvis Presley songs all day won’t make you a better singer
  3. Every day you sit and watch Elvis on TV, yet your acting career is still mediocre
  4. Who’s Elvis Presley?
  5. I’ll take you seriously when you sing one of his songs perfectly
  6. But Elvis Presley was long dead before your parents met, what’s the connection?
  7. How come Elvis Presley stole your heart while in the grave?
  8. For someone who can’t sing or act to save his life, you’ve got no business loving Elvis Presley
  9. You can’t rock neither can you roll. What’s your business then with Elvis Presley?
  10. Wow! Your taste is too bad
  11. I can see that Elvis Presley is “Always on Your Mind.” You should better have yourself checked
  12. The way you’re obsessed with Elvis Presley, I’m worried you might join him soon
  13. So, you love Pelvis Presley?
  14. Elvis Presley? Is that a dog?
  15. Be careful, your head may get too big and break your neck
  16. You’re jobless, if not you won’t take yourself yearly to Graceland to be among fellow jobless people
  17. How many Grammys did he even win?
  18. Your love just stops at knowing the titles of a few of his songs. That isn’t love
  19. If you truly love Elvis Presley, you’ve got a lot of growing up to do
  20. Why not just join him in the grave so you can worship him well

So You Love Elvis Presley But You’ve Never Attended His Tribute Show. That Is Hypocrisy

Elvis Tribute Show is an event that is held at Graceland to celebrate Elvis Presley by Elvis Tribute Artists.

So, you can make fun of someone who loves Elvis Presley but has never attended the show. 

This is a hilarious statement they wouldn’t see coming. It’ll work well for someone who’s obsessed with him. Moreover, calling their love hypocrisy makes it funnier.

Listening to Elvis Presley Songs All Day Won’t Make You a Better Singer 

Does this fan of Elvis Presley love to sing? This is the perfect roast for them.

This hilarious punchline is the perfect way to call them out for their bad singing. It’ll work well when you catch them listening to the song, especially if they love to play his songs all the time.

  • You’ll remain the worst singer in this house even after listening to his songs a hundred times
  • Do you think listening to his songs will help your frog voice?

Every Day You Sit and Watch Elvis on TV, Yet Your Acting Career Is Still Mediocre

As I’ve earlier mentioned, apart from music, Elvis Presley also acted. So, this remark is the perfect roast line for someone who loves watching Elvis Presley on TV.

Also, it’s appropriate for someone who loves to act or calls themselves an actor. However, you shouldn’t use this line to ridicule someone who’s making an effort to become an actor.

You should only ridicule an obsessed fan of Elvis Presley.

Who’s Elvis Presley?

Playful Roasts for Someone Who Loves Elvis Presley

One of the ways you can get to someone who loves Elvis Presley is by ridiculing Elvis himself.

Pretending not to know Elvis Presley is a perfect way to do that. And asking about him sarcastically makes it funnier. It’ll surely hit hard.

I’ll Take You Seriously When You Sing One of His Songs Perfectly 

Not everyone who is a fan of musicians can sing their songs perfectly. Many just love vibing to their songs but don’t listen to the lyrics. Also many just follow the crowd.

So, this is a perfect punchline for someone you know who can’t sing any of Elvis’s songs perfectly.

It’ll work well for a young person who was born long after his death, as it’ll be difficult for them to know his songs well.

But Elvis Presley Was Long Dead Before Your Parents Met, What’s the Connection?

One of the crazy questions to ask someone who loved Elvis Presley is asking them what connection they have with him.

It’ll work for a young person who wasn’t born at the time of his death. Emphasizing that their parents haven’t even met by the time of his death makes it funnier.

Also, this teasing remark will work well for someone obsessed with him, as it implies that their love doesn’t make any sense.

How Come Elvis Presley Stole Your Heart While in the Grave?

Another ridiculous question to ask a lover of Elvis Presley is how he managed to steal their heart from the grave. 

Elvis Presley died far back in 1977. So, this question is appropriate for people who were not born then. It’s a funny question to show your surprise at the fact that they love Elvis Presley even long after his death.

  • How come Elvis Presley stole your heart while in the grave? Is there something I’m missing
  • You should tell us how come you’re in love with a dead man 

For Someone Who Can’t Sing or Act to Save His Life, You’ve Got No Business Loving Elvis Presley

If your roastee doesn’t know how to sing or act but loves listening to Elvis Presley and watching his movies, teasing them about these inabilities is one way to roast them.

It’s a humorous way to attack them for their love for him while stylishly insulting them for not knowing how to sing or act. Also, it emphasizes that since they can’t do any of those things they’re not supposed to call themselves a fan.

You Can’t Rock Neither Can You Roll. What’s Your Business Then with Elvis Presley?

Elvis is known as the King of Rock and Roll as I’ve already established. So, this punchline is a perfect way to make fun of someone who loves him.

Emphasizing that they can’t rock and roll is just a play on words they’ll find hilarious. It implies that they should at least try to emulate someone they love.

Wow! Your Taste Is Too Bad

Of course, everyone can’t love the same thing. But, you can make fun of your friend who loves Elvis Presley. 

Telling them their taste is bad ridicules them for their love of him. Also, it’ll work for anyone you’re just meeting. Making this remark when you find out they love Elvis Presley is sure to take them by surprise.

For instance, you can try to roast your date with this comment. They’re surely going to find a comeback difficult.

  • Wow! Elvis Presley! You sure got a bad taste. 
  • It’s time you check out your sense of taste. There’s something wrong with it

I Can See That Elvis Presley Is “Always on Your Mind.” You Should Better Have Yourself Checked

One of Elvis Presley’s songs is titled “Always on My Mind.” So, you can use this line to tease someone who loves Elvis Presley.

They’re surely going to relate to this joke, especially if you use this line when they’re listening to this particular song. Also, it’s a humorous way to insult them, implying that they’re not all right.

  • I suggest you see a doctor. This is more than love
  • You’re gradually losing your mind with Elvis Presley always on your mind 

The Way You’re Obsessed with Elvis Presley, I’m Worried You Might Join Him Soon

Tell someone who loves Elvis Presley that you’re worried they might join him soon and wait for their reaction. Certainly, they’ll strongly disagree.

No matter how much someone loves their lost ones, many wouldn’t want to die to join them.

So, this is a classic burner that’s going to sting for a long time. It’ll work well during a roast duel for someone very obsessed with him.

  • You should be careful, you might just join him
  • With this kind of love, are you sure you won’t be joining him in heaven soon 

So, You Love Pelvis Presley?

“So, you love Pelvis Presley?” is another silly thing to say to someone who loves Elvis Presley.

This is a crazy one-liner that makes fun of his name. Also, it’ll work well when you discover their love for the first time to express your surprise.

Additionally, you should use this line in the presence of others. They’re not going to miss this joke.

Elvis Presley? Is That a Dog?

Playful Roasts for Someone Who Loves Elvis Presley

“Elvis Presley? Is that a dog?” is a classic burner you can use to poke fun at someone who loves Elvis Presley.

This crazy line makes fun of him. First, acting like you don’t know him is enough to get a fan. But, assuming he’s a dog is surely going to sting.

It’ll work well as a response when you discover they love him for the first time. Be sure to act clueless.

Be Careful, Your Head May Get too Big and Break Your Neck 

One of the famous quotes of Elvis Presley is, “If you let your head get too big, it’ll break your neck.”

So, you can sarcastically use this line with someone who loves Elvis. It’s just a way to taunt them by using their lover’s words.

  • Be careful with these obsessions. Your head may get too big and break your neck 

You’re Jobless, if Not You Won’t Take Yourself Yearly to Graceland to Be Among Fellow Jobless People 

This is a fantastic roast line for someone who loves visiting Graceland for the Elvis Presley show.

Calling them jobless is a crazy line they won’t forget for a long time. Moreover, adding that other fans are also jobless makes it more humorous. It’ll surely sting hard.

How Many Grammys Did He Even Win?

Many people measure musicians’ success by the number of awards they’ve received, especially the Grammys. 

So, you can use this line to make fun of a lover of Elvis Presley. In his time, Elvis Presley won three Grammys, which is a big success.

However, you can use this line with a mocking tone to show you’re not impressed.

Your Love Just Stops at Knowing the Titles of a Few of His Songs. That Isn’t Love 

This is another excellent punchline for someone who loves Elvis Presley but can’t sing many of his songs well.

It makes fun of their love, inferring that it isn’t genuine. Also, it’ll work well to dismiss them when they try to talk about him.

If You Truly Love Elvis Presley, You’ve Got a Lot of Growing Up to Do 

Calling out a lover of Elvis Presley by suggesting they still need to grow up is a sure way to roast them perfectly. 

This punchline doesn’t only make rubbish of their love, it also insults their person. Also, it’s a line you can use to dismiss them when they try to discuss him.

Why Not Just Join Him in the Grave so You Can Worship Him Well

This is another stinging remark for a fan of Elvis Presley. It’ll work well for an obsessed fan.

Also, it is a strong statement that expresses your irritation at their love. 

  • Why not just join him in the grave so you can worship him well and stop disturbing us here
  • It’s high time you go meet Elvis Presley and stop being a nuisance 

Final Words 

If you’ve got a lover of Elvis Presley around and you’re tired of putting up with their love, this article is an answer to your secret prayer.

Be sure to use these unique punchlines to tease and make fun of them when they keep going on and on about him and his songs.


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